tagMind ControlJaycee Begins to Bring It All Toget

Jaycee Begins to Bring It All Toget


Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs

5) Self - Actualization

4) Status & Esteem

3) Love & Belongingness

2) Safety & Security

1) Physiological Needs

The afternoon before Thanksgiving Jaycee ran into heavy traffic on Interstate 101 from Palo Alto past Salinas. He realized that he would not get home until around eleven pm. So, he called his parents to let them know that he would be late. His dad told him that they would be picking up his brother and family at LAX airport around ten forty five. Approaching his home a little after eleven, he noticed that all the lights were off except one in his room over the garage.

Parking in the driveway, he grabbed his luggage and made his way up the outside entrance. The door was unlocked. Entering, he found his little Susy sitting on the end of the bed dressed in her white satin robe. "Good evening, my prince." she purred as she rose to face him. Continuing in her silky purr, "Tom went alone to pick up Ricky and his family because we felt they needed the room in the car. When Tom arrived at LAX he found that their flight had been delayed until one thirty or two. Sooo, I thought my prince and his little Susy could romp some in the sack."

Susan began to unbutton his shirt. He smiled and loosened the cord holding her robe closed, "Susy, Susy, my little Susy. You just want my cock planted deep inside of you, don't you? Hummm?" Her answer was to push his shirt off his shoulders. After allowing the shirt to slip past his arms, he pushed the robe off her shoulders. She allowed her robe to join his shirt on the floor. "Humm, my Susy was wearing nothing under her robe, ready for action."

Susan pulled his shorts and underwear past his knees down to the floor. Continuing in her sexy purr, "Yes, my prince. Tom and I got it on this morning. We sent each other off to work with satisfied smiles. But, ohh my prince, I cannot pass up a chance for he who owns my mind and body to ram that thing up sooo very deep inside of me as often as he wants." Then she dropped to her knees and began to suck him up.

He knew that she was not conscious of the fact her presence there tonight and why, was entirely within her programming. He would take this opportunity to complete her reprogramming and make his little Susy the woman he wanted of her. "Ohhh Susy, that feels sooo goood. I'm gonna thump that little pussy of yours. Oh yeah, I'm gonna fuck it good."

She rose, kissing his abdomen and chest all the way up. Standing, she wrapped her arms around him, "Fuck me anyway you want, my prince. It's your body, do as you wish with it."

Jaycee slipped two fingers into her pussy, "Wet and hot, ready ta go." She smiled. With his fingers still in her pussy, he flipped her onto the bed. "I'm really gonna do it to you, my little Susy." he said as he grabbed a pillow doubled it and thrust it under her hips.

"Ooww, pillow under my hips. You're really gonna fuck me right. Do it big boy, fuck mee."she purred as he rammed it in to hilt on the first stroke. She squealed, then hissed, "Yessss my prince, so deep, oh soooo good."

It did not take Susan very long to go off with the long, fast, hard strokes that Jaycee was using to pound her pussy, finishing shortly after her orgasm subsided. They lay facing each other, running fingers over each others body. still panting, he whispered, "You're so very good."

She smiled and purred, "So are you, my prince."

The lovers continued to lay facing each other, communicating in whispers and touches. Susan, still in a purr, updated her prince on the schedule of the following day. That Kittie had ask if she, her oldest son and his bride could come for breakfast. With her divorce pending, Kittie's husband had moved out of the house and closer to his office. Their middle son's chose to spend Thanksgiving with his spouse's family. The youngest son, now working for a campus based Christian organization, thought both parents were sinners and going to hell. He told them that until they got back together, he would pray for them and just stay away.

After spending more than two hours with his little Susy, fucking and completing her reprogramming, Jaycee slipped into bed with Rhonda. She woke up enough to smile at him, cuddle into his arms and go back to sleep. There would be enough time for love-making later in the morning.


Thanksgiving morning found all the women preparing breakfast, or setting the table. Jaycee's father and brother watched pre-game football programs, discussed Stanford's Thanksgiving game on that previous Tuesday and talked about the family business. Jaycee and Brian, Kittie's son, took a walk into what was called the "Lower 40." It was a vast area in the Thorensen's backyard beyond the pool. Grassy and tree covered, it offered the two college football players a chance to focus on their conversation.

Brian picked up a pine cone a hurled it to the other side of the yard, "You gonna play football in your senior year, Jaycee?"

"Ya know? That's a good question.. I want to graduate with a 4.0 and pass the bar in the upper ten percent . Then go on to pass the bar in a couple of other states. So, if I feel that it got in the way this year, I won't play next year. I'm sure not pro material."

"Yeah, that's what I found. I decided that I want to retire from the navy as a two star admiral. So yeah, I had a three point eight in my junior year. I figured that if I didn't play in my senior year, I had a good chance of graduating with a four point oh and that's what happened. Anyway Jaycee, I had this whole rant worked out on the plane coming here about how you were a blankity blank home wrecker, marriage breaker. Then when we were on our way to baggage claim, what appeared to be a thirty something, shapely, well endowed woman was waving at us. I thought she was making a mistake, or a pass at me. .. Ah, Jaycee... She turned out to be my mother. When we came closer, oh man, her eyes sparkled and she just glows or shines. She's a stunning woman. The last time I can remember my mother looking at all like that was when we received the letter of acceptance to the academy. Jaycee? What I'm saying here is that for a woman in process of divorce, she's lookin' good, really good. Radiant, I think is the word I'm looking for here. So, what I hear, we have you to thank for that. But, damn she looks good. She said you put her into an "F" cup bra?"

Jaycee smiled, "I just lead her to the right shop. They put her into the right one."

"Alright, but they just add to her overall, ah, beauty. I mean, Jaycee? We're talking about my mother here. I've can't ever remember seeing her look so attractive. I'm really at a loss for words to describe the woman that met us at the airport last night. The only similarity to what I know of my mother was her clothing. As usual, she was tastefully and fully clothed."

Jaycee took his time in responding, "Brian? One thing you must understand. Your mother's beauty is from inside out. Like my mother, her beauty is much more than skin deep. But ah, when I first met your mother, she was very vulnerable. Ah, do you know much about Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs?"

"Oh yeah, the basic human needs. That number one must be fulfilled before a person can move onto need number two and so on up to number five."

"That's right. On the first day I met your mother, she was wallowing around in need number one. She would have been an easy lay that afternoon and on into the night, if that's all I wanted."

Brian kicked a stone off the path, "Damn, that bad. I don't think my father has a clue that she was like that. Mostly likely wouldn't care if he was at all aware of her state of mind and I guess her heart."

"Your father, in her heart at least, told her that he didn't love her anymore when he sold off her nest. And then, he leaves her at a different house to deal with a three car garage floor covered with boxes, all marked for a certain room. Some so heavy, she couldn't have moved them. That all together left her needs number two and three totally unfulfilled. That made needs number four and five outta sight. She and I had dinner at our house that night. Listening to her talk about the whole move, I realized that taking possession of her was going to be very, very easy. I just had to take her gently, one small step at a time." Jaycee paused, took a couple of steps, then continued, "Your mother is a very sensitive, gentle woman. She is also a very capable and talented woman. It took me most of the month of June to realize that. July First I took it all, irrevocably. I took everything she had of value, body, mind, heart and soul. She mine until she dies."

"Geez Jaycee, if I hadn't heard that from my mother, I'd have a hard with what you just said. She showed us the band on her right forefinger and told us what it means to her. Also, last night I noticed that she's taken off her wedding rings."

"Yeah, I noticed that this morning. She told me that she would do that once the property settlement was reached."

Brian laughed, "Yeah, they finally got past the possessions part of it. My father and his financial statement. Always concerned with his net worth. Now he's about to loose half of it. That's a joke in itself. He just hates that lawyer my mother choose. Calls her a barracuda. Actually, he called her that F-ing barracuda."

Jaycee chuckled, "Yeah I know, she the one that got me into Stanford Law. Just as your mother acted like a shoehorn to get you into the Navel Academy, she was my shoehorn into Stanford."

"Is that right? My father just hates her. Maybe it's because she got the best of him a his battery of lawyers." Brian paused to laugh with Jaycee, then continued with, "Anyway, Jaycee? The question on my mind right now is this. Ah, is my mom that good a lover that a man your age would take her at her age?"

Jaycee looked at him and smiled, "You say she looks good, even sexy, sensuous. She better in bed. To put it mildly, she's superb, simply superb. And, can get really wild, too."

Brian took several steps, stopped, then turned to Jaycee, "Ya know? For some strange reason, I find it good to know that a twenty one year old Stanford Law student and football player, finds my mother attractive and a superb lover. That "good morning" kiss she gave you...Wow, arms and legs wrapped around you. Well, let's just say that it left no doubt in my mind who her man is right now. I've just gotta tell her that I think she made a very good catch. That's not speaking for my brothers or father, I want you to know."


After giving his sweet Kittie two orgasms in their second session of Thanksgiving evening, Jaycee slowed his strokes to prolong his ejaculation. Ending on top of Kittie, he found her comfortable and totally enjoyed the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of her custom fit pussy. Aware that he had slowed down to enjoy her body, she moved one of her hands over his that maintained a firm grip on one of her massive breasts, "Yes my prince, take your time and manhandle that big tit. Enjoy what is yours. Take your pleasure in that pussy. Ohhhh yess, use me, enjoy mee... I love you, my prince. Oh how I love you." she purred by his ear as his long, slow strokes continued to penetrate deep inside of her.

Then finally, he tightened his grip on her breast and went off deep in her womb, "Yes my Kitania, yes I do love you. Hummm, so good. I love you my sweet Kitania...."

When his cock was fully spent, he rolled them over with her resting on him, her legs off to his sides. He took each breast in his hands and she purred, "You like those monsters don't you? I have come to be satisfied with them just because my prince likes them.."

He smiled, "They're magnificent, Kitania. I've told you that before. My favorite toys. I've enjoyed these beauties since the first time I got my hands on them."

"I needed you tonight, my prince. I needed you to deeply penetrate your woman and manhandle these big ol' tits. I needed to be with you tonight because the last ten days have been terrifying. I needed to feel you deep up inside of me. The orgasms you give me and yes, your strong hands on these big tits, squeezing, kneading, playing with them. Since we filed the divorce, the only way I can get to sleep at night is to come here to your bed, crawl under the covers and remember the feeling of your big strong hands on these big tits, your big tits. I love you, my prince."

"I love you too, my Kitania. And, I am so very sorry that I could not be here with you through it all. But, Liz felt that it was time to move. So, how's she working out for you?"

"Oh my prince, she's a beautiful person and one helluva lawyer. Roger just hates her, so of course, I just love her. She sat me down just before our Settlement Conference and said 'Here it is, all laid out in dollars and cents. I need you to tell me what you want to keep, what you want sold and divided and what you can give up.'" she paused to adjust her body to give him more access to both breasts. Then she continued, "I get to keep my SUV, he has to pay it off. The house and all investments, including those he tried to move off shore, are to be sold and divided fifty- fifty. I get thirty five hundred dollars per month alimony. Liz got me everything I wanted, financially. And, I've got everything I ever wanted in a man."

He squeezed her breasts together, "You're a lotta woman, Kitania. I think I got the best part of the deal here."

Kittie ran her fingers over his cheek, down his neck and onto his chest, "Oh, your so sweet and say such nice things to me. But, I don't know about that, my prince. With you, I got everything I ever wanted and more. Oh, by the way. In the divorce package for the judge to sign is a formal request to change my name to Kitania Denise Thorensen."

Jaycee released her breasts, rolled onto his back and laughed. Then with his arm closest to her he pulled her over onto his chest. "Liz and my little Kittie, a couple of conspirators. An action like that doesn't haveta go ta court in California. It'll just float along with the whole stack of documents the judge hasta sign. Beautiful, I like it. I'm sure it was your idea and Liz just made it happen. You two seem to play well together, that's good." He rolled them over to where he was on top and kissed her, "Welcome to the family, Kitania Thorensen."

Kittie smiled and purred, "Thank you, my prince. Now are you gonna fuck me some more, or what?"

"Of course I'm fuck you some more.., well into the night. Maybe even into the early morning." Jaycee said as he spun around into a sitting position on the edge of the bed, "But, ya gotta suck him up first."

"OK, I kin do that." she purred, rolling off the bed. As she came around the bed she continued with, "I had a very good teacher. He taught me how to get one certain cock up and very hard, quickly." Standing before him, she curtsied, dropped to her knees, took the limp member in her hands and said, "I think this is that certain cock." She ran her tongue around the head, "Ummm, tastes like it. Yes, I'm sure it is." She ended his laughter when she stuffed as much of his cock as she could in her month and drew back, slowly.

Running his fingers into her, now shoulder length, thick brown hair, he moaned, "Oh Kitania, my Kitania. You've learned well, you do that so very well."


Eight am the morning after Thanksgiving found Jaycee and Cindy Tucker on the Interstate 405, merging onto the northbound Interstate 5, heading up to the Grapevine. Then down into the San Joaquin Valley and up again into the Oakhurst area of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Bass Lake. They were discussing the novel, Collector of Broken Wives, when Cindy mentioned, "Well, I was pleasantly surprised this morning, actually my heart did a couple of flip flops, when the consensus this morning among your ladies was that I become your legal wife."

Jaycee glanced over toward her as guided the car into the far left lane of the north bound freeway, "Do you want to be my wife?"

She sat up in her seat, then settled back against the car door and back of her seat. Then in almost a stutter, "Yes, yes I do...Of course I do...I, I, I've considered myself yours since you were a senior in high school, even before that. I ah, do you, ah..." She paused to take a breath, "Ah, do you want me to be your wife?"

After flashing her a big smile and with his eyes back on the road, "Yes, yes Cynthia, I've always wanted you as my wife. And, now's the time. I just wanted to get that consensus you mentioned from my ladies. I guess my mother, little Susy is included in that consensus."

"Oh yeah, when we all read about it in Collector of Broken Wives where each family had one legal wife, your mom started the discussion on who it should be in our family. What we didn't get around to discussing this morning is something that we have discussed at our Saturday lunches. That of all of us going through the in home wedding ceremony. That includes your mother."

Shooting her another glance, he asked, "My mother?!? She wants to go through that??"

A little smile crossed her face, "Let's just say, your little Susy wants to go through it with our prince."

"Man, I sure woke up something in her when I made her my little Susy. Now, she's become a real hot pants for my dad and I." He paused and chuckled, "That morning after I took her, I got up the road a few hours and it dawns on me that I didn't have the slightest idea of what she was using for birth control. It's about 9:30 and I knew she would be in her office. I called her and ask. She laughed and said that it was a little late to ask that question. But, not to worry. She had her tubes tied right after I was born. That she had Doctor Samuels check it out a month ago and everything is still intact. My mother, my little Susy, gawd I love her, in so many ways."

Cindy was laughing and stopped to say, "She came to my station for morning coffee break just after she talked to you. She flopped down in the chair next to my desk and said, and I quote, 'He fucked the shit out of me last night. Just fucked the shit out of me.' So, I asked, who? She whipped back with, 'Our prince, of course, who else? Then he calls me here this morning and asked what I was using for birth control. I told him he was a little late to be asking that question.' I asked her how she felt and she said great, just fantastic. Then she told me that she and your father were going out to dinner on Friday night and were going to come back home and fuck each other silly. Then Saturday night they may do a repeat of Friday night. That all coming from a person that never uses profanity."

When they finished laughing, he said, "Call my little Susy and tell her to plan a wedding for you and I . Some day that works. Then, let's have an engagement party on Sunday afternoon. We'll head back down the hill after breakfast on Sunday morning and do some ring shopping at the malls in the Valley."

"OK, my prince." she said, glancing at her watch, "She should be at her desk right now."


When they neared the town of Oakhurst, she pulled out a ph testing kit, "I should have two eggs down right now and we decided that this time around we wanted all boys. So, I'll make sure my system is still acidic. That'll foster male sperm and actually kill female sperm. With the male sperm faster than the females, we should have two eggs just inundated. That should get us three to five, maybe six."

"That's gonna give you a real litter. You sure you still wanta do this? You're the one that hasta carry'em."

She gave him a sly smile, "I've discussed it with your mother and Carrie Samuels. They think I'm nuts, too. But, I've always wanted to have triplets or quads with the man I love."

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