tagErotic CouplingsJared's Awakening Ch. 03

Jared's Awakening Ch. 03


Jared's mind was filled with all sorts of conflicting emotions as he made his way back to his room. He and Jill had never interacted with each other in that way before. In fact, he never even looked at Jill like she was a young lady that was as curious as he was. To him, Jill had always been... one of the guys, so to speak. She was his best friend and his confidant. Not his lover! He couldn't help but wonder at how their relationship would change after what just happened.

One thing was certain... she had definitely turned him on. He had never cum so hard in his life as he had when she was touching him. It was an amazing feeling, her cool hand on his throbbing cock. If he had known it would feel that good, and that she was interested, he would have engaged in "science experiments" much sooner.

The problem that plagued him right at the moment though, was what to do about Sarah. He had never been on a formal "date" before, and truthfully he was so nervous that his knees were practically shaking. Looking at his watch, he saw that he had spent longer at Jill's than he had intended and there was only a couple more hours until he had to meet Sarah.

When he got to his room, he began frantically searching for something decent to wear for the evening. He wanted to make a good impression on Sarah, and despite what both she and Jill had said, being himself was going to be hard! What made it so hard was when he didn't like anything that he came across, piling his clothes in the floor in frustration as nothing seemed "just right."

"Wow, dude! What the hell?" he heard Chris' exclaim from behind him.

He turned to face his roommate and was surprised to see him standing there with the girl from the night before. Looking around at the mess he was making of his clothes, he turned bright red from embarrassment. These were the last people he wanted to see him this way.

"I-i-I'm looking for clothes to wear," Jared stammered out.

"Well, I can see that!" Chris exclaimed. "But why are you throwing things everywhere man!?"

"He has a date!" the girl piped up.

"Wha-a-a?" Chris said, with a stupid look on his face. "Dena, Jared doesn't date. Do you, Jared?"

"Well..." Jared began not certain how to answer.

"Holy fuck!" Chris yelled out. "Dude! You do have a date, don't you?"

"Yes..." Jared began to reply.

"Spill, man, spill... with who? Where? How? Details...details..." Chris interrupted excitedly.

"Chris... let the man talk, why don't ya?" Dena piped in again smiling at Jared. "Can't you see he's flustered enough?"

"Sorry, man... Dena's right. Tell me what you want to tell me, and is there anything I can do to help?" Chris said apologetically.

Just as he had with Jill, Jared explained the same story to both Chris and Dena about how he had gone to the club the night before. He was surprised to see Chris' face turn angry at the mention of how Kevin had treated him in the club. Although he and Chris had been friendly with one another, he never assumed that Chris actually liked him. But it was apparent as the story progressed that Chris really did consider Jared to be a friend.

"Dude, that Kevin is toast," Chris said as Jared finished that part of the story. "That S.O.B. shouldn't be messin' with people that way."

"It's fine..." Jared replied.

"The hell it is! The man needs to be taught a lesson! That's what he needs!"

"Chris, we can talk about that later..." Dena interrupted again. "Jared, finish your story, please?"

So Jared continued with the story, leaving out the fact that he had seen Chris and Dena in the bed. He only mentioned that he had woken up upon Dena leaving, but not her part in waking him up. Relief flooded over Dena's face when she caught the fact that he was leaving that bit out and he just smiled at her in return.

He found himself telling more than he thought he would though, including everything about Sarah and how the whole thing went down. Pausing for a second, he considered leaving out the part about Jill, but he knew that word would quickly spread after the 4 other girls caught them red-handed. So, he just continued on with the tale, watching as both Chris' and Dena's eyes grew large at the mention of him being caught naked with Jill holding his privates.

"Woah!! Dude..." Chris said, shaking his head in wonder. "What the hell has gotten into you?"

"I don't know," Jared admitted truthfully. "I guess it is just... luck."

"I would say so!" Dena said with a gleam in her eyes as if appraising him anew. "So, this is your first date then? Ever?"

"Yep, I'm afraid so." Jared replied with a shrug.

"Then let me help you," she offered as she began going through his clothes and picking out what she thought would look best on him.

Chris just sat back on his bed and watched as Dena went to work on Jared. He just had that same stupid grin that he had been wearing since hearing about Jared being caught with Jill. It was like he was imagining the whole thing while watching Jared with new eyes.

Finally, Dena handed Jared a bunch of clothes. "Here, put these on," she said, and stood there with her hands on her hips expectantly.

"Change? Now?" Jared stammered.

"Well, if you can be naked in front of 4 or 5 other women, then you can change in front of me too." She replied with a smile.

"She does have a point there, Jared." Chris remarked from the comfort of his bed.

Jared just sighed and did as instructed, removing all his clothes in front of a woman for the second time that day. This time, however, he did turn around to change his boxers. After all, it was one thing to change in front of her and another to put on a show for both of them.

When he finished dressing, she had him turn around several times as she inspected him. Then satisfied that he looked good, she went into a lecture about how he should treat his date. He couldn't help but notice that Dena spent a lot of time telling him about how it was the man's job to make certain that he thought of the woman as well, and not just himself.

He could see Chris' face contort when Dena began talking about how Jared needed to make certain that he was giving back what he was receiving. There was no way that he was missing the jibe she was making at him for the events from the night before. Jared was almost certain that not only had his roommate already received an earful from her, but he was likely to receive another one when Jared left for the evening.

"Ok, so we know the only interaction you have had with a woman was with Jill today, right?" Dena asked him when she finished her lecture.

"Yes..." Jared replied in embarrassment.

"So, you've never actually kissed a girl then?" she asked, eyebrows raising up high.


"Well, hell, I gotta teach you everything. Don't I?" she said with a smile, eyes lighting up at the thoughts that had crossed her mind.

"Excuse me..." Chris said waving his hands in the air. "Ummm...don't I get a say in this?"

"No!" Dena snapped at him. "You don't get a say. Just sit back and watch, you might learn something."

"O-o-okayyyyy..." he replied exaggeratingly slow, knowing it was best to just shut-up at that point.

"Are you ready?" she asked, turning to Jared with a smile.

"Uh...I am assuming I don't get a say either, huh?"

"No... no you don't..." she said as she leaned forward to press her lips against his.

Her hand wrapped around his head, pulling him into her as she pressed her soft, full lips against his. Jared just about freaked at first, not certain on how to respond. In response, Dena pulled her face back and whispered, "Just relax and go with it..."

Jared did just as she said, closing his eyes as she pressed her lips back against his. He inhaled her sweet perfume through his nostrils as he delighted in the feel of her lips against his. They were so soft and felt wonderful against his. He just let himself go, sliding his arms around her waist and pulling her hard against him.

Dena moaned lightly, as if in shock, when his tongue brushed against hers. When the shock wore off, she returned his playful kisses, as their tongues intertwined and danced a little dance in each other's mouths. It was so hot and steamy, that Jared's glasses fogged up. The longer they kissed, the more turned on he became as his once limp cock stiffened against the feel of her thigh pressing into him.

"Damn! That's hot!" Chris exclaimed excitedly, interrupting their kiss.

"Yes...yes, it was..." Dena said softly, a dreamy look in her eyes. "Just do that with any girl... and you will be fine... trust me."

"O-o-k," Jared stuttered, nodding his head in acknowledgment.

Dena pulled him into a big hug, pressing her soft breasts against his chest. He could feel her erect nipples pressing into his chest even through their clothes. She positioned herself against him, blocking Chris' vision with her leg as her hand slid down between Jared's legs. Grasping his hard cock through his jeans, she whispered in his ear, "If you need me to teach you anything else, just let me know."

Jared looked around at the mess in the room, his head reeling as she broke their embrace when a knock came at the door. The place was a shambles, and he really didn't need Sarah seeing it that way.

"Don't worry about the mess, stud," Chris said playfully from the bed and then wiggled his eyebrows as he finished with, "I will take care of it when Dena and I are through."

Jared just shook his head and made his way to the door. As he reached for the door knob, he could hear Dena climbing on the bed with Chris. After all the help she had given him, he hoped that she fared better than she did last night.

Turning the handle, he opened the door...


Turning the handle, he opened the door to find Sarah standing there. Her eyes lit up an even brighter green as she smiled at him. Jared noticed that she had pulled her black hair back into a ponytail. Her full lips were painted with a muted red lipstick, and she had just enough make-up to enhance her beauty without overpowering her natural looks.

She had changed clothes as well, and was now wearing a blue dress that fell mid-way between her ass and her knees. Jared's eyes immediately went from her lovely face to her chest, as he took in the low-cut top that exposed quite a bit of cleavage. Swallowing the lump that formed in his throat, he looked right back up at her face in embarrassment.

"Hey there!" she beamed at him. "You ready to go?"

"Yeah, sure..." he replied, glancing back over his shoulder and receiving a thumbs up from his roommate. "Where we headed to?"

"There's a small restaurant downtown that I have been dying to try out! It's called Café Gealach, and serves traditional Irish faire. It is kinda out of the way, small and quiet. I thought it would be a nice place for us to go try out and get to know one another. How's that sound?"

"Sounds good to me," he replied, stepping out into the hallway and pulling to door shut behind him.

The ride out to the café was filled with small talk as they worked on getting to know one another a little better. At first Jared was nervous and found himself tripping over his words, but by the time he pulled into the café parking lot all the nervousness seemed to have disappeared. Not only that, she was actually laughing at what he had to say and seemed to really enjoy his company. It was completely mind boggling to him.

Café Gealach was just as she had described it, small, quaint and quiet. The inside was done up almost like an old Irish pub, complete with the wood tables and all. The two of them were showed to their table by a young redhead waitress with a bubbly personality and an overtly flirtatious nature.

The more she flirted, the more red faced Jared was getting. As soon as the bubbly waitress realized she was having an effect on him, she upped the ante and took every opportunity she could to either brush up against him or drop a innuendo when appropriate. It wouldn't have been so bad if Sarah wasn't laughing good-naturedly and egging the waitress on, while the girl continued to flirt with not only Jared but her as well.

One thing could be said about the pub and that was the fact that the beer was great and they kept it coming. The two of them had managed to drink 2 pitchers of beer between them by the time supper came around. The beverages were definitely having an effect on Sarah as she became more and more flirtatious with Jared as the evening continued.

Jared felt like he was doing pretty good himself. He didn't know if he had a case of liquid courage, or if he was just growing comfortable with Sarah. Whatever was going on, it had definitely allowed him to become more relaxed. Well, he was as relaxed as he could be given the fact that every time the waitress came by she managed to brush his arm with her curvy ass.

"Loosen up, Jared," Sarah said with a smile when Jared tightened up after the most recent brush from the waitress. "It's ok to be attracted to her, you know?"

"Wha-a-t?" Jared replied turning red. "I'm not attracted to her."

"Don't be silly! She is a cute and fiery redhead," she laughingly replied, a mischievous look forming in her eyes. "I'm not afraid to admit that even I am attracted to her."

Jared stared bug eyed at Sarah for a moment and then downed the rest of his beer with one large gulp. He didn't quite know how he should respond to the latest statement. Sarah just laughed and signaled for the waitress to bring another pitcher of beer for the table.

As the waitress refilled their glasses, leaning over provocatively, Sarah took the opportunity to strike up a flirtatious conversation of her own with the woman.

"So.. it's Ginny, right?" she asked nodding to the waitress' name tag.

"Yep," she replied turning on a 1000 watt smile, "and you are Sarah and Jared if I heard you correctly earlier."

"Jared and I were just talking about you."

"Oh, you were?" she asked in a playful voice. "Do tell..."

"Well, I was telling Jared here that it was ok for him to find you attractive even though he is out on a date with me."

"Really!?" Ginny replied raising her eyebrows in mock surprise, "He's attracted to little ol' me!?"

Sarah joined in on Ginny's laughter as Jared only continued to grow even redder in the face. He knew that she didn't mean anything bad by it, but he still wasn't completely comfortable with the whole situation he had found himself in and this was only adding to his confusion about where he stood.

"What else were you saying?" Ginny continued, batting her eyelashes at Sarah.

"Oh, that I even I was attracted to you."

"Hmmm... and...?"

"...and... then I bet him that you weren't wearing any panties under that skirt of yours. He says you are, and I told him he needed to find out for himself."

Jared nearly choked on his beer in surprise, since that was definitely not a part of the earlier discussion they were having. His eyes grew wider when Sarah winked at him playfully and rubbed her foot up and down his leg under the table.

"Oh really!?" Ginny said looking over at Jared with a huge grin. "Give me a few minutes to finish up with the other customers and then we will talk more about this little wager of yours."

With that she turned away, brushing her ass once more across Jared's arm as she made her way to the other patrons. Jared turned to Sarah with a little glare of anger in his eyes, "What do you think you are doing?" he asked her.

"Like I said, you need to loosen up Jared. Have fun, will ya?" she replied as she downed another glass of beer. "The worst thing that could happen is that she refuses to play along."

"Somehow I don't think that will happen," Jared replied rather stiffly.

"That is what I am hoping," Sarah quipped right back, causing Jared to jump as her foot slid between his legs and came to rest on his crotch.

Jared was finding it extremely hard to focus, let alone talk as she kept her foot nestled between his legs. Every time she shifted her foot even the slightest bit, it caused him to jump reflexively. Each time he jumped, she just wagged her eyebrows and smiled at him knowingly.

It was after one such brush with her foot that the waitress reappeared at his side. That Cheshire like grin spreading over her face when she looked down at him, with her hip firmly pressed into his arm. He was thankful that the table kept the waitress from seeing Sarah's foot running up and down his steadily hardening shaft.

"So...about that little wager..." Ginny purred seductively looking back and forth between Sarah and Jared.

"Yes... about the wager," Sarah replied in an even more seductive tone than the waitress had used.

"What is the stakes?"

"Hmmm..." Sarah replied thoughtfully. "If you are wearing panties, then I will buy supper and if you aren't... Jared will. Sound good to you, Jared?"

"Like I have a choice!" he retorted, jumping as Sarah's toes found his cockhead.

"Jared..." Sarah said in a pouting voice.

"Ok, fine, it is a deal then. If she is wearing panties you buy the supper, if she isn't then I will."

"Yay!" Sarah beamed happily. "So, Ginny, which is it? Commando or not?"

"You will just have to find out for yourselves, won't you?" she replied, licking her lips and flipping her red hair back over her shoulder. It was Sarah's turn to nearly choke on her beer and it was obvious she hadn't expected it to go this far.

"F-f-find out for ourselves?" Sarah stammered out in surprise.

"Of course, sweetie," Ginny replied in a throaty voice. "After all, I should get something out of this too. You didn't think I would just tell you, did you?"

"Of course not," Sarah said trying to regain her composure. "It's just with the place open and all I didn't expect..."

"No worries, sweetie," Ginny continued. "Right now it is just us and the bartender out here."

Sarah and Jared both looked around and sure enough, the other patrons had already departed. Leaving just them there with Ginny and the bartender that was busy washing glasses. Jared raised his eyebrows at Sarah questioningly.

"Now, before we are joined by others..." the redhead began, and then stepped forward slightly and backed up to Jared. "Place your hand on my inner thigh."

Jared looked at Sarah again questioningly, and after receiving a shrug in reply, he did as he was told. He placed his hand just above Ginny's knee gently.

"Higher..." she purred.

He let his hand slide up her leg, feeling her soft flesh beneath his palm as he slid it up to the hem of her skirt.

"Yes..." she sighed, "higher..."

Jared picked up his beer with his free hand and took a long pull before continuing further up her thigh. As his hand slid further up her thigh, his arm caught on her skirt and raised it at the same time. More and more of the woman's curvy ass came into sight as his eyes feasted on her round pale globes of flesh.

"Higher..." she moaned as his fingers found her upper thighs and she parted her legs a little further for his probing hand.

It was already obvious that the woman wasn't wearing any panties as he took in her bare ass, but the more she urged him on... the higher he went. Finally his fingers found the center of her legs. He brushed his finger gently against her sex, feeling her soft pubic hair caressing his fingers in return.

"That's it..." she moaned softly, "... a little higher..."

Jared's probing fingers found her moist pussy lips, brushing against them as he explored her sex from beneath her skirt. He continued to touch and caress the woman, as the liquid courage caught fire in him. Without a thought in the world, he let his finger slip into her moist canal to the first knuckle. He wiggled it softly, savoring the feel of her as she practically sucked his digit into her pussy.

Ginny moaned softly again and then pulled away from Jared's probing hand. It left him wanting more and Sarah knew it, especially the way he had grown even harder under her foot. He glanced her way and there was no mistaking the look of lust that was evident in her expression.

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