tagIncest/TabooJason's Journey Pt. 4

Jason's Journey Pt. 4


Jason's journey continues. The four women in his life make some decisions.

All characters are over eighteen years of age. This is a work of fiction.

Jason's Journey - Part 4

"I don't understand!"

May had just told Annabelle that she was pregnant by Belle's boyfriend, Jason.

"Belle, I'm not proud of what I did on that bus but it did change my life for the better. Your father and I were strangers after thirty years of marriage. Having sex with Jason on the bus was my rebellion. Getting pregnant was an accident!"

"So you are telling me you fucked my boyfriend, you are having his baby but it's a good thing for you! That's fucked up!"

"Baby, Jason pleaded, I didn't know you when I met May on the bus!"

""Right! You both keep saying that! The realty is the man I let into my life has been fucking my mom! And what happens when the baby comes?"

"Well, I want to be in the baby's life...!"

"How the fuck is that going to work? By the way, you two looked chummy when I came in. Had you been fucking?"

Both Jason and May dropped their heads. Their faces reflected their guilt.

"Oh my god! Oh my fucking god!" Belle turned and stormed out the door. Jason jumped up and ran to the door, trying to catch her.

"Let her go, Jason! She needs time to work things out in her mind!" May's head dropped to her chest and she began crying.

Jason walked back to the divan and sat next to May. He put his arm around her shoulder as she sobbed.

"It'll be okay, May, I promise you it will be ok!"

"But, Jason, I have left my husband and betrayed my daughter. I have nobody and no place to go!"

"You'll stay with me!

* * *

Ellen hung up the phone. She had just called her sister May to let her know that Annabelle was at the farm. She sighed as she thought about the mess they were all in. Hell, she could not judge May. She was fucking her son. She knew that had to stop. There was no future in it for him or her.

She walked slowly from the small living room to the large farmhouse style kitchen and out on the porch. In the distance, she could hear the growl of the tractor as her son and husband worked in the fields. It looked like another good harvest. The past four years had been profitable years for the farm. She and Jim Sr managed to put away a sizeable sum. Maybe it was time to take that vacation they had promised themselves for so many years. That Caribbean cruise would give them a chance to reconnect. Moreover, she thought ruefully, it would give her a chance to break this addiction she had for her son's cock.

Ellen had been having sex with her son for more than six months now. While she had to admit it was the most exciting and fulfilling sex, she had in her near 50 years, she knew it had to stop. Jim Jr needed to get out with his life, find a nice girl and start a family.

* * *

Annabelle lay in the dark on her back in her Aunt Ellen's spare bedroom. After she stormed out of her apartment, she realized she had no place to go. After driving aimlessly for a while, she decided on her aunt's place. She spent many summers and weekends on this peaceful working farm. Despite being heartbroken, she smiled at the thought of those summers. Her cousin Jim had been her first.

A soft knock on the bedroom door drew her out of her reverie. Thinking it was her aunt, she told her to come in. When her tall handsome cousin stuck his head in the door, she scrambled to cover herself. She was topless with just her bikini panties on.

"Jim, you should have said it was you!"

"Sorry, Belle, I should have. But you were in such a state when you arrived this afternoon; I wanted to see if you were ok!"

"I'm sorry I barked at you." Belle patted the side of the bed. "Sit down!"

"So what's going on, Carrottop?"

"James Carruthers jr., if you insist on using THAT name, I will call you Junior!"

Jim jr. raised both hands in surrender. "Ok, ok! But my, my, we are touchy today!"

Belle's mood softened. She realized she was taking her anger out on her cousin. "Sorry Jim. It's just life can be so fucked up sometimes!"

"If you want, we can talk about it. I don't know if I can help but talking about it might help!"

Annabelle related the story of her mother and Jason between sniffles. When she finished, she had sat up and was resting her head on her cousin's shoulder.

"Wow!" Jim explained, "Fucking wow! That is intense!"

"Ya think!" Belle injected sarcastically. She sat up and placed her hands on her hips, causing her large tits to jiggle disturbingly.

Jim cleared his throat and tried not to stare at his cousin's breasts. "But look, all of that happened before you met him."

"But, it's my mom, Jim! It's my mom he was and is fucking!"

"And what about us? We were fucking up until a few years ago! Should he hold that against you?"

Belle flopped back on her back. Her tits jiggled and then sat like twin mountain peaks on her chest.

"And look, put something on! I can't talk if you keep jiggling your jugs in my face!"

"That was different! And you used to like my jugs!" Belle reached over for her tee shirt draped on the chair and wriggled into it.

"I still do! However, if I am going to help, your breasts can't distract me. How big are they now anyway?"

"36D! So what should I do?"

"First move over so I can lie down! Let me share a secret with you. Perhaps it will help you put things in perspective. You cannot tell anybody!"

"Ok! Ok! We have shared secrets before!"

Jim took a deep breath. He needed to talk to someone about his relationship with his mother. Belle visiting gave him the perfect opportunity.

"I'm fucking my mother!"

"WHAT! Belle's scream echoed through the small room. Jim quickly rolled over and put his hand over her mouth.

"Shush, dammit! Mom and dad are sleep, not dead! "Belle nodded her head and Jim removed his hand.

"You are..." started loudly. She saw Jim raise his hand to cover her mouth again and dropped her voice to a conspiratorial whisper. "You are fucking Aunt Ellen?"


"When...how...give me the fucking details!"

"Well, it's been going on about six months. She usually sneaks down here 2 or times a week after daddy is asleep!"

"Two or three times a week! The old girl has a lot of life in her. But what does that have to do with me?"

"Well, one of the things I have learned is there is a big difference between sex and love. I enjoy fucking mom. Nevertheless, I still love her and dad. What I do with mom is just sex."

Belle snuggled closer to Jim. She caressed his abdomen with the palm of one hand as the other stroked his thigh.

"Was it just the physical act with us?"

"At first! We were just horny teenagers. But I came to love you for more than that hot bod and dripping wet pussy!"

Belle slapped his leg affectionately. Her hand moved up and palmed his bulge. "Same here Tiger! If we hadn't had the pregnancy scare, I'm not sure how far we would have gone."

Jim jr. and Belle's relationship ended three years before when her period was 6 days late. As they sweated the days, they tried to plan what they would do. They realized there was no future for them. By the time her period arrived, they had decided to cool the affair.

Jim turned to Belle and kissed her lightly on the lips. "So you on the pill now?"

"Yes I am!"

"What size did you say your breasts were?

Belle pulled her tee shirt up over her tits. "Want to see?"

Jim leaned over and flicked Belle's nipple with his tongue. Then he lay across her and took the other in his mouth.

"Mmm bigger and tastier than before!"

"I'm bigger and tastier all over, Belle said quietly.

"Oh really! Let's see!"

Jim slid down Belle's belly, planting kisses all the way. When he got to her navel, he let his tongue explore its depths. Then he let his wet tongue tip trail down and across the smoothness of her silk panties. The aroma of her arousal assaulted his nostrils. He moved his feet up by her head as he used one hand to push her soaked panties to the side. He groaned as he felt her take him in her mouth.

Jim let his tongue slide through her molten wetness. His reward was a flood of her juices when he flicked her clit with his tongue. For several minutes the cousins lay head to toe, savor the juices and taste of each other. Their moans and groans filled the confines of the little room.

Belle bobbed faster and faster on Jim's large cock. She could feel the large vein swelling as her neared his orgasm. At the same time, Jim took Belle's clit in his mouth. He sucked it hard like a little cock while slipping two fingers in her pussy. They came together. Belle squirted hard against Jim's hand while he filled her mouth with his seed.

Belle raised her head. A trickle of cum drooled from the corner of her mouth and ran down her chin. She made an effort to wipe it off.

"Just like old times, she smiled"

Jim turned and straddled Belle. He leaned down and they kissed. Jim could taste his sperm in belle's mouth. He slid easily into her pussy. They fucked until they were exhausted and fell asleep

* * *

Ellen slipped out of bed and tiptoed out of the bedroom. She glanced back in the darkened room at the shape of her snoring husband. It had been two nights since she fucked Jim Jr. Her resolve to end the affair with her son had slipped. She rationalized that a few more times would be ok. She would break her addiction to her son's cock when she and her husband took that cruise. Jim Sr. had agreed that they should take some time off. Besides her pussy ached for Jim jr. big young cock.

She moved stealthily across the kitchen and into the living room. She froze as she entered the hall leading to the bedrooms. What was that noise? Her ears strained trying to sort out the muffled sounds. Tentatively she took a few more steps forward. It was coming from the room where Belle was staying. She took a few more steps and listened intently.

The sounds were the moans of someone having sex! She could hear the bed creaking. A light went on in her head. Jim jr. was in the room with Belle and they were having sex! Outrage welled in her chest. The very idea that they were fucking in her home, under her roof outraged her. Good god, they were cousins! She took another angry step forward. Then the reality of the situation came to her. She was on her way to fuck her son and found out he was fucking his cousin.

She smiled ruefully. There was little different between what they were doing and what she and Jim jr. had been doing. It was all incest. She realized that her outrage was really jealousy. A muffled oh fuck wafted through the door. Jim jr. was really fucking her good.

Ellen turned and walked back down the hall and across the living room. She moved purposely through the kitchen and back into her bedroom. She pulled the covers back and slid into bed next to her snoring husband. Ellen reached down and took his flaccid member in her hand. She stroked it slowly feeling it get semi hard. She leaned down and took her husband's cock in her mouth. Her head bobbed slowly as she savored the feel of this familiar tool in her mouth.

"Wha...wha...what?" Jim Sr struggled to wake up. "Ellen what the hell are you doing, he said sleepily?"

Ellen raised up and looked back at her husband. "Sucking your dick, Jim! You can go back to sleep or you can get busy at the other end! However, tonight I need the taste of you in my mouth.

Jim Sr lay on his back as Ellen bobbed lazily on his cock. He turned sideways and pushed up her nightshirt. "Sweetheart, you are full of surprises!"

Ellen groaned as Jim Sr kissed her pussy. I hope that you will never know what kind of surprises, she thought as she and her husband 69ed.

* * *

The four of them sat at the breakfast table the next morning.

"Thank you for letting me stay here, Aunt Ellen! I'm going home today!"

"Well, Sweety, you are welcome anytime!"

Jim jr. walked Annabelle to her car. "So you have decided what to do?"

Belle stood on her toes and kissed Jim jr. on the cheek. "Yes, I have!"

She resisted his attempts to find out her decision. She waved at her aunt and uncle standing on the porch. Then she jumped in her car and began the drive home. Yes. She had made up her mind about her mom and Jason. Now she needed to tell them and get on with her life.

* * *

Susan and Helen sat across from each other at Susan's kitchen table. They were drinking coffee instead of their usual rum. They were both five months pregnant. Alcohol and reefer were off limits. Jason had just packed some clothes and left.

He had just told them about May. He also told them that he was going to let her stay at his home in the Misty Valley until she had the baby. Susan and Helen tried unsuccessfully to convince him not to do it.

"Can you believe this mess?" Helen took a sip of her coffee and grimaced. "This shit will never replace rum!"

Susan shook her head. "That boy got to learn how to keep that dick in its holster. He got three women pregnant in less than a year!"

I don't know if that white woman...what's her name...really count. She was just a one night stand!"

Susan grimaced as she sipped her coffee. "Her name is May Allen. Look, I'm worried about him getting hooked up with some old broad like us and ruining his future"

"Bitch, what you mean old broad? I was riding that young cock like it was a thoroughbred horse and I was the jockey!"

"You didn't do any more than me! My pussy still twitches when I think about it!"

Helen took a sip of her coffee and looked wistfully out the kitchen window. "Yeah, me too! And my ass too!"

"Your ass," Susan screamed, "Your ass! You let him have your ass?

"You hussy! He ain't never even tried to get my ass! When did this happen?"

Helen smiled coyly at her sister. "Well you remember dinner the week after the baby was born? I had just moved in. Adam went to bed because he had to be up earl and we was talking."

* * *

"That man," Susan exclaimed, "all he do is eat, sleep and work!"

"You left out one other thing he do," Helen teased," I hear y'all in your bedroom!"

"You kinky ho! You need to find some man to shake your bed so you won't be listening to me and my man!"

"Girl, you ain't said nothing but something to do! As soon as I get my six week checkup, I'm getting back in the saddle.

Jason raised his arm above his head and waved it back and forth.

"Ladies, ladies, you shouldn't discuss your sex life in front of me!"

Susan dismissively flapped her hand at her son.

"We ain't talking about nothing you ain't doing." Susan turned her attention to her son with a slight smirk. "You are getting some, aren't you?"

"None of your business!" Jason fired back, laughing.

Helen felt an odd sensation as the subject of Jason's sex life came up. She knew that she was part of his sex life. Maybe only a small part after that afternoon four months ago, but a part nevertheless. She was not sure if she wanted to hear about other women.

"What about that white girl down at MVC Enterprises? Y'all seem to be kinda chummy."

"Mom, her name is Belle. She is just a friend."

"Have I ever seen her?" Helen felt a wave of anger sweep over her. It took a major effort to keep her voice even and not betray her jealousy.

"No ma'am," Jason offered, "she is in HR down in Santa Cruz at MVC Enterprises. Three years ago she put me on as summer help."

Susan leaned conspiratorially toward her sister. "He helping to do more than work. He been at her place more than here!"

Helen felt a tightness in her chest. She really did not want to hear about Jason's sex life. However, she could not stop listening.

"Mom, you know that's not true!" Jason stood and stretched. "I need to get some sleep. Mr. Corcohran wants to see me tomorrow morning."

"What's up?" Helen managed to choke out.

"I think he will offer me a full time job!"

"Baby that would be great!" Susan said, pride filling her chest.

"Yeah, but you be careful! I hear they get a little kinky in that gated community he lives in!"

"Aunt Helen, I have talked to Mr. Corcohran many times. He is a nice guy and a good business man!"

Jason turned and went downstairs to his father's man cave. Aunt Helen and the baby would be staying in his room until she was able to go home.

* * *

Helen stopped and took a long sip of her coffee. "Look I know we ain't supposed to do this, but can we put a little rum in here for flavor?"

"I'll get us both some rum and I got a joint hid away. Bu no mo 'til after the babies are born!"

Susan stood awkwardly and straightened her nightgown. It was black silk with straps and a scoop neck. It stopped about mid thigh. She pushed the three step stool by the cabinets to the short cabinet above the refrigerator. She step on the first step and teetered.

"Come here and help me. This belly throws my balance off!"

Helen pushed the chair back and stood slowly. She walked over to where her sister was and put one hand on her ass.

"Freak! I said hold me not get free feels!"

"Ho! Will you go on and get the shit! Don't no body want to squeeze this fat ass but Adam!"

Susan took a step up the ladder and looked back down at her sister with a smile. "My baby, Jason likes it!" She took another step up, looked back

"And if I recall, when we had that threesome with Jason, you couldn't get enough of licking it!"

"You freak bitch! You was creaming like you liked it! Now quit playing and get the rum!"

Giggling, Susan reached up and pulled out a half a fifth of Bacardi Dark. She handed that down to Helen. The she stood on her tiptoes. Her face was a study of concentration as she felt around on the shelf. Then she smiled, turned and displayed her discovery, a nice fat joint.

Susan climbed down from the ladder and walked back over to the kitchen table. She splashed about two fingers of rum in each coffee cup. She sat the bottle on the table and walked over to the stove, turned it on. With some difficulty, she bent over and lit the joint. She stood and took a long, lung filling drag.

"Ho! Do I get some or you gona stand there and hog the reefer?"

"Ok, OK, Susan said." She walked over and handed the joint to her sister. Susan watched as Helen took a long drag, held it then exhaled. "Okay now finish the story!"

"Well, Helen continued, all that talk about him fucking that red headed white bitch had me mad and horny. I knew I couldn't fuck him but I just needed to get the come taste in my mouth!"

Susan nodded and licked her lips.

"So I sneaked downstairs. He was laying there on that futon. His cock was making a tent in the sheet. I tiptoed over, slowly pulled the sheet back. He must a been having a wet dream. There was a wet spot on the sheet. I leaned down and started licking it and he woke up!"

* * *

"Aunt Helen...what...?"

"Shush," Helen said, "we don't want to wake your folks up!"

Jason groaned as she swallowed his cock.

"You got to be quiet, baby! I shouldn't be doing this but I need it!"

Jason sat up on one elbow. With his free hand, he ran his fingers through his aunt's hair. He leaned forward and let that hand slide down her back to her ass. He stroked her ass and let his finger slide over her puckered starfish.

"We can't do nothing 'til I have my six week checkup. But I just had to taste you."

Jason forced the tip of his finger into her anus. "This don't need a six week checkup, "he moaned.

Helen groaned as Jason's fingertip invaded her ass. This was one of her hard and fast no no's. She had never done anal. She held his cock in one hand and licked it from root to tip.

Jason managed to get his whole index finger into Helen's ass. Her sphincter muscles clamped down hard. He waited, enjoying the sensations of her talented mouth and tongue on his cock. As she relaxed somewhat, he began to slide his finger slowly in and out.

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