Jasmine Fantasies: Becoming a Bimbo


"Well, you're going to have the boys excited all day," she said. "I can easily see the shape of your areola through that cling-wrap top, and I hate to think how it'll look if your nipples get hard. You'd sure better stay away from drafts, Mom."

"Oh God!" I said, not liking her assessment at all, but unable to disagree with it. After a moment I asked, she almost never coming to my classroom unless she wanted something, "What do you need, Ashley?"

"Money," she said.

"For what?" I asked.

"We're going for a poetry walk today for English," she said.

"Oh, okay," I said, knowing Jamie always used poetry walk as a euphemism for a trip to Starbucks. But my hands automatically gave her ten bucks from my purse and she left without a word.

I sighed, looking at the clock. Class was only twenty minutes away and I had no idea how... or even if... I'd be able to escape from my predicament in that short amount of time.

Besides the fact the skirt was super short, and the thigh highs totally visible, I was painfully aware I wasn't wearing any panties, so any careless movement would reveal my peach to the entire class. I redid my lesson plans so I could remain seated at my desk all period and have them come to me if they needed assistance while I feigned a sore ankle.

As I finished readjusting my lesson plans, Abigail came back in and said, "Have your phone turned on and handy at all times, my cunt craving cum slut."

"Abigail," I moaned, "Pleeeeaaase," trying to reason with her, but the unavoidable pleasure from her derogatory words made it come out more as a sexual plea for more.

She ignored it either way, just added, "By the way, you must make somebody cum, boy or girl, man or woman, every hour today. You'll also probably cum a lot yourself, but that doesn't count. Have fun!"

Before I could respond, she walked back out.


So during period one I never left my desk, figuring what I'd already done for Abigail's pussy would count for the eight o'clock hour. That said, I didn't have a break until 10:45, so period two, the nine to ten hour, was going to be a problem... and I really didn't know how that expectation would impact me if I failed to comply.

I found out.

As the nine o'clock hour progressed I felt myself getting gradually hornier and hornier... more agitated... hungrier.

I could also feel myself getting literally more and more stupid as I tried to read but couldn't stay focused. I couldn't help but wonder if all those bimbo names Abigail had called me were prophecies of what I would become as the day progressed. Would I become mindless, enslaved to nothing more than my own hungers?

Then my phone vibrated. I glanced at it slyly as I had a rule forbidding any activated phones in my classes ... one I usually followed myself. Yet I was helpless to disobey Abigail's orders and thus had my phone on ... although on vibrate.

I learned instantly that my pussy was triggered even by text insults as I read a text assumedly from Abigail... although the number was displayed as unknown.

Bimbo teacher slut,

Are you hungry?

Starting to feel yourself craving cum?

Go to the girls' bathroom on the second floor right now!

You dirty cunt craving whore.

Reading the text had my pussy gushing again at each derogatory word. Even as I looked at the time, six minutes left in the period, I felt myself stand up.

The class was working silently, so I could leave them for the remaining time without breaking any rules... but probably would raise a few questions, although it didn't seem I had any choice. I walked out of my class, sensing students noticing my attire, hoping not too much of my bare butt was showing, and I scurried to the bathroom one floor up, spurred on by an overwhelming need for more of Abigail's cum.

I got to the bathroom door and saw a sign outside saying it was closed for cleaning... smart.... It lowered the risk of getting caught, which I hadn't even thought about as my growing hunger for pussy cum consumed me minute by minute.

I walked in and was surprised to see it wasn't Abigail in the washroom but Josie... who was usually dressed very conservatively as she was the daughter of one of the community's church ministers. She looked at me with almost as much surprise as mine, "I can't believe she actually got you this time."

It made me wonder who else Abigail had gotten. I asked, "What do you mean?"

She shook her head. "Never mind." She moved to a stall and ordered, "Tell me why you're here, Mrs. Walker."

An order given, I heard myself answer, "Abigail sent me."

"And what did she send you to do?" she asked with a smile on her face. It was obvious she knew why I was here, but she wanted to hear me say it. Yet, I couldn't answer with the truth about the curse as Abigail had forbidden that. But I was nevertheless compelled to answer Josie's question.

I replied, knowing time was once again of essence, plus I was literally salivating at the idea of eating this young, sweet girl's pussy, "To eat your cunt."

"Holy shit!" she gasped, as shocked by my coarse words as I was. I was well known for my intolerance of any crude language. (Normally it would be even more shocking for me to engage in oral sex with a student, but not today... she'd known up front someone was about to arrive to do just that.) She moved into a stall, lifted up her cute Asian dress to reveal she too wasn't wearing panties (did anyone in this school wear panties?) and offered graciously, "Then kindly step right in and eat away, Mrs. Walker."

Although it was phrased as an invitation it was still an order, which was an impetus in addition to the fact that I was quivering with need, and my puppet body was already moving even as she spoke, my conscious objections completely ignored, my lust and hunger and need to obey completely controlling me.

I lowered myself to a position I was used to at home, my husband loving me worshipping his cock while he stood authoritatively above me, yet usually I was hungrily bobbing on a cock, not (equally hungrily) about to lap a student's ripe pussy.

I dove in, her pussy already wet... her cunt scent intoxicating. As I lapped, my hunger beginning to be satisfied, I compared Josie's taste to Abigail's. Each was similar... sweet and tangy... although Josie's was stronger, her cunt already wetter.

"Oh yes, Mrs. Walker, you look so hot in that outfit and licking my pussy," Josie moaned. "And those nipples must be sticking out half an inch! I think they're glad to see me." Oddly, hearing her approval made me (and my nipples) very happy. I wanted to get her off, I wanted to be a good pussy pleaser.

I licked for a minute before Josie stopped me with, "This isn't comfortable, come over to the counter."

I imagined it was the way she had one leg sticking way up. I don't know why, but instead of walking I crawled to the counter like a true submissive as she walked past me and hopped onto it... stirring a slight breeze that tickled my uncovered, over-sensitised box.

She opened her legs and I crawled right between them, forgetting I was a teacher and she a student... focused only on getting the dose of cunt cum that by now I was almost insanely craving... feeling and acting and even quivering like a cunt cum junkie.

I licked and licked.

Dining on the teen's heavenly snack.

"Oh yes," she moaned as soon as I resumed licking.

"You taste so fucking yummy," I said, adding like a bimbo, the curse literally making me into one, "So yummy for my tummy." A tiny corner of my mind took great exception to such drivel. Jasmine, really! You used to be an English teacher!"

I ate her cunt with the insatiable hunger of someone having their final meal before their execution... savouring every subtle taste.

I don't know if it was my eager tongue, my desperate lustful enthusiasm or the reality that she was being pleasured by her straight-laced teacher, but she came in only a couple of minutes...coating my face with her delicious homemade cream just as the bell rang.

A bell that brought me back to my senses.

Had that really only been six minutes since I'd left my classroom?

My hunger sated, I no longer felt desperate and bimbo-ish (is that a word?). I stood up and scurried out of there, my lust instantly shifting to humiliation and guilt.

I scurried to my classroom, wanting as few people as possible to see me dressed as the skank I was today, keeping my left hand against the skimpy skirt so it wouldn't flip up and reveal my commando status.

In my classroom I sat back down at my desk, and once the bell rang for my next class I informed my students I was giving them a work period and if they wished me to check their work they should come up to my desk for assistance because of my sprained ankle. (Today would have been even more awkward were I constrained to honesty!) I tried to ignore the stares several of the boys were directing towards my blatantly excited nipples; there was nothing I could do about that. Josie had been right, they were sticking out about half an inch and the formfitting Lycra was doing absolutely nothing to conceal the fact.

Thankfully the class was for advanced students and I only fielded two questions the entire hour. As the clock ticked past 10:10, 10:20, 10:30... I felt my body and my needs gradually changing. Again I felt a growing hunger. Again I felt my brain changing. Again I felt in myself a need approaching desperation.

10:40... I looked around the classroom searching my students for signs of a casual attitude toward propriety.

Who would be willing me to let them eat their young, ripe cunt during the break... five minutes away? I focused on the cute, nerdy Samantha and imagined burying my face between her legs right on her desk.

Licking her sweet pussy.

Making her come.

Satisfying my hunger.

"Mrs. Walker," I heard my name spoken.

I moaned softly, "Yes?" looking vaguely around.

"Mrs. Walker," my name was repeated.

I focused my eyes and saw Carol at my desk. I stammered, "S-s-sorry, I'm not myself today."

She asked a question and I answered it, I hope accurately, although I was suddenly struggling to understand the most elementary math, my bimbofication almost complete, just as the bell rang.

All my students left except for Cleo, dressed as a flight attendant, who had remained behind, gazing at me coolly. Once it was just the two of us she walked over to the door to close and lock it. My cunt tingled in the hope she was my 10 o'clock hour feeding. Break was fifteen minutes, so we had a bit of time.

She ordered, "Get on all fours and crawl to me," as she walked to the center of the room.

I obeyed wordlessly.

She stood over me, I noticed not wearing any shoes, just a pair of the thigh highs that appeared to be ubiquitous today, and ordered once she was standing in front of me, "Lick my feet, teacher slut."

Another tingle to my twat, as I realized Josie had never once called me a name.

I obeyed... as if I had any choice.

I only licked them for thirty seconds before she lay down with her face near my feet and placed her foot back in my mouth. I sucked her nylon-clad toes, something I'd often fantasized about although not specifically with her, nylon-clad toes always sexy to me. Feeling naughty, I moved the toe of my boot to her panty-less cunt.

She moaned as I rubbed my boot on her pussy. "You really are a nasty bitch, aren't you."

"A bimbo bitch," I corrected, completely enjoying my role of submissive slut... finally compelled to be at school what I was at home... what I longed to be 24/7.

"God, I'm going to enjoy using you," she predicted, "I'm going to make you stick your tongue way up my dirty twat, grind myself against your hungry mouth and spread my girl-cum all over your face, you filthy whore," shoving more of her foot in my mouth. I sucked on it like a cock as best I could as I relished her promise and my slit throbbed in response to her dirty talk.

"Like, use me anyway you wish," I said, sounding like a dumb valley girl.

She stood up a moment later, went to her bag and pulled out a strap-on cock. She discarded her skirt and fastened the dick in place telling me, "Don't like worry, I will. I'm like going to keep my promise about cumming all over your bimbo face Mrs. Slut, but that comes later. Like first we have other business to attend to."

I asked, my cunt instantly getting wet, looking up at her, "Are you going to fuck-ee me with that big cock-ee?" Oh my God, I was a complete bimbo!

"Suck my cock, teacher pet slut," she ordered.

I demonstrated my expert cock sucking skills as I deep throated the entire green dildo... one I wanted in my cunt right... fucking... now!

"Oh yeah," she mused, "I figured you were an experienced cock sucker."

I bobbed furiously on the cock, wishing it had a load of cum to satisfy my hunger, even as I stretched my left hand behind me and rubbed my fevered hot box.

Each of these acts took a minute or less, but each minute I was getting hornier, more desperate... and dumber.

"Bend over my desk, slut," she ordered, as she pulled the dick out of one hole and hopefully was about to stick it in another.

Quickly, like The Flash but in heat, I got into position, offering my cunt to her.

"Shit, you're even a bigger bimbo slut than the others," she said, amused at my eagerness.

I didn't even ask who the others were as I begged, my pussy literally feeling like it was on fire. "Yes, fuck your teacher slut and make me your personal bimbo fuck toy," I replied, learning that calling myself names also made my oven burn.

"Holy shit, you're a dirtier little whore than even Principal Mason!" she said, which shocked me to the core, even as it identified at least one of the mysterious women who'd been alluded to by first Josie and now Cleo. Principal Mason was a no nonsense leader who like me, was also married with two kids. Yet I believed Cleo... since I was about to take a green dildo in my cunt in my classroom during break. What I really wanted was two things: first to be fucked, and second to know who else had been turned into bimbo sluts like myself. How many of us were there?

As I pondered this, she knelt behind me and thrust all the way in with one hard deep push.

All my curiosity disappeared as I became no more than a vessel of my own lust and pleasure as I moaned loudly, "Fuck!"

"You like it rough, teacher slut?" she asked, as she began slamming into me.

"Yes, I adore it; pound my pussy," I moaned, loving when my husband just fucked me hard and rough... used me as a three hole cum bucket.

"You were already a submissive slut before the spell, weren't you?" Cleo asked, her tone amused.

"Yes!" I admitted, "I love this!" desperate to come.

After a couple dozen strokes, she ordered, "Climb up onto your desk, I want to fuck you over there."

As she pulled out, I moved quickly to the desk, wanting, no needing, that cock in me, feeling achingly empty without her cock.

I sat on my desk and spread my legs like the slut I'd been transformed into, the slut I always longed to be behind my façade of respectability.

"So fucking hot," she mused, as she sauntered over to me and looked at the clock. "I've got an idea," she said, as she stood me up on the desk and got onto it herself. "Come ride me, teacher slut."

I didn't need to be told twice as I wanted that cock back inside me. I wanted to come so fucking bad!

I quickly stood over Cleo, balanced myself using her shoulders and positioned myself right over the inviting green fuck stick.

I lowered myself onto it quickly, taking the entire cock in my wet cunt. This wasn't a position I'd ever tried before, but man did I like it. The cock seemed to go deeper or the angle hit differently as I felt new pleasure.

I bounced rapidly on the cock, riding it like a cowgirl. Pleasure swarmed my entire core, another orgasm imminent after only a few quick bucks on my girl-stallion.

"Come on you bimbo, fuck toy, teacher slut, lesbian cunt licking whore," the usually sweet Cleo snarled, sending explosive pleasure to my cunt and an instant orgasm as I bit my lip not to scream and alert the entire school that my classroom was now a fucking classroom.

I didn't have time to enjoy the orgasm cascading through me as she ordered, "Get on the floor and eat me, Mrs. Cunt Licker."

Wetness gushed out of me as I lifted myself off the cock, weakly moved to the floor as she removed her strap-on and spread her legs for me.

Still needing my hourly dose, I buried my face between the legs of my third teen of the day... and it wasn't even eleven o' clock.

"Hurry up, Mrs. Cunt Licker," Cleo ordered, "the bell is going to ring soon."

I redoubled my efforts, licking her pussy, desperately craving her teenage pussy juice... craving my newfound addiction... one I knew wouldn't end when this day ended... the curse was just for the day, but I knew my newly awakened pussy hunger would last for decades.

I was on cruise cunt control, lapping and licking with complete focus... with such a hunger I barely noticed the taste or the scent.

And for the second straight time, the bell rang just as I received my new sweet addiction... sweeter and more satisfying than my other addictions, male cum and chocolate.

As her juices squirted out of her, into the air and onto my forehead, something I'd only seen before when watching lesbian porn, I kept licking, prolonging this unique kind of facial.

Once done, she sat up and said, looking down at me, approving but still arrogant, "You're a keeper Mrs. Cunt Licker."

"Thank you," I oddly said, as I again regained my senses, the cloudiness of the bimbo curse dissipating now that I'd received my temporary cure.

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