tagLoving WivesJayne Invites Martin To Join Us

Jayne Invites Martin To Join Us


I suppose we were now experienced swingers and had indulged many of our fantasies, both of us really enjoying involving others in our sex lives. Jayne had a penchant for sex with more than one man and I loved to watch her in action.

Last Saturday evening we had by chance met an old work colleague of mine in the pub and while giving him a lift home my wife sucked him off in the back seat of the car while I watched through the mirror. My friend, I know enjoyed it, and Jayne made it clear while we fucked later that night she fancied some more of my friend.

"We know where he lives and I do fancy carrying on from where I left off." Jayne said. "Maybe we could invite Martin round soon?" She had at twinkle in her eye, she was getting horny at the thought of it and I fancied the idea myself.

"Yes, I love you being such a slut. I'll get in touch with him soon, ok?"

The next couple of weeks were pretty much normal, Jayne hadn't mentioned Martin for a few days and I had pretty much forgotten to contact him, as I had been busy at work. When I came home from work on Friday evening I went upstairs to find Jayne upstairs in the bedroom just putting the finishing touches to her make up. I stopped dead in my tracks as I saw what she was wearing, a very short black skirt, which hardly covered the tops of her stockings, high heeled shoes and a leopard skin tight top, her mop of red-hair and make up now immaculate.

"Well, how do I look sexy?"

"Very sexy," I said, as I looked her up and down and she pulled me close and we kissed. I stuck my tongue deep into her mouth to show my approval.

"Mm, delicious. I can taste alcohol." I said as we parted lips for a moment.

"Go shower honey, I have a surprise for later!" she said.

I did as I was told, showered and dressed causally before coming back down.

"Good timing honey. Martin will be here very soon. I called him to make the arrangements because I think it slipped your mind," she said slurring her speech a little. At first I was a little taken aback but then thought why not, I always did love it when my wife is an enthusiastic slut!

"Yes I did forget but I'm glad you got in touch. I'm sure he is keen to get a bit further?" I answered.

"When we met Martin before it was great," she said. "Why should I take a chance on meeting someone else who may not be so nice and yes he is very keen!"

By the time the doorbell rang and Martin arrived we already had owned several glasses of wine and Jayne was very tiddly. I put on some soft music and had a porn film playing silently on the TV, lit some candles in the room and spread a large duvet on the floor making the room mood very sexual and sensual.

"Ok with me being your slut again tonight darling?"
"I'm always game for whatever you set up." I replied as we sat waiting and drinking wine. When the doorbell rang Jayne went to answer it and I noticed her wobble on her legs a little and giggle as she went to the door. As I watched her let him in, Martin took Jayne in his arms and embraced her, I saw her hand brush across his cock as he felt her thighs under her very short skirt. She brought him into the lounge and he looked awkwardly at me.

"You're not having me on, are you?" Martin asked me.

"Absolutely not, we love this sort of thing and we both want you to join us."

I offered him a glass of wine and the three of us sat down on the settee with Jayne between Martin and myself. We made small talk for a bit, watched some of the porn film and drank more wine; the atmosphere in the lounge was thick with sexual energy.

I knew Jayne loved being the centre of attention and she wanted to start things off.

"Mm! That looks so good, my favourite" she murmured looking at the TV at a blonde on her knees as two studs spit-roasted her.

"Well, I'm sure Martin and I could manage that for you," I replied.

"I love you but I want to fuck just Martin first, just watch. Your turn later ok?" She whispered just loud enough for him to hear. Jayne loved me watching her with another man and it always turned me on.

Martin still looked nervous so I stood up, "I'll go get some more wine."

Jayne knew I was deliberately leaving the room and smiled and winked at me as I left. As I walked out the room I glanced over and saw her lean over him with her hand on the bulge in his trousers.

I deliberately took my time in the kitchen to let them started in privacy but eventually could wait no longer. Hearing the loud moans and groans from the lounge I went and stood against the doorframe and looked at Jayne kneeling over Martin on the floor, naked except for black stockings and high heels, his cock deep in her mouth.

"Fuck! That's gorgeous!" Martin said as her lips slid down his cock.

My cock was aching now because all I wanted to see now was my wife getting fucked by my friend so I crept in and sat on the settee. I couldn't resist the urge to undo my zip and stroke myself.

Sliding over him my wife got his face between her legs and they began to noisily slurp and moan in a classic 69 position. His face was buried between her thighs and his tongue licking her clit as he fingered her cunt. He had only worked on her for a few minutes and already she cumming.

"Yes do it, oh fuck!" she screamed loudly, reaching her first orgasm.

When she stopped quivering she looked at me and smiled, then rolled over pulling Martin on to of her. He needed no encouragement and started to slide his cock into her hot ginger pussy and then began to slowly thrust. She held her breath as a few inches slipped smoothly inside her body and then she gasped out loud as, with a rough thrust, he buried himself inside her. I smiled knowingly at Jayne as I stood there.

Martin noticed me and grinned as he fucked her, "This isn't so bad, being watched while I fuck your wife," he said.
"No problem, enjoy yourself, I know Jayne will." I answered as I undressed.

He grabbed her hips and started to fuck her. I watched as she took all of his cock, each time he thrust back into her, she let out a groan. He started to grunt as he pumped, already getting close. She moaned loudly as I knelt beside her, holding her hand as Martin thrust into her harder.

"Oh God! I'm going to cum! Mm! Fuck!" She moaned and closed her eyes. She suddenly came shuddering digging her nails into Martins back.

Jayne was so turned on, she moaned in satisfaction as Martin just ground into her for ages. My throat was dry and all I would do was stare as his back began to arch, his cock disappearing into my wife's cunt faster and deeper.

"You're a great fuck Jayne. Feel me cum!" Martin said as he plunged deep into her unloading in my wife. She had a look of satisfied lust on her face.

"I need a tissue darling," Jayne said looking at me. Slowly Martin climbed off my wife and they both wiped themselves clean.

"I'm just going to sort myself out," Jayne said as she went to the bathroom to freshen herself. Her makeup was smudged, hair messed up and stockings torn, very horny!

"Thank you, that was fantastic, I never thought I would do anything like this," Martin said as we sat down on the settee and made ourselves comfortable.

"Glad you enjoyed, part two to come yet." I said knowing Jayne was not finished.

Martin and I just sat for a while watching TV as a gangbang scene started on the DVD, a woman encouraged by her husband to dance and entertain his friends.

When my wife returned from the bathroom she looked refreshed and had redone her make up. Jayne came into the lounge looking stunning, in a new stockings and high-heeled shoes and a see through camisole top she looked so sexy.

"How do I look?"
"Fantastic," I said and gave my hard cock a few strokes.

She sat between Martin and me on the settee with and gulped down another glass of wine as the woman in the film stripped and got into action with the five men catching our attention for a moment, the sexual electricity again intense.

"I like this film, she gets fucked by them all." Jayne said eyes rapt on the action.

We just sat, drinking wine and quietly watching as the huge busted blonde sucked and fucked the five guys in the room until she knelt between all five of them. She took my cock in her left hand and Martin's in her right and slowly began to stroke. I put my arm around her shoulder then started to play with one of her tits. Martin noticed and put his hand on her leg and began to stroke it, moving higher until he was fingering her pussy.

Jayne quietly said, "Watch this, I love this bit, I love to watch men cum."

We watched as the blonde knelt on the floor surrounded by all five men wanking and cumming over her face, drenching her in cum.

"You fancy that don't you darling?" I said.

"You promised me a gangbang one day too, remember?" She replied digging me in the ribs playfully. "I did three men once and have to try more one day!"

Martin's mouth dropped open as she said it. As we fondled my wife I stared at the screen and I wished she were in place of the busty blonde and I was watching her getting gang banged. Martin had his hand between her legs, massaging her pussy. I pulled her legs wider apart and as his thumb massaged her clitoris he pushed two fingers into her pussy and began to finger fuck her.

"Mm, that's gorgeous," she moaned. She sat back, her eyes closed as Martin and I each began licking and sucking on her nipples. She moaned softly as Martin rubbed her.

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming!" She said suddenly and began humping her pussy onto his hand, then her orgasm exploded through her body as she squirmed between us, almost falling off the settee.

"I want you to suck my cock, on your knees babe," Martin said as she shivered, her tits heaving and shaking still in the throes of orgasm.

Obediently she knelt between his spread legs and dipped her head down to his cock. She took his cock in her hand and stroked it a couple of times against her cheek, then she looked at me as she took it into her mouth. She continued looking at me as she sucked him deep between her red lips, the look on her face pure lust. She looked so sexy and slutty; I just sat watching with my cock hard in my hand as she slid her lips up and down the shaft and he fucked her mouth.

She removed her mouth from his cock, looked at me and whispered, "Fuck me."

I got up and went behind her, positioned myself behind her and started to lick and finger her wet pussy. I slid my fingers into her easily and then she turned to me.

"Fuck me Gary, I want it." As Martin held her head and pushed her mouth back onto his cock I knelt behind her and rubbed my dick along her pussy lips and slowly entered her. She moaned as I slid into her wet pussy and started to fuck her. I heard her slurp on Martin's cock as he fondled her tits at the same time.

My hands on her hips, I thrusted deep with and buried my face in her neck whispering in her ear, "Suck him while I fuck you Jayne! That's it, suck his cock." She did it!

I grabbed her hips and started to fuck her hard from behind. As I fucked her she moaned between licks as Martin held her head down so her mouth stayed on his hard cock so he could simply fuck her mouth.

"Oh yes, fuck me!" She moaned as she started to cum for a third time.

I grabbed her hips and lunged deep, Martin and I just gripped her between us as she came moaning out loud squirming between us.
"Yeah, cum Jayne! Cum for us baby!" Martin said.

We just held her as slowly she calmed down, her pussy throbbing around my cock. She lifted her head from Martin's cock and then my cock slipped out of her with a loud slurp.

"Come on I want you both to cum now." She said as she rolled over and laid down on the duvet and spread her legs. Jayne looked satisfied and almost exhausted as Martin climbed between her legs and started to fuck her again.

"Oh yes. I want you both to cum. Use me fuck me."

I crawled between her legs and rammed into her. She felt so wet and hot as I thrust into her and she clenched her tired pussy muscles around my cock. I glanced at Martin who sat beside us on the floor watching and stroking his cock as I fucked my slut wife.

"Come on, your turn," I said rolling off her. His eyes lit up and he got between her legs. We laid her on the duvet and for the next ten minutes or so we took turns fucking her. The more we screwed her the more willing she got, she didn't seem to mind what position we fucked her in and she was game for whatever we wanted as we continually switched places, finally Martin fucking her doggystyle while she sucked me.

"I'm nearly there," Martin murmured.

"Time to fulfil a fantasy!" I said pulling out of her mouth.
"Come on Jayne, on your back." She did as I told her as Martin and I knelt either side of her and rubbed our cocks over her lovely face. I was right on the verge of cumming and knew Martin was close to.

"Come on you dirty bastards, cum on my face. Do it." She said.

Martin suddenly came shooting over her lips and spraying her face.

"I'm gonna cum, gonna cum! Yes!" I moaned as I wanked and cum on her face. She opened her mouth and I pumped my hot thick and thick sperm into her mouth and over her face. With both of our cum on her, Jayne's face was awash with semen, her makeup smudged, hair messed up and stuck together with spunk, stockings torn and laddered, she looked so erotic.

All three of us stayed in our positions breathing as though we had run a race. Slowly we untangled and released our grip on her and after a few moments she reached for the box of tissues nearby and she dried herself off as best she could.

As she looked up at me her smile told me all I needed to know, she loved it.

We all agreed it had been a very nice evening and Martin quickly dressed and left although I told him that we would arrange another get together one night.

But in bed that night Jayne whispered, "Which one of your friends is next?"

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