tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJedirotica Ch. 02

Jedirotica Ch. 02


The din of Coruscant was an assault on the senses. The quiet desert and rocky badlands surrounding the Sith academy or the jungles of the world she was found living feral on had done nothing to prepare her for this. Only the orders issued by mistress Clarice kept her on her course. Whatever fear and danger this bustling city world held, Clarice was fully capable of inflicting a hundred fold worse.

Tantazia tugged at the skimpy, synth leather harness straining to contain her prodigious breasts. This was yet another indignity heaped on her by this world, clothing. Given her way, she’d go naked all the time, both for comfort’s sake and so she might use her stunning body to her best advantage. She’d gotten use to pants, the same synth-leather, so tight it seemed painted on, because Clarice had demanded she cease distracting the male students. But any covering of her upper body was completely foreign.

Ah well, they’ll be time enough to indulge all my preferences and vices once Mistress Clarice’s plan is carried out. Hips undulating in a hypnotic rhythm, Tantazia head to a lift to the lower levels, her passing attracting the eye of males who would otherwise have claimed to have seen everything.


Stretching and stifling a yawn, Jedi Master Jendrix walked down the marble steps of the new Jedi Counsel hall and hailed a droid-cab. A day of counsel meetings always left him tired, especially on a day like today where the topic had been something or other about logistics and the new Jedi Academy. He hadn’t really been paying attention

I wonder how the others are able to deal with the boredom? He thought. Luke, Leia, and Mara Jade had not trouble; they were from the meditative school of Jedi. But many of the counsel members, Spencer and Taggen, Wabook and Phobos, were I the same boat as him- Rebel military personnel who had served on the front lines even after gaining their force abilities and as such practiced a more visceral, martial version of the Jedi code. Master Luke was constantly monitoring them for signs of the Dark Side and had counselled Jendrix on more then one occasion to better control his base urges.

Good thing he doesn’t know where I’m off to tonight, Jendrix thought as he stepped into a turbo-lift to the lower levels. He was still disappointed at his inability to talk any of his peers into joining him. Taggen, in particular, was always up for a little hell raising.

As he stepped on the lift he immediately noticed the thin, athletic black human woman he shared the lift with. He preferred them bustier and a little older but the orange flight suit always turned him one. Just something about a woman who blew up Imperials for a living.

“Did you fly at Endor?” That seemed like a pretty good opening. He’d been there, it was a rebel victory, and the pilots had a lot to be proud of that day.

“Er... Um…. That is... no sir Jedi Master Jendrix. I enlisted after the battle, when the Imps were driven off my home world.” She managed after several seconds. Damn, she knows who I am. That’s the end of that.

To his never ending frustration, Jendrix had found that accepting a position on the Jedi counsel had had as many negatives as positives. For one thing, all the holo-vid coverage meant he couldn’t walk 20 ft. with out someone recognizing him. For another, he thought, it makes getting laid twenty times harder. How do you score when every woman you approach is intimidated by you? Well…. Okay, there are ways to use that to you advantage. He chuckled inwardly.

His decent took quite sometime. Indulging his fondness for cheap ale, dangerous card games, and fast women meant descending to the lowest inhabited levels of the galactic capital. It was behaviour that some other Jedi frowned on as being unjedilike but he could only stomach so much formality and meditation before going nuts.

Stepping off the lift he was immediately assaulted by the myriad scents of the lower levels. Unwashed bodies, imperfectly functioning sanitation systems, strange meats cooked over open flames, and a muskiness that the sun was unable to banish so deep beneath the earth.

A Wisterian working girl slid an arm around his waist, checking his forward progress.

“Hey handsome, need a date?” She was attractive in a grimy sort of way. Her halter top and short skirt revealed ample green flesh and her pouty lips looked made to wrap around his cock, but smudges of dust and grease ruined the appeal. Besides he had a strict policy.

“Sorry, never pay for what I can get for free.” He gave her firm ass a parting squeeze and proceeded to his destination, Buckbuck’s. Her unladylike response fading behind him he looked at a dark, soot stained wall with a single, dented door. Sure ain’t much to look at, he thought, but the sabacc’s fast and loose, the home brew’s got a kick, and the level’s easiest women hangout here. All in all, Buckbuck’s Tapcaf was just what the medic ordered.


Tantazia watched the Rodian make a break for the refresher. He’d been undressing her with his eyes all night, and while she didn’t mind being admired, his x-rated suggestions when he made his pass at her had caused a momentary lapse in self-control. Manipulating those bodily functions wasn’t her main area of expertise but she’d been sufficiently annoyed to make the stretch.

Of course, he growing irritability had nothing to do with the Rodian. She’d been dealing with his kind all her adult life. Males, regardless of their species, were all governed by the same master- their cocks. And she’d seen a great number of cocks in her day. She had in fact lost count. She didn’t explain her behaviour, or even make that much of an effort to understand it. From the first time she had given her Sith classmates a round of blow jobs, to her most recent escapades with that female Jedi, she’d always been sexually talented. I haven’t been gifted with these assets for nothing she said, running her hands over her body. This is my path to power and no one can resist.

No, her annoyance was at being stuck in this stinking, crowded, mynock farm in these uncomfortable clothes waiting for that miserable Jedi to turn up so she could execute her mission only to have him enter and go straight to the card table. Where he’d been for the last two hours. As if that wasn’t enough, a buxom, human red head in a gauzy white gown had sidled up to him and now had his full attention.

For a micro second the thought of abandoning the mission crossed her mind but the cold chills running up her spine dissuaded her. The memory of past punishments would be nothing compared to what awaited her if she botched this. Clarice’s plan was very clever and complex and one gear out of place could bring the whole thing crashing down.

As much as she scares the hell out of me, I have to admire her. The plan had been so obvious once explained, as much as Tantazia was told anyway. The Jedi were a potent enemy but they refused to acknowledge certain aspects of their existence and by exploiting these weaknesses, the Sith would gain control over them. When it came to sex, they were a bunch of backwater prudes and Tantazia’s special affinity in the force made her Clarice’s secret weapon.

Her reverie was interrupted by the squeal of chairs being pushed back and she looked up to see the card game disbanding. The various shabby players went their separate ways, with Jendrix and the red-head making their way for a back exit. Quietly, she slipped from her booth and followed, silently as a hunting cat.


Sometimes it’s just too damn easy, Jendrix thought as the redhead, Jeni… Jari… something starting with a J, unbuckled his belt. Come in, join a game, win a few hands, and before you know it, the sluts come crawling out of the wood work. This particular slut was something else.

J-whatever was a 5’5” redheaded human female, practically falling out of the gauzy affair she called clothes, which she was now busily stripping off. Her now bared breasts were easily c-cups and, as she wiggled her cloths over her hips, Jendix saw she remained unshorn, with springy, ginger fuzz between her legs. The fact that she had been instantly trying to pull him away from his card game, and that she would strip down and fuck him in thus dingy alley were excellent indicators of what a whore she was. In his experience a girl like this either knew who he was and was trying to get a notch for her bedpost, fine by him, or she was a crook of some sort, looking to rob him at the end of this, something he could readily deal with.

Kneeling in small puddle of rust stained water, J, as he way calling her, fished his stiffening cock out of his pants and began licking and kissing the head. He was no giant but felt he had attained excellent mastery of his 7” over the years. He chuckled to himself. Long practice my boy, long practice.

Of course some of his other, force related talents came in handy. Linking their minds, so that each felt pleasure when the other did, caused J to pause in her ministrations and emit a little moan. It was a neat trick and it meant as she gave him head, she was essentially giving it to herself too. She doubled, then tripled her efforts, head bobbing furiously before collapsing against his legs in a twitching orgasm. That was one draw back, every time she brought him close to satisfaction, she’d experience and orgasm herself. Usually, he had to break contact in order to finally finish himself.

“C’mon honey, finish the job. I’m good for more then one.” She looked up at him, eyes partially closed and smile. A firm hand closed around the base of his cock and she rammed her head down so he could feel her lips brushing his pubes. A couple of deep, violent thrusts of her head and he was ready to burst. Pulling himself out of her mouth and grasp, he shot a huge wad of sticky cum all over her face. Her head twisted about trying to follow and swallow each shot but he preferred it when it ended up outside.

J began to stand and reached for her dress, clearly believing him done for the time being. He spun her around and pushed her over a near-by stack of crates so that her round, pink ass was thrust in the air, revealing a puffy, wet pussy just waiting to be savaged.

“I told you, I’m good for more then one.” He stepped towards J, quivering and vulnerable, bent over the crates but was brought up short as a hand snaked around his waist from behind and seized him roughly by the cock. An electric charge ran through his body and it slowly donned on him that he was under some kind of force assault. But by the time he had all this figured out, he found the struggle was already lost.

“Sit and be a good little Jedi.” As sultry voice whispered in his ear. Finding resistance impossible, he obeyed.


Tantazia had timed her intervention for exactly when the Jedi’s will would be at its weakest, that moment of anticipation just before sliding his cock home. Now, like the other Jedi before him, he was in Tantazia’s sexual thrall. A chill ran down her spine, a little shiver of pleasure at the realization that this was the first time she’d achieved this control on her own. Normally, Clarice accompanied her on such missions.

The redhead, she had no idea of her name, was very pleasant on the eyes but an amateur technique wise. A fifteen year old girl gave more skilled head then this denizen of the capital’s underbelly. Looking over Tantazia could see she was still bent over the crates quivering in anticipation of some fucking by a Jedi. Was Sith close enough? She hoped so because that was all she was likely to get right now.

Tantazia double checked her target and made sure he was sitting quiet like a good little boy. He was , so she stepped forward and quietly drew here light sabre from her belt. It was about a foot long and 6 inches around. It would serve well in place of the Jedi’s dick.

Stepping close Tantazia ran a hand up the redhead’s spine, eliciting an orgasmic shudder and tangled a hand in her flowing hair.

“Watch closely Jedi, you may learn something about pleasuring a woman.” The redhead’s face appeared as she glanced in alarm over her shoulder but before she could voice an objection, Tantazia pulled her head back with one hand and slammed the light sabre into the slut’s dripping pussy. The redhead gave a little cry of pain but as Tantazia deftly worked the handle in and out of her, venting all her frustration at this mission on the redhead’s pussy, the other woman began to thrust violently back in time with Tantazia’s ministrations. Her cries of pleasure reverberated through the alley and Tantazia could feel herself growing wet in response.

Glancing over at the Jedi, Tantazia was pleased to see that he had taken his 7” dick in his hands and was absently pumping it while raptly watching the two women.

“Don’t worry Jendrix, you’ll get your lesson in a moment.” The redhead shuddered violently once more and then slipped to the wet, grimy floor of the alley. With her playmate temporarily occupied and her victim placid, Tantazia took the opportunity to finally get this confining leather off of her. She stripped naked and then deciding how to proceed walked over and dragged the redhead to her knees by the hair. The woman hardly seemed conscious, but a little force manipulation of her pleasure centers got her attention.


A small part of Jendrix’s mind knew he was in serious trouble but the vast majority of him couldn’t have cared less. He’d been waylaid by the most stunning, green Twi’lek he’d ever seen and she seemed only interested in sex with him and whatshername.

She was shorter than he was, with enormous, stunning breasts, and a curvaceous figure just made for fucking. If he’d seen her on the street he would have made it his mission to bed her and her she was, voluntarily stripping in front of him. Of course, that little, ignored piece of his mind knew that there had to e some sinister reason for all this.

She was elaborately tattooed on face, breasts, stomach, and groin, where the black swirls made a sort of false pubic hair. Twi’leks, being of reptilian heritage, were entirely hairless and so Jendrix could see a hint of a slit and moisture at the juncture of her legs.

He’d watched her use he light sabre to savagely fuck J but whatever she was up to now was even hotter. She was no naked for one and the way she casually dragged an unconscious J within inches of him suggested she was an old hand at this sort of thing.

“Now Jendrix, you’re going to get a lesson in pleasuring me. Red here is going to do something to me and then you are going to do it better. If you’re a good boy, I’ll even let you fuck me. Watch closely.” The Twilek leaned over, breasts dangling enticingly before Jendrix and J and whispered in the redhead’s ear. A startled look passed over her lethargic face but Tantazia’s casual tug of her hair dispelled any objection.

The Twilek stood before Jendrix and spread her legs wide, showing him pale, swollen green lips coated with moisture. She ran one lacquered finger nail between her lips and curled it up inside her with a sigh. Then, with a commanding hold on the redhead’s hair, she forced the other woman’s mouth to her pussy.

Jendrix moaned in pleasure and J’s delicate pink tongue flicked out, tracing the black tattoos and flicking at a green clit so pale it was almost white. Tantazia sighed, moaned, and shifted around, vainly trying to predict where the tongue would be next. Jendrix’s hold on himself tightened, and his pace quickened.

J reached up a hand, slowly and tentatively raising the first, second, and fourth fingers. Jendrix almost came when the hand darted up, first two fingers entering the Twi’lek’s pussy and little finger going into her ass. Tantazia squealed with pleasure and spread wider. J’s face glistened with moisture from the Twi’lek and little muscle spasms played beneath the skin of the Twi’lek’s abdomen. In moments, fully screaming now, the Twi’lek came, drenching the redhead with her juices and collapsing to her knees.

Jendrix, unable to stop himself came in his hand, his furious pumping over coming him. All three paused for a moment to catch their breath. Tantazia, proving remarkably resilient, recovered first. Seeing that Jendrix had messed himself, she stood and applying a slender foot to the redhead’s shoulder, forced her down into his lap.

“Clean that up bitch. He can’t focus with his seed cooling on his thighs.” The Twi’lek kneeled close beside Jendrix. “Did you watch? Did you see what she did? Duplicate that and you can fuck me until I’m screaming for mercy. Would you like that?” She allowed her breasts to hang before his face. As the redhead licked him clean below, he was already hardening again and he plunged his face eagerly between the soft, pale green globes before him.

Standing before him, legs spread, Tantazia manoeuvred her womanhood within inches of Jendrix’s face. Most of his mind was screaming in ecstasy but the small rational part was screaming in protest. The scent was enticingly overpowering, the smell of flower scented perfume and a desert spiciness all he own. He plunged his face into her mound, licking, suck, kissing,, and caressing with his tongue. The taste of her was maddening and her little sighs and mewling noises drove him crazy. He took a tighter grip on he hips and continued to grind his face in, working his tongue ever further, tongue fucking her.

Tantazia’s hips bucked and squirmed and the muscles of her lower abdomen spasmed under his hands. Remembering what the redhead had done, Jendrix slid two fingers into her pussy and, because he wanted to out do the redhead, two into her muscular ass and pumped. The twi’lek began screaming and Jendirx found himself holding on to the bucking hips for dear life. His face was soaked in her juices and with a final, delectable gush, she collapsed on top of them both.


Tantazia always enjoyed her work but this Jedi was doing an unusually good job. He must have some natural tendencies towards this sort of behaviour. Excellent, it would make the final part of her task that much easier. He seemed to be out of it for the moment but the redhead seemed to be coming around. With a deft touch of the force, she rendered the redhead unconscious and dragged her over to a garbage bin, where she used the woman’s long hair to secure her in place.

Then she returned to her dazed Jedi victim and reached into his lap, seizing his rock hard cock. She loved the way a tongue or a finger felt inside her, but even the most skilled tongue couldn’t match the fullness, the friction of an actually cock. Granted, this Jedi was no Mandrake, Clarice’s second in command who was known for his immense member, but she knew how to enjoy any penis.

Her touch roused the Jedi slightly but he remained pretty dazed. Rolling him onto his back, she positioned herself above him. She did so enjoy this part but she couldn’t get too into it, she had work to do as well as have some fun.

Slowly, she lowered herself onto him while at the same time locating the area of his brain that controlled arousal. Slowly she rotated her hips, eliciting a sigh from this Jendrix and getting wetter herself. There is was, that inhibition center. Locking on to the appropriate part of his brain she settled into a steady, athletic rhythm, pistoning him in and out of her at an ever increasing rate. She could feel it in both of them, the growing orgasm that her skilled gyrations were bringing. The semi-conscious Jedi’s hands seized her hips and pulled her down in time with each thrust.

All too soon they were both on the cusp of release. With a Herculean effort Tantazia wrenched his mind just so before giving into to her own shuddering orgasm, wetting the Jedi’s thighs with her always copious juices.

Slowly, she stood. Both Jedi and redhead lay moaning. Regretting their necessity, Tantazia donned her minimal clothes and, enjoying one last aftershock, strode out of the alley.

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