tagMind ControlJaycee Gets His Mom

Jaycee Gets His Mom


Due to my inexperience as an author at Literotica, I failed to post the following;

This story, a work of fiction, should be read only after reading the previous adventures of Jaycee. Only then can the reader appreciate the characters and fully understand the story. Although, as stated, the stories are fiction, the characters and content are taken from real people, places and actions those people have taken.

It has been asked - Where did Jaycee get his "powers?" As mentioned in Jaycee and Kittie, he has no real "powers," except those he has gained through knowledge and experience. His knowledge is derived from conventional sources such as Abraham Maslow, Phd.

The reader should also keep in mind that if there were no Roger Taylor's in life, the Jaycee Thorensen's would not have a chance. Also, if so many men and boys were not so hung up on a great bodies and a pretty faces, the Rhonda Sabin types would not find themselves a twenty seven year old unmarried virgin.


After a Friday night game in Southern California, Jaycee came home for the weekend to celebrate his father's birthday. It also gave him a chance to get with his three women, one at a time. A thunder storm had moved in Saturday mid-morning and rumbled through out the day, into the night. Jaycee loved thunder and lightning. Especially when it continued into the night.

Leaving Rhonda asleep in his bed, Jaycee went downstairs to the diningroom, turned one of the dinning chairs around and watched the lightning through the bay windows. After ten or fifteen minutes he heard his mother's voice, "I usually get a glass of wine. Then, sit here and watch the lightning and listen to the thunder." He turned to find his mother standing by the table in a white robe, her blond hair down over her shoulders, framing in her angelic face. Lightning flashed, making her look like someone sent right from heaven.

Jaycee stood up, "You look beautiful tonight, mom. Just like an angel from heaven." She smiled. "I'll pop a bottle of wine. White Zin do it?" She smiled again and nodded her head, "Yes." While he went for the wine, she turned a chair around at the end of the table, near his chair. A few minutes latter, he returned with the open bottle of wine and two glasses. Lightning flashed, her white satin robe glowed and it appeared that thousands of gold and silver particles were dancing in her hair. "Here you are m'lady." he said as he hand her a glass of wine.

"Thank you, kind sir." she responded with a beautiful smile. For several minutes they sat in silence, watching the lightning flash and listening to the thunder roar. Then she broke the silence with, "Your three women love you very much. Every bit as much as I love your father." "I know mom and I love them more than I can describe. I hear since Cindy has a Monday through Friday position, the four of you have been meeting on Saturdays, like you did today, for lunch and some shopping."

The lightning flashed and the thunder roared, again. Lighting up the diningroom. The light caught his mother as she sat her glass of wine on the table. The look about her told him that she had something heavy on her mind. The fact that she came to join him at this time of night told him that he was involved. "Yes Jaycee, Saturday lunch with your wives has become a regular thing. And yes, your dad and I do consider them all three your wives. The four of us have become very close. We trust each other with some very personal stuff."

"That's good ta hear, mom. Thanks."

She nodded and they watched and listened to the next flash and rumble. "Umm, you know that I've been friends with Cindy since she became an R.N." She paused and took a sip of wine. "And, Kittie lives next door. Rhonda, bless her heart, comes over quite often just to catch up on what a twenty seven year old should know." She paused again to take a sip of wine. Lightning cracked and flashed. The thunder roared. "Umm, Jaycee? Ah, they have something that I don't, but I want it. They ah, they glow, or shine, or something like that and their eyes just sparkle. Umm, Jaycee? They are three very satisfied women. Happy with themselves and their choice of a man. I can only say that I am satisfied with my choice of a man. I love your father very much. Umm, your wives have told me the price they paid to become one of yours. That you plan to um, well, extract the balance from Cindy right after Thanksgiving. I helped her get the four days off. Umm." Her voice trailed off into a flash of lightning.

Shortly after, another bright flash of lightning lit up the room and the thunder rolled by with a greater intensity. Jaycee commented "Man, that was close."

His mother, Susan, nodded then continued, "Jaycee? Umm... Well, I ah.. I can offer my body and mind. But, ah you'll haveta share my heart with your father..."

Jaycee's jaw dropped, "Mom? What are you saying, here? That you wanta become one of my women? You're my mom!?! I ah, geez mahm! Yeah, your one fine woman with stunning beauty that's much more than skin deep. And, wow... Yeah, I've thought about it. But, not much. You're my mom!"

They sat in silence for a while, allowing the lightning to flash and the thunder to roll. Then she said in a soft voice "Yes Jaycee, it's a matter of fact that I am your mother." She paused for a couple of sips of wine as again the lightning flashed and the thunder roared. Setting her glass back on the table. "Another fact is, Umm, Jaycee? I don't want to go outside our family to get what I want. I might end up with more than what I bargained for. Like a broken marriage and/or an STD or two."

The son leaned forward toward his mother. He placed two fingers under her chin to tip her head up to look him in the eyes. As the lightning flashed and the thunder roared , he thought, "How did I miss that wanton look in my own mother? I have noticed it and taken advantage of it in so many other women. How could I miss it in my own mother?" He tried to give her some comfort with a smile. Then said calmly, in just above a whisper, "Ohhh mom, those beautiful blue eyes of yours tell me that it would be no problem at all to get into your pants. Krap, it's only a matter of time before one of those cock hound doctors or administrators get to you. The only difference between you and Kittie Taylor, when I first met her, is that you still love your husband."

Susan finished her wine, placed the empty glass back on the table and turned to make eye contact with Jaycee, "That's why I joined you here tonight, Jaycee. I have thought about this for more than two months. Talked it over with your wives, individually and on Saturdays. The thing is, Jaycee, they have it. I want it and they got it from you. As I said before, I can't pay what they have paid. But, I'll offer what I can pay." she said in a little more than a whisper. Then she added, "Your right about some of those guys at work. They have already tried, several times. I think it's the apparent fact that I am happily married makes them more...Ah." she waved her hand "Whatever."

Jaycee sat back in his seat, but maintained eye contact. The lightning flashed and the thunder roared. When the thunder subsided he said, "Your just another score to them. When they get what they want from you, they'll dump you and go on looking for fresh meat to violate. Leaving you more unsatisfied than when you started. You m'lady, are way to high quality of a woman to be treated like that."

She placed three fingers on her forehead, cast her eyes down and whispered, "Thank you, Jaycee."

They sat in silence for a while as the lightning flashed and the thunder roared outside, and in his mind. He realized that he could not say "No." He didn't dare say "No." Finally after several minutes, with a choked up throat, he broke the silence with "What about dad?"

"Jaycee! I love your father, you, your sister and brother more than life itself. So, as I said before, what I can offer is my body, my mind and share my heart and soul with you and your father. Your wives tell me that they are totally obedient to you. I can offer that, too. So, please, Jaycee?"

Breaking eye contact with her by taking a big sip of his wine, he stood up, wine glass in hand and walked over to the bay windows. Again, the lightning flashed and the thunder rolled like a huge bowling ball rolling across the sky. He finished his wine and placed the empty glass next to hers on the table. Stretching out his hand toward her, he said, "Come with me, m'lady," leading her into the downstairs guest bedroom. He closed the door behind them and locked it.

Susan walked over to the bed and turned to face him. Taking both of her hands in his, he said softly, "We'll do it once tonight. Then, you think about it all throughout the party tomorrow. If you want; Ah, wow." He paused to take a deep breath, " If you choose to, we will meet here about ten in the evening and I will take what you have to offer. With my ladies, it is very permanent. With you m'lady, if either of us ever think for an instant that our relationship will at all effect your marriage to dad, we cut it off. Terminate it immediately. That clear?"

"Oh Jaycee, you already sound like a lawyer. Yes, I agree to all your terms." she said as she removed her robe.

He ran his hands up her bear arms, over her shoulders and neck. Then, he brought his fingers under the shoulder straps of her night gown."One more thing. When that door closes behind us, you are no longer my mother. Nor, are you Susan or Sue. You are my little Susy."

Looking up into his eyes, she said ever so softly, "Okeh, and you are my prince."

As Jaycee moved the straps off her shoulders, allowing her gown to join her robe on the floor, he said, "My prince! You've been hanging with Rhonda too long." The lightning flashed. Illuminating the room and her almost nude body. "Oh man, wow, magnificent Susy, simply magnificent." he whispered as he scooped up her D cup mother's breasts in his hands. Squeezing them gently, he kissed each nipple and flicked them with his tongue. On the first breast she gasped. But, on the second he just heard, "Hummm."

Jaycee stepped back to remove his shirt. She began to remove her panties as he dropped his swim trunks. She stared right at his semi-erect cock. "Ohh, my gawd." Panties off, she dropped to her knees before him. Taking it in her hand, "It's not fully up yet and it is huge. Ohhh, my prince." she purred, sucking him up and very hard. "He's ready, she's ready. Let's do it." she said softly, raising up and placing herself on her back, on the bed.

The lightning crackled and flashed. The thunder roared, doubling, even tripling the intensity of the moment. She was still his mother. But, they had made a deal. He worked her pussy with his tongue and fingers for a few minutes. Then, in a hoarse whisper, she said "Oh my prince, that feels so good. But, now it is time to fuck me... Like you do your women, fuck me, my prince, fuck me. Do it, shove that big, fat snake up inside of me. All of it."

Jason Charles Thorensen plunged his cock into the hot, wet, waiting pussy of Susan Diane Thorensen. The first stroke went in about eight inches. The second and third strokes drove him all the way into her. When she felt his hips slap up against her thighs, she began meeting his long, hard, fast strokes with her hips "Yesss my prince, yesss. Fuck me hard. Ohhhh so good. Ohhh yess, yessss..." As his cock slid in and out of the woman under him, he wondered if his father fully appreciated the quality of this woman, his father's wife.

When her orgasm had subsided, he rolled them over and she began to ride up and down on his cock. He gripped her breasts and she covered his hands with hers. He squeezed her breasts as she began her second wild orgasm. Again, the lightning flashed and the thunder roared, drowning out her screams and squeals of "Yess, Oh yess my prince. Ohhhh yesss, so good. So far up in there, it feels sooo good!" Rolling her over onto her back, he gripped one breast, ran the other hand into the hair on the top of her head. Holding her body in place, he hammered her into another orgasm with long, hard, body shaking strokes, finishing himself.

Jaycee slipped off to Susan's side and they lay together a few minutes, exhausted. Then she whispered, "I'd better get back to my bed. She slipped on her gown and robe and shoved her panties in her robe's pocket. He got dressed and they faced each other, "You were fantastic, my prince."

He looked at her for a few seconds, " Well, my little Susy, you were superb. You definitely qualify as one of my women. You were very good,."

She kissed him, "I'll see you at breakfast, tomorrow." With that she breezed out of the room.

He wondered back into the dining room, poured another glass of wine. Watching the lightning flash and listening to the thunder roar, thinking, "What a thunderous night, I just did my mother, my own mother! Wow! But, then again, that little Susy is one helluva good roll in the sack.."

Rhonda and Jaycee wondered into the breakfast area of the kitchen. His father was at the table and his mother was in the kitchen, preparing breakfast. An apparently wide awake and cheerful Tom greeted them, "Good morning, you two. How'd ya sleep?" Then as the two young lovers approached the table, Tom sat back in his chair and bellowed, "Hey Rhonda, it looks like you gave your man a waker-upper like my wife give me this morning. Best I've had in a long time. How was yours, Jaycee?"

With her back to them, Susan spun around. Jaycee glanced at her in time to catch an ear to ear grin. He wanted to say something, but decided against it. He pulled out a chair for Rhonda and seated himself on the one next to her. Tom continued in his jovial manner, "Well Jaycee, ya got her knocked up. Now, it's just fun, like yer mom an' I." Rhonda went into full blush and Susan, in full grin, did another military about face. She appeared to want to comment. Then decided against it and turned back to her kitchen task.

Jaycee looked at his father thinking, "You aren't acting much like the major shareholder and chairman of the board of a national corporation. But, it's your birthday. I guess you can say what you want to say, today." Then he said, "Yeah dad, ya got that right. Happy birthday."

Rhonda seconded the greeting. However, uncomfortable with the conversation between father and son, she rose and asked Susan, "Mom? Can I help?" Susan smiled, "Sure dear, get the hash browns going."

Then Jaycee turned around in his chair, "Hey, while it's on my mind. I have something to tell you guys about college. When's Kittie gonna get over here?"

Susan answered him, "Roger apparently does not want to lower himself to the level of a back yard birthday party. So, he changed his flight from tomorrow over to this morning. Or, maybe it's because you bother him, Jaycee. He did it after he heard that you were going to be here. When he's home, she doesn't get over here until late morning." Everybody chuckled. She continued, "Anyway, I'd say we should see her coming through the back door any minute now."

No sooner had Susan gotten the words out of her month than they heard Kittie's, "Good morning everybody. Did I miss breakfast?"

Tom, still in his jovial manner, bellowed "You sure did, Kittie! But, we saved ya some."

Susan countered, "Don't listen ta him, Kittie. We're just about ta get it on the table. He thinks he can be that way 'cause it's his birthday."

Kittie turned toward Tom, "Happy Birthday, Tom."

Jaycee Stood up. Wrapped his arm around his little Kittie and gave her the same "Good Morning" kiss that he had given Rhonda earlier. With one arm still around her, he turned them toward the others, "Listen everybody, you remember me talking about a class I had that seemed to be set up just to discourage the faint of heart from pursuing a career in law? And, on top of that, the prof. gave us an assignment that he said would make up 25% of the semester's grade. He went on to say that if we didn't get a decent grade on it, well, maybe we didn't belong at Stanford Law. Well, get this. Due to the help of my ladies, including my Cindy, I got the highest grade in the class. The prof. wrote on the front page that it was excellent research and that I was a budding lawyer. Even if I am a jock. I know one thing for sure. I couldn't have done it by myself. I love you guys." He wrapped his free arm around Rhonda, "Mom? Dad? My two ladies here, Cindy when she gets here. We're gonna pass the bar first time around, in the upper ten percent. No doubt in my mind."

"Well, I'll tell yew what." Tom said in a Southern draw, "When I hear stuff like'at and what you been doing out thar on the football field, why, it makes what were paying fir ya to go ta that there school worth every penny."

Now fully realizing that his father was in rare form, Jaycee smiled at him, "Thanks, Dad."

About seven thirty that evening, the party was over and Jaycee was helping his mother clean up, "Well mom, how ya doin'?"

She glanced up at him as she was tying up a bad of trash, "I'm doin' much better, now that this event is over. It was fun and I think your dad enjoyed it. But, it was a lot of work. Even with the caterers. Your wives helped out a whole lot."

"Good, I'm glad to hear that." He tied up the bag of trash that he had been filling, "How's my little Susy?"

She looked at him very intently, then smiled, "Your little Susy is doin' just fine, too. Her little pussy has had a purdy good work out. But, she'll be there tonight, at or before ten o'clock."

"OK, deal's a deal. Little Susy's prince will be there, too. Ready to take her up on her offer."

Susan looked at her son, realizing that when she wakes up tomorrow morning, their relationship will have changed, radically. She took the bag from him and whispered, "You're on, big boy." Then started off to the trash cans.

Giving Kittie a long tongue dancing kiss, Jaycee rolled out of her arms and out of bed. "Time to take Susy?" she asked.

"Yep, it's nine forty five. I wanta take a walk around downstairs to make sure there is no activity. Then I'll join her around ten." he said as he pulled on a pair of shorts and a tank top.

She rolled over and propped herself up on one arm, "You be gentle with her, now."

He smiled, "Just as gentle as I was to you on our first time."

Kittie sat up in the bed, "You thumped the krap outta me on our first time. Wore out my little pussy. Well, 'til the next morning at least."

"Yep, I'll be back about eleven. Set the clock for five thirty. That way I can get outta here by six fifteen, maybe six thirty and be on campus just before noon. I'll get some lunch and make my one o'clock class."

Jaycee took a spin through the whole downstairs, ending at the guest bedroom door. Before grabbing the door knob, he paused, hoping the self-hypnosis he had performed throughout the day had prepared him for who he knew would be on the other side. She would be there simply because she said she would be there. He asked himself again if he was really prepared to do this. But, they had made a contract and she expected him to fulfill his part of it. He open the door to find her sitting on the edge of the bed. He closed the door and locked it. When he turned around she was standing next to the bed and he realized that she was wearing only her robe. As he approached her, he removed his tank top and she removed her robe. He dropped his shorts and they stood facing each other in the moon light.

The mid-forties, five foot eight, shapely woman looked up at the six foot four college football player., "I'm here to consummate our agreement, my prince." He drew her up and kissed. her, then let her slide back down to the floor, "Just like your father, sweep a girl right off her feet." Jaycee drew Susy up and kissed her again. As with the first time she brought her hands up to the back of his shoulders and wrapped one leg around his. When he let her down again, she made eye contact and sighed, "Ummm good." Then said softly, "Your ladies have told me about the three kisses. That the third one can be considered a step beyond the point of no return." The two gazed into each others eyes for a few moments. Then he started to draw her up, she wrapped her arms around him and as their lips met she wrapped her legs around his. The kiss was deep, lingering, including a tongue tango. When it ended, she slid down onto her knees.

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