tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJean Goes Skinny Dipping

Jean Goes Skinny Dipping


This is an entry in the Nude Day Contest. But why stop at one nude day? Please vote.

This fantasy takes place around 1970 and is motivated by personal memories. This was a time before cell phones. The birth control pill was just ten years old and women's lib was just starting. Protests against the senseless war in Vietnam were still going on. Marijuana and psychedelics were common in college towns like Ithaca, NY. Young people thought it was the beginning of a wondrous Age of Aquarius.


Jean pulled her pillow over her head and tried to ignore the jarring ring of the telephone. She had a hangover from a long Friday night of dancing and drinking. Her mother had left the previous day to get an early start on a week-long conference for high school teachers in Las Vegas. Naturally without her mother to pester her, Jean planned to blow half of Saturday sleeping late. However, the phone kept ringing and ringing. Whoever was calling knew how hard it was for her to wake up in the morning.

Jean answered the phone with a terse, "Hello."

"Hey sleepy head, you are wasting a perfectly gorgeous day. Let's go to the dam and swim. It'll be a quiet place to catch up on old times."

It was her impulsive childhood friend Coleen who she had run into at the bar last night. The live band at The Haunt had made talking awkward, but they had both expressed a desire to get together. Jean was feeling lonely after dropping out of college and returning home. Most of her high school friends were gone and Jean was eager to revive her friendship with her oldest friend.

Jean replied, "Dam? Swim?"

"Hey Townie, have you forgotten all of the fun we had playing along Six Mile Creek as kids? Surely you remember Van Natta's Dam? Well, now the hot spot is the reservoir upstream. It's a bit of a hike beyond Van Natta's, but it's worth it. It's a great place to catch some sun and a swim."

Jean groaned as she sat up. It was already hot and humid. In other words a typical summer day in Upstate New York. If it wasn't hot and humid, then it was hot, humid and hazy unless of course there was a thunderstorm.

Jean said, "That sounds nice, but I don't have a suit that fits."

Coleen laughed and said, "Did I forget to mention that it is a nude beach? No one wears a suit and it's far enough from civilization that no one cares. All you need is a towel to lie on."

Jean said, "Oh my god! You plan on sunbathing naked?"

"Hey, girl, last I heard you were bragging about how liberated you were. Seriously, it'll be fun. Everyone is young and I promise no one will bother you. You can check it out and only strip if you feel comfortable."

Jean had a long history of Coleen talking her into things. Most of them had been fun, but a few had turned out bad. Of course, she tended to remember the ones that went wrong. Still she loved to swim and it was too hot to do much of anything else. If it were really secluded, it could be lots of fun. After all she was a liberated woman, wasn't she?

"OK, as long as I can leave if I'm not happy."

"Great, I'll be over in an hour to pick you up. I'm just going to wear a tee shirt and shorts, so don't bother to dress up."

Jean got out of bed and grabbed a quick breakfast. She was ready to go by the time Coleen knocked on her door.

Coleen came bustling through the door and looked around the room.

"Wow, it looks like nothing has changed. Your mom always keeps such a pretty and neat home. What's it like moving back home after being away in college? You look great! Let's get going before the whole day is gone."

As usual Jean was overwhelmed by Coleen's manic state. She was aware that her friend alternated between intense energy and deep melancholy. She had long ago learned to avoid Coleen when she was in her depressed state since it only reinforced her own negative tendencies. Today looked like Coleen was just what she needed to lift her out of her funk.

Jean looked at her friend. Both girls were wearing tee shirts and shorts, but they were very different physically. Coleen was what a Jewish boy in high school had referred to as zaftig. She was not fat by any means, but she was pleasantly plump with sensuous curves. Despite regular exercise, she had never lost her baby fat. Coleen was a busty brunette who relied on her looks more than her brains. Jean, however, was blond with a lithe dancer's body. Jean had generous breasts for her slim frame.

They piled into Coleen's old VW bug and headed across town to catch State Street. The VW labored up the steep hill until they turned onto Water Street. They parked off the road near Van Natta's Dam. The walk up Six Mile Creek wound through a forest of second growth trees. Despite the shade, it was stifling hot and humid. By the time they reached the second dam, their tee shirts were soaked with sweat. Jean had never been so far up the creek and was pleasantly surprised at the beauty of the setting. Next to the dam was a large flat shale rock with a half dozen nude sunbathers. On the opposite side of the dam, a couple of guys were using a rope swing to jump into the lake. A wooden raft held a couple of sunbathers a few hundred feet from shore. The lake water looked cool and inviting.

Coleen said, "See, I told you it was gorgeous. It's perfectly safe and everyone looks friendly."

Jean relaxed as she recognized a couple of townies mixed in with what might be Cornell students. Coleen led her to a vacant spot on the rock and laid out her towel. Before Jean even got her towel positioned, Coleen had already stripped to her panties. As Jean watched, Coleen peeled off her sweaty panties and dropped them on the pile of her clothes. Coleen's breasts jiggled nicely as her friend laid face down on her towel.

"Come on take 'em off before you lose your nerve."

Jean looked around nervously. She felt like everyone was watching her. Well, it was put up or shut up. She peeled off her sweaty tee shirt. Unlike Coleen she wasn't wearing a bra and her breasts were immediately on display. As the sweat on her breasts dried in the breeze, her pink, puffy nipples became hard. Jean unzipped her shorts and dropped them to her feet. Jean wondered if she could get away with keeping her panties on but everyone one else was stark naked. Jean hooked her thumbs into her underwear and shucked them off in one quick motion. She quickly laid down next to Coleen.

Coleen said, "How was college? Are you glad to be home?"

Jean said, "I picked the wrong major. I like to read and I thought I wanted to be an English teacher like my mom. However, when I had to read books and analyze them, it took out all of the pleasure. I had an activist boyfriend and got into the Anti-Vietnam War movement. He was organizing a rent strike against the slum landlord who owned the building he lived in. There was a rumor that the landlord had hired a biker gang to evict us. I spent the night on the roof holding a loaded rifle. It didn't help that we were smoking weed. I freaked out. When I realized that things had gotten just too crazy, I decided to drop out of college at the end of my second year and come home. I took a boring job at the hospital lab until I can decide what I really want to do with my life. I'm not really happy to be living at home, but at least I feel safe."

Coleen said, "Well at least you had some excitement in your life. I'm stuck working in Rothschild's department store. I'm living with my high school boyfriend, Scott. Sometimes he brings in some money by selling drugs. The most excitement I have is when Scott brings over this psychopath ex-felon who is supplying him with stolen prescription drugs. Garrett is big black and super scary and he gives me the creeps when he rapes me with his eyes. He played guard in college and turned pro. I think his career ended after one too many hits to the head. Now, he controls all of the drug traffic in the area. He's put several of his rivals in the hospital or under the ground."

Coleen said, "It was a lot more fun when we were in high school. We both lived at home but managed to party all of the time. We got into the local bars using fake IDs when we were only 15. Do you remember the time we crashed a frat party? We were plied with a lot of free drinks before they decided we should play strip poker. Too bad you chickened out when you got down to your underwear. I still remember the party you threw at your mom's place while she was out of town. Word got around and everyone came. You had people throwing up in the living room and others screwing in the bedrooms. We spent the next day cleaning up before your mom got back. I said that the two of us were drinking while watching TV. I apologized to your mom for getting sick on the carpet. She totally believed us. Those were the good old days."

Coleen rolled over onto her back. Jean followed suit and used her clothes for a pillow. The sun warmed her breasts and a breeze teased her pussy through her light blond pubic hair. As they lay talking in the sun, more people showed up. The rock was becoming crowded. Jean noticed that when someone new arrived, everyone watched as the person undressed. When they were finally naked, everyone went back to what they had been doing.

A tall skinny boy with a pimply face picked a spot only a few feet away. Jean watched as he pulled off his tee shirt to reveal a scrawny chest spotted with tufts of hair. Jean gasped as the boy dropped his jeans to his feet. His flaccid cock was humongous! Jean had never seen anything so amazing.

Coleen poked her in the ribs and whispered, "Are you watching?"

Jean kept her eyes fastened on the boy's cock as she leaned over to whisper in Coleen's ear. "My god, how big do you think it gets when it's erect?"

Collen giggled and said, "I'd totally do him if he had a bag over his head."

Everyone continued to stare until the boy laid face down on the warm shale rock. Jean and Coleen went back to their conversation about old happier times. Every now and then Jean checked out the pimply faced boy. He seemed to be furtively watching the two girls. They weren't the only good looking girls on the beach, but he seemed to be fixated on them.

Despite the gentle breeze, Jean was getting hot from lying in the sun. She turned occasionally to get relief from the heat. She felt a sharp poke in the ribs from Coleen as the skinny kid got to his feet and ran to the water. Before he plunged in, Jean had a close-up view of the kid's massive erection.

Coleen said, "On my god! That was just insane. How in the hell could any girl take that thing?"

Coleen and Jean giggled hysterically.

When they calmed down, Jean said, "I'm going for a swim to cool off. Do you want to come?"

Coleen said, "I need to cool off too, but I can never keep up with you. I can swim out to the raft and check out the skinny guy. I know you like to swim but if you want to swim farther, you'll have to go alone."

The girls jumped into the cool lake and swam to the raft. Jean got there much faster than Coleen. When Coleen got to the raft, she was out of breath.

Coleen said, "I think I'll rest here and swim back later. Why don't you take a nice long swim? I'll be fine."

Jean said, "Well I do need the exercise after sitting at work all week. I'll see you in a bit."

Jean performed a slow, steady crawl up the lake. She stayed close to shore just in case she got a cramp. After about a hundred yards, she went around a peninsula and was out of sight of the beach. She kept swimming and rolled over into a back crawl. The late afternoon sky was hazy with gathering clouds. Birds flew low over the water calling out to each other. Jean felt at peace for the first time in months. She didn't turn back until she reached the far end of the small lake.

When she came back around the peninsula, she saw uniformed men standing around the naked sunbathers. Some of the men were dressed in gray uniforms and some were in blue. A couple of men in blue were chasing the skinny kid up a path that ran by where Jean was swimming. Jean saw a small stream entering the lake nearby. She swam up the stream a few feet and hid behind a rock. She saw the pimply faced kid hop the stream no more than twenty feet from her hiding place. The kid landed awkwardly and howled in pain. The men in blue pounced on him and dragged him away.

Jean carefully peered through some bushes. The two men in blue were leading the kid back to the beach. She recognized the men in blue uniforms as Ithaca police. When the cops got back to the mixed group of officers, there was a heated discussion about jurisdiction. Eventually, they split the sunbathers into two groups. All of the nudists had their wrists fastened behind their backs with plastic ties. The men in gray took a mixed group of males and females and escorted them down the trail.

Coleen and the skinny kid were part of the remaining group. After another discussion, three of the Ithaca cops took everyone except Coleen down the trail. Two cops remained behind with the girl. Jean knew the short, fat cop as a former Ithaca High School safety officer. He was a pig who loved bullying students. He had been replaced at the high school after numerous complaints.

Once the two cops were alone with Coleen, the fat one said, "We kept you behind because you threatened an officer. We are required to perform a careful cavity search before we can take you back to the jail."

Coleen struggled as the fat officer kneaded her large breasts. The other cop held the frightened girl as the fat one jammed a hand into her crotch. Coleen shrieked as his fingers penetrated her pussy.

The fat cop said, "Damn this cunt is wet. I've got two fingers in her and there is room for more. Lucky for her, she is wet because it'll hurt less when I check her ass. Now bend her over and hold her tight."

Coleen screamed when the fat cop pushed a finger into Coleen's dry ass. She squirmed as she tried to escape the invading finger.

The fat cop said, "Frank, watch carefully. Notice I'm twisting my finger as deep as I can. Sometimes they shove contraband in really far. You don't want them dying of a drug overdose in jail or pulling a weapon."

Coleen continued to struggle and she begged them to stop as tears streamed down her face.

"Frank, have you ever done a cavity search?"

"No Hugh, I've never done one and they didn't cover it in during training."

"Well now is as good a time as any to learn. I'll bet most of the officers back at the station have never done one. I should hold a class later. I think this bitch will make a good teaching tool. Maybe if she cooperates, we'll let her off with a warning. Otherwise, she goes on the sex offender registry for life. We can charge her with public nudity."

"So bitch, I hope you are going to cooperate. I don't need the paperwork."

Hugh, the fat cop, held the weeping girl while the rookie pushed a finger tentatively into her pussy.

Hugh said, "Frank, a cavity search is no time to be gentle. You should use two or three fingers and push them in deep. Don't be afraid to twist them around. If you're tentative, then you'll miss something. People can get hurt if you miss anything."

Coleen screamed as Frank shoved three fingers deep into her wet pussy. He twisted them around for a long time before pulling them out to her slit. He ran his fingers up the girl's pussy and gently rubbed the girl's sensitive nub. Coleen moaned as the unexpected sensuous caress caused her body to squirm.

Hugh said, "What the fuck do you think you are doing?"

Frank said, "My girlfriend taught me to give her pleasure before I fucked her. So I'm just follow her guidance."

Hugh said, "Yeah, I'd really like to fuck this juicy bitch right now, but there could be witnesses. I'm sure that the guy with the big telephoto camera is still watching. He's the guy who reported these perverted hippie nudists. So I suggest you wait until we get her back to the station. Maybe I can teach you interrogation techniques after my class on cavity searches."

Frank laughed and said, "OK, let's get her back to the station. I'm not sure I can hold off much longer."

Jean watch in dismay as the cops led her childhood friend down the path. She waited as long as she could after the cops disappeared into the woods. Now she was afraid that the there might be a guy with a camera hiding in the woods. "Just who was the real pervert anyway."

Jean snuck back to the beach. All of her clothes were gone. All that was left of the carefree sunbathers was some trash. Jean crept back into the forest once she gave up hope of finding something to wear. She sat down on a mossy patch under the shade of a large tree. Her mind raced as she tried to think of a way out of her predicament. Unless someone friendly came along she had no way to get any clothes.

Jean was frantic. She had to get home. She could lose her job if she were arrested for public nudity. If convicted, she would have to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life. She might never get a good job. Even her mother's job as a high school teacher could be at risk. This was by far the worst mess Coleen had ever gotten her into.

She would have to wait until dark and try to sneak home. It was almost 2 miles by the quickest route, but that would mean she would have to go through downtown where she would be totally exposed. She thought of her old home on State Street. There was a cemetery across the street from the road to the dam that would be deserted. The cemetery would take her to her old elementary school. She would have three or so blocks of houses between the school and Cascadilla Creek. There was a good trail down the creek to the large Ithaca Cemetery. After that, there was a wooded area that led almost to her doorstep. She could use the hidden key to get into the house. It was a longer route and freaky scary, but she didn't have a better option. She couldn't think of anyplace that she could use a phone to call a friend without entering a corner store naked.

While Jean was thinking the wind picked up and the sky darkened. Jean jumped at the first crack of thunder. The heat and humidity had generated a pop-up thunderstorm. Jean looked around for shelter as the rain pelted her sunburned skin. She was afraid to stay under the tree, but the wind and rain were making her shiver. Jean ran to a nearby cliff and pressed her naked body under an overhang. The storm ended quickly and her shivering soon ended as the heat and humidity returned.

Jean sat back on the moss in despair as she waited for dark. She was happy to see a half moon in the sky as darkness fell. It was painful walking on the rocky path back to the street. By the time she reached the road, she had several cuts and bruises on her tender feet. From the safety of the woods, she saw that Coleen's VW was still parked where they left it. Jean waited until the road was clear before running up to the car. Damn, Coleen had locked the car and the trunk.

Jean headed up Water Street. Fortunately, there were only a couple of houses along the street. Just before she reached State Street, a large dog barked when he detected an intruder in his yard. Jean pressed her naked body against a large tree as the dog growled at her. She could feel his warm breath on her pussy as he sniffed her trembling body. Jean was sure the dog would rip out her throat if she ran. She was saved when a man slammed open his front door and yelled for his dog. The man stood peering off into the darkness before dragging the dog inside.

Jean hid behind a bush next to State Street. There was still traffic at this hour and Jean had to wait for a break. When it came, she sprinted across the hard street. When she heard someone shout, she ran even faster until she was well into Mt. Olivet Cemetery. The cool damp grass felt wonderful on her hurting feet. Jean remembered how as a kid they had told ghost stories about this cemetery. She had held her breath every time she walked by the haunted grounds. When she got older, she had used it as a shortcut to her elementary school. Still she had always been afraid to go close at night. Now she just felt relief.

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