tagIncest/TabooJason's Journals Ch. 04

Jason's Journals Ch. 04


Chris dressed for the occasion; she wore bright white cotton bikini panties beneath her short button skirt and left the bottom button undone. Subconsciously, Jason's journal had an influence in the outfit that she selected for getting drunk with her brother. She removed her bra and pulled her peasant blouse over her head and down across her bare breasts. She looked in the mirror. Her nipples not only made an appearance but also the outline of her full breasts was evident through the sheer white material of her blouse.

Jason showered, shaved, and splashed on cologne. He knew that if his sister was anything like him and anything like their horny mother, he'd have her naked after three beers. After reading his journal, he hoped she allowed him to do whatever he wanted to her naked body.

He wanted to eat her pussy. He wanted her to cum in his mouth. He wanted to fuck her. He was hoping for a blowjob. He wanted to cum in her mouth.

He couldn't believe it when he saw his sister come downstairs wearing his favorite outfit of choice, his cock immediately responded with a semi-erection. He knew then that she was putty in his hands and that the first part of his plot to seduce his sister was working. He looked closer to see if he could see nipples pushing against the cotton of her blouse and he could. Matter of fact, when she moved to the light, he could see the whole outline of her big tits. She wasn't wearing a bra.

"Wow! You look hot. I don't know if you know this, but that's my favorite outfit."

"Really, I don't know why I picked this outfit. I just thought I'd wear this. I felt that this was a special occasion getting drunk with my baby brother and I wanted to wear something other than jeans." She looked down at herself. "Besides, this skirt was one of the few things clean and the blouse is very comfortable to wear." She smiled up at him. "I'm glad you like it, but aren't you going to get dressed?"

"I showered and shaved. I figured if I'm going to drink to an excess, I'm better off wearing my pajamas." He looked down at himself. "I put on a clean pajama bottom for the occasion and if I wear anything more than a T-shirt when I drink, I get hot."

Jason allowed his sister the couch while he sat in the arm chair across from her. From where he sat, he had a good view up his sister's skirt should she not sit with her legs completely closed. Only, with the skirt that she was wearing with the bottom button undone, it didn't matter how she sat because he had a clear view of her panty anyway, even if she sat with her knees glued together. The only time he couldn't see her panties was when she crossed her legs. Yet, during the process of her crossing and uncrossing her legs, he had a clear view of white cotton.

The evening progressed as planned drinking beer and sharing conversation. By the third beer, he could tell that Chris was high but not yet drunk. He waited until she consumed the fourth and fifth beer. He couldn't believe his big sister was keeping up with him. His plan was hoping that she would pass out drunk so that he could carry her upstairs, strip her naked, and have his way with her.

Unfortunately, that part of the plan was not working. Had he not gone out to the kitchen to get the next round, Chris had volunteered to get the beers before giving him plenty of panty shots when she got up and sat back down, he would have not noticed the evidence that Chris had been pouring some of her unfinished beer down the drain. He figured that she drank the first three. Knowing that she was not drunk, but high, he used that information to his advantage.

Just as it did with his mother, he knew that the compliments that he paid his sister in his journal went straight to the head of a horny young and lonely woman who has not had sex since she broke up with her boyfriend last year. More than a few times, he heard her vibrator. More than a few times, she took extra long baths and showers. He knew she was just as horny as he was and more so with alcohol involved.

Why else would she wear the exact outfit he had mentioned in the journal? Why else would she tease him by flashing him her panty the entire evening? With each bottle of beer, she gave him more accidentally on purpose down blouse of her big, round tits and up skirt views of her bright white cotton bikini panty.

Jason, a young man filled with more than his share of testosterone, would be lying if he said that seeing his sister's cleavage and panty did not turn him on and make him want her. He paraded around in front of her with his constant erection bouncing up and down and wiggling from side to side. When he sat across from her, the side of his cock was exposed through the opening in his pajama bottom and more than once he caught her looking. It was obvious that his antics were getting to her.

After they finished the first six pack his sister pulled out a joint.

"There's only so much beer that I can drink, Jason." She patted her stomach. "I don't need the extra calories and carbs." She pulled a joint from her pocket, lit up, and inhaled offering the grass to her brother. "I figure you'll be exposed to worse over there," she said letting out a haze of smoke as she talked.

He came over to where she sat on the couch. He sat beside her making sure that he sat on the left side of her that gave her a look of the side of his cock should she look down at the opening in his pajama bottom. Whenever he sat, the opening in his pajama bottom opened and had his cock not been erect, it would have popped out of his pajamas. The feeling of his thigh against her thigh insured and maintained his constant erection.

They were working on the second six pack of beer when Jason discovered that his sister had dumped out some of her beer. Yet, she had consumed enough of the alcohol and was now smoking her second marijuana cigarette. She was more than high.

"I'm feeling dizzy," he said slouching and resting the side of his head against the side of her big tit. His mouth was inches from the impression her erect nipple made in her blouse.

"Get comfortable and lay on my lap until it passes," she said stroking his hair as she would the stroke the cat.

Jason positioned himself on her lap making sure when he did that he raised the side of her skirt with the movement of his neck and shoulder. Should he turn his head to the left, he now had a clear view between his sister's legs and of her camel toed panty. He could smell her obvious excitement from her seeing her brother's pajama clad erection and now being in contact with his hard, young body, his plan to seduce his sister was working.

She allowed her hand to rest on his lower stomach and left it there as they talked. Occasionally, she tickled him and the movement of him trying to escape her tickles put his cock in continual contact with her hand. He figured she was doing it purposely to get a feel without him suspecting. Then, he'd tickle her in return making sure that he accidentally on purpose felt the bottom and sides of her big tits.

Now, that the tickling ended, the bottom palm of her hand rested on the top of his pubic hair with her fingers nearly touching the base of his cock. Jason allowed his cock to go flaccid so that the length of it would bump her hand when as it grew erect, again. He hoped that she would get the hint and make a move.

To be continued...

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