tagGay MaleJason's Trip to Mexico Ch. 03

Jason's Trip to Mexico Ch. 03


Jason slowly opened his eyes and saw a ceiling fan slowly turning above him. He turned his head and looked around and saw that he was in his hotel room in bed and naked, covered with a sheet. He could not remember what had happened to him the night before and how he got into bed but he sure had a headache. The only thing he could remember was checking in to the hotel and going to the beach then everything else was blank.

Damn I must have had too much alcohol or something last night. He thought.

Jason was not a big drinker now but when he was younger he used to party pretty hard and had blacked out a couple of times in college.

He slowly got up and padded over to the kitchenette and saw a couple bottles of coke and three bottles of water in the fridge. He grabbed the water and went to his duffel bag to retrieve some aspirin for his headache. His noticed his blue speedo swimsuit was folded on the table next to the bed. After he finished off the water he went to the bathroom which had a full length mirror on the door.

He studied his reflection and saw that his nipples were a bit swollen and stuck out more than usual. He turned around and looked at his ass cheeks and saw a faint bruise right at the crease below his right cheek. Jason bent over and spread his cheeks looking between his legs at his asshole. It looked pink and slightly puffy around his anus.

Shit! Probably from the fucking he got by the airport officers he thought with disgust.

He went into the shower and used the hand held shower head like before to clean out his asshole in the commode several times before taking a hot shower. He put on a jock strap, black nylon running shorts and a white tank top. He walked out of his room and headed to the hotel lobby where he saw a table set up with a continental breakfast consisting of bread, pastries, fruit, juice and coffee.

He walked up to the reception and saw Juan behind the desk.

"Buenos Dias Señor Reed...Please help yourself to our breakfast it is included in your stay here." Juan said with a big smile. Juan looked at Jason in the eye trying to detect what the gringo was going to say. Juan was worried about what the gringo might remember from last night. Pepe came to him bragging about the big muscular gringo he drugged and then fucked in the massage room and then chloroformed unconscious.

Juan was angered by this as he liked the handsome American and had a little crush on him. He was worried what trouble may come from what Pepe did. He convinced Pepe to help him take Jason back to the room and put him in bed and hope he might not remember too much of what happened.

"Thanks I'll get something in a minute." Jason replied. "I just wanted to ask you if you saw what happened to me yesterday or last night, I seemed to have blacked out and can't remember anything since I went to the beach."

"Oh yes you had some of the strong margaritas we provide at our hotel bar and on an empty stomach too and you were so drunk I had to make sure you got to bed in your room." Juan replied with his best dazzling smile.

"I woke up naked did you take off my swimsuit?" Jason asked with a smirk.

"Si Señor Jason, I'm sorry but you spilled your drink all over yourself so I had to remove your swim suit." Juan answered with a sheepish grin.

"Humph!" Jason grunted. "Well thanks for looking out for me." He said as he wandered over to the breakfast table. Juan watched the hunky blond as he loaded up a plate of fruit and Mexican bread. He remembered last night when Pepe left him with the naked stud in Jason's room.

"You can fuck him too.... he's got a tight hole." Pepe said with a grin before leaving the room.

He had never seen such a sexy handsome naked man in his life. He remembered getting a wash cloth and some soap and began to wash cum off of Jason's legs rolling him over on his stomach to clean his ass where cum had leaked out from when Pepe had fucked him. He looked at the handsome face with the broad chiseled chin small straight nose with blond lashes and full pink lips. He bent down and lightly kissed Jason's mouth caressing his face.

After he had cleaned up the hunk he lay down behind Jason and held the muscular body in his arms caressing and stroking his pecs and big biceps running his hand down the taught belly and feeling the thick cock and fat balls. He was rock hard remembering how he ran his hands all over the beefy stud the night before kissing his neck and pressing his rod against those round ass globes. Although he was very tempted he forced himself not to fuck the sexy hunk while he was passed out.

No, I want him awake so that we can enjoy the sex together. Juan thought as he got up and covered the sleeping hunk with the sheet. Juan was more of a romantic type that enjoyed consensual passionate sex plus he was very versatile and liked to get fucked also. He folded Jason's swimsuit and put it on the table next to the bed then he left Jason's room to go back home and jerk off thinking of the hunk.

Juan was startled out of his daydreaming by the sound of Jason sliding his chair back from the table and getting up to head out the front of the hotel. He waved at Juan as he walked out the front entrance.

Jason walked down the short road that connected the small village of San Ignacio to the resort. He saw a small center of town consisting of a Spanish style church with a bell tower, a market and a few shops that sold local arts and crafts. He saw an older man riding a donkey pulling a cart along the road. As we wandered along the cobblestone street he noticed a one story cinderblock building with metal bars on the windows that had a sign in front "comisaría".

That looks like a police station or jail. Maybe I should go in and speak to one of the officers about what happened to me at the airport. Jason pondered as he began to walk towards it. He walked through the front doors into a room with one officer behind a desk and another sitting along the side with his feet up on the desk. They were watching an old black and white TV of a soccer game, an open bottle of tequila on the desk and plates of what appeared to be half eaten tacos, beans and rice.

Both swarthy hairy officers appeared to be in their mid-30s and were wearing light green shirts with black epaulettes and dark green pants with belts and handcuffs attached they both had dark hair and bushy mustaches and appeared unshaven. The one behind the desk had a name tag of Martinez was about 5'8 with a large broad nose and big belly and his shirt was unbuttoned with dark curly black hair sprouting from his chest and had big gorilla like hairy arms.

The other officer was taller about 5'11 and leaner but also was very hairy with his uniform shirt open showing a dark bush of chest hair his name tag read Tapia. Both officers had sweaty faces and armpit sweat stains on their shirts.

They both sat up at attention when they saw the beefy blond muscle stud walk in with a tight white tank top and the dark tight nylon running shorts.

"Um.... excuse me but I would like to report an assault." Jason said.

"Perdon? No entendemos Ingles...we no espeak eenglish." The pudgy hairy officer Martinez replied.

"Does anyone speak English here?" Jason impatiently asked.

Both officers looked at each other with a grave look "El Capitán" they said together. They motioned for Jason to stand where he was and the taller officer Tapia walked back through the closed door that was behind them.

About 3 minutes later Tapia returned with an older officer who was wearing the same light green uniform shirt with dark pants, belt with handcuffs and a pistol and a name tag that read Ruiz. He had a rim of salt and pepper hair around his head and a large bald spot on top with a white bushy mustache and appeared to be in his late 40's or 50's. He also had his shirt unbuttoned with bushy salt and pepper chest hair on his chest and he appeared unshaven. He looked like he just woke up with bloodshot eyes and a very angry stare at Jason.

"Wat ju wan here?" The Capitán growled with a sneer.

"Hi I'm Jason Reed, I just arrived yesterday from America and ummm well when I got to the airport... the officers there they ...um....molested me." Jason said with downcast eyes.

Capitán Ruiz's eyes narrowed as he glared at the muscular gringo. He mumbled something in Spanish to Martinez and Tapia.

"Ju come with us!" The Capitán barked.

The Capitán motioned for Jason to go through the door in the back. He was led into a corridor and on the left they passed a large room with bars and a locked door. He saw three disheveled men sleeping on cots. They all appeared to be passed out drunk, one about 6'2 and 250 lbs. extremely hairy like a gorilla, the other two average height and weight very dark skinned, they looked muscular and lean like field workers Jason had seen working in the fields back home.

"Pinche borrachos," (fucking drunks) grumbled the Capitán as they passed the cell.

Jason was led into a room that had what looked like a doctor's exam table along one wall, a desk and two folding type metal chairs. He noticed some eye bolts attached to the ceiling and what appeared to be cables hanging from the eye bolts and down to the floor and a small metal stand with a sheet covering it. Jason was led to the middle of the room and the capitán stood in front of the desk glaring at Jason with his arms folded and his ass leaning on the desk while Martinez and Tapia came in and closed the door.

"Ju tell me what the oficiales names and what they do?" The Capitán asked in broken English.

"Uh....well one was named Sanchez and uhh....the other was named Ruiz." Jason replied. This caused the Capitán's eyes to widen in surprise. Jason then looked at the Capitán's name on his uniform and noticed his name was also Ruiz.

"Wat they do to ju?" The Capitán said while glaring intently at Jason.

"Well they made me take off all of my clothes and then uh...Ruiz stuck his finger in my ass and then they said I had drugs and they both raped me." Jason said staring at the floor his face bright red with shame.

"MENTIRAS!" (Lies) yelled the Capitán and he banged his fist down on the desk. "Ju have proof of this accusation?" The Capitán growled his eyes narrowed.

"Ummm well I have some marks on my body." Jason replied sheepishly.

The Capitán shouted out some things in Spanish to Martinez and Tapia who both seemed surprised and then both glared at Jason as if he were the criminal.

"Take off your clothes!" The Capitán shouted.

Jason began to remove his tight tank top and shorts and set them on the exam table and stood facing the officers in his white jock strap. The officers glared at the muscular blond stud facing them with the buzz haircut, blue eyes straight nose and big pink lips. His big muscular arms and pectorals were shiny with sweat in the stuffy hot room. The nipples were pink and swollen sticking out from his big round pectorals. His jock bulged with his fat cock and big bull balls stretching the white jock material.

"Where ju have marks?" The Capitán barked as he stood face to face in front of Jason.

"Umm well my nipples are swollen from the officers pinching and twisting them." Jason replied looking down.

The Capitán reached up with his dark brown calloused hands and cupped the muscular pecs he ran his sweaty hands along the firm fleshy tits over to the protruding pink nipples. He ran his fingers over the nipples causing Jason to gasp as the nipples became hard. Jason could smell Tequila on the Capitán's breath and the sweat of the officer has he groped and fondled his tits.

"Que tetas tiene este pinche gringo." (what tits this fucking white boy has) the Capitán muttered to the other officers who began to snicker. The Capitán was getting hard groping the big fleshy tits on the muscular gringo. He hadn't gotten laid in months his wife not putting out anymore. His big fat uncut cock was growing in his uniform pants as he flicked and pinched Jason's pink tits. He glared at the gringo in his blue eyes his breathing ragged while he played with the hard nipples.

Martinez and Tapia watched the beefy gringo stud in the jock strap with his big round tits being pinched and fondled by the Capitán. They were both separated from their wives who grew tired of their drinking and abusive behavior. None of the women in the town would have anything to do with them so they both had gone without sex for a few months. They were fascinated by the big round muscular tits with the jutting pink nipples on the white stud. Both of them reached down to adjust their growing uncut cocks while watching the scene.

Jason gasped and stood on his tip toes.

"AHHHHH its sore please stop!" Jason whimpered.

"I don't see any proof here." The Capitán growled.

"Uhhh well my ass has a bruise." Jason whispered.

"Turn around and bend over!" The Capitán barked.

Jason's face was bright red as he turned towards the exam table and put his hands on the table bending forward.

The Capitán's eyes widened as he saw the big white melon sized ass globes framed by the white straps of the jock strap. He reached down and squeezed his fat oozing cock and marveled at the huge round ass cheeks.

"Que culote tiene este pendejo!" (what a big ass this fucker has) he muttered to Martinez and Tapia, but they were not snickering. They both gazed in lust at the big white ass globes. Both had rock hard oozing cocks in their pants staring at the ass.

The Capitán reached out with both gnarled hands and ran his fingers over the white firm ass globes.

My pinche wife never had such a hot ass he thought to himself as he caressed and fondled the big cheeks.

"Ummm... I have a bruise below the right cheek." Jason said, his face bright red with shame.

The Capitán squatted down and looked closely at the cheeks. He did see a slight fading bruise but he did not say anything to confirm what he saw.

"Tapia! Martinez!" He mumbled something in Spanish to them and they both came forward leering and squeezing their hard cocks as they both got close to the big stud's ass cheeks. They both ran their hands over the big round muscular globes squeezing and groping.

Jason felt the three sweaty officers groping his ass cheeks and he started to feel his ball sack tighten and his cock swell.

Oh shit not again! He thought as his jock began to strain with the growing fat cock.

Suddenly Jason felt a stinging slap to his right ass globe.

"I no see any proof!" The Capitán barked.

"Uhh well my...uh..hole is very inflamed from when they raped me." Jason replied, his face burning with embarrassment.

The Capitán's eyes glittered with lust as he grabbed a big round white ass globe in each hand and spread them apart. All three officers gazed at the tight pink hole surrounded by a dusting of blond curls. They all simultaneously reached down and squeezed their rock hard members while they looked. The pink hole was tight and closed but did look a little puffy.

He barked an order to the other officers and Tapia went over to the stand and removed the cover to display some instruments that the officers used to search for contraband on smugglers. He brought over a clear plastic open bullet shaped cylinder about 7 inches long and 1 and a half inches thick and a tube of lubricating jelly.

"I no see proof here, I need to look deep." The Capitán growled.

Jason looked over his shoulder at the plastic device with fear.

"Are you going to stick that up my ass?" Jason asked in a timid voice.

"You make accusations and we must find evidence!" The Capitán barked.

The Capitán applied the cool gel to Jason's asshole and then lubed up the plastic scope. He applied the tapered end to Jason's hole and pushed in slowly spreading open the tight pink hole. Jason gasped as the tube stretched his hole open. He felt his cock expand and pop out of the jock pouch, oozing a string of precum to the floor.

The Capitán looked into the open end of the tube at the stretched pink hole and rectum. He saw Jason's big pink erect pink cock sticking out of the jock strap pouch and the long string of cum dripping on the floor.

"Este puto le gusta ser penetrado." (this whore likes to be penetrated) he muttered to the other officers who leered intently at the round white ass globes spread open with the plastic scope stretching the pink hole open and Jason's hard prick drooling precum. The Capitán removed the scope from Jason's asshole and then stood up.

"NO PROOF! Ju make bad accusations against my cousin and Tapia's cuñado (brother-in law). You come here from America causing trouble! You are a Liar and you will be punished!" The Capitán barked, then gave some orders in Spanish to Tapia and Martinez.

Jason was still leaning over and attempted to stand but suddenly felt the two officers grab his arms and force him forward over the exam table. He heard an unbuckling and tried to turn his head to see what was happening. Then he heard a swish and CRACK!

A stinging hot pain flared from his ass cheeks as the Capitán whipped his ass with his police belt. "AHHHHHGGGGGGG!" Jason cried out.

CRACK... CRACK... CRACK... CRACK...CRACK... The Capitán had doubled his belt in his hand and lashed the blond stud's big round ass globes watching the cheeks jiggle and a red stripe flare up where the belt struck the white globes.

Jason yelped and cried out "STOP... STOP... PLEASE!" as the belt whipped his big white ass cheeks turning them red.

The Capitán muttered something in Spanish to Tapia and Martinez who each grabbed one of Jason's arms and let him to the center of the room. The Capitán went over to the desk and retrieved some thick padded leather wrist restrains with metal hooks attached which they applied to each wrist and forearm and then raised his arms outward to attach to the cables that were hanging from the ceiling.

Now Jason was standing spread eagle with both arms above his head and attached to the cables. The Capitán circled around Jason looking closely at the muscle bound blond stud admiring the bulging biceps, big round pecs with the erect swollen pink nipples and the big white bubble butt with red stripes from the whipping.

Jason was terrified at this point and sobbing. "Please let me go I'm sorry if I insulted your cousin, I made a mistake...please!" he cried.

The Capitán stood behind Jason running his hands along the muscular torso down to his hip to cup his round firm ass globe. Jason felt the Capitán's hot breath in his ear as the Capitán whispered with an evil sneer on his face. "You must be punished for your lies!"

Jason felt the Capitán's thick sweaty finger move in between his big ass cheeks and press against his hole. Jason's cock was rock hard and dripping precum as he twisted his torso to try to move away from the probing finger.

SLAP SLAP SLAP the Capitán brought his gnarled brown calloused hand down hard on Jason's ass globe. "OWWWW OUWWW!" Jason cried out.

The Capitán barked an order in Spanish to Tapia who grinned and then bent down and grabbed Jason's right leg and began to lift it up so that Jason had to balance on one foot with his right leg spread. Now his big bubble ass was spread open exposing his pink hole and his fat cock stood pointing straight up along his belly.

The Capitán reached around and put his finger to Jason's lips lightly teasing them open while he said "OPEN!" Jason opened his mouth and the Capitán slid his first two digits in his mouth. "SUCK!" The Capitán barked. Jason sucked on the salty gnarled fingers then they were removed and the Capitán brought his hand back with the wet fingers to Jason's ass.

Jason felt the Capitán's digit began to probe his asshole and he felt it enter the tight ring. The digit dug deeper and Jason moaned as he felt it deep in his ass pressing on his prostate. Jason's fat cock oozed cum as the long gnarled digit probed and pressed on gland. He felt a second finger enter his hole and now both digits were probing deep and pressing on his prostate.

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