tagBDSMJasmine Takes Charge Ch. 01

Jasmine Takes Charge Ch. 01


James and I had been doing more role playing lately as a way for him to get to know his softer side a bit more. Jasmine had been out of the house a few times and I was hopeful that she would be ready to spend more time out together, rather than hiding in the shadows of dark restaurants, then rushing to the car and home. I know James was afraid of being pointed out as a fake. James is thin and with the choices we made passes rather well. She is beautiful, a so very happy when dressed. I so loved having my sister out with me.

Jasmine has been out of the closet for five years now. We just celebrated our fifteenth wedding anniversary, the twins had gone off to MIT, living with my Mother basically. His Mom is a Professor of Space Technology, so we are empty nesters already.

So I was looking for different ways to make Jasmine happy. I found she seemed more sure of herself as my Mistress. Hopeful she might take her pet out to show her off. I have found it very useful to barter my IT skills for favors.

It's amazing how saving all the info off a crashed hard drive can earn a lot of interesting trades. Like Marguerite a make-up artist that could help Jasmine be the best Dominatrix she could be.

Marguerite had been grateful and spent several hours on perfecting Jasmine's look. Jasmine had C-cup breasts glued to her chest, a Gaff since she wanted to be able to get her large clit out to use on her pet if she felt like it, Wrapped in a satin corset bringing her waist to twenty seven inches. Added thirty inch hair extensions to her dark red hair, curls keeping it from getting past the middle of her back. Black leather boots with a 4 inch heel. Black leather gloves to the elbow and Black leather dress to finish off her Dominatrix outfit. The black leather dress came down to her knees and with zippers that showed plenty of cleavage and the top of her black thigh high stockings.

Then she even found a nice little red club dress matching wist/ankle cuffs, bright red knee ballet boots with a seven inch heel for Mistress Jasmine's pet. A red collar was added, that indicated this slut belonged to Mistress Jasmine. Dressed as we were Mistress was so very easy to talk into going to a dungeon this slut had learned about.

We arrived at the Dungeon, Mistress Jasmine's phone rang. This one was sure our plans were about to be canceled. We had just reached the entrance after walking across the parking lot. James answered "Hi , what's going on? Des and I are on a date."

Well that was promising, so this slut waited patiently. "Of course I know where are car is we just parked it, I can see it from here."

Now that was confusing, then this one saw Mistress Jasmine blush, "Um yeah, that's Des and I in the red and black, please Roger don't spread this around, I am dressed as a woman, Call me Jasmine, right now Mistress Jasmine."

Now this slut think we are not going to have fun as Mistress is pulling me back towards the car. "Mistress Please, Mistress promised."

"Not now Des, Rog said he'd meet us by the car. Sure Rog see you in a few takes awhile to cover that much ground in four inch heels." This one remembered that Roger was with one of the alphabet agencies.

As we got close this one noticed that the Front drivers side tire was down. "Oh pet, I'm glad I noticed we had a flat before we went in, must have picked up a nail on the way here." I'll just call our road service and we won't have to wait when we are leaving."

"Rog, I have to go, Need to call the 'Road Service'." So Mistress put a pillow down for her slut to kneel on and this slut sort of tune out going to 'sub space'. This slut spent some of the time walking in the Myst making sure this slut had my batteries recharged.

Felt a sharp pain in my ears, brought me out of the Myst just as the Goddess was sending, {Jasmine will be fine and you will be tested...}

And back in the waking world. "Hey ask first...."

he Woman with the earring gun shushes me, "Just be quiet SLUT. Just giving you some Jewelry that will help you get in with the group you will be helping us bust up." She then punches two more holes on the top of my ear, great an ear cuff.

That was not so bad but there in the parking lot she pulls my dress up over my head leaving me in just the stay-up stockings, shoes and collar. The Bitch pulls pulls me to my feet holding me from behind.

Two others step in front and quickly pierce my nipples, shoving bars the thickness of a triple 'A' batteries through them, this slut howled in pain, "James HELP ME." my pussy(I guess this slut should call it cunt) betrayed me gushing as this slut shuddered in pain and ecstasy.

Jasmine/James came rushing over, What the hell do you think your doing to MY WIFE?" and Roger is fuming as well.

Roger squared up in front of the Bitch, "Your close to being dismissed from the agency, these are civilian volunteers. What the Hell possessed you to do this without her permission?"

The bitch replied, "Her? it's just That thing's slut, so we treated it as such."

Jasmine stepped up to her, "She is My wife and you and whatever agency employed you are going to be paying for a long time. Roger if she is not taken into custody now we walk and I will make a Public statement about the brutality of several Alphabet Agencies including the one you belong too."

The two that had helped the Bitch in piercing me took her shoulders and cuffed her quickly, she was soon on face down on the ground this slut saw the piercing gun she had used on my ears Grabbed four of the golden locks left on the gun and pierced both her ears twice with these locks

"NO I am not a slave like You, not some slut plaything you have ruined me." she broke down sobbing.

"Des that wasn't right..." Started Jasmine.

"She gave me these cuffs and locks on my ears, then STRIPPED me in public, and had these Bars pushed in my nipples hooked with these chains running from these large locks and long chains that look like she had plans for three more piercings. Not right, but I went easy on her." My body quivered and this slut spurted 3 times in succession, collapsing and shuddering on the ground.


I woke sitting in the front seat of Jasmines Audi, dressed in the red club dress, the Nipple piercings and chain obvious. "Des if you wish we can go home and we will have someone come in and remove these things as they were cold soldered for permanence."

My body shuddered again, "No Mistress, your slut is enjoying them even though it was not by Mistresses design. We had agreed to this play time today so may we please continue Mistress."

This one looked at her nipples almost punching through the dress, they seemed bigger round and were definitely longer, and felt so electrically charged putting this one so close to the edge. "Mistress um please check your slut's breasts please? As this dress feels much tighter on top." It did feel as if it would burst the seams soon.

"Oh dear, What else was done?, her breasts have increased at least two cup sizes!" Jasmine inquired urgently.

Agent one looked abashedly, "Um, Ma'am there were growth nanites as part of the piercing sorry Ma'am, part of Bee's research for the tech side Ma'am."

She put on dark glasses and looked to be typing on air. "Oh Miss so sorry it says they were set for doubling the present size." Agent One reached into her pocket and plugged something into her glasses.

She unplugged after a bit took her glasses off, and inquired, "Miss, may I use this device to neutralize the nanites?, it will also collect data so that I can make a reduction nanite set for you once these are inert."

this slut moaned, "Yes Please do so, thank you Agent ah..."

"Tech-Agent Ivy Miss." as she touched both breasts with the device. Still the dresses seems ripped soon after and this slut was somewhere round a 'F' in breast size though they seemed to have stabilized. Much better than this slut ending up with an 'I' or 'J' Cup set. Much later this slut was to find out the piercing jewelry was GPS tracker transmitter and batteries.

Jasmine filled me in on what we were being tasked to do, get invited to a Gorean party at a Slave rings compound. Then see if we can locate any of the agents sent in before. Jas said she was only doing it for Roj as they had been friends since grade school. Considering he came over once a month and had almost as nice a cock as my Beloved Jas this slut approved of helping him.

Once we finally got inside Mistress Jas was really having fun In four inch healed boots she stood in at six feet two inches. This one had garnered much attention, totally exposed as the dress was trashed once inside, and dripping wet. All this slut had on was the collar, Jewelry, stockings and over the knee ballet boots with a seven inch heel.

Mistress was kind and flogged her slut while strapped to a cross, then a wheel and finally over a sex bench. Mistresses slut rather enjoyed the pain.

Mistress Jasmine was enjoying the looks she got as well. She was having fun training Her slut properly. Found out Mistresses slut had a bit of kink in me as well as she placed me on several devices.

Mistress was approached by a gentleman, "Your girl is something special, as is her Owner, a Free-woman, that's even more stunning."

Jasmine was stunned when he kissed her passionately, but recovered. "Thank you, and yes my girl is very special."

That was about all her slut heard as Mistress had just finished strapping me to a bench.

Dungeon worker came by, with a sign Sex Slut for use. An announcement was made, "SEX SLUT, available in South west dungeon first cum (he he) fist served three boxes of condoms only."

This Slut was surprised when it found it was there to be used as a sex toy, soon this slut was being filled from both ends. The o-ring in my mouth was so uncomfortable stretching my mouth as wide as possible. They lined up fast and soon this slut had a cock in my mouth and stuffed in my cunt this slut was spurting and moaning as they kept switching out and dumping the used condoms on this sluts back.

About 6 orgasms later felt a tube empty in my ass. The angle of the bench was changed all three holes came into usable availability. This sluts ass was slammed into making it screech around the cock fucking its throat. Another cock thrust into the cunt, the climaxes came so fast. Almost a continuous squirt as they fucked this slut hard. The sluts body shuddering hard. After four or five change outs the slut lost track of time as the orgasms and sex organs blurred.

They went through five boxes of condoms, which were emptied on this slut. Figured out they had restocked, when Mistress was releasing her slut. If this slut had not been a nymph since age twelve it could have really changed the slut.

Mistress and the gentleman returned, he unzipped and stuffed his cock in this slut's mouth as so many others had, but with no condom, this slut groaned worriedly. Mistress Jasmine smiled, "Well, it was interesting meeting you Talon we are leaving now though."

Mistress undid the straps as her slut finished sucking Talon to climax. He shot his load, painting the sluts face. Talon turned as we moved past, "Well please accept an invitation to our Gorean holiday weekend."

Talon held out an envelope to Mistress, She looked at Talon as he leered at her and seemed to covet me. Mistresses slut was a tad distressed thinking this was already out of hand. Mistress took the invitation, "That may be an interesting weekend, good night Talon."

Mistress did not clean her slut, nor did she dress her slut on the way out as we left. Mistresses slut should have used the safe phrase. Even though this slut was humiliated this slut loved it.

In the car it seemed Jasmine was back, "Goddess did he make you cream Des, I did, oh how close I came to bowing to him. That would have been bad right?"

This slut was shocked, but not enough to leave sub-space, "Yes Mistress to both questions, maybe Mistress should pass on the Gorean Holiday." this slut could not take back it's position of wife, why was this slut so lost in the role.

Mistresses slut was hopeful that James would not go overboard, but Jasmine had been a total success. Jasmine had been fawned over by other Dominates and she was attracted to Talon. This slut was wondering if it had put us in peril.

This slut had not expected Mistress to leave it on a sex bench to be used unattended. This slut was pretty sure the sign was Sir Talon's doing. This slut loved Jasmine and being her slut had this gone to far.

Could this slut step back and become the wife of the unhappy James. Jasmine is so happy and being hers was beyond wonderful. We were in trouble and this slut could not change the course it had programmed.

Mistress Jasmine continued, "Well my little slut you and I are going on a Gorean Holiday next weekend, just need to get My filthy slut a Tattoo to show it's mine."

This slut wanted to say 'NO James, it is too far.' but said "Yes Mistress, your slut lives to serve Mistress."

NEXT the Prep and the Holiday

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