tagMatureJean Keeps Her Job

Jean Keeps Her Job


I wasn't sure how I was going to break this to Jean. I didn't see that there was much of a choice and the decision that had to be made was quite clear.

She came in to my office. She was always dressed so prim and proper. Today, she was wearing a short dark jacket over a knee length skirt, white blouse with a lace trim tightly buttoned to her neck.

'Sit down, Jean.'

She sat. The way people sit tells you a lot about them. Jean sat quite formally, legs together, knees slightly to one side of the bodyline. Her hands, one clasped in the other, lay in her lap. She sat upright, her head turned just enough to keep her eyes focussed on me.

'Miss Frustrated' was what the office girls called her. She was not unattractive, but significantly older than the others, so there was less that they had in common. Her dress sense was 'sensible' and she had little time for idle chatter. To put it simply: she did not get on.

'You are probably aware that the company is going through a difficult period,' I began. She looked up at me and I wondered whether she could guess what I was going to say.

'I have been told that there will have to be redundancies,' I continued, ' and that is always a difficult decision to make.'

'Not me, Sir,' she said, 'please not me.'

'We have to make some sacrifices,' I said, 'the company has no choice.'

'Please, ' she said, 'not me.'

'Jean,' I said, 'this is never easy.'

'Please, Sir. I need this job.'

'It would be difficult getting another job, wouldn't it?' I said, 'Especially one so well paid.' I could see that she realised that.

'Please, Sir,' she said, aware of her vulnerability, 'I'll do anything.'

I suddenly had this feeling of power. I did not know if she really meant anything, but I felt a stiffening in my trousers, because I could not help but think that she might.

'Anything, Jean?'

'Anything, Sir. I need this job badly.'

'Have you ever sucked a man's cock, Jean?'

She looked at me with an initial expression of shock, then surprise and then confusion and puzzlement.

'I beg your pardon, Sir?'

She was pretending she hadn't heard, hadn't understood. I had a chance to back down and say something else for her to believe I had said instead. I knew she had heard, but she did not want to believe what I had actually said or think about what was implied; what would happen next.

I felt nasty and wicked and ever so horny. I knew she didn't want it or, even if she did, could never admit to such a disgusting thing. But there, standing in front of her, I could feel my prick, harder than it had been for a long time, pressing up against the fabric of my boxers, tenting my trousers. Somehow I couldn't really stop myself now.

I unzipped my trousers and pulled my boxers down allowing my fully erect thick meaty cock to spring proudly out in front of her face, the tip sticky from the precum I had felt leaking in my pants. She gasped. It looked nasty. I was pleased how nasty it must have looked to her.

'Have you ever sucked a man's cock?'

She hesitated, uncertain what to do now. For a couple of heartbeats she sat, just looking at my cock quivering in front of her - her face expressionless.

Then she got up slowly.

'I think I'd better go', she said, or rather mumbled. She was clearly embarrassed to be in the room and I thought I'd lost it.

She was turned away from me, halfway to the door. She hadn't stormed out, like I feared she might.

'This is the deal, if you want it. If not, you pack up your desk now.'

'I need this job', she said quietly.

'I think I can fix it so you won't have to leave. It won't be easy, because I've been virtually told to fire you, but I can fix it if I stick my neck out. It will cost me, so you need to show your gratitude. If you show me how much it means to you, then I will make that effort to make sure that you keep your job. You will show me by sucking my cock until I cum down your throat. When you leave this room, you will have the taste of my cream in your mouth.'

I enjoyed saying that, anticipating her reaction to the image of my hot salty cum in her mouth.

'That's disgusting.' She said, but did not move. Neither did she turn back, but looked away from me, at the door, lacking the courage to make her escape.

'Alternatively,' I said, 'you can clear your desk.'

'I've never done anything like this,' she said, 'Never. No one has ever ... You don't really want me to ... not really ... you don't want me to.'

Her face was flushed. She looked at my cock, still standing stiffly – even harder than before – uncompromising.

'You're going to suck my cock, Jean'

It was crude. The situation embarrassed her, but I think it excited her a little too. Perhaps it was the helplessness of the situation, perhaps the loss of control, the deliberate abuse.

'I will keep my job?'

'Guaranteed!' I said. I knew if I told my boss how she had managed to convince me, I could probably swing it easy. Of course, he would probably want to be 'convinced' as well ... or maybe he'd like to watch Jean convincing me again – I knew he liked that kind of stuff.

She nodded, slowly, sheepishly. 'You'll never tell anyone, will you?'

'Our secret', I said, as I thought of the people I was certainly going to be sharing this little secret with. I felt like a real bastard; I felt guilty; I felt liberated by my own wickedness.

She sat back down in her seat, never taking her eyes from my thick cock. I moved closer, virtually pushing it into her face.

She licked around hr lips, moistening them. Her eyes seemed to be moistening as well.

I faltered. My nerve was breaking. I put a hand on her shoulder. She did not respond.

She did not look up. She seemed mesmerised by the swollen head of my cock. She spoke slowly as if the words had difficulty emerging.

'I really don't want to do this, Sir. It's nasty of you to try to make me like this.'

I was getting annoyed with her. She was wasting time and I was keen to feel her unwilling mouth sucking on me.

'Suck it, Jean. And make it good, if you want to keep your job.'

'Oh, Sir', she whispered, almost inaudibly. I don't know if it was meant to be some kind of plea, but I paid no attention, anyway.

Gingerly, she placed her hand around the base, not looking at me, just looking at the swollen purple head with the single eye oozing precum. I thought for a moment she was going to turn away and then, still not looking at me, she closed her eyes, opened her mouth and lowered it around the helmet of my cock. I felt her lips close around my shaft and the warm moistness of the inside of her mouth surrounding my cockhead.

She kept her eyes closed. For a while she held my cock still in her mouth, just tasting it. Then she swallowed once and started sucking gently on it.

After a few seconds, she stopped and took it out of her mouth. She looked at it for a moment, as if she could not believe what she had in her hand, and then licked around the head with her tongue. She looked up at me, her eyes seemed to be shining.

'I've never done anything like this before.' She said, and took my cock back into her mouth. Her sucking became more animated as she tried to build up a rhythm, slowly trying to take more and more of my length. She actually seemed happy.

She was surprisingly good. Her right hand cupped my balls, her left hand placed behind my thigh held me to her as she moved her head up and down on me. I felt my glans brushing the inside of her warm mouth. It felt good. I reached down as she sucked on my cock and undid her blouse reaching inside and slipping my hand under her bra to feel her breast - it was small, but firmer than I had expected - the nipple had hardened and I tweaked it between thumb and forefinger and felt her squirm slightly, her mouth moving to one side as she continued sucking.

I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out long, I was just so excited. I started fucking her mouth with my cock feeling my semen building up within ready to erupt within her mouth. I wondered how she was going to react when I finally came. As I felt myself about to release I pushed my cock hard into the back of her mouth, holding her head to stop her pulling away and just let it spurt out.

I could feel the gagging reflex in her throat giving my cock extra sensations and then I pulled back a little, just to make sure that she would get the full flavour of my cum in her mouth and then I let go, allowing her to pull away completely, coughing and retching on my juice.

I stroked my cock, looking at the sight of her. She had never looked so untidy, so dishevelled, her blouse undone, one tit half exposed where I had groped her. I enjoyed the fact that I had humiliated her like this and, although I felt a bit mean about it, I couldn't deny my wicked enjoyment of it. She was still trying to clear her throat as I my wanking over the spectacle of her produced a final glob of spunk which managed to hit her on the cheek just below her left eye.

She looked up at me, having finally cleared her mouth and throat sufficiently to speak.

'You dirty filthy bastard!'

I loved it.

Funnily enough, it seems, so did she. She got up and tidied herself and, strangely without another word, just left the office, but I thought I detected a trace of a smile as she left.

* * * *

I didn't tell anyone else, but I did have her back in my office the following Monday. She had been to the hairdressers and her clothes seemed to be somehow different. Perhaps it was just that her blouse was unbuttoned at the neck, but it appeared to be more than that.

I told her off for being late and she dropped to her knees.

She expected to have to suck me off again, but I made her take off her knickers and bend over my big wooden desk holding her pussy open.

'You're going to get fucked, Jean.'

'Oh Good, Sir! I rather hoped you might!'

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