tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJedi Stowaway Ch. 02

Jedi Stowaway Ch. 02


Nomen et Mortuus

(Name the Death)

A Star Wars the Old Republic tale


Achilles sensed something dark within the ship in the back of his mind. But the concern for the Jedi Master clouded his thoughts and the warning went unnoticed.

An alarm sounded in the cockpit of The Arcadian Fist forcing the spaceship to exit hyperspace early. Anubys' eyes went wide at the sight before him. Outside Kashyyyk space a major battle was taking place between the Republic and Sith Empire. Plasma beams exploded all around them the moment their ship came into view. They had arrived at the worst possible moment.

"Ian Mount is on the planet, I can sense his force signature," Achilles said.

"In case you didn't notice kid there's a battle between the planet and us," replied Anubys. "And by the way, you said this man was in trouble... you failed to mention the entire Sith fleet."

Anubys grabbed the throttle with both hands and pulled back hard in a desperate evasive maneuver. More alarms sounded as the ship's shield took a direct hit. "Tee Seven shields are failing get in here," he shouted. "The rest of you man those guns!"

The astromech droid sounded a long and loud beep that almost sounded like a scream; as the ship was hit again, sending the droid flying into the cockpit's console. T-7 took a moment to recover before extending an arm to plug into the ships systems.

Achilles and Nicholas Fury rose from their seats and ran for the ladder leading to the ship's guns. Fury reacted first due to his years of experience in combat with the Republic Special Forces. He threw himself onto the ladder and headed up.

Achilles was hesitant. The young eighteen year old had never been in a space battle before. Each time the ship shook it sent his clumsy teenage body into the walls or onto the floor. He cursed at himself as he picked himself up from the floor for the umpteenth time before reaching the ladder. He sensed that Fury was on the upper guns so he headed down to the lower ones.

The young Jedi's heart pounded in his chest as he sat down and fastened the seat restraints around himself. Once he looked out into space he was overwhelmed by what he saw. Everywhere his eyes could see there were massive ships blasting away at each other. Sith ships orbited Kashyyyk while the Republic fleet came in behind them. Plasma bolts and explosions filled the areas between them.

Squadrons of smaller Sith fighters were breaking off from the main battle and headed towards The Arcadian Fist. The Sith were on high alert. After having one Republic fleet ambush them from behind they were eager to prevent another from the side. Unbeknownst to them it wasn't another fleet but just a lone ship.

Achilles took a deep breath as he placed his shaking hands onto the gun's controls. He reached out with the force; he allowed it to flow through him as he cleared his mind.

"Let them pass by, fire on their backs while they think our guns are down," said Fury over the ships com system. "We'll catch them with their pants down."

T-7 was patched into the ship's systems, calculating where and when the ship would get hit and strengthening the shield in those locations. The little droid was one of the brightest Anubys had ever seen. He didn't think the droid ever had its memory wiped. Those thoughts didn't last long. All that mattered now was how glad Anubys was that Achilles had found the droid on one of their missions. The little droid was the sole reason they were still flying at this very moment.

Achilles let out a long breath, he didn't realized he was holding his breath waiting for the Sith fighters to fly by. At last the moment came when the ships flew by like small comets whizzing by. He began to turn the gun around to fire on them as Fury called out, "Fire!"

It was clear to Achilles that his experienced mentor had turned his guns ahead of time and was prepared unlike him. Fury unleashed hell upon the closest five ships, hitting their unshielded engines. The fighters had expected resistance to come right at them and had their front shields set to full. Two of the closest fighters lost control of their ships and spun before exploding.

A moment later Achilles began to fire, adding to the chaos as the fighters took evasive maneuvers. With the aid of the force, Achilles' shots hit their targets. The only downside was unlike Fury, Achilles didn't know what to aim at. His shots hit the fighter's plated armor while Fury's hit engines and critical hotspots.

The Sith began their second attack wave flying right into their gun fire. Instead of attacking in formation the Fighters split up into three smaller groups. Fury kept his guns aimed at group that broke off above the ship. The same three Sith that had escaped his first volley of shots. One by one the veteran trooper eliminated his targets.

When the group of fighters split into three groups Achilles didn't know what do you. He kept firing on the one ship in his sights, rather than choking. The force flowed through him with ever increasing heat. The seer power of it was enough to overwhelm any other young Jedi. His mind was calm and clear. He let go of his feelings and his insecurities and allowed the force to guide him.

Before he knew it, two of the three ships were destroyed. The last closed in and fired on him. The entire compartment he was seated in shook from the bombardment as the Sith flew past. The remaining group left unattended got clear shots off upon the ship before they also flew past.

Suddenly the entire ship entered a barrel roll as Anubys attempted to avoid being locked on by the Star Destroyer that was now targeting them. The two at the guns continued to fire on the remaining Sith fighters with little success. Hitting a moving target was one thing but hitting that moving target while you were spinning, a completely different issue.

T-7 was able to assist Anubys in avoiding all shots fired by the Star Destroyer. All save one. The ship shook violently as the blast bypassed the shields and exploded. The ship caught fire and entered a free fall towards Kashyyyk. The remaining Sith fighters closed in, taking full advantage by taking shots at the defenseless engines.

If the ship entered Kashyyyk's atmosphere in its current condition it would explode. "Tee-Seven seal off any breaches quick we're going down," Anubys screamed as he lost control of his ship. The droid chirped his agreement as he attempted to seal all the compartments. T-7 sent out a distress signal to the Republic fleet as he pushed his robotic mind to its limit to save the ship.

Fury and Achilles quickly made their way to the cockpit and strapped themselves into their seats. If T-7 couldn't save the whole ship it would be best not to be stranded at the gun posts. The third group of Sith fighters broke off from their chase; the smaller ships weren't built to enter a planet's atmosphere.

However the lone fighter that Achilles failed to kill continued to fire upon the ship. Seconds later the Sith pilot realized his mistake and jerked back hard on the throttle. His ship was too close to the planet's gravitational pull. The Sith burnt to a crisp until even his ashes evaporated into the atmosphere.

The ship dove straight down towards the planet at increasing speed. Panic filled the room as the three humans couldn't help but think this could be the end for them. As the ship entered Kashyyyk's atmosphere its metal plating heated to red orange as flames erupted around it. They had become a massive missile heading for the Wookie homeworld. All systems went blank as was the norm when entering between space and a planet.

The descent was too steep too fast; their human bodies couldn't handle the pressure. Their vision began to blur as their minds slowly lost consciousness and blacked out. Anubys struggled to hold on as he let out his final coherent thought, "Teee-sev..." cut off by his own body blacking out just like the others.

The small Astromech droid continued to work unaffected, desperately trying to save itself and its new found friends.

Nomen et Mortuus II

(Name the Death)

Once again the sky filled with fire and brimstone as yet another ship crashed down from the heavens. A group of Wookies looked up at the thunderous sounds coming from the falling ship. Their villages within the high trees gave them a clear view.

"Rawwearrr..." called out of the Wookies telling his brothers and sisters that it was a smaller ship. They need not worry for another large Star vessel to damage a whole village like before.

The metal comet plummeted down yet slowly seemed to level itself out. Before long it crash landed into the Shadowlands. It fell nearby the crashed Sith Star Destroyer, perhaps a coincidence, perhaps not. Wookie warriors ran off towards the ship.

Meanwhile aboard the crashed Arcadian Fist... T-7 continued to work on the console. The astromech droid was successful leveling out the spaceship. It steered towards a flat part of ground created by another crashed ship. Even with the ship leveled out the little droid realized that they were still going too fast for a safe impact. T-7 stabbed the console again with his extended arm and put reverse thrusters on full blast.

The reduced speed was hardly noticeable. In a split second the droid had calculated the speed the ship had to be reduced to in order to crash without exploding. The Star Destroyer's crater was approaching too fast as the astromech droid beeped its concern to the three past out bodies near it.

Back in one of the small shipping compartments a dark being emerged. She was saved from the fate of the others by having a shield of dark side lightning around her. She moved quickly. Among the Sith there was a hidden prophecy. That someday a Jedi would rise strong enough to fight the Emperor. Back at the Jedi Temple she had betrayed her master and hid herself. She had hoped that this Jedi would return to the temple and reveal him/herself.

She had been doubtful when a boy snuck in but she watched regardless. After closely watching him she had sensed his vision of her betrayal. Intrigued she snuck onboard their ship. Moments later she had felt his potential as he launched an attack against Lord Malgus. The kid was no match for the Lord but his courage proved to her that one day he could become the one many Sith secretly hoped for.

With her hood pulled down over her face, she made her way to the ships cockpit. Completely ignoring the distress her body was giving off due to the ship crashing into the planet below. Once she reached the cockpit she reached out with the force and violently ripped the door open. Just in time to see the earth below meet the ship.

With amazing speed the Sith Apprentice sprinted forward, snatched the unconscious boy from his seat and flew out the shattering window. The astromech droid had locked his wheels at the base of the console. Having sensed another being in the room it turned its head. A blur streaked across its sensors as its new master vanished from sight.

The ship came to a halt after what seemed like an eternity. T-7 immediately started repairs while keeping an eye on the two sleeping men, life support had been prepped and kept the two alive. Their bodies were in bad shape from the crash. The small droid worried about its master but knew it would be best to get the ship ready. It hoped the distress signal sent out reached the Republic and capable reinforcements would come to save its master.

Off in the crash site... The Sith Apprentice lowered the sleeping boy onto the ground. She studied him for a moment before deciding to wake him. Kneeling to the ground she rubbed her hands together, charging them with lightning. A moment later she applied her charged hands to his chest, sending a shock wave throughout his body.

Suddenly awakened Achilles flung himself off his back and onto his feet. Taken back by the stunning beauty before him, "Who... are you?"

The Sith Apprentice let slip an evil grin, "I sensed great power in you at your ruined temple." Elegant hands began to caress her womanly curves, starting at her hips, slowly rising up her flat stomach until they reached her chest. Those small hands cupped her breasts, squeezing them together as the woman let out a small moan. Her grin never faded as her mind began to play the endless outcomes of this conversation.

Achilles' virgin eyes stared on completely transfixed as he watched the gorgeous woman openly caress herself in front of him. The aches in his body slowly faded from his mind. The only thing he noticed was his heart beat pounding in his chest. Her robes clung to her body like a second skin, clearly showing off those sexy curves.

"I couldn't help but intervene and save you from the crash. Your companions didn't make it I'm afraid." She took a step closer to him. Her lower robes were split down the side of her leg. Obviously to allow her to move fluently in combat, however that was the farthest thought from the young boys mind.

"You lie! The stench of the dark side is all over you," he replied, reaching for his lightsaber. His hands clumsily fumbled with the hilt, while his eyes never left the sight of her long bare leg as she stepped ever closer to him.

"That is true, I am Sith," her voice filled with seduction, giving the boy chills up his spin. Even when she spoke the name of a Jedi's sworn enemy, he couldn't help but feel desire rise from deep within himself.

"There is a saying whispered among my people that a Jedi will rise powerful enough to stand up to the Emperor. I believe that Jedi is you, join me and together we can rule the galaxy." She continued to walk closer to him in a slow sexy walk, tilting her hips slightly with each step. Her hands descended back down her flat stomach to her belt.

"I am no chosen one," he barked out in a tone that screamed his insecurities. He took a step back but not before letting out a stress filled sigh upon watching her drop her belt to the ground. With her belt no longer holding her robes together the folds slowly came undone. The smooth skin of that tight belly revealed itself. He let out a surprised yelp as his foot slipped and his body slammed back into a massive Kashyyyk tree.

She laughed at his feeble defiance, "Your body betrays your mind." She made no move for her own lightsaber; rather she stood still, eyes glued to the bulge in his pants. "I sensed your potential and with the hidden knowledge I have accesses to you could become more powerful than you could ever imagine."

She took the last step and closed the gap between them. Her hands immediately grabbed his before raising them away from his weapons to pin them against the tree. She stared into his eyes with wanton lust as she pressed her body into his. She took a deep breath, reveling the feeling of his desire for her between his legs as she pinned it between their bodies.

Shock filled Achilles' face as the rush of pure pleasure shot up his spine. "Don't..." he attempted only to but cut short as the luscious woman before him lunged forward. Their lips met into a hard kiss before she tried and failed to get her tongue into his mouth. His attempts to resist her kiss were thrown into air as she began to grind her hips into his manhood.

The sudden pressure sent sparks off in his mind. He had never felt anything half as good as he was feeling right now. The shock hit him so hard that he opened his mouth and let out a loud moan. The Sith Apprentice jumped at the opportunity and lashed out with her tongue. With his mind in an overdose of pleasure he unknowingly danced his tongue with hers.

In a heated rush she let go of his hands and tore her lower robes open from the slit on its side. All thoughts of resisting or getting away were lost in his clouded mind. Once his arms were free from their binds they instantly locked onto her bra covered breasts. He loved the way her large soft yet firm breasts felt in his hands.

A smile ear to ear formed on her lips as she realized he was hers. Impatiently she undid his robes and grasped his steel cock in her hands. She broke their kiss for a moment to stare into his eyes, "You'll never forget your Rose now." She continued to stare into his eyes after revealing her name to him. A sexy and evil grin formed on her lips as she sank her hips down with lightning speed at the spear in her grip between his legs.

His eyes opened wide in amazement as the cold breeze around his manhood was replaced by liquid fire. The soft folds of her pussy slid around him like a glove. She held onto his hips before raising herself up to hook her legs around his. He let out the hottest squeal of defeat Rose had ever heard before in her life as she sank down fully onto his cock.

Achilles would have closed his eyes tight in pleasure if he wasn't hypnotized by the sight of Rose's sexy grin before him. She stared at him while letting out small moans before she began to vigorously grind her hips. The act sent millions of fireworks off in his mind.

She brought one hand up to clamp on to his neck to give the proper leverage she needed to roll her hips into him faster and harder than before. Her small moans soon became screams of pure ecstasy. He absentmindedly lowered his hands from her chest to tightly hold onto her rolling hips. All the while he couldn't catch his breath. The insane pleasure combined with his lack of oxygen began to make his whole body tremble.

In the next moment Rose felt his cock swell slightly within her. The thought of him giving in to her caused her to tighten her muscles all at once. "Yes that's it baby, give in to my body and take your first step away from the light." She squeezed her legs tighter around his as she snaked her hand down his butt to dig her nails into his flesh.

He couldn't believe what was happening to him, the pleasure was too much. "No... I can't take it... I'm going to!!" He screamed out. Rose let out a quick victory laugh before pressing her lips into his hard, biting down on his lower lip.

"Plant the seed of your corruption," she said between clenched teeth around his lower lip. The pleasure was too much from young Achilles. The first twitch of his impending orgasm passed through him as his eyes rolled back into his skull. She reacted quickly with one last long hard thrust down with her hips.

She violently slammed her hips down; the moment her pelvic bone connected with his she felt it. His cock swelled that last bit before exploding into her womb. The spasms from his cock sent her over the edge into the biggest earth-shattering orgasm she had ever experienced. Her love juices coated his entire lower body.

Rose came down from her high as she lightly kissed his lips. Once her feet were back on the ground she tasked her mind to fixing her clothing and hair. Achilles rested back against the tree; his mind was still groggy and took a lot longer than Rose to regain his composure. Rose walked over to her belt.

She turned back to Achilles, her playful expression was gone. "Now to the important stuff," she said as she ran her hands threw her hair. After fastening her belt she ran her hands down onto her lightsaber.

Achilles made no move to attack; he focused on clearing his mind. It wasn't the Jedi way to strike first; he would raise his guard and be ready if the moment came.

"On a planet in the Outer Rim there's a secret Sith academy where Darth Scabrous kept a secret laboratory. Within is scores of ancient Sith lore and all the information we will need to fight the Emperor. Odacer-Faustin, it's a harsh and cold planet."

"Silence FOOL," screamed out a being from amongst the rubble. The dark side filled the area in powerful waves of hate and rage. Rubble from the Sith Star Destroyer where thrown into the air. A massive screaming Sith Pureblood rose from the ashes, sending parts of the ship fling in every direction.

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