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Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia II Ch. 01


Authoress's notes: This is yet another story in the Imperial Prostitute Series. It is also a direct sequel to Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia. Please read and enjoy all of my stories, and vote me a five! Also, please leave me feedback, public or via email.

To summarize the story thus far . . .

After Jedi Knight Jaina Solo kills her twin brother, Darth Cadeus, she leaves the Galactic Alliance for the Empire. Jag Fel has just been made High Moff of the Empire. Soon after arriving, Jaina agrees to go through Imperial basic training, with the plan to take command of the Imperial TIE-Fighter Corps upon graduation.

Instead Jaina is mentally coerced into joining the Prostitution Corps, and becomes an Imperial Prostitute. Jaina is very susceptible to the conditioning, and quickly becomes a fantastic sexual servant to the Empire. Eventually Jaina helps recruit Syal Antilles into the ProCorps, as well as Hapan Queen Mother Tenel Ka Djo. After helping keep the Hapes Consortium in the Empire, Jaina is sent to the Jedi Temple, to recruit more Jedi to the Empire.

Jedi Master Cilghal discovers the Empire's conditioning however, and the Jedi manage to cure Jaina and the other affected Jedi. They also force Moff Jag Fel to free the Hapes Consortium from the Empire. Luckily only humans could be affected.

The Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance, Natasi Daala, has also also been up to no good. First she had Han Solo falsely imprisoned. Then she had Leia Organa Solo kidnapped and encased in a special form of carbonite. Chief Daala then put the carbon frozen former Chief of State in her reception area as a statue.

Luke Skywalker discovered the truth though, and the Jedi forced her to help them free the Jedi that had been captured by the Empire in exchange for allowing her to remain Chief of State.

In spite of being extremely upset at the Empire virtually brainwashing them, a few of the female Galactic Alliance Heroes continue to serve the Empire. Tahiri Veila remains as High Moff Fel's personal assistant. Jysella Horn and Myri Antilles remain as Colonel Drasi's—the Commandant of the ProCorps Academy—mutual lovers and submissives. Jaina Solo becomes Kyp Durron's personal assistant. Jedi Knight Ta'tan'ia—a Twi'lek—becomes Chief of State Natasi Daala's Jedi liaison . . . and submissive.

A few weeks later Chief Daala travels to the Hapes Consortium to oversee the Empire's final withdrawal from the Consortium's space. Her Personal Assistant, Syal Antilles, who is also a former Imperial Prostitute, and Ta'tan'ia accompany her. While Chief Daala is there Queen Tenel Ka, who is a newly recovered Imperial Prostitute herself, and the Hapan Nobles ask Chief Daala to become Regent of the Hapes Consortium until the Queen can fully resume her duties.

Chief Daala accepts, and quickly uses her position to dominate the Queen and her twin cousins sexually. She locks tracking collars and chastity belts onto all three of them. Regent Daala also leaves a Mandalorian mercenary, Mirta Gev—the granddaughter of Boba Fett—to keep an eye on the Queen for her.

Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia II

Prologue: A week or so after Chief Daala, Ta'tan'ia, and DP return from Hapes, and a couple of months after the Empire's plot to brainwash Jedi is exposed . . .

"Comlink," Chief Daala said as the limo speeder began moving.

Ta'tan'ia, who was sitting on Chief Daala's right, obediently leaned over and held her right wrist out in front of her. She smiled at DP, who was doing the same from the other side of the Chief of State. Since both of their comlinks were maglocked to their right wrists, neither could actually hand their comlink to her.

Chief Daala grabbed Ta'tan'ia's wrist with one hand, and began tapping on the display with her finger. DP silently withdrew her wrist. A few moments later, Ta'tan'ia heard the sound of the game Mad Mynocks coming from her comlink. The game was locked out for Ta'tan'ia of course. Chief Daala wouldn't allow her to waste time playing something like that. She had a whole section of games and files stored on Ta'tan'ia's comlink—as well as DP's—that neither could access. Chief Daala preferred Ta'tan'ia to spend her 'free' time studying how to further serve her, and occasionally talking with a circle of approved friends on her comlink.

Chief Daala said that she liked them having the games and files on their comlinks—which were maglocked to their wrists—but not being able to access them. Ta'tan'ia certainly felt a strange . . . eroticism as she docily held her wrist out so Chief Daala could play Mad Mynocks on her wrist comlink, and knowing that she couldn't play the game on it. It was just another way she entertained Chief Daala. Ta'tan'ia felt like nothing more than an accessory. A living transportation device for Chief Daala's games.

Nearly fifteen minutes later, they arrived at their destination. Today Chief Daala was dedicating a new wing of a Children's Hospital. As the limospeeder came to a stop, Chief Daala closed down the game, and finally released Ta'tan'ia's wrist.

Ta'tan'ia immediately wiped the smudges from Chief Daala's fingers off her otherwise highly polished comlink on her uniform pants. Her chrono and tracking collar were also gleaming. Since she couldn't remove her tracking collar, DP had polished it for her. Ta'tan'ia returned the favor by polishing DP's red durasteel collar for her, although hers was mostly hidden by the collar of her uniform tunic. They had also polished each other's' chastity belts. That had been lots of fun.

DP looked to Chief Daala for her permission, and when she nodded her consent, opened the speeder door, and climbed out. She promptly stepped to the side and held the door open for the Chief of State.

Chief Daala emerged to applause from the assembled crowd. She acknowledged it with a friendly smile, and a wave.

As Ta'tan'ia got out of the speeder she saw Chief Daala being presented a large bouquet of flowers by a young human girl in a repulsor chair. Standing next to the chair was an adult Bith, who Ta'tan'ia recognized as the director of the hospital.

As the holographers prepared to take some flat-holos of the occasion, Ta'tan'ia stepped forward, and slipped Chief Daala a small plush bantha from her bag.

Chief Daala promptly presented it to the young girl, eliciting a squeal of delight from her, as well as appreciative awwws from the crowd, followed by more applause.

Ta'tan'ia and DP stepped back, and waited patiently while some flat-holos were taken of Chief Daala, her flowers, the director, the young patient, and her plush bantha. For the last one, Chief Daala dropped to one knee, and wrapped one arm around her as they each held their gifts from the other in front of themselves.

Ta'tan'ia had several dozen more banthas, ronkos, and various other cute, plush animals in her bag she was carrying over her shoulder for Chief Daala to give to the young patients of the hospital. She looked forward to helping Chief Daala make their day a little brighter, while making the Chief of State look good as well.

As they entered the hospital's atrium, several more dignitaries joined them. Chief Daala's security officers discreetly encircled the entire group. Ta'tan'ia made sure to keep within three meters of Chief Daala as they walked. If her tracking collar got any further away, then she would be punished later. It was like an electronic leash. DP had the same instructions as well. Ta'tan'ia got a thrill out of secretly submitting to Chief Daala in such a public place, and she could sense that DP did too.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ CHAPTER 1 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Several weeks after they arrived back on Coruscant from Hapes, Chief Daala summoned DP into her office, and ordered her to massage her feet.

"Of course, Your Excellency," DP replied cheerfully as she walked behind her desk.

As DP pulled off Chief Daala's boots, she decided that it would be a good time to ask her about visiting Bastion with her family. Before she could ask though, Chief Daala picked up a datapad, and started doing some work on it. DP remained silent, since it wouldn't be proper to interrupt her while she was working.

DP sat down on the floor in front of Chief Daala's chair, gently picked up her left foot, and put it in her lap. As she began massaging her foot, DP thought about how much she enjoyed serving Chief Daala. She would have to thank Moff Fel for assigning her to her when she had been a ProCorps trooper.

When DP was close to finished massaging her feet, Chief Daala finally set her datapad down on her desk, and leaned back in her chair.

"Your Excellency, may I ask you a favor?" DP asked her.

"You may," Chief Daala responded after a moment.

"May I visit my sister, Jysella Horn, and Commandant Drasi on Bastion with my parents and the Horns?" DP asked from her position at her feet. "I've already spoken to Ta'tan'ia, and she says she will be happy to be your full-time PA while I'm away."

"Who will clean my apartment?" Chief Daala asked as she looked down at her.

"Ta'tan'ia will be happy to take care of that too, Your Excellency," DP assured her.

Chief Daala nodded her head thoughtfully. "And does High Moff Fel know that two Jedi are planning on invading his Capital?"

DP smiled at her use of the word invading. "I'm not sure, Your Excellency," she replied. "Nine—Jysella—and Myri said that Commandant Drasi will be there, but I don't know if Moff Fel knows personally."

"Let me discuss the matter with Moff Fel then, DP," Chief Daala told her. "Go back to your desk, and I'll let you know when I need you again."

"Yes, Your Excellency," DP replied, glancing at her comlink. "Your meeting with the Mid-Rim Senatorial Committee is in twenty minutes, Your Excellency," she reminded her politely.

"Thank you, DP, you may go," Chief Daala replied as she initialized the holoemitter.

"Thank you, Your Excellency," DP answered as she rose to her feet and hurried back out to her reception area.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

"Good morning, Your Excellency," Moff Fel said with a smile once the HoloNet connection was made. "To what do I owe this pleasure?"

"Good morning to you as well, Your Excellency," Chief Daala replied with her own smile. "Are you aware that Master Horn, Jedi Valin Horn, General Antilles and their families are planning on visiting Bastion in the near future?"

"Yes I am, thank you," he answered. "I'm looking forward to seeing my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins." Then he paused a moment. "I hope you'll be able to spare Syal for a couple of weeks for the visit?"

Chief Daala considered that a moment. "I suppose so," she reluctantly replied. "For you."

"Thank you, Your Excellency," Jag responded with an appreciative smile.

"I'm sure both General Antilles and Master Horn will be thrilled to see their daughters serving the Empire," she said sarcastically.

Jag chuckled in response. "It is ironic, considering how long they fought against it, isn't it?"

"Yes it is," Chief Daala agreed. "Perhaps one day their grandchildren will serve the Empire as well," she commented.

Jag flashed a look of surprise. "Yeah, that'd be great," he said, quickly recovering.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Less than ten minutes after dismissing her, Chief Daala called DP back into her office. Ta'tan'ia wished her luck as she took her place at her desk.

"Yes, Your Excellency?" DP asked as she approached her. She stopped about a meter from her desk, and assumed parade rest.

"I've decided you can go to Bastion," Chief Daala told her.

"Thank you, Your Excellency!" DP said as she grinned with excitement.

"And while you're there, Commandant Drasi will have control of your chastity belt," Chief Daala added.

"Okay, Your Excellency," DP replied, slightly confused. "I'll be happy to do whatever you want me to." DP had devoted the last couple of years of her life to serving Chief Daala—first for the Empire, then for herself—and she had no intention of ever leaving her side.

DP had once been Commandant Drasi's personal ProCorps trooper. While she didn't want to be that again, she was very happy to submit to him, as long as Chief Daala wanted her to. Maybe he would even let her orgasm. Myri and Jysella had been his personal ProCorps troopers as well, and they were happy enough serving him. In fact, DP had served Commandant Drasi with Jysella Horn for a while, until he replaced her with Myri, her younger sister.

"I know you will, DP," Chief Daala told her with an amused nod. "Now, come around here and show me how much you appreciate me allowing you to go to Bastion with your family."

"Of course, Your Excellency," DP responded cheerfully, stepping forward.

A few moments later, DP was behind Chief Daala's desk, on her knees. Chief Daala quickly pulled down her pants, then pulled DP's head between her legs. DP's tongue eagerly found her clit, and she began showing her how much she appreciated being allowed to visit her family, and serving her.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

That afternoon, Arik the Hutt came to visit Chief Daala. DP was on her lunch break, so Ta'tan'ia greeted him, and escorted him into Chief Daala's office. Ta'tan'ia was far more interested in the twin red-skinned Lethan Twi'leks that had accompanied him though. The tips of both of their lekku were black. The combination was extremely rare. It was even more rare for twins to have the exact same rare skin pigmentation.

What really caught Ta'tan'ia's eye was that both were wearing black pants and tunics that looked remarkably like ProCorps uniforms. Both had red boots with stiletto heels that looked about eighteen-centimeters high, and wide red nerfhide belts around their waists. Both were also wearing black durasteel collars, with matching cuffs on their wrists, all of which were partially hidden by their tunics. Last of all, they both had black durasteel head harnesses on.

"I love your outfits," Ta'tan'ia told them once she had closed the door to Chief Daala's office.

"Thanks," the one on the right replied with a friendly smile. "We love yours as well; and your tchun-tchin," she added, gesturing towards Ta'tan'ia's ass-length brain-tails.

Ta'tan'ia couldn't tell them apart at all. "You're twins, right?" she asked carefully, as they all wandered towards one of Chief Daala's pouf-couches.

"Yes," the one on the right answered. "I'm Neelia, and this is Aileen," she said, gesturing towards her sister.

"Nice to meet you," Ta'tan'ia told them. Then she introduced herself.

"Master Arik had our uniforms patterned after some Imperials' assistants, and Chief Daala's assistant," Aileen told her. She held up her right wrist, and pushed back her sleeve. "A comlink—" she pushed back her left sleeve—"and chrono, just like yours, I believe."

"And tracking collars," Neelia added, reaching over and pulling down Aileen's tunic to reveal the black durasteel encircling her neck. "That match the tips of our tchun-tchin," she said, flexing her lekku to draw Ta'tan'ia's attention to the black ends.

Ta'tan'ia frowned slightly. "Master?" she asked cautiously as they sat down on the pouf couch.

"Yes, Master," Aileen replied with a nod as she sat down on Ta'tan'ia's left. Neelia sat on her right. "He is our owner."

Both were sitting close, but not quite close enough to be improper. Ta'tan'ia certainly didn't mind one bit. She enjoyed being friendly to Chief Daala's guests. It was part of making them feel comfortable, and having a pleasant visit, even if Chief Daala wasn't always quite as friendly as she was.

"You mean you're slaves!" Ta'tan'ia said in shock.

"Yeah," Neelia responded in obvious confusion, with both of them flexing their lekku in agreement.

"That's horrible!" Ta'tan'ia announced. She couldn't believe slavery existed on Coruscant—and right here in Chief Daala's office! Mentally she began debating whether Chief Daala or Master Durron could free them easier.

"It is?" Aileen asked. "We are happy serving Master Arik. He takes good care of us," she said with a shrug of her shoulders, and gesture of her tchin.

Neelia flexed her lekku in agreement.

"You're slaves!" Ta'tan'ia repeated in exasperation. "It's wrong to own sentient beings! And illegal!"

The twin Twi'leks glanced at each other from either side of Ta'tan'ia in obvious amusement. "We understand how you feel, Jedi Ta'tan'ia," Aileen said. "But trust us, we're very happy."

"And Master Arik has diplomatic immunity while he's in the Galactic Alliance," Neelia said. "So we can accompany him while he travels without fear of being seized by the Galactic Alliance authorities."

Ta'tan'ia was still upset by the idea of slavery right here on Coruscant, but she could sense that they were both perfectly happy with the situation. "How can you be fine with being owned by another being?" she asked them.

They glanced at each other again, still obviously amused. "Well, it's all we've ever been," Neelia said. "And like she said, Master Arik takes good care of us." She paused a moment, then added, "And we're not the only ones wearing a collar and shackles," as she gestured towards Ta'tan'ia's tracking collar, and quickly tapped her comlink on her right wrist.

Ta'tan'ia blushed with embarrassment. "That's different," she countered, while considering her statement. "I'm wearing my collar at my Chief of State's request." She didn't bother to mention her chrono and comlink, as both Neelia and Aileen were obviously aware of what else they were very useful for.

Both twins chuckled. "Can you take it off?" Neelia asked her?

"No," Ta'tan'ia admitted. "What good is a tracking collar that the wearer could take off?"

"None," Aileen agreed with a smile. "But that's what we're saying. We're not treated any worse than you are."

"Or Syal Antilles, or Jedi Solo, when she was Chief Daala's Jedi liaison," Neelia added.

Ta'tan'ia considered both statements a moment. "Well, maybe," she admitted. "But Chief Daala doesn't own me."

Neelia shrugged her shoulders. "Yet she has a tracking collar locked on you, and thinly disguised wrist cuffs."

Ta'tan'ia glanced down at her chrono and comlink. "Well, what sort of duties does Master Arik have you do?" she asked.

"Anything he wants us too," Aileen said with a friendly smile, leaving no doubt what she meant by anything.

Neelia nodded her head in agreement, and flexed her tchun to wrap the tip around the end of Ta'tan'ia's tchin. It was a strong sign of affection for Twi'leks. "Mostly entertaining him, and serving as his secretaries, and greeting his business associates, and entertaining them," she explained.

"Serving him . . .intimately," Aileen chimed in. "As well as anyone else he wants us too." As she spoke, she slid a little close to Ta'tan'ia, and interlocked her tchin with Ta'tan'ia's tchun.

Neelia used the distraction to slide a little closer from the other side as well, and slip her arm around Ta'tan'ia's waist. Aileen quickly followed suite from her left.

Ta'tan'ia was only too aware that that sounded a lot like how she served Chief Daala. "It's still not right to own sentient beings," she said. Then she changed the subject. "Anyway though, I love your tchun-tchins," she said, flexing her lekku against their matching black-tipped lekku. "They are very beautiful."

"Thanks," Aileen replied with a smile. "Your skin colorization is beautiful as well."

"Thanks," Ta'tan'ia answered. "It's rare to have twins with such unusual skin pigmentation."

"Master Arik bred us to look like this," Neelia commented.

Ta'tan'ia stared at them in shock. "You were bred?" she asked incredulously, unconsciously withdrawing her lekku from theirs.

"Yeah," Neelia answered. "Master Arik has owned our ancestors for twenty-three generations, and bred us to look like this."

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