tagLoving WivesJayne Blows My Friend

Jayne Blows My Friend


"No kids at home tonight Jayne, how do you fancy going to the pub? There's a band playing at the Mill tonight so we could go."

"That would be good, I need to freshen up and change though."

"Come on then, let's change they are on in about an hour." Gary replied

This was unusual for us to go out on the spur of the moment, lately we had been out swinging quite a bit and that was always pretty much preplanned. Still some music, a few drinks sounded good and I decided that I fancied teasing my husband a bit tonight anyway.

After a quick shower I found a black skirt, tight fitting around my bottom ending about mid-thigh and a low cut red top. Hold up stockings and high heels completed the look.

It was a only short drive to the pub and as Gary opened the car door for me I made sure I flashed my legs, stocking tops and black thong at him.

"Very nice, who are you trying to seduce." Gary said smiling wickedly.

"I don't know what you mean." I replied with a wink.

Gary had agreed to drive so I was free to drink but as we entered the bar and looked around only a few people where there, about 10 couples dotted around the room and 7 or 8 guys standing around the bar. We went to the bar first; while Gary got a soft drink for himself I went for a large Vodka and lime. I noticed Martin, an old colleague of Gary's across the room. He gave me a beaming smile and beckoned us over.

"Gary, that's your friend Martin that you used to work with." I said.

"Well spotted, you remember him then?" Gary said.

"Yes I would remember him, very dishy." I replied.

"You are tart Jayne, but I do love it."

"I know Gary. The amount of fun we have had lately at the club and at Sue and David's BBQ has kept me pretty horny. Come on let's go and sit with Martin, he's alone."

"Hi you two, nice to see you, I think the band need some support tonight." Martin said smiling. He and Gary shook hands and I moved close in and kissed him on the lips, keeping contact just a little longer than he expected.

"Nice to see you again Martin," I said. I meant it too. Martin was about the same age as me, fair hair, tall and looked very fit.

We sat down with Martin, me close in between them both. We sipped our drinks and began chatting but soon the band started up which made conversation difficult. I moved closer to Gary and whispered in his ear.

"I enjoyed the BBQ last week, especially getting fucked by Jason and David while you did Sue. You are such a voyeur, I saw you getting hard watching me on Jason's big black cock." He listened intently as told him in detail how much I enjoyed our swinging life, how I loved another man to fuck me while he watched. As I spoke I saw movement in Gary's groin, a bit of dirty talk always does it for him.

"You are so bad, but I love it. We have had so much fun." Gary said.

"Martin is pretty sexy, I'd love to get my lips around his cock. Bet you would like to see that too."

"You know I love to see you be a slut, I would love it." Gary replied.

"I'm really enjoying our sex life and being your dirty slut wife, I especially like you watching me fuck, it makes me so wet."

Suddenly Martin moved in closer, grabbed our glasses and went to the bar for another round of drinks. Martin I'm sure heard the last sentence as when he returned and sat the drinks down he gave me a very quizzical smile and moved closer to me.

I drank quickly and already felt a little tipsy and horny from teasing Gary. I shifted in my seat and crossed my legs making my dress ride up several inches, above my stocking tops as I moved to whisper to Gary again. I glanced over my shoulder at Martin, his head had turned slightly to listen to what I was saying but his eyes were on my lacy stocking tops.

As Gary went to the bar Martin moved in closer and said, "You are lovely Jayne, I hope you don't mind me enjoying the view of your legs."

"They are a turn on, don't you agree?" I said as he placed his hand on the top of my leg under the table. I felt his hand tremble as I held it on my leg as Gary returned with more drinks.

"Yes, they do. They are lovely." Martin politely replied.

The band were now doing an encore and as I sipped my drink Martin's hand slid further up under my hem, found stocking tops and bare flesh.

I glanced at Gary who just smiled and nodded as Martin continued to caress my leg. I was really getting into the attention he was showing me as when subtly slid his hand up my leg, his fingers brushing my pussy. The band finished to fairly muted applause and I turned my face toward Martin and him a gentle kiss. I was feeling very turned on as people stood and started to leave.

"Can we give you a lift home Martin," Gary asked.

"Good idea," I said before Martin could reply. I downed my drink, grabbed my bag and holding Martins hand followed Gary to the door. As we made our way out into the large and almost deserted car park, the cool evening air and the effect of all the vodka hit me.

"Have I made you feel horny?" I said to Martin.

"More than you could ever know," he whispered back.

As Gary opened the car Martin sat in the back, his face was a picture as I walked round the car and joined him on the back seat. I leaned over and gave Martin a wet kiss, sliding my tongue around his lips and into his mouth. As I was doing this, my hand went to his cock and rubbed him through his trousers.

"Gary, are you ok with this?" Martin said nervously to my husband.

"He is ok with it aren't you Gary? He wants to watch me suck your cock?" I said quickly.

"This is your lucky night Martin, relax and enjoy, she's a great cocksucker. Go ahead Babe suck his cock."

As Gary was speaking I undid his trousers and freed his hard cock. He slid his pants down so I had full access to his cock. I wrapped my hand around him; it was not too thick but a good 6 inches long. I pulled back and lowered my head into his lap. I quickly closed my lips over his cock and started to noisily and sloppily give Martin the best blowjob I could. I had my fingers around the shaft and began to slide the skin up and down gently; he rubbed his hands through my thick red hair as I sucked. I pulled off for a moment and looked up at Martin's face and knew he was not going to last long.

"Tell my husband what a great cocksucker his wife is."

"This is a great blowjob, you are fabulous." Martin said.

As I stroked Martin's cock I took it deep in my mouth sucking him hard.

"You're so sexy Jayne, can I cum in your mouth?"

"Do it Martin, cum in my slut's mouth. She loves it and I want to watch you do it." Gary replied.

I just put my mouth deeper on his cock, twisted my lips, groaned on it and bobbed my head up and down wanking the shaft with my hands. I felt his body tense, and his cock begin to throb as he held his breath.

"I'm cumming, oh god!" he said softly holding my head down.

The first jet of his cum hit the back of my throat and I pulled back to swallow as he spurted warm cum into my mouth. I swallowed but still some of his cum oozed down the sides of his cock from the corners of my mouth.

"That was awesome, I've never had a woman suck me like that." Martin said as I grabbed a tissue from my bag and mopped my face and his shrivelled cock.

As Gary started the car I cuddle Martin for the short journey, wanting to quickly drop him off and get home for Gary to give me the good hard fuck I was now craving.

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