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Jason's Story


Startled, you protest slightly as I push you back onto the couch. I remove the last of your clothes. And not allowing you any say, kneel between those creamy white thighs. I spread those lips gently and hear you whimper. Teasing, I blow softly on your inner beauty. You squirm in answer. My thumb caresses your clit as I watch moisture grow. I hear you begging softly.

Wanting to taste you, I lean in. Holding you open, my tongue teases you by running from the bottom of your pussy to your clit. A gasp escapes your lips. Encouraged, I get down to business, devouring that beautiful pussy. I feel you tremble under my administrations.

Continuing, I slide my tongue into you. I feel your muscles contract. Knowing you are close, I dive deeper. As your orgasm washes over you, your delicious come squirts all over me. My face and beard are drenched. Your come runs down my chest. My tongue continues to caress you gently through your after shocks.

When you finish trembling, I lean back and pull you up for a kiss. I hear you whimper with desire as you taste yourself on my lips. I stand, your come continues to run down my chest to my hard cock. Wrapping my fingers in your hair, I bring you forward. And push my cock to into the back of your throat. You moan around me. Pulling out, I let you lick my balls. Then push my cock back into your mouth. Your tongue makes circles on the head of my rock hard cock, teasing me. You suck my cock like a good little girl. Driving me ever closer to that edge.

When I feel I have let you suck my cock enough, my hand on your throat, I pull you up and push you back onto the couch. Spreading your legs, so I can spit on your clit before I place the head of my cock there. I rub my cock against your clit, teasing you. As you whimper, I smack my cock hard against your clit. You jump a bit and come on my balls. I want you to come on me again and again, all over my cock and balls, drenching me.

Such a pretty pussy, I want to lick it and fuck the shit out of it. Making it come over and over. Drenching everything.

You beg me to pound my cock into your pussy while my balls smack against your clit, making your come run down your thighs. I turn you roughly into doggy style position. Spreading your ass cheeks, I spit on your pussy. Then I tease your ass hole with my cock, just gently smacking it. You whimper and beg for my cock. This pleases me. But I can't let you know that yet. I bring a hand down hard in a stinging slap on your ass. You cry out as it reddens and starts to welt.

As the tears are wet in your eyes, I plunge my stiff cock into that waiting pussy. So smooth, so wet... so much pleasure. I have to hold back from coming instantly.

That sweet, sweet pussy clenches around me as you come again. As you drench me, I feel my balls tighten. And I fill you.

Tell me baby, how you will lick and clean me off so I can bounce my balls of your ass next.

Standing my knees a bit weak, I roll you back onto your back. Then I move up to straddle your chest. My cock is at your mouth. You eagerly lick and clean me off. Our come mingling together. You alternate between licking me like a lollipop and taking me deep into your throat. My cock awakens again as you pop it out to lick my balls.

My cock hard again, I move between your legs again. And look at that amazing pussy, drenched with cum, that hard little clit just standing, waiting to be nibbled on. My tongue wraps around it. I feel you shudder. Lifting on your legs, I bring that cute little rosebud of an asshole into view. My tongue teases it, flickering over it, testing it. I stand back up. My cock teases that cute little rosebud. I push in just the head. Pulling out I roll you back on to your knees.

I spread your ass cheeks again, resting my cock against you. You squirm and beg. I lean over and spit right on your asshole. Then press my throbbing cock into you. My balls slap your pussy and clit, as I fuck that ass hard. I feel your pussy coming on my balls, drenching them. I feel your ass clench me as you come and come over again, soaking me.

I keep fucking your ass making you come, until I explode, filling your ass. Resting a minute to catch my breath, I pull out and watch my come run out of your ass and down to your pussy. Making you come again, squirting all over me. I love it when you squirt and drench me.

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