tagLoving WivesJean's First Admission

Jean's First Admission


First Exhibitionist Show.

Jean and I had been to a holiday party with friends and some of my co-workers in the Dallas suburb of Garland, Texas. One of the guys that I later went to work for really flirted with my wife during the dinner. From the looks of it she seemed to be enjoying the attention quite a bit. My friend, Chuck, was quite the ladies man and very good looking. Jean is a slender flight attendant with beautiful breasts. Not too large to be droopy but a nice hand full. Her breasts are capped by very sensitive nipples about the size of a pencil eraser surrounded by about fifty cent piece sized areolas. Perfect for my taste and enjoyment. She is about five feet five inches tall and enjoys dressing in a sexy but not slutty manner.

This night she has on a simple black dress, tight and clingy but not ridiculous, low cut by not garish and short lengthened enough to attract attention to her wonderfully long legs. Under the dress was lace almost see thru bra and panty set that was enough to make my tongue hard, just knowing it was under there and I would be able to take it off her later. She had on heels that were higher than she normally wore, but really made her legs standout and look extremely sexy.

The party was nothing exceptional, just a holiday gathering of friends and their wives and or girlfriends. After dinner Chuck and my wife had begun to occupy each other's time and attention, almost to the point of being overwhelmingly obvious. She did nothing to discourage his blatant flirting. Smiling the whole time, laughing at what he was saying to her. The both of them were touching each other on the arm and back, in almost overly friendly gestures.

Without realizing it at first their behavior was really turning me on, sexually. I had never had those type feelings before, about my wife being pursued and responding to the pursuit. Once I realized how much I was enjoying their flirtations, I did nothing to break it up and would have most likely done something to encourage it if that had been needed. But while watching them I realized neither of them needed any encouragement. They were having a good time flirting, laughing and warm touching each other. I know the guy's history and knew he would have taken it much further if my wife had given him any inkling that she wanted more than just flirting. But being the good wife she kept it at what it was for her, simply a party flirtation, nothing more.

Later the party began to break up and everyone was hugging and kissing. Everyone was in a happy holiday spirit, especially when the clock hit 12 mid-nite. I noticed my wife and Chuck were lingering in what appeared to be more than a New Years hug and kiss. As they hugged she allowed her body to give in to his embrace. Allowing him to wrap his arms all the around her and pull her, with his hand on her lower back almost touching her ass, into himself fully. He held on with one hand and turned her face to him with the other. They began kissing tentatively at first then with earnest. One could almost see the passion growing the longer they held their kiss. Then both his arms were back around her pulling her to him with urgency far beyond a holiday kiss. His hands were roaming over her back coming very close to groping her beautiful ass. I'm standing their watching this whole thing wondering why it was not making me mad, realizing the more I saw the more turned on I was getting.

Finally they broke the embrace, eyes totally focused on each other as they moved away towards me and him towards his wife. I held her coat and we rushed to the car to avoid the cold. We jumped in the car and I turned on the heater quickly so we could get warm again. While sitting there waiting for the car to warm up, I was trying to figure out how to talk about how I felt about what I saw. I did not want to do this wrong because I had already figured out I might want her to behave like that again. Little did I know that it would become a lifestyle for both of us for the rest of our marriage?

So I said, "Wow, what a great party. I really had a wonderful time."

Jean looked around and with an almost astonished look on her face said, "Did you really?"

"Sure, I did.

"Are you sure?"

"Oh yes, very sure."

Jean hesitated and seemed to be in turmoil with her thoughts and feelings. Then she said, "I thought maybe you might be upset with me."

"Why would I be upset with you? You were the sexist's woman at the whole party. You made me very proud."

"You are not anger or upset with me?"

Again I left her hanging by replying, "Not at all."

Again she looked away and seemed to be in deep thought. Finally, again hesitantly, she asks, "You are not upset that I was talking to Chuck all night."

"Actually I think you were doing much more than just talking." I responded with a sly grin.

"What do you mean?"She said snapping her head around, fear reflecting in her facial expression.

"It seemed to me you were enjoying his flirting."

Again some time thinking before responding, with, "You did not get mad at him for flirting with your wife all night long?"

"Oh, au contraire!" I said smiling, "It shows he has got good taste in women to be flirting with you. It made me very proud that he was so taken by my wife's charms and sexy appearance."

Despite the low level of lighting inside the car as it was warming up, I could see her blush. So I added before she could respond, "I think you, my darling wife were flirting back which might have encouraged him more. Not that he needed encouragement, remember I know Chuck's history and life style."

She immediately began to start trying to apologize for what she had done, saying she was sorry, not knowing what came over her and promising never to do it again. Reaching over grabbing my hand and pulling it to her breast in hopes of distracting me from the situation, but I was a long way from being distracted. I leaned over and kissed her while she places her hand on her breast and wrapped her arms around my back as her tongue fucked my mouth reflecting just how horny she was. With my left hand I slide it under her skirt. She spreading her legs affording me easier access to her very moist and excited pussy. When my hand touched the crotch of thin lace panties, all I could feel was a cunt that was so wet the upper part of her legs were soaked.

I removed my hand and touched it to her lips. She did not know what to say or do. She could no longer deny that all the flirting has gotten her so excited she almost had an orgasm.

She opened her mouth and began to lick the moist cunt juice off my fingers. Treating each finger like she was sucking a cock, deliberately making a sexual show of each lick and suck.

As she is doing this I suggest, "Why don't you tell my about what you were thinking while you were flirting with Chuck."

"You're not mad"

"Nope, just excited like you."

"My flirting with your boss and getting aroused turned you on?"

"Totally!" I said with emphasize.

"You're sure, sure?"

"Sure, sure." I say trying to reassure her.

"I was wondering how big his dick is and thinking about what I wish he was doing with it to me." She says looking very closely at my face to check my reaction.

"I had quite an erotic sensation when I watched you guys flirting and I'm having an even more erotic sensation about what you just told me." I said smiling at her.

"Oh wow, this is a conversation I never dreamed we would ever be having. Are you sure it's OK?" she asked guardedly excited.

"Absolutely!" I say as I grasp her left hand and place it on my rigid cock.

"Oh, oh I can feel how you really like this. This is new territory for me have you ever had an experience like this before? She asks.

"No, did not even know you flirting would turn me on, until I began watching you and Chuck tonight." I assured her.

"You know I would never go beyond flirting, don't you?" she asked.

After thinking about what she had just said, I asked rhetorically, "Maybe we might find that you going further with this type behavior would be a turn on for both of us."

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