tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJasmine's in Trouble Ch. 06

Jasmine's in Trouble Ch. 06


Author's Note: Thank you to everyone for your comments and feedback, both kind compliments as well as constructive criticism. I do have a plan in mind for where this story is headed, but, this being a perpetual work-in-progress, I am always more than happy to take suggestions into consideration.


Chapter 6: Sexercise

To add to Jasmine's sex appeal, Nicolette required her to hit the gym 3 times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Predictably, she had to head to the gym straight after work, and this workout routine prevented her from having dinner, or even interacting, with Owen on those days.

It made things even worse that on the other two weekday nights, Jasmine was forced to pimp herself out in Chinatown. She was only allowed to charge $20 for a full fuck or $10 for a blowjob. Her low rates, not to mention her voluptuous body and skimpy attire even in comparison her fellow whores, meant that she was rather popular, but Nicolette had demanded that she earn at least $100 per night. In other words, she had to fuck at least 5 people before she could return home each night. Similar to her salary as an official toilet cleaner, Nicolette "kindly" allowed the poor blonde to keep 1% of the earnings, while demanding the rest as her "ownership fee".

Needless to say, Jasmine was spending very little time with Owen and their relationship had gotten even more strained. Of course, her silicone-enhanced tits were a frequent cause for quarrel, especially because Nicolette had ordered her to ALWAYS refer to her boobs as "fake tits" with a tonal emphasis on the "FAKE", regardless of the situation she was in.


A typical workout night would go like this. Nicolette allowed Jasmine to leave work at 6, and the blonde bombshell would grab a quick bite along the way. Since Nicolette had sold Jasmine's car to pay for her boob job (another regular cause of conflict between the poor blonde and Owen), Jasmine had no choice but to take the bus to the gym. Luckily, there was a bus straight from Stuls' building to the mall. It was a short 30 minutes ride, but the bus was often crowded at the hour and it was hard to find a seat seats. This meant that Jasmine almost always had to stand. Squeezed into her extremely tight spaghetti-strapped dresses, she was a frequent prey for "accidental" brushes all over her body. It made things even worse that the tight dresses had already been one size too small for her curvy body prior to her boob job. Now, with her artificially enhanced and firm F cups, not to mention her complete lack of underwear, everyone could see her voluptuous body practically bursting to get released from the stretchy bodycon dresses.

Nicolette had intentionally ordered Jasmine to visit this particular gym because it was on the opposite side of town, a long way from the blonde's home. After countless molests and gropes, Jasmine would typically reach the mall by 7. She would immediately head to the washroom on the first floor as ordered, even though the gym was on the second. When she was in the washroom, Jasmine would change into either of the two Slutdrops that she had bought. She would generally alternate between the two when one was in the wash, as she really worked up a good sweat during her workout. Today, it was the silvery white Slutdrops. Similar to her dresses, the Slutdrops had already been one size too small when she had bought the skimpy slingshot-teardrop thong. Because of her new fake tits, the top portion was stretched taut over her nipples, covering them but barely any other part of her tits. And since the slingshot thong was a one-piece, this meant that the bottom portion was similarly stretched upwards to cope with her enhanced chest. In other words, the pussy portion dug even more into her pussy, and the ends of the "pussy-strap" vanished into her slit when she parted her legs. Jasmine was only to change into the pathetic excuse for a thong first, shoes were to be changed later.

The mall was typically deserted at this hour on a weekday, but Jasmine took the escalator up to the second floor as Nicolette did not allow her the "privilege" of the elevator. There were not many people about, but the busty blonde still felt extremely self-conscious as she climbed up practically naked.

Elena, the young 25-year old fitness trainer who was manning the reception counter for the day, cast a dismissive eye at the slut coming through the door. It was these whores that gave their hair colour a bad rep. The walking wet dream was almost naked, clad in some sort of modified one-piece microkini that literally only covered her nipples and slit. The young lady could see that the big titted slut's pussy was completely shaved as the areas around her pubic area - "PUBLIC area", as Elena would think to herself with a smirk - were completely exposed. And the slit itself was barely covered! The slut had signed up for a membership a couple of months ago, and truth be told, the staff appreciated the added patronage from other people even if they came just to gawk at the nearly naked beauty. Yet, Elena deeply disliked the slutty look that the whore kept turning up in. Glaring at Jasmine's 6-inch silvery white heels, she wondered if the cheap slut was here to exercise, or to do a strip-tease. Well, it wouldn't be much of a tease, she mused. The dumb bitch was as good as naked.

Jasmine scanned her membership card, ignoring the irritated glances from the young woman.

"WELCOME BACK, JIZZMINE." the automated machine announced cheerfully.

Jasmine blushed, a fresh wave of humiliation rushing across her sextoy body. That was her new official and LEGAL name. Had been for the last couple of months, thanks to Nicolette. It was a wonder that Owen had not found out yet, because she still used her "real name" (as far as she was concerned, Jasmine was still her "real name") in everyday life. Except when Nicolette forced her to use her legal name, of course. Thankfully, the cruel woman had not yet forced her to reveal the humiliating fact to Owen. Yet.

Elena rolled her eyes at the busty blonde and pressed the buzzer attached to the glass entrance of the gym.

Jasmine immediately headed for the changing rooms. She changed from her 6-inch stripper heels to her comfortable sports shoes, feeling somewhat relieved, and locked her small gym bag in her locker. Tying her hair into a bun and reapplying a thin coat of FKME RED lipstick, the blonde stared at her pathetic reflection in the mirror. Her tits were nearly bursting out of the stretchy strings, which was basically all the Slutdrops were. Clearly surgically enhanced due to their perfect symmetry, even though they bounced well, her new F cups were shouting at curious eyes to stare at them. The back of the thong had vanished into her ass crack, and she would have looked completely naked from the back, if not for the contrast between the silvery white Slutdrops and her now-completely even tan. The slit of her pussy seemed covered if casually viewed from the front, but if someone were to lie between her slightly parted legs, they could clearly see the outer portions of her groove. From the shaved area right above her clit to the tit-flesh directly around her nipples, the entirety of the rest of her body was literally exposed. She sighed and left the changing room, walking towards the workout area.

Jasmine had just begun on her stretches when she was propositioned by a young man. He seemed barely 20.

"You look like a good fuck." he confidently whispered in her ear, "Wanna come home with me?"

It was normal for Jasmine to be hit on at the gym, especially with her whorish attire. In any case, she mused, it would make her routine somewhat easier.

"Well.. If you hold it for an hour.. I'll let you see everything.. And USE everything.." she whispered back, lightly brushing against his rapidly-stiffening crotch through his thin exercise shorts.

Of course he agreed, and, with a naughty wink, the busty blonde pranced to her first exercise station.

Her first exercise was running on the treadmill. 6 miles/hour was not an exceptionally tough speed for a former cheerleader, but her bouncing tits and ass made things a little harder without proper support. In any case, she completed her 10-minute run and headed to the squat rack.

She was to spend the next 10 minutes doing extremely deep sumo-squats. Again, the weight was manageable but heavy enough to keep her sweating. As she was adjusting the weight plates, a muscular middle-aged man came over and actually inserted his hand into the gap between the tight thong strap and her ass. Jasmine got a shock at the sudden intrusion, feeling his coarse hand directly on her naked butt. Furthermore, the already extremely tight, albeit stretchy, Slutdrops were stretched out even more over her big tits and dug into her pussy from the front.

"Why don't you get naked and I show you how to squat on my cock?" he growled.

Jasmine rolled her eyes, but she knew what she was supposed to do. Nicolette seemed to have a plan for every single humiliating situation that the almost-naked big titted blonde would face at the gym. If someone were to physically touch her, she would not resist for 10 seconds. In fact, she was to turn towards them and press her curvy body against theirs, as though to emphasize how horny and available she was.

That was exactly what Jasmine did, inclining her ass upwards and allowing the bottom of her pussy to brush against the man's arm through the skimpy piece of cloth. It was as though she loved his touch on her naked ass and was now saying, "why don't you have a go at the front?" Of course, the man did have a go, inserting his entire hand into her Slutdrops and between her legs from the back, stroking her shaved slit for a few seconds. Jasmine spread her legs slightly to give him proper access and room to play with her once-private pussy. They took turns using the squat rack, with frequent molestation sessions in between each set.

Jasmine was bound for the thigh adductor-abductor machine next. It was a simple exercise, but Jasmine was under no illusions as to the image she would be creating for anyone who cared to see. With each, extremely wide, spread of her thighs, the thin pussy strap dug more and more into her moist cunt. Nicolette had told her that she was not allowed to adjust her Slutdrops until the end of the 10 minutes, and the blonde woman was forced to endure almost the full workout with her hairless pussy as good as completely exposed when the strap curled inwards and dug deep into her slit. Of course, everyone else in the gym enjoyed the view.

Her fourth exercise was to be conducted in the female changing room. Jasmine was actually looking forward to it, and not just because she could escape from the prying male eyes all over the exercise area. The attention never failed to make her extremely horny, and she would be lying if she said that the extremely sexual flirtations with the men was completely non-consensual. When she entered the changing room, Jasmine immediately stripped off her shoes and Slutdrops, standing in front of one of the full-length mirrors near the entrance completely naked. She never failed to work up a good sweat in the gym by this time, and she could see a slight sheen and droplets of sweat all over her naked body. Then, the busty blonde proceeded to rub her clit and finger her soaking wet pussy. Jasmine was to masturbate for 10 minutes in that position, in full view of any woman who was in the changing room, and to smile at them if they saw her. The changing room was empty at the moment, but Jasmine had been seen by countless women so far. Once, Elena had seen the slut playing with her pussy and spanked her hard on her tanned ass, before proceeding to take pictures of the blonde sextoy rubbing her clit.

"You'd better wash your slimy hands before using our equipment, you dirty whore!" Elena had shouted, sniggering, as she left the changing room.

Jasmine ALWAYS came at the end of the 10 minutes.

After getting dressed and leaving the changing room, the voluptuous slut's next workout consisted of 10 minutes of jumping jacks and burpees. Luckily, Nicolette had not imposed a "no adjustment" rule as she had for the leg-spreading exercise. The high intensity jumping jacks and burpees never failed to cause her big fake tits to pop out of their skimpy covering, or for the pussy strap to shift and expose a perfectly bald cunt. Jasmine knew full well that the salty scent of female cum followed her wherever she went, and the gym-goers who would wrinkle their noses up at her wanton figure (mostly female) was a slap to the face of the once-proud and beautiful blonde. Stopping frequently to adjust her sluttire was troublesome, but it gave Jasmine an opportunity to rest at least, still exhausted from her personal funtime in the female changing room just a few minutes ago.

The sweaty slut rounded off the hour by pulling the man who had propositioned her during her warm up into the male changing room. This was the "No-Hands Cowgirl Workout", as Nicolette referred to it. Jasmine was to fuck a lucky guy, of which 10 minutes had to be a slutty cockride. But it was not any normal cockride, Jasmine would have to straddle the man in the reverse cowgirl position, and ride him with her hands holding onto her bun. With both hands fixed to her tight bun, his cock would slide all the way into her moist pussy, before she had to use ONLY her legs to thrust upwards. This put a lot of stress on her thighs and her pussy, but ensured deep penetration and a solid, tiring workout for the naked blonde. She had to keep up a good rhythm for the 10 minutes without removing her hands from her blonde bun. The rest of the fuck session was "free and easy".

Nicolette allowed Jasmine to fuck in the male changing room or in the man's car, whichever was more convenient for the cheap whore. Naturally, many male gym-goers had witnessed the beautiful sight of the adulterous blonde fucking the lucky guy right in the middle of the changing room. At the end of the "No-Hands Cowgirl Workout", when the man was about to cum, Jasmine was to wrap her succulent lips around his throbbing member in order for him to spurt his wet and sticky cum down her throat. Nicolette had ordered her to make sure that this "Protein Shake" happened. If she was given a "facial" or he came inside her whorish cunt, the fuck would not count and she would have to restart the workout with another man. Today, it was warm-up-guy's turn with the slutty blonde, and Jasmine had figured the male changing room would suffice.

After swallowing the entire load of cum without missing a drop, Jasmine was to get dressed and return to the exercise area. Panting, sweaty and well-fucked, the blonde was to do various exercises focussing on her back and arms. Nothing too strenuous, and this 10 minutes was an opportunity for the slut to regain her breath.

Then, she was to return to the female changing room, reapply her lipstick, and complete an ENTIRE set of the workout session again.

Jasmine typically left the gym at 11pm after a warm shower and futile attempts to rinse out her well-used and very aroused pussy. Because she did not own a car anymore, Nicolette allowed her to catch a ride home from a good Samaritan. She would be in her tight spaghetti strap dresses and 6-inch stripper heels, which almost always meant more fucking. Most of the time, she would be fucked on the bonnet of the car in a quiet portion of a deserted highway by a sweaty man. It was times like this that she regretted spending her time in the shower trying to wash away her misdeeds, since she was going to be fucked and abused shortly after. When the kind person finally dropped her off at her home, which of course meant that he or she would be made aware of where the slutty blonde lived, Jasmine was to inform the person of her legal name and phone number in case they wanted to arrange for a good fuck in the future. Most of the time, she would hear back from them at least once.

Needless to say, by the time the busty blonde was completely naked on her front porch, posing in her favourite position with her wedding ring deep in her sore and very pink pussy, she was almost half-asleep.

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Looking forward to the next chapter

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A great story

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Creatively Entertaining

Pushing the limits on reality is more entertaining than trying to make the story true to life. That's why it's called fiction. Today's most popular forms of entertainment are not created to be judged accordingmore...

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I'll keep reading, but...

why not draw out the humiliation of learning her new legal name? And btw, I think you could have done better in selecting that name. Either way, the turn on is from imagining her concern when learningmore...

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