tagIllustratedJaylene Models The Second Time

Jaylene Models The Second Time


I have been looking forward to tonight, I will be modeling one of my friend Mike's outfits at the annual fashion show. He is a fashion design student at the university I attend. I met him a couple weeks ago under some interesting circumstances. I needed a job, signed up to do some modeling for an art class without realizing I would have to be nude. Things ended up ok, it was a bit of a surprise at the time but I did meet Mike there. He asked me to model the dress he designed in his "experimental fashion" class.

I arrived at Mike's to try on the dress after he had the final alterations made. I had expected something modern or crazy since it was supposed to be "experimental fashion".

The dress fit well and Mike seemed to like how I looked in it. His only comment was that he was afraid panty lines would show through again. The first time I tried the dress on they did. He asked me to see if I could find something to help. When he asked what I did I showed him by lifting the skirt.

'Wow, I like your solution," was all he said.

I figured if I didn't wear panties there couldn't be any lines.

We headed over to the center so I would have time to have some makeup applied. While waiting I peeked out, the room was filing up, both sides of the runway had several rows of chairs. I noticed several videographers setting up their lighting near the end of the runway.

I was to be one of the last models to walk. I was a bit nervous and scared that I would do something to ruin it for Mike.

He kept telling me, "Don't worry, you will do fine. If something happens just keep going."

When I heard Mike's name announced I stepped out to the runway and paused a moment while the emcee described the dress. "Constructed with synthetic fibers this dress is not sewn but instead uses a molecular adhesive."

I walked to the next mark and raised the hem a little. The emcee continued, "The under layer is designed to radiate excess body heat to keep the wearer comfortable."

I started to walk again and felt one of the shoulder straps slip free. Remembering Mike said to just keep going I grabbed the dress and continued.

I was almost to the end of the runway so removed my hat as planned. Then suddenly the other strap popped. I panicked for moment and placed the hat between my knees so I could catch the dress.

I just stopped, I couldn't take a step with the hat between my knees. I bent to reach for it when I felt the front seam of the dress open.

I stood at the end of the runway, with both hands holding the dress to my chest. I turned to head back up the runway. I chanced reaching for my hat so I could walk.

I managed to reach the hat but in doing so the side seam of the dress failed. I grabbed the top and bottom to keep the dress from falling open.

The dress was falling to pieces as I stood there. I used my hat to cover my chest while pulling the strap to keep the dress from falling.

I was able to take a couple more steps before the strap tore free. I lunged for the other side of the dress, scoping up the hem and exposing my half my bottom to the 100 plus people present.

I didn't have to worry about that for too long, the dress slipped from my fingers and fluttered to the floor. I was left standing in my lingerie with my hat covering my chest not only in front of all the people but also I noticed the video cameras.

It was then the cat calls and whistling started. There was nothing I could do. There were people and cameras in every direction. If I bent down to pick up the dress I'd expose even more since I wasn't wearing panties. It was then I remembered Mike's instructions, "Just keep going." I was supposed to put the hat on my head and pose at the end of the runway and that is exactly what I did.

With flashes from cameras everywhere I stood there one hand on my head the other on my hip as if showing off the dress I was supposed to be wearing. I turned halfway and looked back over my shoulder as I would have to reveal the back of the dress. For that long moment all I was revealing was my bottom.

I walked back to the curtain. Mike met me behind it. He was apologizing and said he didn't know what went wrong but that he was sorry. He gave me a robe and lead me further backstage. Soon I started to laugh and so did Mike. A stage hand came to us and handed Mike what remained of the dress. He pulled on a seam and it held firm. I slipped the dress inside my robe and against my body for a while. I went to hand it back to Mike but it just fell apart. I guess it was the heat of the lights and my body that weakens it.

As if having 100 people see me wasn't enough there was a barely edited news story on the college TV station ran with the headline "Experimental Fashion proves revealing'. The next morning people kept coming up to me and asking me to autograph a photo someone had taken of me.

That afternoon I got a visitor, it was the photographer. He handed me a check for $400 and told me it was an advance on a modeling fee he would pay me if I agreed to a photo shoot with him.

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