tagIncest/TabooJasmine's Love

Jasmine's Love


"Hello, Mr. Day?"

"Yes. This is Mr. Day. May I help you?"

"My name is Krista. Jasmine works for me. Mr. Day I think that you need to come and get her."

My heart stopped beating. Jasmine was my daughter. "What's the matter? Is Jasmine ok?" The voice on the other end of the phone hesitated a moment. "Hello? Krista? Is Jasmine alright?"

"She ok physically, Mr. Day. Her husband left her."

I began to breath again. I never liked my daughter's choice in men. And when she married Donald, I wasn't overjoyed. He was 10 years older than she was. There was just something about him that put my senses on alert. And after spending most of my life, working in Law Enforcement, I learned to listen to that little voice that was always talking to me.

"Well, I'm sorry that he left her. But I have to be honest about it. I was never truly happy with him anyway. He always seemed a bit slimy to me."

Krista hesitated. Then I heard her take a deep breath. "Mr. Day, he left her. But he also cleaned her out. He took everything."

"What do you mean he took everything? How could Jasmine have let him leave and take everything with him?" I could feel myself growing angrier by the second. I was about to scream into the phone when she started talking again.

"We were away on a business trip. When we came home, she was upset cause she had not been able to contact him since we left. When we got to her apartment, it was empty. He took all the furniture and everything. I rushed her to the ATM machine, and he had even cleaned out their joint bank accounts. That was bad enough, but he called her the next day. He was drunk and started ranting and raving bout what a bad fuck she was. That was bad, but it wasn't Jasmine that had answered the phone. It was the answering machine."

If I was angry before, I was even angrier now. Hurting my baby was enough for me to want to kill him. Humiliating her in front of her friends and co-workers had my blood boiling. "What did he say, and who knows about it?"

Krista took a deep breath and I heard her sigh. "By the time we got into the office, Jasmine has been staying with me, everyone in the office knew about it. He went on about how she couldn't suck his dick. That he had better sex with drunken whores. And that when she is on her knees taking it up her ass, she looks like the dog bitch she truly is. Oh Mr. Day, Jasmine was so embarrassed she hasn't been back to work in over a week. She really needs you Mr. Day. Can you come and get her? Please?"

I sat in my chair seething. "Krista. I will be there by morning. Let me get some sleep first. It's an 8 hour drive, and I don't need to take a chance on falling asleep while driving there."

Krista gave me directions to her house. I took a long nap, and by midnight, I was ready to hit he road. I knew that there was nothing that I could do to make things right with what happened, but if my daughter needed me, I would move the mountains and seas to help her.

With all the construction on the roads, and most of it being done at night, it took me over 11 hours to make the drive to her town. I called Krista, like she had asked me to. She said that she would meet me at a coffee house and that we needed to talk before I went to see my daughter.

When I met Krista, I was not impressed. She was pretty in a plain way. She looked to be in her late thirty's, early forties. I learned later that she was 38. Krista was as dark in color as I am. She stood around 5'4" and weighed about 175. I let my gaze slide up and down her body and noticed that even if she wasn't really beautiful, she had a nice pair of tits and a nice round ass.

Krista noticed me checking her out. She brushed her hair down with her hand then held it out to me. "You have to be Mr. Day! I'm Krista! Nice to meet you! I wish that it was under better circumstances. I wanted you to know a bit more about how Jasmine has been since Donald left."

I noticed when she sat down, that her sweater fit her nice and snug. As I looked at her chest rising and falling as she talked, her nipples grew hard. They pressed against her sweater. And from the way they looked, I could tell that without the bra and sweater, they would poke out nicely. They seemed huge!

Krista smiled shyly. "Mr. Day! Are you undressing me with your eyes? Surely, I am not that pretty. Besides, right now, Jasmine is more important. But I am flattered that you find me somewhat attractive."

I was about to tell her that I thought she was more than just somewhat attractive. But she held her hand up and began to talk again. "Jasmine has completely changed since all this happened. She has started drinking a lot. She doesn't seem to care how she looks. It's as if she has just given up. The only thing that I could think of was to call you. I'm hoping that with you here, she'll snap out of her funk."

It was late afternoon, when we walked into Krista's apartment. I looked around and had to smile. The small two-bedroom was neat and orderly. I heard someone moving around in one of the bedrooms. The door opened and out stepped Jasmine. Only this was a Jasmine I didn't recognize.

"Krista? Is that you baby? I missed you..." She stopped in her tracks as she saw me standing there. I can only imagine what must have been going thru her mind. I turned to look at Krista. But the look on her face showed that she was just as embarrassed at what I saw as I was. But neither of us was as embarrassed as Jasmine was.

Jasmine had come out of the room wearing only a teddy. But this teddy had holes where the tits fit thru. And Jasmine's tits were thru the holes and exposed. Attached to her nipples were two thin gold hoops. A fine gold chain connecting them together. The teddy was short. So short, that it didn't cover her cunt. And I could see that her pussy was shaved and she had a clit clamp attached to her clit. It was obvious that she thought that Krista had come home for an afternoon of sex. And she was more than ready to oblige her.

"Oh shit! Daddy! What are you doing here?" Jasmine looked from me to Krista. "Krista! You called my dad? How the fuck could you do this to me?" Jasmine looked from her to me. Then she burst into tears and ran back into the room, slamming the door.

Krista looked at me. "Oh Mr. Day! I'm so sorry. I had no idea that she would do something like this. But that is part of the reason why I had to call you. She has been doing things like this since Donald left. I'm glad that she is at least sober. This time yesterday, she was two sheets in the wind."

I looked at Krista. Suddenly, I could see who was in charge in this relationship. This time, when I looked her up and down, it was with a different eye. And Krista realized it. I watched as she smiled, them lowered her eyes and wouldn't meet my gaze.

"Krista. Jasmine is a grown woman. And who she partners with, is entirely up to her. I won't judge her or you because of this. If you're the kind of friend I think you are, I'm glad that she has you to fall back on when things get rough."

Krista looked up at me and smiled. Then she did something I never expected. She walked to me and hugged me tight. "Jasmine said that you were the best. Now I know why. Thanks Mr. Day!"

Jasmine came out of the bedroom. She wouldn't meet my eyes when I looked at her. She saw Krista and I hugging and she just stood there. I let Krista go and went to her. Lifting her head up, I looked into her eyes. The tears began to flow.

"Oh Daddy! I'm so sorry!"

I hugged her tight. "Jasmine! I have never judged you. I never will! I let you pick the men you wanted to be with. And I didn't say a word even if I didn't like them. If you and Krista are lovers, and you are happy with that, then that's all that matters to me. I will love you regardless. Now sit down and tell me what happened with Donald."

Jasmine sat down, and Krista walked into the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. We sat in the living room, as Jasmine told me how things began to breakdown between her and her husband. It seemed that he began to change about six months ago. His habits began to change and his attitude toward her grew colder and colder. Even his intimacy with her had changed. His sex became rougher and he seemed to want to hurt her constantly.

Then she looked up at me. "That's when I turned to Krista. Donald came in drunk one night. He started accusing me of all kinds of dirty things. We got into a shouting match. I told him, that if he was accusing me of all those things, he must have been out there doing them himself. He slapped me hard enough to knock me down. I grabbed my coat and rushed from the house.

I called Krista and she told me to come stay with her until he calmed down and sobered up. As we lay in bed talking, I started crying. Things just happened after that. It was so different from the way that Donald had been treating me. I just wanted more and more. I hope that you don't hate me Daddy?"

I looked at my daughter. I remembered how hard she had taken the loss of my wife and her mom. She was 17 at the time and there was not much that I could have done to comfort her. They were more like sisters than mom and daughter. But we got through together. I wished that she had come to me, but as long as she was ok, I really didn't care.

"Jasmine! You're my daughter. Of course I don't hate you. I just wish you had come to me when things got bad. I may have been able to at least stop you from losing all your stuff. But don't worry. I will find Donald and deal with him my own way."

Both women looked at each other. I told them that I needed to find a hotel to spend the night. It was too long a drive for me to go back that night. Krista insisted that I spend the night with them in her spare bedroom. We decided to go to dinner. They picked a restaurant that turned out to be quite nice.

We were back at the apartment, and it was getting late. We sat around talking and Krista and Jasmine agreed that it would be a good idea if Jasmine came home with me for a few weeks. She was too embarrassed to go back to work. And besides, Krista informed us that the company was starting up a new office right outside my city. She would be the branch manager and if she wanted, Jasmine could work there. That way, she could stay with me and drive back and forth to work. That news seemed to cheer Jasmine up immensely.

During dinner, Jasmine had about three drinks. And she had another two while we sat talking. By bedtime, she had a pretty good buzz on. She went in and I heard the shower going. While we sat outside, talking, Krista looked at me.

"You're really ok with Jasmine and me being lovers?"

I smile at Krista. "If the two of you are happy, who am I to judge you? I think that it's kind of exciting from a man's point of view." That was when Krista hit me with a bombshell.

"Do you know that you have been Jasmine's biggest fantasy? She told me that she has had a thing for you since she was 17 years old. She told me that after your wife died, she tried to seduce you. You put her out of your bed. But she has carried that torch for you ever since."

I looked at this woman dumbfounded. I recalled the incident she spoke of. We were lying in my bed talking about a month after Margaret had died. We were both feeling the loss. We began talking about some of the things that Margaret and I had discussed earlier. That was when Jasmine snuggled closer to me. She told me that she would take care of me now that mom was no longer here. It was when she slipped her hand beneath the covers and began to stroke my dick that I stopped her. Our conversation came rushing back to me. I closed my eyes and could see it all as if it were happening again.

Jasmine had come into my room wearing a pair of baby doll pajamas. I remember thinking how much she looked like Margaret in them. She wanted to talk so she got up in the bed and snuggled against me. We would often talk like that so that was nothing new. She told me that her and her mom had talked long and hard about what would happen after mom passed. It was something that we knew would be coming soon.

Jasmine said that she had assured her mother that she would look after me. Jasmine turned to me and with the softest voice, whispered to me. "I'll take care of you from now on, Daddy! Mommy knew that I would make sure that you were looked after. She knew that I loved you just as much as she did."

I hugged Jasmine tighter. "I know that you love me honey. But no one will ever take the place of mom. I love you very much. But my love for you is the love a dad has for his daughter. The love I had for your mom was different."

Jasmine snuggled closer and kissed me on the neck. "Daddy! I know that mom was your love and your wife. I also know that she was your sex slave. She did whatever you wanted and she loved doing it."

I was shocked at this revelation. I thought that Margaret and I had kept that part of our life pretty well hidden. I felt Jasmine's hand sliding beneath the covers. I jerked when she grasped my dick and felt it grow in her hand. Jasmine's hand felt just as soft as Margaret's hand always felt.

"I am yours Daddy! I want you to love me the way you loved mom. Make me your slave and use me the same way you did her. I want to please you the same way she did."

I didn't know what to say. "Jasmine! Honey! What are you talking about? It wasn't like that between your mom and me."

Jasmine slipped beneath the covers. I felt her hot breath on my dick. She had pulled it out of my pajamas. Then I gasped as her mouth slipped over it. I groaned out loud. It had been months since I had enjoyed any type of sex. Margaret had been sick for some time by them.

"Jasmine! We can't do this! This is incest! Fathers don't make love to their daughters. It's just not right!"

Jasmine slid her soft lips down the length of my hard dick. I felt like I wanted to explode. She pushed the covers off her back and I looked down at this young woman sliding her mouth up and down my throbbing shaft. I should have pushed her off. I should have stopped her. But if felt so damn good! After going without for so long I couldn't bring myself to stop her.

Jasmine lifted her head up and looked at me. A thin line of saliva and pre-cum went from her lips to the tip of my hard dick. "That's the beauty of this Daddy. I'm adopted remember? I'm not your blood daughter, so it's not really incest. I know that you need this Daddy. I hear you in the middle of the night. You lay in bed jerking off, calling out mom's name. I wanted to come in and help you so many nights but I was scared to do it. So I would just go back to my room and play with myself thinking about it. All my fantasies are about you fucking me Daddy. I want to be your whore, just like mommy was."

Without another word, her mouth clamped over my dick. Jasmine worked it up and down feverishly. And I was too much in shock to stop her. Before I could stop myself, I had grabbed her head and fucked into her mouth. The explosion when it came almost took my breath away.

Then the shock and shame of what I had done hit me. I pushed her from my bed, telling her that this must never happen again. She wasn't my adopted daughter! She was my daughter! And this was not right. I locked the door and refused to let her back in. Jasmine pounded on it, and I listened to her crying before she went to her room. Things were strained between us after that.

I made sure that we didn't get too close after that. Soon after that, she graduated from high school and then she went off to college. We slowly grew close but I kept her at a safe distance. Little did she know that most of my nights were filled with thoughts of her. My fantasies were filled with her soft supple body in my arms, in my bed. In my fantasies she became the same kind of cum-slut I had made of her mother. But I never tried to make my fantasies come true. I just couldn't.

I looked at Krista. The thought that she had just planted in my head had my dick hard and throbbing. Why did she feel that I needed to know this? She smiled at me.

"You're a good man Mr. Day. From what Jasmine has told me, you were a fantastic husband and father. You made both your daughter and you wife the center of your life and they both loved you more than anything. I don't know how you feel about Jasmine's desire for you. But all the men she has ever been with have been her search of one like you. That's why she went to men older than herself. She wanted one that would be like you in her eyes. Even when we make love, she talks about the things she wants you to do with her. I just felt that you needed to know this. The two of you will be together for a few weeks. Don't push her away next time."

Krista got up and walked to her bedroom. A few minutes later, she came out and went into the bathroom. I heard the shower running. I sat there, my dick hard and throbbing and my mind in turmoil. Jasmine came out and sat with me for a few minutes. We made small talk, but my eyes kept drifting to her tits. They were covered, but I could see the outline of her nipple rings and chain. And my dick throbbed n spite of myself.

Krista came out of the bathroom wearing a pair of pajamas similar to Jasmine's. I couldn't help but make the comparison between the two women. I sat sipping my drink as I looked from one to the other. Krista smiled, as she caught my eyes traveling up and down her body. I have to admit, she looked so much sexier than she had before.

I was glad that I was sitting down and they couldn't see the tent in my pants. My dick was so hard it hurt. And it throbbed so that I just wanted to take it out and stroke it. Jasmine kissed me goodnight, and got up. My eyes followed the sway of her small round ass as she walked to the bedroom she shared with Krista.

Krista stood staring at me for a bit. My eyes walked up and down her near naked body. As I looked at her, I could see her nipples grow hard. They began to poke against the thin fabric of her nightgown.

"Remember what I told you Mr. Day. Don't push her away next time. I think you both need this."

I watched as Krista turned and walked down the hall. Her tits and ass were bigger than Jasmine's was. But they appeared just as soft and inviting. And I swear I could see a darker spot of moisture at the crotch of her panty. I got up on shaky legs and went into the bedroom. I grabbed a pair of sweats that Krista had given me to wear and walked down the hall to the bathroom.

I made the water so hot I could barely stand it. But my thoughts were on what must be taking place in the room down the hall. Then I turned on the water so cold, I wanted to shout and jump out. But I knew that I had to get the thoughts of my daughter out of my head. I turned off the water and dried myself. The urge to stroke my hard dick was so strong. But I resisted with every ounce of effort I could muster.

I was walking down the hall to the kitchen. I had to have another drink. I passed Krista's bedroom and the door was ajar. Did she leave it like that on purpose? I could hear their voices as I passed and I stopped to listen.

"That's it Jasmine! Lick my pussy just like that. Yea baby! Show me how well you can eat my pussy. Think about your dad while you do it. Think about him coming in here and fucking you from behind as you take care of my juicy cunt."

I could hear Jasmine moan louder. Then I heard her voice. It was husky and she was talking with her breath. "Oh Krista! I want him to fuck me so bad. I think about his big dick. I think about how I would hear mom begging for it. She would tell him the things she wanted. But he did what he wanted to and she loved it. I want him to fuck me the same way."

I looked in between the door jam. I could see the two of them on the bed. Krista was propped up on the bed with her back to the wall. Jasmine was lying between her open thighs with her head in her cunt. Krista looked up and our eyes met. She had left the door open on purpose. She wanted me to watch the two of them. To hear them making love.

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