Jasmine knelt at her Mistress' feet exactly as she'd been trained: firm round ass kissing her heels; smooth thighs spread wide; hands resting palms up on her thighs; her back was straight with shoulders pressed back painfully to accentuate her ample breasts, which stood out in front of her with jeweled nipples; her head was raised, eyes staring straight ahead, and her lips and teeth held slightly apart. As she breathed, her chest rose, drawing attention to those gorgeous breasts. The ends of the golden rings that pierced through her nipples held two perfect rubies captive between them. The ruby was Jasmine's birth stone, and her Mistress was proud of having Owned rights to this one nearly from birth.

Jasmine had been bred for slavery. The bitch that birthed her had been a breeding slave in the stable of a prominent breeder. Her sire was also a slave, though he'd not been a breeder. He was bred for the pits. Having been a champion in the pits since his very first experiences in the training pits, he was rewarded with the chance to sire two offspring. The hopes had been for both to be male who'd turn out to be a champion like the slave that had sired him. They weren't disappointed when this female had been born, though.

Jasmine was a beautiful baby that grew into a slavegirl any Man would fight to Own. She was a petite girl, with short, shapely legs, a round ass which her Mistress enjoyed changing from creamy white to black and blue with a paddle or flogger. Her stomach was flat and toned enough to make her irresistible. She was by no means muscled, but she was in beautiful shape. Her breasts were large by many people's standards. They were natural, as well, unlike some slavegirls' breasts. Some Owners would enlarge their slaves breasts to disproportionate sizes. Not so for Jasmine. Her breasts were firm and large naturally, the jewels through her nipples accentuating the pink flesh of her large areolas. With golden hair and bright blue eyes, rights to her had been sold quickly, with the woman who now Owned her having won them in an auction when Jasmine was but 2 days old.

Intergalactic slave law was clear about how the sale of slaves was to be undertaken, however, and Jasmine's Mistress had waited 18 years before she could truly buy the slavegirl. Rights to first option of purchase could be sold at any time during the slave's life, but actual sale could only be done once a slave reached 18 years of age. Over the two years that followed her purchase, she'd undergone extensive training, and then her Mistress had her all to herself.

"My lovely little Jaz," Mistress began, calling her by the pet name she had for the girl. "Today is a very special day, My sweet." She smiled down at the girl kneeling before her. She would enjoy this very, very much.

Jasmine knew better than to move so much as a hair while in position at her Mistress' feet. She remained as perfectly still as she could, barely even daring to breathe as she waited for Mistress' next command.

"I'm sure you're very curious about what is planned for you," Mistress said. "Perhaps it's time you found out. Heel," she turned and started walking quickly from the room.

Jasmine leaned forward, her hands pressing to the floor to follow her Mistress from the room, crawling as she'd been trained to do. Mistress led her down the hallway to a room she'd never been allowed to enter. Pausing at the doorway, she glanced down to the slave who followed her obediently and smiled. She was going to enjoy this very much.

Punching the passcode into the keypad, she waited a moment as the security system granted her access and opened the door before continuing, her sweet little slave crawling behind her.

They entered into a room bare except for three things: a table in the center, the door they'd just come through, and another door leading into a viewing gallery. The table was long enough to accommodate Jasmine's body, minus her legs. Stirrups jutted from one end and had straps attached at regular intervals. The stirrups were adjustable, and could be moved in many directions.

"Get up on the table, Jaz," Mistress said, Jasmine rising to her feet immediately and moving toward the table as instructed. "On your back, girl, with your feet in the stirrups."

Jasmine obeyed her Mistress' commands, lying on her back, consciously controlling her breathing to keep from showing herself to be as nervous as she really was. Mistress strapped her legs to the posts holding the stirrups in which her feet rested. Moving up the table, she fastened a leather strap across the slavegirl's hips, and another went across her torso, just below her ample breasts. Two more held her shoulders tightly to the table.

Satisfied her slave's body was securely strapped to the table, she took the girl's arms and stretched them above her head, bending them at the elbow so that her hands hung and slipped loops round the girl's wrists. A smirk spread across the woman's face as she surveyed her naked and bound slave. She could see the girl's resolve to not allow her nervousness and fear of the unknown show through as her lower lip began trembling. Looking up from her slave, she glanced to the window and nodded slightly.

Returning her gaze to her slave's face, she smiled. Leaning down next to Jasmine's head, she spoke softly to the now clearly frightened girl, "Now, Jaz, no need to be frightened, girl," she said in a placating tone. "It's time you learn what it means to truly be a sex slave...in all ways." Her eyes turned near cruel as she looked into the girl's eyes. Reaching to a jeweled nipple, she twisted it. Jasmine cried out, her eyes closing momentarily.

In the moment the girl's eyes were closed, she experienced a sensation she'd never felt. Fingers pulled her cunt lips apart and something was pressing into her. Her eyes flew open to see a collared man standing between her legs, his huge cock disappearing into her body. He was a pit slave, she could tell. A monster of a man, he stood 6 ft 7, and had a cock that jutted out 8 inches from base to head, when fully erect. Not a very long cock, but it was his thickness that terrified most girls. It stretched her to her limits as it slowly invaded the place nothing had touched since her examination 4 years ago, when she was 18 and her Mistress finally came for her, after exercising her right to purchase this slave. Even that exam had been only to be certain she was still a virgin, with hymen fully intact. Mistress had paid well for this girl to remain as innocent as possible, while still learning certain things that would allow the girl to pleasure her Mistress.

Whimpering, she glanced to her Mistress, who only smiled cruelly as the other slave's cock stopped, having come to the barrier in the girl's virginal channel. The girl's soft whimpers had turned into cries of pain as the thick cock invaded her body. Her attempts to struggle were futile, given that she was bound tightly to the table, her legs forced far apart by the stirrups.

"Don't go any further until I say so, boy," the woman told the male slave who nodded as he stood poised to strip her slave of the last shred of innocence she'd been allowed to keep. The Mistress had chosen this particular male for the size of his cock. It would hurt the little bitch she Owned so deliciously, at least at first. She'd spoken with many regarding which slave to breed her girl with. Most agreed it best to start a virgin on a smallish cock, but no, that simply would not do for her slave. No, this little bitch would get the thickest cock she could find to rip her apart before her Mistress' eyes. Smiling at the thought of her slave's virginity torn to shreds before her eyes, she turned from the slaves and joined the male's Owner in the viewing room, closing the door behind her. After settling into a seat, she pressed a button in the arm of her chair and said simply, "Now, boy."

Upon the order, the male slave pulled back slightly and then rammed his cock deep inside the girl's now-aching cunt. She screamed when his cock tore through her barrier, tears flowing freely from her eyes as he drove his hard shaft into her body, the head beating her cervix unmercifully. Virgin blood coated the thick shaft that invaded her body. Her screams of pain lessened slightly as her body reacted in the only way it knew how, releasing hormones to shift her perception of pain to a glimmer of something else.

A moan escaped her throat, her body trembling. Cunt muscles began gripping and squeezing the other slave's cock and he groaned with pleasure as he recognized her body was beginning to respond to his, just a hint of pleasure beginning to spread through her body. His thrusts became more urgent, her cries no longer of pain but of pleasure, her hips straining against the strap that bound them to the table, no longer in an effort to escape him, but to try to get her body closer to his.

Jasmine's Mistress watched, pleased by what she saw. Her slave's juices dripped from the table as the girl's hips began attempting to buck against the male's, the first orgasm the slavegirl ever experienced tearing through her senses, her screams of passion overwhelming the male's resolve, his seed bubbling up from his balls, through his hard shaft, to erupt inside the girl's channel. Both slaves moaned and shook as they came together.

The male remained where he was as he came down from his sexual high, his cock softening inside the cunt of the little slavegirl in front of him. He would remain inside her until given permission to slip from the girl. Their Owners spoke of the breeding that had just taken place, agreeing between them that this would be repeated twice a week until they could confirm the slavegirl to have been successfully bred.

Jasmine looked upon the face of the male slave who had just taken her virginity, knowing what had just happened, and that it wouldn't be the last time his massive cock would invade her body. Her Mistress returned from the viewing room, a Man with her. Together, they gave the male slave permission to remove his flaccid cock from the girl. The cock slipped from her body, a flood of cum leaking from her body as he pulled out. Mistress pressed a button, and the table began tilting Jasmine's head down, her hips up.

"To help move his seed where it needs to be," Mistress explained to Jasmine when she started and looked to her Mistress questioningly. Jasmine nodded, knowing if she spoke without permission she'd be severely punished.


One Year Later...

Jasmine's legs were once again raised with her feet in the stirrups. This time, the table was tilted up, the girl in a near sitting position as she held her breath, pushing as hard as she could. The baby's head emerged and the attendant quickly suctioned its nose and mouth while Jasmine took a few breaths. With the next push, the baby girl slid from her body, lungs heaving as she screamed to announce her arrival into the world.

A few minutes later, Jasmine's Mistress smiled at her good fortune as the attendant announced there was a second child. Perhaps she would breed this slave again a few more times, especially if she was prone to multiples. In minutes, the second baby was screaming at the top of his lungs. Both babes were put to breast immediately as their Mistress left the room to notify the Owner of their sire. He would fetch the male as soon as he was weaned. The female would remain with Jasmine until sold.

Good fortune, indeed.

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