Jared's Awakening Ch. 03


"Your turn, sweetie," Ginny purred to Sarah.

Jared just expected that Ginny would do the same thing with Sarah that she had done with him, and from the look in Sarah's face so did she. But when Ginny approached Sarah it was obvious that she had other plans in mind. The woman had Sarah pull her chair out from table, and Jared immediately felt a pang of loss when Sarah removed her foot from his crotch to accommodate Ginny's request.

Ginny positioned herself between Sarah and the table, once Sarah was far enough back to give her the room she needed. Jared looked over at the bartender, who just looked over, smiled and shook his head in amusement. Leaning over the table in front of Sarah, Ginny winked at Jared and then looked over her shoulder at Sarah.

"Ok, sweetie," she said in a throaty voice. "Your turn...now be a good girl and lean forward some, will you?"

Sarah did as she was asked, leaning closer to the redheads curvy behind. She tentatively placed her both hands on the woman's legs, just under her skirt. Jared scooted his chair around slightly, craning his neck to see what was going to happen next.

"Very good, Sarah," Ginny said. "Now... you know what to do next... get all the confirmation you need for the little wager of yours."

Sarah looked at Jared wide eyed and then back at the redhead's ass inches from her face. They both heard Ginny let out a frustrated groan as she pushed her ass back towards Sarah expectantly. Sarah blinked rapidly and then began pushing the other woman's skirt up higher revealing her bare backside inch by inch.

Finally, Ginny's skirt was up around her waist as she stood there with her pale ass jutting towards Sarah's face. "Do it, Sarah... quickly... before another customer comes in..." she moaned over her shoulder in a pleading voice.

Sarah ran both hands up the other woman's thighs, caressing her softly as she reached the pinnacle and lightly brushed against her exposed pussy lips. Ginny moaned a low moan, urging Sarah to lick her just once for good measure.

Jared had never been more turned on before in his life as Sarah leaned forward and ran her tongue across Ginny's pussy lips. He watched in fascination as Ginny shuddered uncontrollably when the tip of Sarah's tongue penetrated her slightly and probed her sweet canal. Both women moaned as Sarah really began to get into it, letting her tongue slide deeper into the other woman's pussy and lapping up her sweet nectar.

No sooner had it begun, than it was brought to abrupt halt by the sound of the bell on the outside door chiming. Ginny quickly righted herself and stepped away from the table just as a family of four entered the dining area. She covered her mouth as if trying to recover from a sneeze as she regained her composure.

"Now then, I assume you get this?" she asked as she handed him the check, and then abruptly stepped away to greet the new patrons as if nothing untoward had been happening.

"Holy shit!" Sarah said softly. "Hurry up and pay the tab!"

Jared looked at the bill and pulled out enough cash to cover the cost plus an ample tip for Ginny. As soon as the money hit the table, Sarah grabbed him by the hand and pulled him towards the door. "Keep the change," she said with a small laugh as they passed Ginny.

"Come back anytime you two!" Ginny called out. "Oh... and Jared..."

Jared paused and looked at the waitress just before Sarah pulled him through the door. A huge grin split her face as she said, "...you're welcome!"


"Damn, but that was hot!" Sarah exclaimed as they slid into the front seat of Jared's Explorer.

"Who you telling?" he asked, his heart pounding with excitement. He was still rock hard and could feel his shaft literally throbbing in his pants, as he pulled out of the parking lot.

Turning onto the street, Jared nearly ran off the road when Sarah put both feet up on his dash and hiked up her skirt. Glancing down, he caught sight of her inner thighs and white panties. Even from where he was sitting he could see the wet spot that had formed on her panties.

"I'm so fucking turned on right now, that I can't help myself," she continued as she stroked herself over her panties in small circular motions. "I've never done anything like that before..."

"Never?" Jared asked incredulously. "It sure seemed like you had."

"Hell no!" Sarah exclaimed and then moaned as her fingers found her clit through her panties. Her breathing became more rapid as she stroked her little button furiously. Through her clenched teeth she managed to say, "You had better find somewhere to pull off fast, damn it!"

Jared looked around frantically, trying to get his bearings. A few streets later everything began to look familiar to him. Shooting down a side road, he made a beeline straight towards a park the he knew was nearby and hoped that the place was empty. He could swear that his heart rate was beating more than double its normal rate and the overall feeling was making him lightheaded.

He turned into the park, thankful that there were only a few cars in the parking lot. From the looks of things, there was a group of people playing basketball on one of the lighted courts. Bypassing those cars, he drove a little further down and slammed his breaks to a halt in the darkest area he could find.

The Explorer wasn't even completely shut off when Sarah pushed the arm rest up, turned her body to face him and thrust herself onto him. Her hands wrapping around his head and pulling him into a lust filled kiss. Jared struggled to breathe as she pressed her full lips against his and her tongue invaded his mouth.

It was quite the awkward position, as Jared struggled to move his arms. One arm was pinned beneath her and while he truly enjoyed feeling her against him... it was becoming painful. Sensing his discomfort, she shifted her body until she was straddling his waist as she shoved herself between him and the steering column.

Reaching down with one hand, she pulled the lever on the chair, causing Jared to rocket backwards into a reclining position forcefully. He looked up at her in wonder as her hands began running all over his chest as she frantically found his buttons and began undoing them. All the while she was grinding herself on his crotch repeatedly like a woman in heat and driving him absolutely crazy with desire.

As she fumbled with his shirt buttons, Jared grasped the hem of her dress and began to push it up. His hands cupped her plump asscheeks savoring the feel of her flesh under his palms. It was a heady experience as he explored her ass with his hands, relishing the fact that she was wearing a thong and actually being able to touch her naked flesh.

Finding the top of the thong, he traced his fingers down the thin material, pulling it up as his hands traversed between her cheeks. Not sensing her resisting his touch in any way, he continued lower, until she jumped as his fingers caressed her rosebud. The caress only added to Sarah's insistence to get his shirt off, as she grabbed both sides and just yanked to pop the remaining buttons.

As soon as his shirt was open, her hands went to work on his chest and abdomen, exploring him excitedly as her fingers slipped down to his belt buckle. He shifted slightly, removing his hands from her ass and sliding upward to let her have better access to his belt and zipper. Once situated, he reached out and grasped the hem of her dress once more and began to pull upwards.

Sarah stopped fumbling with his belt long enough to allow him to pull her dress over her head. As he watched, she reached back and undid the clasp on the bra that was holding her large, soft breasts in place. She shrugged the bra off and dropped it onto the seat with her dress, sitting up and revealing her naked chest to his eyes.

Jared was in absolute fascination with her large breasts. His eyes roamed her entire abdomen and chest as he struggled with exactly where to touch this hot vixen first. Her thick waist was more tone than he had thought possible, and the curves of her hips were enticing him as they wiggled back and forth on his crotch.

The most captivating part of her body though was how her breasts swayed in time to her grinding. They were so large and full that he couldn't resist cupping them in his palms and hefting them gently. His thumbs instinctively found the small erect nipples at the tips of her breasts, as he brushed them lightly in exploration.

"Yes..." she moaned loudly. "Pull on them, please!"

Jared let her breasts fall from the palm of his hands as he continued exploring her areolas with his fingers and thumbs. He made small circles over her flesh, caressing her softly as his fingers inched closer and closer to her stiff nipples. A soft moan escaped from between her clenched teeth when his thumbs and index fingers clasped her sensitive nubs.

He twisted them gently, pulling them outward and listened to her moans of pleasure. As he continued pulling and twisting lightly, he alternated between paying attention to the little nubs and caressing her breasts exploratory. It was made much easier when she leaned forward slightly and finished unbuckling his belt.

Her hands worked like a wildfire over his pants, undoing his button and zipper with deft precision. She murmured in delight when his fly came open, exposing his hard shaft outlined by his boxers. His cockhead was jutting out of the top of his waistband, left exposed with all the shifting in the seat. Now it was his turn to moan as she ran her finger over the tip, tickling him softly while she moaned in delight.

Jared moved his hands around her back, pulling her down to him and upwards at the same time, until her breasts dangled just below his mouth. Lifting his head slightly, he wrapped his lips around one of her nipples and sucked it lightly while running his tongue over the taut flesh. He positioned one hand to hold her breast and tweak her other nipple, while the other slid down her back to cup her ass once more.

His fingers moved down her ass crack again, parting her cheeks as he traced his way down between her legs. While she continued to stroke him through his boxers, he pushed his fingers under her panties caressing her damp pussy lips. She moaned and threw her head back, gripping his shaft tightly as his finger easily slipped into her moist depths.

For the next several minutes, he just focused on fingering her the best he could. When his fingers rubbed up against her clit, she jumped up and squealed with what could only be construed as pleasure. He learned what made her tick, as he alternated between caressing her outer lips, clit and driving his fingers into her hard and fast.

Sarah moaned loudly, as she fished Jared's shaft out from his boxers. Her soft hand wrapped around his pulsating flesh, stroking him the best she could while he sucked on her nipples and played with her pussy. Jared couldn't remember a more fantastic feeling, even with the intermittent stroking it was delightful to feel her hand firmly grasping his steely flesh.

Suddenly, Sarah's moans got louder as she began to shudder. Her head whipped back and forth as her face contorted with pure bliss. Jared clamped down on her nipple with his lips, letting his teeth graze her sensitive flesh while he attacked her clit with his fingers with renewed vigor.

He was almost certain that anyone within a mile radius could hear her scream out as her senses were flooded with a climactic rush. Jared had thought her pussy was hot and wet before, but now it practically gushed her womanly fluids as he shoved his digits as far into her as he could. Her walls constricted around his fingers tightly as his hand and wrist were coated with her juices.

"Oh fuck...oh fuck!" she yelled repeatedly until her orgasm subsided.

With a moan she leaned back, disengaging his fingers from her moist canal. There was a mixture of lust and contentment on her face as she looked down at Jared. Her tongue slid out of her mouth and licked her lips provocatively, "Jared... tell me you have a condom."

"Uhhh..." was the only thing he could respond with.

"You don't have a condom?" she said rolling her eyes.

"I-I-I never needed one before..." he stammered out apologetically.

"Ok..." she sighed, and then slapped him hard on the chest. "Next time, you better come prepared!"

The only thing Jared heard was "next time" his eyes growing large at the realization she was proposing they not only go out again, but do the same thing again. He watched her slip off his body, and resume her position on the seat next to him and gather up her clothes. His hard cock wagged in the wind, practically begging for some attention.

"Damn! But I hate letting a good thing go to waste..." she said eyeing his twitching shaft as she pulled her dress back over her head. "I don't usually do this, but..."

Jared let out a surprised gasp as she leaned over and placed her mouth firmly around his cockhead. His eyes rolled back in his head as her tongue danced over his cockhead tickling him as she tongued his slit. Pre-cum began to immediately ooze from the tip and she lapped it up quickly before pulling the rest of his into her throat.

She wrapped one hand around the base of his shaft, just above his balls. As she stroked him hard and fast her tongue slid expertly long the underside, massaging him just right. His hand slid up her back slowly and just before he reached her head, she released his cock from her lips and said, "Don't even think about holding my head. You are a big SOB and I don't feel like gagging tonight."

With that said, she resumed her oral ministrations on his throbbing manhood. Her mouth and tongue elicited sensations he had never experienced before. Between her small quick strokes and hot wet mouth, it wasn't long before he felt the urge to cum overwhelm him.

"Sarah..." his moaned through clenched teeth as he fought to contain his explosion, "I'm going to...to..."

He couldn't finish his sentence as he lost complete control and exploded deep into her mouth. She gulped in surprise at first and then moaned in approval as she swallowed the rest of his thick load. As he finished exploding into her mouth, she stroked him with long, hard strokes milking the last of the cum from his shaft.

Sitting up, she continued to stroke him gently and smiled warmly at him. After several seconds, she released him and straightened up her clothes. Although still rock hard Jared managed to pull his boxers and pants up while she watched him with a humorous expression on her face. Finally, he was able to bring his seat back up.

"Wow!" she sighed. "I really didn't expect to do that tonight..."

"You!?" Jared asked in surprise, and smiled when she giggled.

"Ok...ok... I see what you mean," she said as Jared started the car and headed out of the parking lot. "Next time though... it will have to be someplace we can move around a little more. Oh, and..."

"I know, I know... bring a condom," Jared said smacking himself in the head at his stupidity.

"Yep," she said as she leaned back in the seat.

They made small talk the rest of the way back to the campus, laughing about what had happened that night. He walked her to her room, where she gave him a small peck on the cheek before disappearing into her room.

Stumbling into his room, he noted that his roommate was absent and then collapsed on his back with a huge grin. Stripping out of his clothes, he slipped under the sheet naked and caressed his cock until it was hard once again. His mind replaying the nights events over and over until he fell asleep.

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