tagNovels and NovellasJasmine's Whip Ch. 02

Jasmine's Whip Ch. 02


The families business offices were within the main house in the south wing. During business hours the house was bustling with family and staff. There were two secretaries in the wing and one sat directly in front of Aleems office.

"Good morning" I said to the woman who wore a long tan dress that looked somewhat like a trench coat and a navy blue scarf. She would only nod back to acknowledge my presence.

I knocked on the door to Aleem's office, wondering why I knocked this time but nevertheless waiting for his approval to enter. Anxiety was taking over and I fidgeted in front of the door, stroking my nails, leaning on one leg and bouncing the other foot.

I heard Aleem say in his deep voice "Come in" and I felt somewhat better.

As I entered the office, Aleem smiled whimsically, amused that I knocked. He took off his glasses, rolled his chair away from his desk, stood up and walked over to meet me as I approached him. He put one hand around my waist pulled me in and kissed my forehead asking me what has me knocking before he tenderly placed his lips on my own. Both his arms now around my waist, holding me in, he swayed as we looked at each other smiling.

"I don't know why I knocked, but I know I miss you" I whispered as I tried holding back the tears.

"I miss you, too. You do know that, don't you?" He replied his words dressed in concern.

"I wanted you last night, I...." I paused not knowing if I should wait for a better moment.

"You what? Tell me, baby" Aleem said in his most reassuring comforting voice.

"Last night after you went to sleep... Sumeya... Sumeya and I... Aleem, please know that..." I was stuttering and pausing and I'm sure Aleem saw the look of worry in my face.

"Jasmine, you know that you and I have been talking about this fantasy and that I wanted you to be able to live it out. Baby, anything that happened with Sumeya last night is a natural reaction to our fantasies, and I'm having a natural reaction just thinking about it" Aleem said as he pulled me in tight and started to kiss my neck.

I could feel his reaction against my thigh and my breathing quickened. I closed my eyes consuming the sensation of Aleem's lips and tongue upon my neck. Savoring his roaming hands. Dizzy from the sensations overtaking my whole body. Aleem picked me up enough to get my feet off the floor and walked over to the door, pressing my back against it, leaning into me with his body as he locked the door. His hands worked the front of my dress, unbuttoning the buttons that went from the plunging neckline down to just passed my knees. I was fumbling with his suit shirt buttons, wondering why he was wearing a suit. How I longed to see his developed pecs, his chiseled arms and today was such a treat as his white suit shirt which managed to hide his athletic build contrasted so beautifully against his dark skin.

I gasped as Aleem started to move his lips down my body. I couldn't open my eyes as the room was spinning from the sensations. Aleem stopped touching my body and I opened my eyes. He looked up at me as he unbuttoned the last few buttons of my dress and moved his hand up along my thighs to my hips where he pulled at my panties. "I want you to tell me what you did last night." He said as he looked up at me, his eyes wild and inquisitive, his hands spreading my legs apart while pulling me slightly forward.

"Someone will hear us" I whispered.

"I know" he replied with a smile "Now tell all" he said as he buried his tongue deep into me.

While nervous and sure that it was a bad idea, feeling his tongue inside me I couldn't resist his request. Aleem knew how much the thought of getting caught turned me on and he also knew that getting caught by his family would have serious consequences that I may not be willing to take the risk for. He paused, pulling back one more time to look up at me, his eyes wild, his lips and chin moist of my own juices. He opened his mouth but before he could speak, I started with "Sumeya came to the window box and sat down in front of me......"

While I whispered out and relived last nights events, Aleem lapped away at my juicy cunt, his tongue swirling upon my clit. His hands holding onto my hips, on occasion his fingers digging into me and his moans almost as loud as my own as I could barely keep from coming especially when telling him how Sumeya called me a cockslut. I was holding out until I told him about the whip. When I told him about the whip he let out a loud moan and he thrust his fingers into me.

"Show me how you took that whip" He commanded. His loud voice making me blush, my whole body blush, as I was sure that the secretary must have heard. "Ride it" He once again commanded, thrusting quickly into me, holding his fingers deep inside of me. His cheek was pressed against my thigh, he was taking deep breaths pulling in the scent of my desire deep into him, his eyes closing with delight. I began to fuck his fingers as I had fucked that whip last night and with my quickening breaths Aleem sucked on my clit to bring me over that edge, sending ripples through my pussy that in turn clenched his fingers.

He stood up, pulled me into him hard, kissed me harder, and when he backed off, his mouth was still open, his tongue still searching for mine while our lips were parted. He looked me in the eyes and his eyes were wild as I have never seen before and then they rolled back as he closed them once again. Aleem took my hand and put it in his pants. I wondered if his leaky cock had stained through his pants, god, how I loved his leaky cock, how I missed it.

I slid down, through Aleem's arms, onto my knees unzipping his pants all the way and pulling his pants and boxers down to his ankles. My tongue started at his balls, while my hand stroked his bulging head. I wanted to tease, to take it slow, but I was anxious to get him in my mouth. Anxious to taste him, anxious to have his cock filling my mouth. God, how my mouth ached for it. My lips sucked gently on his shaft with my tongue trailing it, moving upward until my open lips hovered over that glossy, semen slicked head. I paused for one moment to look up at Aleem and he groaned "Oh God, baby!"

My mouth slid over his cock and I took him in quick and deep, holding him as far back as I could, feeling him pushing himself in just a little more. His head had passed that awkward point and was in my throat and he groaned again. "Yesssss, oh yessss, my little cock whore." his hands in my hair holding my head down.

I pulled him out and went back down, my flat tongue covering as much as it could of his shaft and when I was deep enough, I curled the tip of my tongue under so as to use the back of my tongue with precision along the bottom of his shaft to which Aleem responded by pulling out of my mouth, pulling me up to him and saying "Oh no, baby, if you do that I won't be able to fuck you". He kissed me as he backed me up and unexpectedly Aleem grabbed me and turned me around forcing me onto my knees in front of the couch, his one hand took my hair and bunched it up into his fist, pushing my head forward as he took his long, hard, leaky cock and thrust it deep into me.

"This is what you really miss. Isn't it? Isn't it?" He said as he tugged at my hair with one hand and pulled at my hip with the other.

"Yes, baby. I couldn't stop.... uhhhh.... thinking about........ that.......... cock." I gasped out.

Aleem pulled my hair sideways to slightly face him and moved his cheek next to mine as he hissed out "You'd have taken any cock, bitch. Any cock would have suited you fine, wouldn't it have? Wouldn't it have, cockslut?"

His tone was scary but at the same time arousing sending pings through my pussy. I wasn't sure that he wasn't mad at me, but I answered his question with honesty, at least what was honesty at that moment. "Yesssss..... you know how much I like..... uhhhhhhhh... cock. Any..... uhhhhh..... uhhhhh.... An..yyyyy cock."

My pussy clenched at his shaft and I felt his cock jump inside of me with my answer. I felt two throbs and I heard his groan. I sensed he didn't expect this. I felt his warm juices squirting into me. He came so much that I felt it dripping out of me. I felt his body give the last of what was saved up inside and I felt his chest rest against my back. His lips on my neck working up towards my ear, he whispers "god, you are such a good little whore." before pulling out of me.

We dressed and sat down on the brown leather couch that Aleem had just propped me against. I watched as Aleem rolled down his suit shirt sleeves.

"Why the suit" I asked.

"Jasmine..." Aleem paused and then sighed and started again "you know that I am expected to take other wives....... I don't want to do this to you...... I have to meet a suitor today." Aleem said, not wanting to look me in the eyes.

I touched his face and said "I know you have to do this and we've talked about this. Don't feel bad, don't look away from me. I can't bare it if you can't look at me."

"There's more" he said as he took my hands into his and rested them in his lap. He looked into my eyes and proceeded "I have to go to the states for business. I will have to be there for months."

"No" I exclaimed as I put my hands to my face and started to cry. "Just don't leave me, please don't leave us behind." I pleaded with him.

"I can't take you with for the whole three months, but I have arranged for you to join me every other weekend" He was now speaking faster and got up to get something from his desk. "These are all of your travel documents, tickets, passport, cash. We may not see each other everyday, but we'll spend quality time together when we do. It beats what we have now."

I felt sick to my stomach knowing that I wouldn't see him everyday, but at least I would have those weekends and we'd be back home away from them. "Okay" I whispered.

"I have to get going now, baby. I'm already late in meeting this... I'm late. I'm sorry." Aleem was upset. He kissed my forhead and my lips one more time before he grabbed his briefcase and headed out the door.

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