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Jealous Friend


"You broke his fucking arm!" She yelled, pushing out of the apartment into the dimly lit hallway. It had gotten late, and emerging from the celebration made the corridor feel eerily empty.

"He was touching you!" A tall blonde shoved through the door, pursuing her down the staircase. She made no move to lose him, but pushed on all the same.

"We won the match, John has a fucking ego, and I know how to take care of myself!" she turned quickly, just stopping herself from running into him.

They stopped abruptly, chests heaving from the pursuit. She could feel how wild she must have looked, her hair falling out of its ponytail, fire in her eyes from the fight. He wasn't wrong, they'd all had plenty to drink, and John got a little too handsy with her.

"Most girls just say thanks," he mumbled, finally gaining some humility now that they were removed from the situation.

"Thanks." she snapped, still glaring at him.

The situation changed faster than her mind could follow. One minute, he was meters away, approaching with apprehension, and the next, the air between them flickered with electricity. As he came closer, she felt the space around her close in, give away, until it was only them. And for the life of her, she couldn't remember why she was angry, only that her head was fuzzy, and she had never noticed the way his face softened when he looked at her.

"Are you okay?" he whispered, so close now that the air from his mouth brushed against her forehead. She shivered, recognizing this moment for what it was. It was her last year of college, and she was not a virgin. She had been in this moment before, the calm before the storm, but never like this. Never with her friend, the unsaid burning in the last inches between their skin.

"No," her voice escaped, a hoarse sound from deep within her throat. Before she could stop herself, her lips closed the distance between them, and she could feel him tense in response. It was only a brief moment, and then he was spinning her, forcing her back against the wall of the corridor.

The kiss was not a light reassurance. It was grounding. She felt a need unlike anything she'd known flow through her, forcing a fire into her movements that she hadn't thought possible. Everywhere his stupid lips touched her sang, her skin cold where he left teasing kisses. She moaned as his teeth grazed her neck, a firm touch that she didn't anticipate. He pulled back in response, eyes blazing with the same passion he'd had as he came to her rescue moments before.

She was moving before she knew where she was going, pulling him back into the apartment. At this point, she had forgotten whose house it was. Nobody noticed as she dragged him into the nearest room. It looked to be someone's office.

"Here?" He scoffed, letting his fingers linger on her hips as she locked the door behind her.

She lifted herself onto the desk, biting her lip and pulling him close in response to his questioning. She dug her ankles into the backs of his legs, pinning him to her. With a shift of her hips, she was able to grind herself against him, finding his already hard erection pressing against her. A gasp escaped her and he seized it, pressing his lips against hers and sliding his tongue in easily. He groped at her sloppily, but she didn't care. She only felt a growing need to be closer. And they just had so much clothes on. She pulled her jersey over her head, still gritty from the game. He didn't care. His hands were too busy trailing patterns along her bare skin.

She reached for the hem of his shirt, pulling it up in a fruitless attempt to get closer. He laughed into her mouth before leaning back, removing the top. And suddenly he was so warm against her, his arms pulling her close in an embrace that she ached for. She sighed in his arms, kissing him more softly now. But she noted to herself that she didn't want soft assurance right then. She wanted him. So she let her fingers trail along his stomach and to his shorts, tracing the outline of his straining cock. A deep moan rumbled through her lips from his, and she grinned, stroking him again.

Then he was clumsy for reasons other than the beer she tasted on him. His need flowed into hers, and his hands were slipping into the hem of her shorts, pulling them down. And then his fingers were slipping between her folds.

He was slow, and torturous. He dragged his fingers along her slit, and traced the wetness around her.

"You're soaked," he whispered in her ear, and it shook her to the core. There were no doubts that it was all because of him.

"Then you'd better do something about it," She giggled back to him. And he grinned mischievously. Then her friend trailed kisses down her neck, pulling her shorts and panties off. She tensed in anticipation. Nobody had ever done this well for her before. No man had ever had his face so close to her shaking thighs, and she could barely contain herself. He gently spread her legs, taking her in.

"You are the most fucking beautiful thing I've ever seen," he looked up at her, naked and panting on a stranger's desk, spread for him. She knew he was lying, because the most beautiful sight she'd seen was his face between her legs. He neared her, and shivered from his breath against her wetness. His lips lightly brushed her, sending a shock through her body.

Her excitement was built so high in her head that it didn't take long. Despite what most men thought, external stimulation really was the way to go. And holy hell did he know what he was doing. She felt the slow build inside of her as he licked her from bottom to top, hard and slow, and her thighs clenched around him. He flicked his tongue quickly just above her clit where the hood was beginning to retract. She moaned loudly at the movement, pulling away from the intense sensation, but he held tight to her thighs, holding her at his mercy. He was a fast learner, she reasoned. He found his goal quickly, positioning his mouth so that she felt the movement throughout her whole body, earning him a squirming, panting woman. She was so close, and told him that, throwing her head back as she grinded against his mouth, searching for a deeper friction.

She felt herself close now, panting and grabbing her sheets with her second hand.

"I'm gonna, I'm gonna," she whined, grinding shamelessly against his mouth, clutching the desk for dear life.

"Then do it," he murmured quietly against her, his voice vibrating in her core. And that was her undoing.

She felt the quivvers of a quick, dirty orgasm ripple through her, leaving her tired, but not quite fulfilled.

"Tell me what you want," he caressed her cheek, dragging his fingers down her neck and over her taut nipples. She felt herself clench, face twisted with desire. When she didn't answer, he pulled back. She reached out to him, trying to get him closer with the need burning in her eyes. He had fantastic restraint.

"You have to use your words. Anything. I'll do anything to please you."

"Could you," she started, reaching a hand out. He grabbed it, pulling her off the desk. She steadied herself, placing another hand on his chest. His skin burned where they touched, and she felt a renewed desire, "... Could you spank me?"

"Spank you?" he had asked, grabbing the hand on his chest. She felt something subtle shift in the air, sparking with electricity once more. The moment before had been heated, filled with the desire of what was to come. They were young. It should have been a quick fuck and they'd both be on their ways, bragging to their friends about one hot night. But this moment held the promise of so much more.

He spun her around, shoving her torso onto the desk roughly. A yelp of surprise escaped from her lips, and she felt a fresh gush of wetness come with it.

"So good all the time, aren't you? You're such a rule follower-"

"We're not following the rules right now, are we?" She laughed, but it was cut short by his hand brushing her thigh, grabbing tightly onto one of her cheeks.

"Do you think we need some rules?" he laughed back, slapping her lightly. She let out a small gasp, and he was unimpressed.


"Harder." she responded, and he delivered. As soon as the word slipped out, his hand hit her much harder. The sting radiated through her lower back, and her whole body moved with the effort. A loud cry forced itself through her. It seemed as if the action was connected to her sex, clenching around nothing.

"How is that?" he asked, less sure this time.

"Please," she cried, and he spanked her again, twice in a row. He had moved his efforts to other areas of her ass, not staying in the same place twice. She moaned from the pain and pleasure, feeling so dirty for liking something so unusual.

He spanked her twice more on the other cheek, and before the pain could finish traveling through her body, he shoved two fingers in her roughly. She was so lost in the sensation that she didn't understand the noises that were coming out of her. She didn't care if they were attractive or not, she only knew that if he wasn't inside of her soon, she would die. She pushed her body back against his hands, and he removed them quickly, watching her carefully as she turned around.

"I need you," she cried, kissing him messily. He moaned into her mouth, lifting her onto the desk and pulling his pants down. He was at her entrance in a moment and held himself there with one hand, looking to her eyes.

"Are you sure?" he asked, searching her for any doubt.

"Yes, please, for the love of-" and her sentence was lost as he started to slide into her. She moaned as she felt herself stretch around him. He was not small by any means. He seemed to feel this, and moved slowly, pushing in steadily. The sensation was so erotic, and he was so attractive when he looked unrestrained, that she felt herself building already. He started thrusting slowly, slipping a little more of himself into her each time. She gasped lightly with every thrust, and his enthusiasm matched hers.

She hadn't been fucked in so long, she'd forgotten how good it felt. Her toys could never measure up. She could feel every movement, the sliding of his thick, hard dick inside of her, brushing against her clenching walls.

"It feels so good," she told him, throwing her head back. He grabbed onto her hips roughly and fucked her harder. She moaned, grabbing onto his shoulders and holding on tightly. She rocked her hips into his, meeting his thrusts, and he swore as she rode him.

"Please, harder!" she cried. He pulled her hips off the desk and she fell backwards, knocking papers off. He hitched her legs over her shoulders and leaned forward, his thick cock sliding even deeper into her. She cried out at the sensation, surprised at the feeling of the tip of his cock hitting her cervix.

"Right there," she swore, unable to do anything but feel him fucking her. She was pinned against the desk, and couldn't move away from the hard fucking. She felt herself building, and gasping loudly, every movement giving her pleasure.

"Cum for me baby," he told her, and she cried out, climaxing as he thrust into her. He kept fucking her through her climax, her pussy fluttering against his hard cock. Every sensation was so sensitive, she felt herself close to a second orgasm.

"Don't stop!" she told him, but he couldn't if he tried, she felt so good around him. He thrust deep into her once more. She was so sensitive, that she could feel him cumming inside of her. When he pulled out, it dripped onto the desk.

"What a fucking sight," he commented.

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