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Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia II Ch. 04


Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia II

"Yeah," Ta'tan'ia answered after taking another deep breath. "And she wants me to move into DP's apartment, so I can't train or spend time with everyone."

"Kriffin Nerve Burner," Kani responded. Then she turned her head to look directly at Ta'tan'ia. "You aren't going to do it, are you?" she asked.

Ta'tan'ia sighed again. "I don't want too," she answered. "But I don't know how I'm going to tell Chief Daala no."

Kani set her hand on her thigh. "Well you have too," she declared. "We can't lose you to that evil woman!"

Ta'tan'ia couldn't help but smile back at her. "Thanks," she answered as she leaned over and gave her a hug. "I'll do my best."

"You'd better," Kani replied as they stood up. "It's bad enough she keeps you locked in that chastity belt," she said as they headed for the exit. "Master Durron should be the one controlling that," she added with a smile as they walked entered the corridor.

"Yeah," Ta'tan'ia agreed with her own smile. She knew she was lucky to have such great friends. She hoped Chief Daala didn't force her to choose between them and her.

Ta'tan'ia headed to her room and took a quick sanisteam. Then she cuffed herself, and went to bed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ CHAPTER 4 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The next morning Ta'tan'ia woke up a moment before the alarms in her chrono and comlink went off. As soon as the alarms began, she typed the deactivation code—I serve Chief of State Daala—into the comlink. The alarms stopped, and the maglocks connecting her chrono and comlink weakened enough for her to pull them apart, as did the shackles on her ankles.

Ta'tan'ia put her ankle shackles and the short chain that was connecting her wrists into her nightstand drawer. As she sat up, she pulled off her black tank top with the Chief of State's Seal over her left breast, and slid her feet into the fifteen centimeter high clear plastex heels that she kept by her bedside. Then she stepped over to her dresser, where she had laid out her gym outfit the night before.

A minute later Ta'tan'ia was wearing her skimpy sports bra and hot pants in Galactic Alliance Blue. The Chief of State's official Seal was over her left breast, and the words Galactic Alliance were printed across the back of the hot pants in black lettering. Ta'tan'ia was also wearing black gym shoes with fifteen centimeter wedge heels. The heels were new, Ta'tan'ia had gotten them to replace her old ones that only had ten centimeter high heels.

The waist belt and top few centimeters of the crotch of her beskar chastity belt were visible above the waistband of her hot pants. Her beskar tracking collar, chrono, and comlink were visible as well. Ta'tan'ia was also wearing her flexible durasteel head harness with the Chief of State's Seal centered on her forehead.

Once she was dressed, Ta'tan'ia headed to the Temple's gym to workout. An hour later she headed back to her room for a quick sanisteam. Then she got dressed in her ProCorps-inspired Jedi robes. As she left for Chief Daala's offices, she grabbed a blumfruit muffin from one of the refectories to eat on the way.

Just before zero-six-thirty, Ta'tan'ia arrived at the Executive Building. She passed through security, and went to Chief Daala's reception area.

Since DP was on vacation, Ta'tan'ia didn't get shackled by one of Chief Daala's YVH droids to await Her Excellency's arrival. Instead she immediately went to work sending messages reconfirming Chief Daala's appointments for the day, and various other secretarial duties. Ta'tan'ia actually missed spending an hour or so cuffed and shackled on her knees every morning. It was a great way to meditate on the Force.

When Chief Daala arrived Ta'tan'ia greeted her with a fresh cup of caf. She also gave her a copy of her schedule for the day, and Madhi's latest story. Chief Daala thanked her absently, then headed into her office. Ta'tan'ia settled down at DP's receptionist' desk, and continued her work.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Awhile later Chief Daala called Ta'tan'ia into her office. Ta'tan'ia quickly checked her appearance as she got up from her desk. A moment later, she opened the door between the reception area and the Chief of State's office proper.

"How may I serve you, Your Excellency?" Ta'tan'ia asked as she approached her desk. She came to a stop about a meter in front of it, and assumed parade rest.

Chief Daala ignored her a few moments as she worked at her computer.

"Tell me DJ," she finally began. "Why were you in one of the Temple's training rooms last night?" she asked as she leaned back in her chair.

"Um, I was training, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia answered truthfully, if incompletely.

"I see," Chief Daala replied with a thoughtful nod. "And just what sort of training were you doing?"

Ta'tan'ia ran through a quick Jedi calming exercise. "Combat training, Your Excellency," she answered.

Chief Daala raised an eyebrow as she stared back at her.

The Twi'lek could sense she was waiting for something else. "With a lightsaber," she added after a few heartbeats.

"I see," Chief Daala said again. Then she deliberately glanced at the display case on her right, and Ta'tan'ia's lightsaber. "And just where did you get a lightsaber DJ? I thought you turned it over to your Chief of State until I decide that you needed it?" she asked, with a hint of distress.

Ta'tan'ia sighed. "I borrowed it, Your Excellency," she admitted.

"I see," Chief Daala said a third time. "So you've been using a lightsaber even after I specifically expressed my desire that you not participate in any combat training at all, much less lightsaber training, and you've been deliberately misleading me about it."

Ta'tan'ia ran through a Jedi calming exercise. While she didn't think she had deliberately misled her, she had come pretty close. "Yes Your Excellency," she answered truthfully. "And I'm sorry, Your Excellency," she added contritely. She was frantically trying to think of a way to continue her lightsaber training as well.

Chief Daala stared at her several seconds. "I don't just expect you to obey me while I'm watching you DJ," she began. "I expect you to obey me at all times. And that means obeying my wishes, not just my express orders. Is that understood?"

Ta'tan'ia ran through another Jedi calming exercise. She could sense that Chief Daala was genuinely upset. "Yes, Your Excellency," she answered obediently. Inside, Ta'tan'ia was dismayed. She loved training.

"If my Jedi liaison is lying to me and flaunting my authority, what kind of example does that set for the other Jedi? What if Madhi Vaandt or Javis Tyrr found out? How would that look in the HoloNews?"

Ta'tan'ia had no idea how to respond to that. Most of the Jedi flaunted Chief Daala's authority as much as possible.

"I'm sorry, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia replied. "I'll try to be a better example to the other Jedi for you."

"Good," Chief Daala replied with a nod. "Now tell me DJ, do the other Jedi who turned their lightsabers over to me borrow others to train with as well?"

"Um, no, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia responded, hoping she would change the subject. She really didn't want to lie to her, but she wasn't about to tell her that most of them had built new lightsabers, so they didn't need to borrow one train.

Chief Daala answered with an harrumph, clearly unconvinced. "Since I can't trust you at the Jedi Temple, you will move into the Executive Building immediately," she informed her.

Ta'tan'ia's eyes went wide with shock. "Please don't make me do that, Your Excellency," she pleaded. "I promise I won't touch a lightsaber again."

"I know you won't, DJ," Chief Daala replied with a superior smile. "Because you will be here with me."

"Please let me stay at the Temple, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia begged. "I promise I'll make it up to you some other way." Ta'tan'ia was confident that Master Durron could make her relent, but she didn't want to take it to that.

"You will make it up to me by living in the Executive Building," Chief Daala responded firmly.

"Yes, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia replied obediently. Then she paused a moment. "May I get my things from the Temple, and inform Master Durron of your decision?" she asked.

Now Chief Daala paused a moment. "We will inform Master Durron together," Chief Daala answered. "I wouldn't want him to think I was holding you against your will. And I will provide whatever you need while you are here."

"Yes, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia replied after a moments' hesitation. She had hoped to be able to talk to Master Durron alone while she was getting her stuff, but it was clear that Chief Daala wasn't going to give her the chance. "Actually Your Excellency, the beskar shackles you got for me are in my nightstand drawer," she pointed out. "And I'd like my clear plastex heels I wear around my room."

"Well, I suppose so," Chief Daala acknowledged as she activated her holoprojector. "I like you in your shackles, and they were pretty expensive." Then she paused a moment. "Why don't you send the list to Jedi Asari, and she can bring them to you?"

Ta'tan'ia thought about that a second. "Okay, Your Excellency," she replied.

Chief Daala nodded her head in approval. A few moments later acting Grand Master Kyp Durron's hologram appeared half-a-meter high on her enormous desk.

"Good morning Your Excellency," he greeted her politely. "What can I do for you today?"

"Master Durron," Chief Daala replied. Then she smiled, and gestured for Ta'tan'ia to step into the holofield. "Ta'tan'ia has decided to stay at the Executive Building with me for a while. She will send Jedi Asari a list of things she needs. Please have her bring them over as soon as you can arrange it."

Ta'tan'ia noticed that she said stay for a while instead of move in.

Kyp glanced at Ta'tan'ia, who was standing quietly behind Chief Daala's shoulder. "I see," he replied after a moment. "Forgive me for saying so, but I don't think that is for the best, Your Excellency. I need to confer with the Jedi Order's liaison to the Chief of State's office on a daily basis."

"Which you can do over the comlink I have provided to her," Chief Daala responded effortlessly.

The one you monitor and can control, Ta'tan'ia thought to herself.

"When Syal returns from Bastion, I should be able to let her move back to the Jedi Temple, but until then, I need her with me full time," Chief Daala explained

Ta'tan'ia was surprised at how smooth that sounded. Still, she doubted she was serious about letting her move back to the Temple anytime soon.

Kyp paused a moment, considering that. "That is not the arrangement we agreed to after we discovered the Empire's brainwashing plot, Your Excellency," he pointed out.

Ta'tan'ia noticed that he seemed to be implying the Jedi and Chief Daala when he used we, instead of just the Jedi. Chief Daala had in fact been fully knowledgeable of the plot; and complicit in it.

"It's only for a few weeks or so, Master Durron," Chief Daala replied with annoyance. "Things went great when she accompanied me to Hapes."

Great for you, Ta'tan'ia thought to herself. She hoped it turned out okay for Tenel Ka and the other Hapans. She kept her cheerful smile in place though.

"Fine," Kyp responded with a sigh. "Only until Syal returns from Bastion."

"Of course, Master Durron," Chief Daala answered with a nod of agreement.

"I'll have Jedi Asari bring over Ta'tan'ia's things shortly," he informed her.

"That's fine, Master Durron," Chief Daala answered happily. "Ta'tan'ia should be in my office the rest of the day, but have Jedi Asari comm her before she leaves, just in case I have to send her on an errand."

"Yes, Your Excellency," Kyp responded easily.

"Excellent. That will be all," Chief Daala replied, reaching for the button to end the call.

"Of course, Your Excellency," Kyp answered as his hologram disappeared.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

About half an hour later Kani arrived, carrying a small bag. A YVH droid escorted her to Chief Daala's reception area.

Kani was wearing her tan tunic and pants, along with her brown Jedi robe. A gleaming silver durasteel chrono was on her left wrist, and matching comlink on her right. She was also wearing black knee boots with fifteen centimeter wedge heels.

"Hey, thanks for coming," Ta'tan'ia said as she approached her. At the same time, she reached out with the Force and greeted her.

"No problem," Kani replied with a friendly embrace as she passed her the bag. "Is everything okay?" she asked softly, still holding her close.

"Yeah," Ta'tan'ia answered quietly, with an appreciative smile. She could feel Kani's stiff nerfhide waist-cincher around her midsection. After a moment, Ta'tan'ia took a half step back. "Chief Daala would like to see you while you are here," she told her cheerfully.

Kani paused a moment, and glanced at the YVH droid waiting by the entrance. "Sure, I'd love to see our esteemed Chief of State," she replied with a smile.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

As Kani walked towards Chief Daala's office, she ran through a Jedi calming exercise. She also used the Force to sense any possible danger. Then she glanced over and smiled at Ta'tan'ia, who was alerting Chief Daala of her imminent arrival with her wrist comlink.

When Kani neared the door, she slowed down so Ta'tan'ia could step past her and open the door for her, just as a personal assistant should for a visiting guest. She smiled at her friend as she stepped past her.

"You wanted to see me, Your Excellency?" Kani asked pleasantly as she entered her office.

Chief Daala was already in front of her desk, heading towards her. Kani didn't notice any security officers or droids, but she was sure they could appear in mere seconds if Chief Daala called them.

"I did, Kani," Chief Daala replied with a friendly smile as she stopped near the caf table. "Please make yourself comfortable," she said, gesturing towards the pair of curved pouf couches on either side of the caf table.

"Thank you, Your Excellency," Kani answered as she sat down.

"Can I have Ta'tan'ia get you anything?" Chief Daala asked as she sat down a little less than arms-length from her.

"Thank you, no, Your Excellency," Kani replied, glancing towards Ta'tan'ia with a smile. She also noticed that she didn't call her DJ. "I'm sure she has plenty of work to do for you already," she added with surreptitious wink towards Ta'tan'ia.

Chief Daala chuckled in response. "Ta'tan'ia is a very diligent assistant for me," she agreed, glancing towards the purple-skinned Twi'lek who was waiting silently. "You may go then, Ta'tan'ia," she told her with a nod.

"Yes, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia answered cheerfully, taking a step backwards before turning around and walking out.

Kani watched her turn back to face them as she closed the door, again, just as a personal assistant should.

"Thank you for bringing over Ta'tan'ia's things," Chief Daala said as the door shut.

"You're welcome, Your Excellency," Kani answered with a smile. "I know Ta'tan'ia couldn't survive without her plastex heels." She didn't mention the ankle shackles, as she didn't want Chief Daala to offer her a set. She had her own anyway, although they were durasteel.

"Yes, I wouldn't want her to have to go without," Chief Daala replied with a friendly smile.

Then she changed the subject. "I was disappointed that you decided to stop supporting my government and refused to wear a tracking device," she told her after a couple of heartbeats.

Kani wasn't quite sure how to respond to that, at least without making Chief Daala too mad. She could sense that she was being mostly truthful. She also felt a twinge of pleasure at the idea of wearing a tracking collar again. She routinely wore a collar these days, but since she could take it off herself, it wasn't the same.

"Um, sorry, Your Excellency," she finally answered with an apologetic shrug.

Suddenly Chief Daala smiled broadly. Then she leaned forward and opened the drawer underneath the caf table, and pulled out a familiar circle of durasteel. "Well, I have a tracking collar right here, so why don't we go ahead and correct that," she said as she pulled the maglock open and held the collar out towards Kani's throat.

Kani stared at the collar a moment. "Um, I'm afraid I must respectfully decline, Your Excellency," she replied, leaning away slightly. The jolt of excitement she felt at the sight of the collar was undeniable though.

"Kani," Chief Daala began as she leaned back on the pouf couch and slid closer to her at the same time. "I know I haven't always been the Jedi Order's best friend, but I am the Chief of State. Please show your support and loyalty to the Galactic Alliance by accepting a tracking device," she said as she set her hand on the back of Kani's neck, underneath her hair.

Kani glanced down at the open collar, then back at Chief Daala. She could definitely sense that she was hiding something. "I'm sorry, Your Excellency," she answered. "I can't."

Chief Daala scrutinized her a couple of moments. "Ta'tan'ia is very happy with hers," she pointed out. "If she can show a little support for my government, then you can too," she said. As she spoke, she lifted her blonde hair out of the way with one hand, and moved the open collar closer towards her throat with the other.

Kani leaned away from the open collar warily, then raised her hand to stop it—mere centimeters from her neck.

"I . . . don't know, Your Excellency," she said, looking back at Chief Daala. She could tell she was still hiding something. Suddenly she stood up. "I'm sorry Your Excellency, but I can't," she announced as she stepped to the far end of the pouf couch.

"No one has to know except the two of us," Chief Daala replied, looking up at her and lowering the collar to her lap. "If you accepted it, then there would be no need for an observer to follow you while you are spending time with Javis Tyrr."

Kani locked eyes with her as she considered that. Then she wondered if Chief Daala had ordered the observers to get more aggressive, just to get her to accept a tracking collar again.

"I'm sorry Your Excellency," she told her. "Not after what's happened." She didn't say after you let the Empire brainwash and try to kidnap me and the other Jedi.

"I'm very sorry to hear that, Kani," Chief Daala told her with a sigh. "I was hoping you would assist Ta'tan'ia some while Syal is away, but if you won't show this much support in the Galactic Alliance—" she paused to lift the collar a couple of centimeters— "then I don't see how I could ask you to do that."

Kani thought about that a moment. She was tempted, if for no other reason than to stay close to Ta'tan'ia. "I'm sorry, Your Excellency," she replied. "Thank you for the offer though."

Chief Daala glanced down at the collar in her lap, then back up at her. "What if I set it so you could take it off when you were in the Temple, as long as you promised to wear it when you left?"

Kani glanced down at the collar as well. That sounded easy enough. No obnoxious observer following her around. A tracking collar that she could take off in the Temple. Still, she knew she had to listen to the Force.

"Thank you, Your Excellency, but I'm afraid I must respectfully decline," she answered after a few moments' consideration.

As she spoke, Kani could literally sense Chief Daala's mood darken.

"I see," Chief Daala responded after a few heartbeats. "You are dismissed then, Jedi Asari," she informed her blankly.

"Yes, Your Excellency," Kani replied as she turned and headed towards the door. When she reached it, she stopped, and looked back to see her walking towards her desk. "I'll keep your generous offer in mind, Your Excellency," she called out with a forced smile.

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