tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJayne Mansfield's Curse

Jayne Mansfield's Curse


Jayne Mansfield woke up suddenly. She was naked and in a strange bed, but what she was most conscious of was the tongue lapping so softly and sweetly at her pussy. She raised her head from the pillow and separated her large, gorgeous breasts, but all she could see was the top of a head, that appeared to be either bald or clean-shaven. She didn't know who it was. She couldn't remember any of her many sex partners looking like that at the orgy the previous night. Jayne didn't really care who it was. The only thing that interested her was how good the strange man's tongue felt on her pussy, which was sore, but in a good way, from the workout it had gotten just a few hours earlier. She didn't know, nor did she care, how many men had fucked her there, and she knew there were a few of them who had preferred her ass, which was also pleasantly sore from its own workout. Sometimes she had been fucked by a man in either hole at the same time, and one of those times she had simultaneously sucked off a third guy.

Involuntarily, Jayne moaned from the pleasure that was coursing from where the unknown man's tongue was performing its extremely welcome services. He heard her and raised his head to smile, his face shiny with juices from her pussy. She recognized the beard and Fu Manchu mustache; it was Anton LaVey, a musician with some rather strange religious opinions. She had seen him the previous night, but hadn't paid much attention to him. He was short and fat and creepy and, in general, not at all her type. However, when her pussy needed to be soothed by a therapeutic tongue, as it did then, there was no such thing as a man who was not her type. Jayne didn't care about his looks or personal beliefs just then; all she wanted was for his mouth to resume what it had been doing. He felt the same way, at least for the time being, and lowered his face to start licking once more on her highly sensitive and extremely engorged inner pussy lips.

Thrills of delight coursed through Jayne from where the strange man's tongue renewed its caressing of her swollen labia. Involuntarily, her body squirmed under his face, and she could feel and smell her pussy producing fresh juices. He was taking his time, wanting to do it right, and succeeding admirably. His tongue probed between an inner and outer pair of labia, and slowly licked its way to where her clit was crowding its way out from under the folds that were there to protect it. He avoided the succulent morsel, but his tongue gently stroked over her clit hood, sending waves of pleasure coursing through the blonde's voluptuous body. He could have brought about her climax by sucking her clit, but Jayne was glad that he didn't. Instead, he returned his tongue to where he had started, and began licking her other pair of pussy lips.

"Oh, I love that. Keep licking me; it feels so good," Jayne encouraged him, between her moans of delight.

It really did feel good. Anton LaVey's very talented tongue had eliminated virtually all the soreness from one pair of her lips, and it was doing the same for the other. She could almost feel the discomfort fading away as his tongue slowly and skillfully worked its way up her lips, moving quickly, like a hummingbird, but thoroughly covering its path. Jayne looked down between her legs again and she could see LaVey's bare head moving around, and she felt his tongue stroking across her clit hood again.

The beautiful actress would have immensely enjoyed cumming at that point. However, she would enjoy it even more if the man between her legs continued eating her pussy and prolonging the pleasure and the healing before bringing her to an orgasm. Apparently, he felt the same way and, after his tongue gently caressed her clit hood, he started again at her love hole, where the juices were running freely. Jayne moaned even louder, from the incredible bliss, and her pussy fucked up against the man's face, as she felt his tongue probing into the lower edge of her dripping hole, and working its way up the sides.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" she whimpered from the exquisite pleasure she was continually receiving from the agile tongue exploring under her inner lips and probing the edges of her wet pussy. Jayne's whole body thrashed on the bed and her head tossed from side to side on her pillow as the skillful tongue reached the top of that delectable hole.

"Suck my clit! Suck my clit!" she urged the strange man whose head seemed to be burrowing even more deeply between her legs.

He did what she asked, wrapping his arms around Jayne's shapely thighs, and enveloping her clit in his mouth. Massive waves of ecstasy flooded her body from the way his mouth sucked on the succulent morsel, and the caresses of his tongue on her engorged clit were even more delightful. Her ass bounced up and down on the bed, ramming her pussy against his face, the soreness completely gone, while she sobbed and whimpered with joy.

Abruptly, her body exploded, as she started cumming. Jayne's thighs squeezed LaVey's head, holding him in place, while her legs oscillated, wildly and her lower body bucked up and down and back and forth on the bed. In her great exuberance, Jayne's arms wildly flailed the mattress. "Yes! Yes!" she cried joyously. "Suck my pussy! Suck my pussy!"

LaVey continued to do just what she wanted, clinging to her thighs while his tongue and lips caressed and fondled and sucked her clit. He stayed determinedly in place, enjoying the wild ride almost as much as the sexy blonde did. When Jayne climaxed, her back arched, and she drove her pussy into LaVey's face for an ultimate time, before totally relaxing on her back, with her legs still draped over his shoulders. He greedily licked all the fresh juices from her pussy, apparently finding them delicious, and backed out from under her thighs.

Her eyes were closed in bliss from her great orgasm, but Jayne felt the man putting his hands on her hips and starting to move up on her body. When she opened her eyes, she saw his smooth head moving toward her, and she smiled in invitation. Although he was still not her type, Jayne always found it delightful in the extreme to fuck after cumming from having her pussy eaten, or vice-versa, and she had no reason to have any negative feelings about doing it with this man. She spread her legs wider and reached down to separate her wet pussy lips in preparation.

LaVey placed his hands on the bed on either side of Jayne, and thrust his pelvis forward, as if to plunge his cock into her pussy. She felt his pubic hair against her mons, but nothing else. LaVey leaned forward farther, and curled his arms under hers, resting his weight on his elbows and forearms. Although he was in position to fuck, and was acting as if he was about to do just that, Jayne could still feel nothing inside her pussy, and was becoming quite perturbed from the lack. She expected to fuck; she wanted to fuck, and she would be extremely disappointed if she didn't get to fuck, but it wasn't happening. Jayne was not a lesbian, or even bisexual, but she had, on a few occasions, rubbed clits with lesbians who were prominent in the industry, and what LaVey was doing felt almost like that. She didn't question his gender, but she hadn't seen, nor could she feel what would be considered irrefutable evidence of it.

He started doing what he was apparently in position to do, moving forward and back, thrusting his pelvis forward and snorting and grunting and wheezing. Jayne lay quietly, wondering if he was going to stick his cock into her, and why he hadn't already done so. After a minute of his antics and unpleasant noises, LaVey gave a louder grunt, shoved his pubic area against her as if climaxing, and a look of pleasure crossed his face. He had apparently just cum, but Jayne had felt nothing, and she was really pissed off about it. She loved to fuck, and didn't like the idea of being let down the way LaVey had just done to her.

For almost a minute, LaVey sprawled on top of Jayne, before climbing off her and getting to his feet. "Jayne Mansfield, we have mated, and you now belong to me," he announced to the horny and frustrated movie star. "You will have sex only with me, and never with anybody else."

"Get lost, you creep. I've fucked hundreds of men, and I'll fuck hundreds more. I belong to nobody." She looked closer, and realized the little jerk did have a cock, but it was a tiny thing, actually sticking out less far from his pubic area than some clits she had seen.

She was not a size freak, but Jayne had told the truth about having fucked hundreds of men. In fact, the number probably would have been in the thousands; she had never bothered keeping track. Besides that, she had given birth to five children. With her extensive experience, it took a more than average sized cock to give her enough of a thrill for her to be really eager to get her pussy around it. A smaller shaft could give her ass a lot of fun, and many of them had. Usually, a man who was hung much smaller than most could still fill her mouth nicely, giving her a good time there and feeding her a delicious ration of semen. But LaVey's equipment was too small to do any of those things.

Jayne laughed and pointed at his miniscule cock. "You call that mating? Or fucking? With that dinky little thing? You'd have trouble satisfying a lady mouse."

Grievously insulted at her taunts, LaVey persisted. "By the Satanic laws, you are mine. You can have sex only with me. You will be punished by the dark powers if you try to mate with any other person."

"Up your ass, you little shit. I'll fuck anybody I damn please."

Despite cumming from having her pussy eaten, Jayne's morning was getting off to a bad start, and it could only get worse if she argued with the fat little creep. Extremely immodestly, she climbed off the bed, still naked, and started toward the place where she thought she had left her clothing and other things the previous night.

"Come back here! You are mine, and you will do what I tell you!" Anton LaVey shouted at her. Jayne turned around, gave him the well known middle finger salute, and started to resume her search for her belongings.

"Vera Jayne Palmer, I curse you! In the name of Baal and Belial and Astaroth and Satan, I curse you! You will never mate with anybody but me! You will die! You will die and your beauty will be destroyed!"

Jayne was taken aback, by the vehemence of his words and by being addressed using her birth name, but she quickly shrugged it off. The name was a matter of public record, and anybody could find it out, although it seemed odd that a stranger like LaVey would have taken the trouble to do so. Ostentatiously, she wiggled her naked, curvaceous ass at the crazy little twerp, turned around to give him the finger again, opened the door to the adjacent room, and walked through, closing it after herself.

She was in the main room of the suite, where the biggest part of the previous evening's orgy had taken place. The room was a mess, littered with condoms and clothing and even some naked revelers, who were sleeping off the excesses they had committed. Some of them were still committing them; there was one couple, either early-rising or late-retiring, fucking in a corner. Before doing anything else, Jayne visited the bathroom to take care of her personal needs, including cleaning herself up as well as she could. When they were taken care of, she started looking for the man who had brought her there. He was not in sight, and Jayne had no way to get home, because she also had no money for a taxi.

This was not really much of a problem, because she had other assets she could use to get transportation. Primary among these were her feminine wiles, and she decided to put them to work on at least one of the men who were still on the premises. Feeling she needed to look as good as possible, Jayne returned to the bathroom to do as much about her appearance as she could, which would certainly not include dressing her best. She was still naked but so was everybody in sight, and she was fully aware that her sexy and openly available body would be the most important part of her feminine wiles.

After leaving the bathroom for the second time, Jayne found a man, sound asleep on the floor, who she thought would be willing and able to take care of her needs. He was lying on his back and snoring, but he was young and blonde and handsome, with broad shoulders, a deep chest, and a narrow waist, exactly her type. More important than his athletic physique, he had impressive morning wood. Jayne nudged him with her foot and stood above him, bent slightly forward, and with her legs spread to put her charms fully on display.

At first, Robbie Brown thought he was having a beautifully erotic dream. He looked up and, standing over him, was the sexiest women he had ever seen, and he lived in a city famous for its many sexy women. Her shapely legs were creamy-white and, at their junction, was an incredible pink and blonde pussy, with pouty lips, that looked perfect for eating or fucking. The ass and hips of the vision flared from her sexily plump waist and curved out and around and back to meet her legs, like something from a Greek sailor's most erotic fantasy. Most prominent, jutting over her waist were two of the biggest and most succulent tits he had ever even imagined, topped by big pink nipples. The incredible body was fittingly capped off by a lovely face, with flawless ivory skin and long blonde hair, cascading fetchingly down her back. Suddenly, he opened his eyes wider, and realized she was much more than a dream.

Jayne knelt beside the handsome young man, leaning over to give him an even better look at her breasts, and holding his stiff cock gently in one soft hand. "How would you like to stick this nice, big dick in my pussy?" she asked. The tongue-tied Robbie could only nod his head in happy response.

"Not here, though," Jayne continued. "Go to the bathroom and take care of what you need to do. Then come back here, and we can go to my house, and my tits and pussy and ass are yours for the rest of the day."

That sounded like the best offer Robbie had ever even heard of, and he couldn't refuse it. He got to his feet and hurried into the bathroom, where he took care of some of the same needs as Jayne had a few minutes earlier. When he returned to the main room his cock, which had softened while he was urinating, became even more fully erect at the sight of the gorgeous naked woman who awaited him, and at the thought of what they would soon be doing.

Jayne smiled at the sight of his big, eager cock. It would be just what she needed to counteract the very unpleasant memories of Anton LaVey. "Have you got a car here?" she asked him. "Otherwise, we can take a taxi."

Robbie did have a car, and it was in the hotel parking lot. After they had gotten dressed and retrieved his car keys and their other things from the closet where everybody's belongings had been stashed, he followed the lovely vision's directions and drove to her mansion. He still couldn't help thinking the whole experience was some kind of incredibly erotic dream, but the gorgeous blonde's hand playing with his cock was real enough. She had introduced herself, unnecessarily, because he had quickly recognized her. Robbie had happy memories of the many times he had masturbated over nude pictures of Jayne Mansfield in "Playboy". However, not even in his wildest and most erotic imaginings, had he ever even come close to picturing himself being on his way to her mansion for a day of fucking and a lot more with one of the premier sex goddesses of the world.

Jayne led Robbie down the hall to her bedroom. Those members of her servant staff who met her along the way greeted her, said "Good morning, Sir" to the young man with her, and otherwise stayed out of her way. Even Melba, her very personal and very highly salaried maid left the bedroom when she saw the rather unkempt couple enter. Not wanting to be disturbed during what she expected to be a very pleasant and extremely carnal morning, Jayne locked the door behind them.

After the previous night's escapades, even including rolling around on the floor, Jayne and Robbie were both quite grimy and covered with various dried fluids. The first thing called for was a shower, and they headed for the bathroom to get their bodies clean. The architect of the house, which had been built for Rudy Vallee, had anticipated that the occupants would use it for the reasons Jayne and Robbie intended. He designed the showers to accommodate couples or even larger groups, so they had plenty of room to do whatever they wanted. The two eagerly anticipating people took turns washing each other's backs, before turning to face one another. By the time Robbie was through washing off Jayne's voluptuous breasts and ass, his erection felt like it was ready to burst through its own skin.

Jayne washed the front of his body too, especially his cock, and she handled it delicately, because she didn't want him to cum prematurely in her hands. AIDS was unheard of at the time, but she watched for any signs of venereal disease, and was pleased that she found none. She would insist that he wear a condom anyhow because, after fucking her the first time, she would want him to eat her pussy, and she thought he might be unwilling to lick up and swallow his own cum. Actually, she was wrong about that. For the chance to eat Jayne Mansfield's pussy, Robbie would almost have been willing to lick up and swallow a fatal dose of cyanide, but she wouldn't expect him to do that either.

Freshly scrubbed and completely naked, the two horny people climbed onto Jayne's king-sized, industrial strength bed, and she took a condom from the very large selection in a nightstand drawer. Smiling lasciviously, she rolled it onto Robbie's erect cock, and lay down on her back, her legs spread and her arms raised in an unmistakable invitation. He responded by kneeling between her legs and leaning toward her. While he supported his weight on one hand, his other hand guided his eager cock toward the dripping pussy that the lovely blonde reached down to hold open for him.

Sometimes, and under other circumstances, she would have wanted Robbie's tongue caressing her there first, and bringing about her initial orgasm. That morning, however, LaVey had already eaten her pussy, and Jayne wanted the young stud to make up for what the fat creep had failed to do for her. She anticipated that she would enjoy her second cumming from what the young man's mouth would do for her. Robbie wanted to repeatedly enjoy Jayne's voluptuous body with his cock and his mouth, and didn't particularly care in what order.

Jayne felt the thick, hard tip of Robbie's erection press against her pussy, and rub up and down to spread some of her plentiful lubrication onto itself. In total bliss, with her eyes closed and a wide smile on her lovely face, she nestled her head in her pillow, ready to begin the fucking she craved. The next thing she felt was the head of his cock against her pussy lips, and she felt it start to wedge between them, already sending pleasure throbbing through her body.

Abruptly, she felt nothing. For thirty seconds, Jayne lay on her back, expecting Robbie to drive his big, studly cock into her wet and eager pussy, but nothing happened. She could feel his legs against the insides of her thighs, and she felt his arm brush against her side, but she felt nothing in her pussy. Jayne opened her eyes to see why he was taking so long to begin fucking her, and gazed at the shaven head and smirking face of Anton LaVey, with his highly distinctive beard and mustache. When he saw her eyes were open, his smirk widened, but he said nothing, just started the same motions as earlier that morning, as if he were fucking her without a cock.

Jayne screamed. She swung an opened handed slap at the face above her, and connected loudly. A startled Robbie pulled his cock out of her and backed down off the bed, shock bordering on terror in his eyes, and a red blotch on his face.

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