tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJedirotica Ch. 01

Jedirotica Ch. 01


Wyonne paused, crouching behind an old rotten log and attuning herself to her surroundings. Eyes and ears straining, she reached out with her extra senses, those granted to her by her growing mastery of the force. She could sense a vague presence near-by but her Sith quarry was skilled and remained elusive.

Suddenly, Wyonne gasped and looked around startled. An insistent rubbing had begun between her legs and a growing warmth spread from her pussy up through her abdomen. Looking down, no hand was to be seen. Her quarry was using a subtle variation of telekinesis that she thought only she and her lover Morgana had mastered. As tempted as she was to enjoy the sensations coursing through her lower body, she shook her head to clear it and called out to the jungle.

“Nice… nice try my friend but you’ll have to come up with something I didn’t invent if you want to distract me.”

Her words seemed to hit home because to her left there was a flurry of motion and the sound of branches breaking as her opponent broke cover, trading subtly for speed. Wyonne leapt from her hiding place and took off in pursuit. As a more technically minded jedi, Wyonne had of late been letting her conditioning slip and was hard pressed to keep up with the fleeing form ahead of her. The lack of exercise made it harder to keep pace but it did lend her a voluptuousness that was seen in few Jedi. The force knew Morgana had expressed an appreciation for it.

Aside from the occasional flash of black or green, Wyonne couldn’t get a good look at the fleeing Sith. Instead, she followed the disturbances in the brush left by the figure just ahead of her. Seemingly so close, Wyonne was startled when she burst into a clearing to see… nothing.

The jungle had yielded to a clearing, surrounding one of the still, green pools formed by the myriad streams flowing down from the highlands. To her right, a small series of waterfalls descended a minor ridge in the forest floor, and a medium sized pool had formed at their base. Aside from a ring of ripples expanding across the emerald green water, the clearing was silent.

Perhaps the Sith had made a force assisted leap to the opposite bank. Stretching out with force enhanced senses yielded nothing but phantoms. First no presence, then one, then two, then none again. With her abilities so obviously being tampered with, Wyonne decided to cross the pool in the old fashion manner. Hand on the hilt of her considerable modified light saber she step cautiously into the water.

As she waded out she was surprised at how cold the water was in comparison to the humid jungle air. Toward the middle of the pool the water rose up between her blast vest and body, the cold making her nipples harden and rub pleasurably against her armour. Resisting the temptation to lie back in the cool water and enjoy a few pleasant hours floating beneath the canopy she continued into the shallower water toward the opposite bank. As the water receded to waist depth, a figure stepped out of the deep shadows on the opposite bank.

Most sentient beings would think they were gazing on the deranged offspring of a storm trooper and a swoop-race cheerleader. Bright pink hair in a shoulder length bob framed a face as innocent as angel. Innocent that is, until one looked into her eyes. While outwardly a girl, the figure on the opposite bank had the eyes of a warrior who seen much, too much, enough to have been driven over the edge of sanity.

A diamond tattoo in the same garish pink covered on eye from brow to cheek. Her lithe, athletic curves were made even more so by form fitting white body armour, much like a storm trooper and set off at the joints with highlights in the thematic pink. A black swirling cape and thigh-high black boots added a striking contrast to the armour.

“Clarice.” Hissed Wyonne, half Epithet, half moan. Clarice, the last of the Sith trained by Vader. Clarice, who mocked everything innocent in her every mannerism and every action. Clarice, who should have been lying buried beneath the rubble of a remote research installation on an unknown galactic backwater.

“Ah Wyonne, a pleasure to see you again. I’m glad we can meet face to face this time. Instead of face to orbital bombardment. As you can see, despite you and your companion’s best efforts I stand before you hale and hearty.” Wyonne’s hand tightened around the light saber at the lilting, nails on chalkboard quality of the Sith master’s voice.

“Well, as I recall, that was in large part because you’d just tried to turn an entire race to the dark side.” Wyonne took a few steps forward. “Personally I prefer things this way. After I defeat you, you can tell me why you darken the Republic’s door once more.”

Clarice Laughed, a clear bell-like sound much like any teenaged girl’s. Except this girl’s laugh made birds take light and small children cry.

“Wyonne, Wyonne, Wyonne. I’ve no problem explaining myself, in fact, that’s why I lured you here. But defeat me? I think not.”

Wyonne, anticipating an attack began to lunge forward, all her senses focused on her opponent. Clarice simply stood and laughed in amusement and as that fact registered with Wyonne she was attacked from behind. A powerful blow to the hand caused her light saber to plunge into the murky green water. As she began a defensive spin, she was brought up short by a thin, sinewy arm wrapping about her waist and another across her chest, the hand cupping her breast. As shocking as the attack was, Wyonne was either more distracted when the hand across her chest began kneading her full, ample breast through the armour.

Wyonne’s outrage began to build but as she gathered her powers to make good her escape, she was suddenly assailed by a hundred unseen hands. Invisible hands seized both breasts, squeezing painfully. Another plunged down the front of her pants, spreading her and forcing two phantom fingers into her pussy where they began a rhythmic assault. Yet another crept down the back of her pants and forced a probing digit into her vice tight ass. The assault even included an insubstantial tongue, which began a disembodied lapping at her sensitive clitoris.

The unwanted assault made her skin crawl but her body’s involuntary arousal in response was sufficient to destroy her focus making it all but impossible to wield the force in a meaningful fashion. Icy laughter echoed through the jungle joined by a more earthy, fulsome laugh in Wyonne’s ear.

“What I’m up to, dear Wyonne is rebuilding. After the Jedi slew all my apprentice’s and buried me beneath the ruins on Kozai, it was necessary to recruit prior to my comeback. I believe you are getting acquainted with the first of my new followers, Tantazia?” Wyonne struggled to keep a growing orgasm and the humiliation that would involve at bay while still focusing on Clarice’s monologue. As a result, she failed to notice as the slim green fingers of the figure behind her began playing over her buckles and buttons, zippers and fasteners, slowly stripping her and pushing her clothing askew.

“Why…. Why lure me here?” Wyonne managed to force out. “To kill…. Ooooh….. to kill me?” Clarice laughed a third time.

“The game’s the thing my dear. Any fool can strike from ambush. I savor the desperation and panic in those who know I’m coming but can’t do a damn thing about it. I want the Republic to know I’m back. So you get to live because a dead woman tells no tales. Bring her to shore.” That last seemed directed at the apprentice, Tantazia, because on the verge of losing herself in the attentions of the unseen caresses she felt herself being dragged to the other shore.

“You.. can’t win…” Wyonne managed between gasps of ecstasy. “Let… me go. Purpose served.”

“Oh, I know you’ll carry the message. But that was only part of the plan. I’m going to pay you back for years of interference.”

“Just… ah… ah… kill me.” Wyonne barely managed.

“No my dear, I think humiliation will serve. Besides, I’ve acquired some tastes very similar to yours since meeting Tantazia. I’ve been wondering, what does light side pussy taste like?”

“Never happen….” Wyonne could feel an orgasm mounting despite everything she tried to keep it at bay. She couldn’t say for certain but it seemed the phantom hand between her legs had been replaced by the cool, slim fingers of this Tantazia. And she seemed possessed of a supernatural manipulative skill. Drenched as she was from the jungle pool behind her, Wyonne could still feel copious warm wetness on her inner thighs that most certainly was not water. “I think you will find my that once my apprentice is done, you’ll be in no position to resist. She seems capable of bringing a persons latent hedonism to the fore, to such an extent that it overwhelms reason.”

Wyonne barely felt herself being forced to her hands and knees on the opposite bank. All she could focus on were the skilled fingers plunging in and out of her now sopping pussy. A warm, definitely female form pressed close to her and while one hand continued it’s heavenly work between her thighs, the other stripped Wyonne of her armour and clothes with skilled flicks of a short bladed knife, exposing her pale white flesh to the warm jungle air.

All other concerns were suddenly wiped from her mind as the deft fingering of her clitoris and throbbing pussy by Tantazia’s eager hand finally overcame her self-control and a massive orgasm rocked her body.

Wyonne let out a long howl as the warmth deep in her womanhood became a critical mass and sent a wave of pleasurable fire sweeping down her nervous system. For an eternal moment she was a sexual supernova. A sun burned in her stomach, her pussy throbbed and spasmed, warmth spread down her legs and up through her torso. Her nipples burned at the touch of the rough earth beneath her and everywhere the flesh of the Sith apprentice touched her, her nerves screamed in ecstasy. A deep part of her knew she should be furious and fight back but it was quickly immolated in the heat of her ecstasy.

“Mmmm….. wasssn’t that tasssty?” a sibilant, silky voice whispered some infinite time later. Groggy and sated but strangely craving more, Wyonne glanced around.

She herself lay on the stream’s bank clad only in her golden bra and panties, albeit with the bra now riding belt-like about her middle and her panties forced to one side by the assault of a minute or an eternity ago. Her pale skin was coated in sweat and here and there black jungle earth or vivid green leaves clung to her flesh. She could feel the unruly tangle her shoulder length black hair had become.

Looking down self consciously she could see her ample, soft, milk white breast bore livid finger marks from the recent attention while her large, strawberry coloured nipples still stood stiffly out. Glistening beads of moisture, her own or the streams she couldn’t say, speckled her dark, dense, unruly pubic mound.

Glancing in Clarice’s direction she gasped as she finally caught a glimpse of Tantazia. She was a Twi’lek, a race of reptilian or amphibian ancestry. In most ways they appeared human but they were entirely hairless and from their heads grew two long tails. As thick as an arm, they sprouted from the occipital region and tapered down to points at the small of the back. Twi’lek males were usually not considered fetching but the females were frequently bought or enslaved as dancers, consorts, and concubines.

Tantazia resembled nothing so much as the erotic holo-vid ideal of a Twi’lek woman. Her skin was a dark green, similar to that of the foliage around them, fading to the green of a new shoot on her face, breasts, and stomach. The skin of her face, chest, abdomen, and presumably groin were tattooed in with swirling black geometric patterns designed to draw the eyes to her more pleasing features.

And pleasing features they were. She had a round, innocent face, with large moist black eyes and pouting lips that suggested indulging her wound yield rewards for the indulgent. A number of small silver rings through her lower lip, the tattoos, and a spiky leather collar lent her an air of exoticism.

Her breasts were, put simply, magnificent. Firm, natural and very large their pale green skin was a difficult lure for even Wyonne to resist. Her large darker green nipples were permanently erect due to silver bar piercing through each.

Seeing no shirt on the bank with her own assorted clothing Wyonne had to assume that Tantazia normally went topless. Right now, all Wyonne wanted to do was wrap her lips around one of those perfect nipples.

Wyonne saw that the tattoos did indeed extend below the belt line because as she watched, Tantazia writhed free of the black leather pants that seemed her only clothing. Black tattoos swirled about her navel before descending to the light green juncture of the Twi’lek’s thighs were they spread out in a kind of false pubic hair. As the pants came off, Wyonne glimpsed a hairless, tempting cleft flanked by inviting, plump, pale green lips. As if to tease Wyonne, Tantazia spread her legs slightly and slipped on black lacquered fingernail and finger into herself. The glistening softness revealed within renewed the pulsing between Wyonne’s own legs.

A chuckle as sinister as the earlier laughter drew Wyonne’s attention back to Clarice. As the Dark Jedi stepped behind her apprentice to cup the enormous, soft breasts of the Twi’lek, Wyonne saw she’d used her reverie to strip down as well.

While Wyonne could be described as earthy or motherly, and Tantazia was best described as pornographic, Clarice would be called athletic.

Pink shoulder length hair framed a face that could be called mischievous if not for the obvious madness behind the eyes. A slender, strangely vulnerable neck curved delicately down to the slim form of a gymnast. The skin was as white as Wyonne’s, hinting at too much time spent in armour.

Clarice’s breasts were firm, apple sized globes that moved almost not at all when she shifted position. Pale, almost invisible nipples tipped them, standing out only now in her excitement.

Hours of combat and training had toned her abdomen to the point where a six-pack was strongly hinted at and her stomach was as flat as the Tatooine desert.

A trim pink strip of hair running from just below her navel an vanishing between her legs revealed that the colour on her head was indeed her natural tone. Two shapely runner’s legs extended to the ground seemingly much longer then required for simple locomotion.

Wyonne lay for several moments watching the two women before her and, slowly, they became her attention. The Jedi warrior part of Wyonne screamed to fight, run, to take some action against the violations taking place but Tantazia’s touch had thrown an erotic pall over her reason and all she wanted was to touch and taste and be touched and tasted in turn.

“I like this one master. She is very sssweet.” Tantazia seemed to flow across the ground and leaned over to caress Wyonne’s face. A shiver ran through the dark haired Jedi.

“I’m glad you feel so apprentice. Did you know that she is a lesbian? She and her lover are teachers at the new Jedi academy.”

“Truly?” said Tantazia. “Then she must be skilled…..” The Twi’lek moved to straddle the prone Wyonne and slowly lowered her wet, glistening pussy to Wyonne’s face. “Teach me Jedi. Lick me like you do your lover…..”

That little figment of Wyonne’s mind that objected to everything thus far began renewed screaming but her animal self found it impossible to resist the descending lip and Wyonne lunged upward.

Wyonne rolled completely onto her back and seized the Sith adepts smooth thighs, forcing her to kneel astride Wyonne’s face and questing tongue. As Tantazia brought her pale green lips into range, Wyonne’s tongue made the lightest contact and a shudder ran through them both.

The Twi’lek tasted nothing like her long time lover Morgana. As the member of another species, the Tw’lek had a distinct taste, spicy and dry, like her desert home world. This mingled with the flowery scents the apprentice wore and conjured images of flowering cacti and desert oases in Wyonne’s mind.

She first traced the puffy outer lips lightly with her tongue, teasing the dark jedi who moaned in appreciation. Then, with startling swiftness she plunged her tongue between the lips into the wetness within. As Tantazia arched her back in ecstasy, Wyonne reached up and roughly grabbed the ample breasts of the Twi’lek. She could feel the other woman’s growing wetness and hear her moans become gasps. The warmth and wetness had reappeared between her own legs.

Taking the Twi’leks swollen clit between her lips and assaulting it with her tongue while tugging roughly at the piercings proved too much and with a piercing shriek Tantazia clamped her thighs roughly around Wyonne’s head and orgamsed in spectacular fashion. Her spicy warmth soaked Wyonne’s chin and Tantazia fell limp beside her. Her own orgasm, just starting to build, Wyonne looked around for relief and was shocked when Clarice pounced on top of her.

“Now I’ll find out what light side pussy tastes like.” Clarice purred, rubbing her hard body against Wyonne’s slightly softer, rounder form. With a flick of her tongue, Clarice took one of her erect nipples in her mouth and lightly bit, sending a wave of pleasure through her before sliding down to Wyonne's dark, furry mound.

In one sudden motion, Clarice ducked between Wyonne’s legs such that the bend of her knees rested on Clarice’s shoulder. Then, demonstrating her athleticism, Clarice assumed a kneeling position so that Wyonne hung upside down with her weight on her shoulders. Before the discomfort of such a position could become a problem, Clarice forcefully plunged her face into Wyonne’s dark, hairy pussy and began vigorously tongue fucking her opponent, occasionally nipping Wyonne’s swollen labia.

Wyonne shuddered in ecstasy. She disliked men, not because of the act of penetration, but because they were selfish lovers. The tongue of her nemesis pistoning in and out of her dripping pussy was heaven. She ground her mound against Clarice’s soft lips, reveling in the helplessness of the position. When Clarice plunged a probing finger into her tight asshole she lost control, overcome by a howling orgasm that left Clarice wet to the top of her breast.

Clarice let her drop back to the ground and in an instant, the deft hands of Tantazia were back, playing over skin and dragging something smooth with them. Clarice’s hands slid beneath her armpits and lifted Wyonne to a standing position. With two deft tugs, Wyonne’s bra and panties, so far just displaced, were finally yanked free.

Tantazia stepped behind her while Clarice stepped away into the bush. A sudden tug from behind, drawing her arms together made Wyonne realize that she was now bound. The little protesting piece of her mind began to feel dread but the euphoria of her experiences thus far maintained it’s dominance.

Clarice reappeared with two metal cases resembling toolboxes. From one she produced a video drone which, once, activated, floated near by filming the scene as Wyonne was forced to sit on a large flat rock with her legs spread. The second case was set on the ground next to it.

As Tantazia circled her, cupping a breast one minute, plunging fingers into her the next, then forcing her own ample breast to Wyonne’s lips, Clarice produced a vibro-razor.

“So unkempt my Dear. Let us help with that.” Leaning close, Clarice began a leisurely shaving of Wyonne’s pussy while plunging three fingers into her with her free hand. Wyonne had never shaved herself before and the feeling of the razor scrapping over her most tender flesh was exotic and arousing. Wyonne came repeatedly on her enemy’s skillful fingers. Far too fast for Wyonne’s taste, Clarice had her shaved as bare as a little girl.

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