tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJason + Sarah Ch. 02

Jason + Sarah Ch. 02


When I first met Ellie, I remember thinking to myself "My god that woman has some legs!" I was instantly attracted, but as I was with my other half and we had a wonderful relationship anyway, that was all it ever was. Well, that and a few covertly sexual and suggestive moments thrown in here and there just to make it interesting. But because I was in love and would never cheat, an under the radar flirtation was all it would ever be for me.

To be honest, I don't even know if Ellie ever realised how I would tease her. I liked to do it because I liked to see her get all flustered and I loved the pretty little flush that would heat up her face as she scrambled to get away from me so she'd wouldn't let on what she felt.

I guess I've always been a tease. From my older brother's friends to the other girls in my school dorm. Yup, I liked to tease. I'm not some sex maniac though, I'll have you know. I'm actually a pretty conservative girl if you put it down on paper. But I get my kicks from teasing.

With Ellie, it was always something like, seductively wrapping my lips around a strawberry and savouring every moment. Or leaning over her for a moment and letting my braless nipple rub against her, letting her feel the warmth and weight of my breast before moving away so she'd feel the emptiness once it was gone. Since Jason and I had become her flat mates it became even easier. Walking about in my underwear. Letting my bathrobe slip open at the breakfast table. I don't think she suspects my moves are deliberate, but it gives me such a rush to know I can affect her.

I didn't know she was watching us until three weeks ago. Jase and I have a habit of coming home early at least once a week, more if we can manage it, so we can have the house to ourselves. We usually pop a steamy dvd in the player, and fuck to our hearts content in the living room. I love doing it there with the windows drawn so passersby on the street could see us if the chose to look. I also like it because Ben (our other flatmate) has absolutely forbidden sex on the lounges, and as Ben gives me the shits sometimes, I like to flout his rules.

Anyway, back to Ellie. I was a little late for my rendezvous with Jason one afternoon as my wretched boss had held me up from leaving on time. Grabbing a cab home, I jumped out, paid the driver and rushed up the drive way. As I neared the house, I saw a movement at one of the side window which would have been Ellie's room. Thinking I must be imagining things, I kept going, flying through the door, eager for my baby's hot, hard, naked body. Jason was already there, half laying, undressed on the sofa, idly watching the porn we'd rented the previous night and casually stroking his erect penis. He greeted me with a devastating smile, and in a moment I was shimmying out of my clothes and leaping on him.

I straddled him and started kissing him, on the lips, his neck, his chest. I licked at his nipples, gently biting and teasing with my tongue. He grabbed my ass and pulled me harder into him. I could feel his hardness pressing against my belly. His hands reached out for my breasts and as he cupped them and kneaded them I bit my lip and felt myself suddenly become wet. Jason sat up suddenly and with a deft movement we were off the couch and I was lying on my back on the carpet.

Holding my arms above my head with one arm, he started suckling my breasts, licking and biting. His other hand moved down the length of my body, and gently moved the lips of my sex apart. He ran his finger up my slickness and I squirmed with delight. Enjoying my response, he did it again, this time more sensuously, and as he did so his lips closed around my nipple. In an agony of desire I groaned out loud, arching my back off the carpet and throwing my head back. As I did this I could see the hallway to the bedrooms. There at the very end of the hallway sat Ellie. She had her eyes closed and her hands stuffed down the front of her unbuttoned jeans.

Stunned, I lay back down on the carpet as Jason continued his ministrations. 'Oh my god!' I thought. 'Ellie's watching us.' I wasn't sure if I should push Jason off and cover up at first. Then a small smile crept onto my lips. God.....Ellie was watching us....with her hand down her pants! She mustn't realise she could be seen from there. I wondered how many times she had seen us. I felt it then. A new rush. A new sensation. Pulling Jason's mouth down to mine I gave him an impassioned kiss, then linking my legs around his back, I rolled him onto his back, straddling him again, facing Ellie. Without looking her way, or alerting Jason to her, I started my performance.

I ran my tongue down the length of Jason's torso, with my fingers following in teasing, feathery movements. My tongue came to his V and started on the inwards glide to his erect penis. I started at the bottom of his cock, licking my way upwards, slowly, circling around, and around.

As I reach the top I took the head between my lips and allowed my wet tongue to slither across the top. Feeling him with every part of my tongue, the top and the bottom, and on the soft undersides of my lips gave me a tingle that sent me into a momentary shiver. With a sudden movement, I let my mouth engulf his full length in my tight, hot mouth, suctioning my lips around his thickness. I started sucking him off, and with every movement I was conscious of Ellie watching us. She must be able to see my breasts swinging as a moved up and down, my head bobbing. She must be able to hear Jason's soft groans.

As I thought about it more I got hotter and hotter and had to reach down and start touching myself. I must have groaned too. Jason's eyes flew open and I watched him, my mouth around his big cock, my hand at my groin. The image must have been too much for him, because he pulled me up, grabbing my ass and guiding me in place on top of him. I didn't argue. I needed him inside me so bad. I was aching with the need. As I slid my pussy down his shaft I moaned with ecstasy. I started to move my hips gently until I was so desperate for him to be as far inside me as possible, that I was grinding myself into him. I bounced on him, my big breasts jiggling and swaying. I reached for my nipple and squeezed and rubbed it between my fingers, loving the feel of it, and loving the way it looked for my two watchers.

Without altering my rhythm, I began fingering myself with my other hand, rubbing at my clit and enjoying the sensation of my tight pussy around Jason's thick, hard cock.

I glanced quickly to where Ellie sat, barely out of sight. She had pulled her jeans and panties down and was on her knees, her hand working furiously at her pussy. Her other hand was holding her top up out of the way so I had an amazing view of her. Her eyes were glued to mine and Jason's joined groins. I gave a little scream of excitement as an intensity washed over me and I had to pound Jason hard in my agony for release. As I watched Ellie, I saw her buckle over and shudder, again and again. In a moment I joined her in orgasm. My pussy clenching and spasming around Jason, and ripples of pleasure surging though my body. With clenched eyes and contorted face, I cried out, then opened my eyes to witness Jason's response as he came inside me. Breathing heavily, we lay there, with me on top of him and his arms around me. I felt Jason kiss my cheek. "Did I say hello?" he laughed. I smiled back at him ruefully.

"You didn't, but I can forgive you after such a mind blowing session," I replied.

"It was pretty damn good, wasn't it babe?" he said as he pulled me in for another hug. When he let me go, I raised my head to the hallway, but Ellie had gone.

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