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Jedi Adventures Alema Rar Ch. 06


Author's notes: This is the third story I have written about the Jedi. Although this is chapter six of a stand alone story, please read Star Wars Jedi Tahiri in Bondage and Star Wars Jedi Tahiri & Alema Rar. Also, if you like this story, please leave me feedback, public or through email.

Jedi Adventures: Pirate Attack

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ CHAPTER SIX ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There were sixteen slaves in the room, and Alema Rar didn't think there were any still out: four Twi'leks, eleven humans, and one Bothan. The Bothan shared a bed with two of the human girls, while the nine remaining humans slept five and four. Alema Rar wondered how regular these sleeping arrangements would be.

After the first few of her fellow slaves got up, Alema Rar followed suit. The refresher was large enough for four comfortably, and adequate for the five that they squeezed in. While they were using it, the Jedi noted the three obvious holocams, and two more not so obvious.

When Alema Rar came out, breakfast was awaiting them. It was much better than she had expected, better even that what they usually served at the Jedi Academy. During breakfast she did manage to find out that her bedmate, Number Thirteen, had been on board the longest, nine days. There was also another area where Schliebak kept his permanent slavegirls. Before she could find out much more, everyone started changing into tight, stretchy tops and shorts for the morning workout.

Sixteen shackled and hooded slavegirls were led to a gym. The slavers made little effort to disguise the route. Can't escape from slavery in the gym, now, can we, Alema Rar thought. Still, it meant she had seen virtually nothing on the ship that her owners didn't want her too.

Once the slaves were released from their binders and hoods, a middle aged, hard faced human woman led them in stretching. This was followed by a short warm up, and then an intense session of aerobics. Alema Rar had little trouble keeping up with the workout, but the heavy collar she was wearing did hamper her a bit.

The instructor was in fantastic shape for a woman her age. For any human. The slaves just did the aerobics, but she did them just as hard while yelling at the group. Alema Rar sensed five guards in the back, enjoying the slaves in their tight outfits bending and flexing. Once the cool down and stretches were complete, Alema Rar expected the guards to recuff them and take them back to the slaves' quarters. Instead the guards led them, without restraints, into a large adjacent gang shower.

Under the guards' watchful, and lusty, stare, the sixteen nubile slavegirls stripped down to nothing but their collars, chastity belts, and for the Twi'leks, their headdresses. Next, fifteen naked, sweaty, and smooth bodies, and one hairy one, crowded into the shower room. Alema Rar cleaned under her chastity belt, collar and horrible headdress as best she could.

When the Twi'lek finished cleaning herself and came out of the shower, she found out that the guards had taken away all their clothes, not that they had being wearing much to begin with. An Ishi Tib guard approached her with a pair of binders. Alema Rar meekly allowed him to place them on her wrists, behind her back.

Only the slaves that had come in the day before with her seemed surprised by the lack of clothing. One of the human slaves, a blonde with the number Twenty-Six on her collar, complained that the Bothan always took the longest, and made the rest of them wait in cuffs for her. Most of the other slaves ignored her, and didn't seem particularly bothered by the wait. Finally the Bothan emerged, apologizing to slaves and guards alike. After securing all the slaves, and hooding them, the guards led the coffle out of the gym.

The guards used the same route back to the quarters as they had to the gym. Alema Rar felt a bit aroused at being shackled, hooded, and naked. Then she got a subtle cue from the Force. One of the human guards had stopped and was waiting for her to pass by him. The Jedi pushed the other guards and slaves into the background and concentrated on the one human. She didn't feel any malevolence from him, but he did feel familiar to her as she approached him.

Darb. Sine the Jedi was supposed to be a blind, helpless slave, Alema Rar didn't try to shy away as he reached out and pinched her on the nipple; hard.

Alema Rar screamed out under the hood, and tried to pull away while keeping up with the rest of the coffle. Darb held on, and twisted her poor nipple as he pulled her back into line. Almost without conscious thought, Alema Rar flexed her right leg, planning to deliver a devastating kick to his kneecap. Just as quickly, she remembered her role, and sat it back down, forcing herself to keep walking, and begging him to stop.

Laughing contemptuously, Darb walked alongside her and pulled her poor nipple down harder, pulling her along with it. In her effort to ease some of the pain, Alema Rar leaned down and forwards so much that she jerked the collar of the human slave behind her; nearly making the whole coffle fall.

Only then did Darb release her nipple, giving her a hard slap on the ass as he did. While the blood was rushing back into her nipple, Alema Rar sensed Darb slap two more of her fellow slaves on their butts.

Ever since the first electric shock from the heavy durasteel collar around her neck, Alema Rar had tried to track which of the slavers had a remote, every time they came around. It was great training anyway, for when she might need to neutralize them.

When the Ishi Tib guard handed his remote to Darb, Alema Rar prepared herself, and reached out with Force to learn the remote's operation. The rest of the slavegirls kept walking, blissfully unaware. The Jedi sensed Darb pick a collar number, a human's by the feel of it. Then he ran a finger over a dial, turning it down, and his thumb hit the activation button.

The poor human girl stumbled and gasped in shock and tried to reach up with her shackled hands to grab the collar around her neck.

"Oops, wrong one," Darb commented, laughing.

Alema Rar sensed him pick another collar number and hit the remote again.

Another human, this one right behind Alema Rar, cursed and stumbled forward, bumping her hard in the back. Alema Rar heard Darb's laughter as the slavegirls struggled to maintain their footing as they pulled each other along by the collars.

"Faster, my little pussies!" Darb shouted at them, still laughing.

The Jedi sensed him adjusting the remote again, and then a small shock hit all the slave's collars. The group gasped, more in shock than from pain, and tried to move faster. Unfortunately for the slaves, running while blindfolded and shackled together is very difficult. They did manage to stay on their feet, thanks to Alema Rar and a few of the more sure-footed slavegirls. When the group was mostly sorted out, Darb shocked them again.

By now the slaves had realized that the shocks were mild, only meant to scare them. They stayed on their feet, and didn't pull one another down. Alema Rar stayed focused on Darb, and sensed him pass the remote back to the Ishi Tib. Then Darb leaned in close to him, whispered something to him, and walked off, still laughing.

Slaves galaxy-wide quickly learned that they awaited their masters, for however long their master desired. Schliebak's slavegirls had quickly learned that they stayed facing whichever direction they happened to be in, and looked at the floor while the guards were removing their hoods and restraints.

This time they were taken straight into their quarters and stopped. Then the slavers removed the hoods and the chain connecting their collars together, working from the front to the back of the coffle. Being a Jedi, Alema Rar sensed that something was amiss early on. She felt the slavers step out into the corridor as they finished with the hoods and chains, but they had left the binders on the girls' wrists. Alema Rar knew something different, and probably unpleasant, was about to happen. The last guard stepped out, and Alema Rar felt a sense of satisfaction, and amusement from them as the door closed.

Some of the other slaves seemed to have their own sense about the presence of slavers. As soon as they heard the 'whoosh' of the door closing, they started complaining about being left cuffed like they were. Alema Rar thought about trying to break the binders with the Force, but decided not to, because either she wouldn't, and could break her wrist or pull a muscle trying; or she would break the binders, and that would lead to some intense scrutiny of her by the slavers.

Instead of trying to break the binders, Alema Rar attempted to slip her hands out of the cuffs. Even with the Force as her ally, it was impossible. Several of the other girls saw her, and tried to slip their own cuffs. Alema Rar felt triumph from one of the human girls as she held her hands up in front of her, the binders hanging off one wrist.

One of the unsuccessful slaves got the idea to get some of the lotion from the refresher to make it easier to slip out of the binders. The free slave, Number Fifteen, retrieved it started applying the lotion to the wrists of the others. A few of the slavegirls were a little apprehensive about trying to free themselves.

Alema Rar was mostly concerned with getting some good, restrained sleep, although she didn't quite want to blurt it out. When Fifteen got to her with the lotion, she followed the frightened slaves' lead and told the girl that she didn't want to get into trouble by getting out of the binders. Instead, Alema Rar went to the Twi'leks' bed, and quickly went to sleep, cuffed securely.

After barely a wink, Alema Rar was awakened by five guards, including Darb, coming into the room. Her fellow slaves' fear was nearly palpable. The guards inspected each of the girls' binders. The nine that had managed to slip out of the cuffs were re-cuffed. Alema Rar felt several of them wince as the guards squeezed the binders much tighter than they had before. The guards also tightened the binders of the Bothan and one other human that had been unsuccessful in slipping out.

Before her short but fantastic nap, Alema Rar hadn't really paid much attention to which slaves were trying to get out of their binders. As the guards were roughly replacing them, she realized that it was mostly the human girls that had wiggled free. Only Alema Rar, along with one human, Twenty-Four, and two of the other Twi'leks, Eighteen and Thirteen, hadn't attempted to free themselves. The other ten humans, along with the one remaining Twi'lek and the Bothan, had hoods placed back over their heads, chained back together, and lead out of the room.

While her fellow shackled slaves discussed what would happen to their disobedient counterparts, Alema Rar crawled back into the bed and tried to get some sleep. She had barely dozed off before another group of guards came in and roused her back up. This time they chained and hooded up Alema Rar, as well as the other three slaves and led them out of the room.

Just like the trip to the gym, the guards made little effort to disguise the route they were taking. At first Alema Rar felt like they were returning to the gym, but she thought they went a couple of dozen meters past it before entering another chamber. When the guards removed her hood, Alema Rar saw that she was right.

The four slaves were in what appeared to be a medium sized dance studio, complete with a couple of comfortable looking Pouf Couches against the walls, with small tables in front of them. There were about a dozen shiny metallic poles scattered around the room at regular intervals. Along one wall were several large racks of clothing. Costumes for stripping out of, Alema Rar guessed.

A blue-skinned Twi'lek woman, about twelve years older than Alema Rar, was standing on a low stage on the far side of the room. Two more human guards, plus Darb, were relaxing on the couches.

Once the guards unlocked the chains connecting their collars, and freed their cuffed hands, the older Twi'lek instructed the slavegirls to each get a pair of high heeled shoes in their size from a rack on a wall. The instructor lightly tapped a thin crop against her thigh as the slaves went to retrieve their footwear. Alema Rar noticed the guards that had brought them in retreat to a separate observation booth in a corner as she found her size of shoes.

All the shoes were identical, perfectly clear wedge heels that rose to about fifteen centimeters in the back, and had about a three centimeter platform. The top of the shoes came to just below the girls' ankles. Perfect for dancing, Alema Rar thought as she sealed the shoes onto her feet. She felt satisfaction from the other slaves as they pulled their own shoes on.

The Jedi took a few practice steps, strutting in the new shoes. She was amazed at the comfort of them. She had expected cheap shoes that looked good but would be murder on the poor slaves' feet. These felt like she could dance in them forever. Maybe I'll get me a pair before I leave, Alema Rar thought.

Next, the dance instructor had the slaves each pick up a pair of thin black gloves, without fingertips. She explained that the gloves were made of a substance that would let them keep a firm grip on the poles, even if they were coated with oil or grease, or pussy juice. So I can grip round metal objects coated in pussy juice? These will be VERY useful, Alema Rar thought with a smile, as she pulled the tight fitting gloves on, the last centimeter of each blue finger sticking out of the end.

Just before they began, the instructor went to each of the Twi'leks and unlocked the horrible sleeves that their lekku had been trapped in. It felt wonderful as the synthetic nerfhide was slid away. Alema Rar felt like she would happily dance for whoever her owners wanted, as long as she didn't have to wear the kriffing sleeves. Thirteen and Eighteen were both as thrilled as she was to be free from them.

The slavegirls spent the next couple of hours practicing dancing. Each of the slaves had to perform a lap dance for one of the guards while they relaxed on the couches. Alema Rar was glad she didn't have to dance for Darb, especially when she heard several painful squeaks from the Twi'lek, Thirteen, that was chosen for that task. She did feel him glancing her way often, though.

The four slavegirls also spent plenty of time on the poles, and tables, changing costumes as they stripped out of them. Each of them, including Alema Rar, felt the sting of the crop more than once as the instructor observed them stripping and dancing for the pleasure of the guards. Alema Rar felt somewhat surprised the first time, because she knew from experience that she was very good at this sort of thing.

After what seemed like hours, the instructor ordered the nearly exhausted dancers to pair up, and perform a dance for the guards. Alema Rar quickly headed away from Darb, and picked up a fellow Twi'lek, Eighteen, along the way. The Jedi felt annoyance from Thirteen and the human, Twenty-Four, who were forced to danced for Darb. The Jedi could feel Darb keeping an eye on her as the human and Twi'lek began dancing for him.

Alema Rar could tell immediately that her partner was as talented as she was. The two spent the next twenty minutes dancing seductively for the two human guards. They spent nearly as much time making-out with each other as anything else, gently caressing their lekku together. Alema Rar could tell that the green-skinned Twi'lek was as turned as she was from the sensual stroking and kisses they shared. Soon they were spending more energy on each other's pleasure than the guards'.

The crraacckk of the instructor's crop on the back of Alema Rar's thigh brought her, as well as her partner, back to task. The two made up for their dalliance by dancing their way to the guards, and ending up straddling each of the guards and giving them a slow, open-mouthed kiss. As she pressed the front of her chastity belt against him, Alema Rar could feel the hard shaft trapped inside her, reminding her of her frustration.

Finally the instructor called an end to the session and ordered the girls to strip out of what was left of their costumes. The guards groaned and headed towards the door, Darb giving once last glance at Alema Rar as he left. Next, the guards that were observing from the separate booth put the binders back on their wrists, and much to the displeasure of the Twi'leks, the synth-hide sleeves back on their lekku. After they put the hoods back on the slavegirls' heads, they led them back to the slave quarters.

Once the guards removed the slaves' bonds and left, the four exhausted slavegirls went into the 'fresher to clean up. They briefly wondered where their fellow slaves where, and what was happening to them. None of them thought it was anything good. When they went back out into the main room, they found a message telling them to be dressed and ready to dance in an hour.

The four slavegirls each picked out one of the skimpy, diaphanous outfits that were in the closet, along with some of the super high heeled shoes that were there. Long used to heels like the ones that were provided, Alema Rar chose a pair of silver metal platform sandals that had heels at least fifteen centimeters high in the back.

About an hour and a half later, the four slavegirls were taken to another part of the ship, on a twisting, round-about route, and spent the evening entertaining and dancing for a large group of slavers. To the Twi'leks' delight, the synth-hide sleeves were removed once again. There were eleven other slavegirls present, who all seemed to be domestic servants. Alema Rar recognized several of them from Darb's ship. She felt bad for the two Twi'leks that were serving food and drinks, since they were still wearing their lekku sleeves. The claustrophobic human, Fifty-Two, was also a server.

Strangely, neither Schliebak nor Darb was in attendance. A couple of hours into the party, Darb appeared. Alema Rar could sense the air of menace that entered the room with him. She watched him scan the room, and felt his eyes stop on her. Less than a minute later, Alema Rar had her hands shackled behind her back, and found herself in a small adjacent room, alone with the slave runner.

The Twi'lek could tell that this room was for the slavers to have one or two slavegirls entertain them privately. The furnishings were a simple bed, with attachment points at all four corners, a comfortable-looking easy chair against one wall, a small round dinning table with a couple more chairs, and a compact food conservator in a corner. The Jedi felt that many creatures had come to great pleasure, and a few to great pain, while in this room.

As he slowly circled her, Alema fought to contain the urge to strike. As much as she desired to make sure Darb never hurt anyone again, there was still the Hutt to kill, and she didn't even know where he was. Finally, Alema Rar came to grips with her current predicament. She was still a helpless Twi'lek slavegirl.

On the plus side, with the chastity belt in place she didn't have to worry having sex with him. Although sex with just about anyone would be pretty good right about now. With her hands still cuffed behind her back, Alema Rar merely flinched as he reached out towards her nipple. The red silk did nothing to protect it from his cruel pinch.

This time there was no moving coffle to take her out of his reach. Alema Rar winced, then begged him to stop. The urge to slam him against the wall with the Force was nearly overwhelming, especially when he pulled her close with the nipple for a kiss. Playing the part, she resisted a little, then eagerly returned the kiss.

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