tagLesbian SexJared, Jennifer and Me

Jared, Jennifer and Me


I first submitted this story with a slightly different title (Jared, Jennifer and Me) for the 2019 April's Fool contest where it did quite well and generated over 40 favorites and a rating of 4.80 at last check. I was very pleased, as it was my very first submission.

Then someone, who apparently did not read the story carefully, complained about under-aged sexual contact. You may note that in the first paragraph alone there is mention that, at the time of the events portrayed, the young lady was 18. In the second paragraph it comments again that she was 18.

I am resubmitting this story with minimal editorial changes and the additional statement: None of the characters in this story were below the age of 18 at the time of any of their sexual behavior.


About one year after Cassy was born, my husband and I realized we needed to rekindle our relationship. We had worked hard to get where we were and found that weeks would go by without our having time for each other or even making love. We decided that once a week we would go out, have a date, as it were, and leave our troubles behind. We found a delightful 16 year-old girl named Jennifer to babysit on a regular basis. Her parents were apparently quite wealthy but encouraged her to earn some spending money of her own. After a couple of years she became a regular at our house, coming over every Saturday night while we went out. Once she turned eighteen she blossomed into a real beauty. Her figure filled in and she started sporting a nice pair of breasts, just the kind that would certainly turn a lot of boys' heads. She was slightly taller than average and her blonde hair seemed to shine with any light that hit it. She had a kind face, a wonderful smile and a personality that wouldn't quit.

It was about that time that my husband quietly suggested that I start taking her home at night. He is a politically important figure in our community and he was getting nervous about driving a budding beauty over thirty minutes across town, late at night, after our dates. I agreed to take over this chore while he waited at home with Cassy. It was in this manner that I really got to know Jennifer. She would bubble along about school, her parents (who weren't getting along too well, it appeared) and boys. I was always smiling when I dropped her off, remembering my own days as a teenager and how the whole boy-girl thing seemed to be so exciting, so scary and so thrilling. I gathered that Jennifer had never had a date, other than to an occasional after-school social. She seemed mature enough, but apparently even at eighteen her parents still discouraged her dating and even driving, for that matter.

One Saturday night we got in quite late and had to call her parents to let them know that she was going to be delayed. Jennifer was thrilled to be up so late plus she was getting time and a half for the hours after ten pm. She hopped into my car and within seconds was chattering away about someone named Jared. It seems he was a nineteen-year old boy who was taking a bit of interest in Jennifer. She was thrilled that he would hang out around her locker and talk to her while she waited for her bus. She confided in me that she thought he would ask her out on a "real" date soon, if her parents would let her.

The following week Jennifer seemed to be on air. She was smiling and for the first time ever did not appear to listen as carefully as usual to our instructions about Cassy's feeding and where we were going and when we would be back home. Because of her attitude, I was a bit nervous about being gone too long, so we cut our outing short right after dinner. If Jennifer was upset about such a short babysitting job for the week, she didn't show it. She jumped into my car and off we went. She immediately spilled the news....Jared had asked her out to the county fair on the following Friday afternoon! After congratulating her on her apparent success into the dating scene, I noted she became a bit subdued. Finally she spoke up.

"To tell the truth, I guess I'm really a bit nervous about going out with him."

"Why is that, Jennifer?" I responded.

"Well, I've never been on a real date and I don't know how to act. What should we talk about? And what about kissing? I'm not sure about kissing."

"Well, to begin with, talk about the usual stuff, you know, school and the like. Act natural. You are a fun person to be around, so just enjoy yourself and I am sure the rest will be just fine."

"But," she protested, "what about kissing? I've never been kissed. What does it feel like? How do I move my lips? What about the tongue thing?"

"Jennifer, the first kiss is always a bit scary, a bit exciting. Once you get started, you'll do just fine. It always seems to work out well if you are with someone you like."

There was a bit of a pause and then I heard her say faintly "I like you, Suzanne."

"Well I like you too, Jennifer," I responded. Then it hit me! Her next statement then confirmed what I had thought she was driving at!

"Maybe.......well, uh, maybe you could teach me how to kiss, Suzanne. I, uh, I mean, we like each other and all, and I really need to know how to kiss, and why don't you teach me?"

"Jennifer," I answered carefully, "I am a woman and you are a girl and it just wouldn't be the same as either of us kissing a guy."

"But Suzanne, I'm not asking you to do anything but show me how the lips go, all that stuff. Then I wouldn't feel so weird with Jared. You know, I kinda hinted to him that I had already gone out with someone, so I don't want to appear to be a total loser and not know how to kiss."

I didn't know what to say. I wanted to help her as much as possible. I could easily remember those nervous moments of my own teenage years when I would worry about how I looked, acted and what everyone thought of me. But to kiss her was a bit more than I felt I should be doing. Then I realized that if she learned well, before trying on her own, she might better be able to handle herself with him. In as a careful and thoughtful tone as possible I finally answered, "Ok, Jennifer, I'll show you the basics, but the real learning is up to you once you are with Jared."

She was obviously nervous when we pulled up to the bottom of her long driveway where there were no houses in sight. I pulled over and looked at her one more time. She was just a beautiful young thing, just ripe for some guy to pick. I could remember a few I had dated who wanted nothing more than to get into my blouse, and the few who were successful then wanted to quickly get into my pants. I was scared for her and what the next few years might bring her. Perhaps teaching her how to kiss would be a good lesson in helping her negotiate the pitfalls of early dating.

"OK, Jennifer, lean over here a bit. Now, the first thing about kissing is that there are many kinds of kisses. You surely have kissed an aunt on the cheek. Well, a similar kiss can go right on the lips, like this..."

With that I gave her a brief peck. She almost seemed startled, but didn't move back.

"Now you try it."

After a brief moment of hesitation she tried and succeed in bumping noses.

"That is another early lesson on kissing, Jennifer. You must turn your head a bit to the side to keep your noses out of the way. Now try it again." This time she did it with much more success.

"OK, now for the brief 'Good Night kiss'. Turn your head just like before, come closer and let your lips soften up a bit. Then you'll want to keep the contact a bit longer, perhaps moving your head a bit."

We then practiced a few kisses like I had told her. She was a quick learner and seemed to want to go quickly on to the next lesson. "What about a sexy kiss, Suzanne?"

"Well, Jennifer, I'm not sure that is the right thing for us to do. That is one that you have to learn on the fly."

"Come on, Suzanne! I was just getting into this thing and now you want to stop. It isn't fair!"

What could I say? I finally lowered my face to hers and said, "Follow my lead, that's all you have to do." With that I slowly kissed her young lips. Within seconds I felt them start to loosen and part. I began to tease her, nibbling on her lower lip, then I decided to push the limit. I slowly slipped my tongue into her mouth, teasing the tip of hers with mine. The kiss seemed to last forever. It was so soft and yet became quite intense. I had never kissed another female like this in my entire life. My husband, whom I love completely, had never had the same effect on me with just a kiss as this eighteen-year old girl did. I felt myself getting warm! What was going on? Was I getting turned on by her? All of the sudden I knew I didn't want this kiss to ever end. Our lips stayed together for what seemed an eternity until I slowly broke it off.

"Wow, Suzanne", she whispered. "Now I know why some people just don't seem to want to stop with just a kiss! That was just fabulous, I mean, really something special."

"Well, Jennifer, I hope you learned something tonight that will serve you well on Friday."

"Maybe I did, Suzanne, but I don't think Jared is going to get a kiss like that last one from me for a very long time. That was special!"

With that she slid over to her side of the car and I started back up the drive. Once in front of her house she quickly leaned over and gave me a perfect "Good Night" kiss right on the lips. "I'll see you next week, Suzanne!"

On the next weekend she was talkative on our drive back to her home. She had a wonderful time with Jared and even admitted that they had briefly kissed when the Ferris Wheel had stopped them at the very top. She described is as a cross between the peck on the lips and the Good Night kiss. She admitted also that it was clumsy and not nearly as fun as the one we had had the weekend before. I was stunned. Was she telling me that she wanted more? I wasn't sure until we turned up her drive and she quietly murmured, "Could we stop here again?"

I did as I was asked, turned to her and asked, "Just what is it you want Jennifer? I already taught you more than I should have. What now?"

"Suzanne, that long kiss last week, well, I wanted to talk about it. I have never felt so good in all of my life. I just wanted to thank you. I don't want you to think I'm a lez, but that was something special to me. And I'll never forget it." With that she jumped out of the car and ran up the drive to her home.

The next several weeks went by uneventfully. She would jabber on about school and Jared, but no special details were offered. I was dying to hear what was really going on between them, but didn't feel it was my place to inquire. I have to admit I would think back to that wonderful kiss time and again and even feel myself getting moist while I did so, but she seemed to have forgotten all about it, at least she never mentioned it again.

About five or six weeks later my husband and I had another fairly short date and I took Jennifer home again fairly early. If she seemed unhappy about the short hours, she hid it well. On this occasion she seemed a bit more hesitant than usual. She would start to say something, then quit in mid breath. I finally asked her if anything was wrong or if she was upset by the short babysitting job that night.

She laughed and said, "Suzanne, you have no idea. I'm happy as can be with you guys and Cassy. I would probably baby-sit her for less money, just to be with her and to have these rides home with you. It's just......it's just......well, I'm wondering about Jared and me. I need some advice. Could you help me, please?"

"Of course, Jen, what is it?"

"Well, Jared and I have really gotten this kissing thing down well. Last night we must have spent over an hour in his car, just kissing, kind of like you and I did that night. I get all funny inside when we do. There is a hollow sensation down in my stomach and when I get home, my panties are wet. I don't want to have sex, but.....but......I guess I want a bit more than just kissing. Jared's a really nice guy, he respects me, and all, but sometimes I wish he'd try a bit more than just kissing. What should I do?"

"Well, Jennifer, what is it that you want?"

"I figured that maybe he could try to reach second base, at least. You know what that means, don't you Suzanne?"

I laughed right out loud. "You have no idea how old that expression is, of course I know what it means. So you want him to go for your boobs, eh?"

"Well, yeah, I guess."

"Have you ever offered them to him?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, have you ever gone without a bra? Have you ever guided his hand onto your boob? Some guys just need a bit of encouragement, that's all."

"I see," she replied, "but my mom would kill me if she saw me goin' on a date without a bra!"

"Don't let her. Next time you should wear a modest blouse, no bra, and then a button-up sweater over it all. She'll never know. Believe me, I pulled that stunt a dozen times when I was your age."

"Well, maybe I'll try it the next time we go out. He's gone until the last of the month, so I'll buy the right kind of sweater and practice until he comes back."

The next week I was stunned when I saw Jennifer. She was wearing modest blouse and a button-up sweater over it. Just what was she doing? Then I realized she was probably just trying out the items so that her parents wouldn't be suspicious when she next went out with Jared. When she was dropped off at our house early in the evening, she seemed in particularly good spirits, as was she when I went to take her home. She was the one to first talk about her outfit.

"Well, Suzanne, what do you think of it?" With that she undid her sweater and I found myself glancing at her barely concealed breasts. In the cool air I saw the nipples rise up. Such beauties! Now I can admire the female form like the rest of them and this was a wonderful form. What guy wouldn't die to jump on her? I was glad my husband had long ago decided to not drive her home.

"Very nice, Jennifer. The blouse is just what the doctor ordered. I think Jared will get the hint quite easily."

"You know, Suzanne, I, uh, I want to ask you another favor, please."

"Sure, just name it."

"Could we work on my, uh, approach? I mean, could you pretend to be Jared so I could plan this out a bit more? Please?"

I was dumbfounded. She wanted me to practice with her! I didn't know what to say. The memories of that kiss all those weeks ago welled up in my mind. Maybe this would be a chance to get another one like it, so tender, so soft, yet so inviting. I pulled over again at the hidden part of her driveway and faced her.

"Yes, Jen, I will help you practice. First, you have to act like you normally do with Jared. Show me that, then I'll help you with the rest."

She scooted over on the seat and reached up to my face and pulled me down to her lips. That kiss! Yet again that kiss! It seemed to go on forever. Now she was the aggressor, probing, reaching, biting and exploring. Within seconds I found myself getting warm all over, tingling from head to toe. What was going on? I was getting turned-on by an eighteen-year old girl! I didn't want it to stop. After what seemed like hours, she broke off and whispered in my ear, "Jared's car has bucket seats and we usually crawl in back." She then rolled over the back of the seat and reached out to gently pull me into the back as well.

With that we started over again. After a bit I felt her right hand pull at my left arm. I relaxed my hug and she tugged the hand free, reached it up to her lips and placed a slow, tantalizing kiss right in the palm. She then slowly, but surely, slid the hand down to her right breast! Who said she needed instructions? I felt her firm flesh under the thin cotton, the nipple hardened anew under my palm. Now, I had never felt another girl's breast in my entire life and I had no idea what to expect. What I didn't expect was how good it felt. Her boob was wonderfully upright, proud. I rubbed the nipple under the cloth and she gasped a bit, but didn't stop me. Instead she hungrily attacked my lips again with hers. She was getting turned on, too! I wanted more so I reached over to the middle and slowly tugged the top buttons apart. Once the top four were undone I reached in and stroked that wonderful breast. I teased the nipple with my fingernail and this seemed to drive her wild. She clutched at my head and started to moan. It was too much! I had to taste her. I gently pulled myself down her front, undid the remaining buttons and pulled the blouse completely open. There in the near total darkness I could just make out two of the most beautiful boobs ever to grace a girl's body. They were perfect in every way, soft, yet firm. Smallish, yet full. Puffy swellings on top of wonderfully round breasts, topped with pencil eraser tips. I leaned down and slowly took one nipple in my mouth. As I did, I could smell the faint fragrance of her soap, a pure and clean aroma that seemed to emphasize innocence and a faint muskiness of arousal.

I started kissing the tip slowly, little touches of the tongue, which seemed to drive her crazy. I increased the pressure and the frequency of my tongue work and then took the whole puffy swelling into my mouth. She became more and more agitated. I kept it up, not pausing for a second. After several minutes I felt her hand pushing my head tighter into her chest. She loved it, obviously wanting more. I teased and licked until my jaw started to ache. She seemed to be breathing harder and harder and so I continued. Then, just as I was about to quit with fatigue I felt her stiffen up, almost go rigid, and then with great gulps of air, she moaned and jerked under me. She had come, right there under me, from breast stimulation alone! I had been able to do that only once in my life and it had been under very unique conditions and here she had done this tonight with me.

After a few minutes her eyes fluttered open and she looked at me with a smile. "Wow, Suzanne, that felt great! I never knew I could feel so good. I have to admit I have played with myself at times, but nothing has ever felt so good."

"Well, I'm glad you liked it. I just don't know if Jared will have the patience I had to get you there again."

"I don't either, but he and I can certainly try." With that she rose up, buttoned her blouse and pulled on her sweater. "What about you? Shouldn't you get something out of this?" she asked.

"Listen, Jen, that was for you and I'm glad you enjoyed it. But it is getting late and my husband will wonder why I'm taking so long. And besides, I can always go to him for some attention." I drove her up the long driveway, dropped her off at her front door, and pushed the speed limit all the way home. I had to be careful and not attack my husband too vigorously, but I certainly got his attention and, even though I wanted more breast stimulation than he provided, he quickly got the job done. I had never climaxed before while fantasizing about a girl.

On the next week it was as if nothing had ever happened. Jared was still out of town, school was still boring and her parents were still fighting. She prattled on and on about nothing in particular and everything in general. There was no mention from either of us about the previous Saturday. Nor was there any mention on the next two weeks. On each of these trips I would feel myself getting wetter all the way to her house and I always hurried home to seek the attention of my husband.

On the fourth week she slyly worked into the conversation the news that Jared had "taken the bait" and gone to second base. I got the definite impression that it was a bit less than satisfying. She mumbled something about how he had a lot to learn but she aimed to teach him right. Still there was no mention of our situation. I couldn't figure it out. Was I just a teacher, or was there more? I know I had gotten hot with her and she definitely enjoyed my lesson that last time, but was that all?

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