tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJedirotica Ch. 03

Jedirotica Ch. 03


The academy had been getting emptier by the day. First Morgana had vanished, running off to find what had happened to Wyonne. Then with Master Jendrix's disappearance, Trunks and Magdaline had been called away.

In theory, Ruben St. Clair was in charge at the moment, but in truth, the padawan learners at the new Jedi academy had been more or less left to their own devices. And Ruby could decisively say that that was a bad idea. Rumour was running rampant. Vader, Thrawn, Amidala, Clarice. The names of all the counsel's old adversaries were whispered in the mess hall and the bunks after lights out. No one knew exactly what was going on but something was amiss and as usual, the student were being treated like mushrooms- kept in the dark and fed shit.

The break in training hadn't been all bad. The student's weren't entirely irresponsible and they'd come up with some training of their own. They'd always heard about strafing Womp rats and so they'd taken the school's speeders and given it a shot the other day. Fun but it probably would have been more challenging before Jedi training.

There'd also been a lot of time to explore too. Jabba's old palace had been selected to house the school for a number of reason- it was Luke's home world, placing the students here represented rebirth, yada yada yada. The only plus that Ruby could see was that it was an enormous, sandstone maze with plenty of corners to explore and lots of dark corners to make out in.

She knew the Jedi code, while it didn't exactly preach celibacy, certainly counselled a life of deprivation but if the teachers thought they could put twenty or so teenagers in one place and expect nothing to happen, they were nuts.

Every student was unique but Ruby's story was particularly unusual. She'd spent the first eight years of her life at an Imperial genetics facility, the product of a human-sarkan cloning experiment. The goal had been a human warrior with the strength of the enormous, reptilian Sarkans. The result had been a muscular young woman with strange, disconcerting grey hair and a grey-green lizards tail.

When she was eventually rescued, it had been by Atrius Duncan, an accomplished jedi knight who drafted her into his black-ops unit of jedi adepts known as Myth Squadron. Seven years later, Atrius had tried to seize control of the Republic and Myth squadron had been dealt a crushing blow by the Jedi of Eclipse Squadron. Those who were found to be conspirators were still in prison, while those duped like Ruby, had been taken under the wing of the Jedi counsel.

She'd spent the last 4 years studying at the Jedi academy under the tutelage of 'The Harpies' or 'Tarokian's Angels', Jedi Knights Wyonne Niedar, Morgana, and Magdaline Darkwood. She sometimes felt she'd gotten more life training than Jedi training living here. Wyonne and Morgana were openly lesbian and had three kids, the product of genetic manipulation. Magdaline was the sister of none other than the Sith Lord Clarice. Her husband, Trunks Darkwood was among the most rash of the Jedi knights and was frequently around. The Darkwood's had two young children of their own. Ruby had done more than her fair share of babysitting over the years.

At the moment thought, there were comparatively few people around. Knight Reuben St. Clair, Ruby, her room mate Sareeni Hator, the Defel Atim Kai, and a smattering of younger students.

Ruby entered her room, a simple rectangle with a bed, desk and wardrobe on either side. Her side, as always, was spotlessly neat. She never had shaken the military discipline of Myth Squadron and didn't own much any way. Sareeni's side on the other hand, was a disaster area strewn about with silk dressing gowns, skin tight athletic gear, and lacy under things befitting a noble woman. At the moment, lying atop the pile of lingerie and silk sheets that was her bed was her room mate.

"Escaping the heat of the day Sareeni?" Ruby snorted. Sareeni was sprawled on her bed spread in just a bra and panties, barely there to begin with. Not that that was a new sight. With lesbians as teachers and role models, two fit young girls had done and still did a fair bit of experimentation.

"Tatooine sunset tonight. Thought I'd enjoy the heat while it lasts." Sareeni absently gestured at the wall calendar, which did indeed show a rare double sunset. "Hard to believe this place ever gets cold eh?" Sareeni swung her long tanned legs over the side of the bed and stretched enticingly. She was every inch the Happan princess. Tall, blond hair cascading halfway down here back, large holo-star breasts, narrow waist, and killer legs. It was enough to make a muscular, grey-haired, half-sarkan greener with jealousy.

"Well, if you call 15 C cold. How about we get everyone together, have a bonfire tonight." Ruby suggested. Sareeni shrugged. "I have to shower."

"Wake me when you're done, I need a nap." Her roommate rolled over and was asleep, and snoring in a very unnoble like fashion even as Ruby got the water running. Ruby stripped down and glanced at herself in the mirror. Her Sarkan heritage made her sleekly muscled, like her reptilian relatives. Constant combat and endurance training had honed her to the point that every line of every muscle was visible. Even at a diminutive 5'6" she looked dangerous, predatory. Her breasts were small, and pert. Just a mouthful as Jalai was fond of pointing out. There wasn't an ounce of fat on her and she had just a hint of hips. Without the closely trimmed grey hair between her legs and largish nipples, it would be hard to be sure she was a girl. Add a thrashing, lizard tail emerging from her tailbone and it had made her terribly self conscious for a long time. Until she started getting laid.

Jalai Mugawbi had been her first. Two years older than her, he'd been one of the other Myth Squadron troops, a sleek black human from a primitive tribal world, and he had proven to her that she could be attractive. To be frank, until he'd graduated the academy the previous season, they'd fucked like rabbits at every opportunity. At the memory of her innumerable trysts in dark corners of the palace with the lithe black jedi, her hand crept to the surprisingly silky hair between her legs and found her slowly swelling clit. With Sareeni asleep and the academy more or less empty, a little self-pleasure wouldn't be amiss. She eased a slender finger into her pussy and worked it slowly in and out, remembering how Jalai had used to do her standing up, her legs wrapped around his waist, arms tight about his neck. A lot of jokes had been made about to trunks and Jalai about the size of their members. In Jalai's case it had proven true. Just thinking about that thick, black monster brought her to the verge of orgasm. She placed her free hand against the side of the shower and luxuriated in the building orgasm.

Faintly, her senses dulled and detached by her self gratification, she became aware of an unusual sound. If she didn't know better, she would have sworn she was listening to a light-sabre duel. That thought, half-way to being dismissed, snapped her out of her reverie. With all the strange things going on lately, the noise warranted investigation.

As she stepped from the shower, tower wrapped around her, she looked down the hall toward her room. The door remained closed but the sound of at least two light sabres was louder now and green and red light played on the wall at the near-by juncture of hallways.

Ruby eased cautiously into the hallway. The noise of growing commotion could be heard from several directions. She was helpless at the moment, without her light sabre. She had to get to her room. Steps from the door, a tingling in the force made her turn around.

Standing at the end of the hallway, red light sabres glowing, were three male Vollar'hans dressed in tell tale black armour. Thin, pale, with very fine features, pointed ears, and wild blond hair, Vollar'hans were nicknamed Elves for a reason. For a moment they stared in surprise at each other, Ruby shocked to see Sith in the jedi academy and they surprised by her presence down a side corridor they had expected to find deserted. The pause lasted only a moment before they strode forth sneering.

"Poor little naked jedi. Bad time to take a shower sweetie. Of course, it makes our lives easier. Saves us having to strip you down." They laughed and eyed her hungrily. Ruby became acutely aware of her nakedness under the thin towel. She was evaluating the distance to her room, wondering if she could win a foot race, when all hell broke loose.

"I am going to love fucking you brains ou...." One of the Vollarhan's started, striding toward her purposefully. His light sabre was laid along the side of his leg, almost forgotten. He never had a chance. From the shadows of a near-by doorway, a living shadow, wielding a blue light sabre of it's own, burst forth. With one deft slash, the boasting Vollar'han had been separated from his head. As the others leapt back to the defensive, Atim Kai charged forward with a yell to Ruby.

"Geht to youreh room. Whe are undher attack!" Ruby didn't need to be told twice. As the sound of clashing sabres echoed behind her, she sprinted to her room and dove inside. She snatched her light sabre from the hook where it rested and booted Sareeni, still asleep, in the ribs. Sareeni grunted and looked up confused.

"Attack. Get up and get your sabre." Sareeni reacted with admirable speed and leapt from her bed. Out in the hall a cry of pain indicated another Vollar'han losing to the talented Defel jedi. Wyonne was reaching for a robe when there was a breathless gasp from the hallway and then the sound of a mighty blow striking flesh. The dark form of the Defel passed their doorway, tumbling down the corridor. Ruby and Sareeni both turned to their door, half dressed, light sabres hand. Slow, determined steps echoed down the corridor.

A large, blocky figure appeared in their doorway, looking after the Defel. He was dressed in the polished black and red armour favoured by the Sith and carried a dully red light sabre. His visage was truly demonic. He had red skin, the colour of embers before they wink out. His bald head was topped by two small horns and his ears tapered to sharp points. With his lips pulled back from his lips in contempt for the Defel, his pointed teeth were clearly visible.

"Pathetic. The light side is pitiful." He gestured to the surviving Vollar'han, trailing a few steps behind him. "Finish it." The cold authoritarian voice sent a chill down Ruby's spine. It had a similar effect on the Vollar'han who dashed down the corridor toward his target. Only then did the Sith notice the two girls brandishing their light sabres to his left. With the same deliberate slowness of a monster out of nightmare he turned to face them, black, soulless eyes evaluating each of them.

"If you plan on subduing me, I would suggest the weapons between your legs over the ones in your hands." He chuckled, a low, ominous sound like rocks banging together. Slowly all the stories she had heard meshed with what she was seeing and a chill crept down Ruby's spine.

"Mandrake." The low whisper came unbidden from her lips. He smiled, a truly horrifying gesture and inclined his head.

"At your service." Sareeni looked from Madrake to Ruby and back again with a dawning look of despair.

"As I see it ladies, you have two options. You can fight, causing me to exert myself, become angry, and take it out on you. Or you can lay down your weapons and accept a lesser version of what you have coming." It took an enormous effort to form a sentence but the words ground out between Ruby's clenched teeth.

"How about option three. We cut you down to size and wipe out the rest of your minions." Mandrake appeared to enjoy the banter, totally in keeping with what she had heard about him. Clarice's chief lieutenant and consort, with no ambition of his own, content to do Clarice's bidding and enjoy the rape and pillage that accompanied his missions. He particularly enjoyed the later. With a sigh and a smile Mandrake spoke.

"You obviously aren't comprehending your situation." Pointing in the direction of the two padawan he simply flicked his wrist, a practiced, off-hand gesture. There was the brief sound of tearing cloth and a towel, a bra, and a pair of panties sailed into the room's far corner. Mandrake leered and licked his lips for effect, the two suddenly naked young women looking down at themselves in shock. Mandrake's voice took on a hard edge when next he spoke.

"Now that I see what's available, I'm going to fuck you both in every hole for as long as it pleases me. And it usually pleases me for quite sometime. When I'm done, I'm going to bring you with me to the Sith academy and you will live out your attractive years sucking Sith cock." He advanced towards them, light sabre raised. Sensing the truth behind his threats the two young women launched themselves at him.

Silently, they fought for their lives, throwing every trick they'd learned at the Sith. It wasn't enough. He was larger, faster, stronger, and more experienced than the two of them. A casual back hand caught Sareeni on the jaw and she slumped, dazed, onto her bed. Ruby fought on for a few more seconds, but her light sabre was batted from her grip and seemingly of it's own volition, a sheet wound around her wrists in a makeshift bond. The end of the sheet then entwined itself around a light fixture and Ruby found she was helpless, dangling by her arms from the ceiling.

"Hmmm...... grey, that's interesting." Mandrake said, striding toward Ruby. To her dismay, the way she was hanging placed her pussy roughly at shoulder height on the Sith and he was leaning close examining her most private parts like a window shopper. She strained to keep her legs together, but with unconscious contempt, he forced her legs apart and placed one over each of his shoulders. Her spread cunt was now mere inches from his face. She struggled but she had no leverage and by placing a hand on one thigh, he was able to hold her in place. A serpentine tongue snaked across his lips.

"No need for me to get all chafed is there? Let get you nice and wet." Ruby opened her mouth to protest but he grabbed her hips and pushed his face into her crotch. Ruby shuddered as a cool, wet tongue, longer than some of the cocks she'd ridden slid between her lips. Less then ten minutes ago she'd been in the shower. Now she was being tongue fucked by the second most powerful dark jedi around and, despite her revulsion, her traitor's body was enjoying in.

In and out, thrusting between her lips, then playing over her clit, the Mandrake darted his tongue around seemingly at random, but each motion brought her closer to orgasm. She bucked, trying to escape the humiliation that would come when she did. All she succeeded in doing was to smear her juices all over his face and Mandrake seemed to be loving it. When he became annoyed with her writhing, he slipped a hand between her cheeks and hooked a finger into her ass, driving her wild but holding her in place. When he saw her reaction, he slipped a second finger in her ass and pushed both deeper. As much as she hated this monster, her nervous system would not obey her and she shuddered in violent orgasm.

Mandrake stepped back to admire his handy work and grinned. Ruby swayed, suspended two feet above the floor, drenched in her own sweet come from knees to navel. He ran a hand across his chin to wipe away some of the moisture and laughed. Ruby just moaned. She looked down and could see Sareeni slowly reaching for her near-by light sabre. If only Mandrake kept his attention on Ruby for a few second more, Sareeni could reach her sabre. Ruby made eye contact with Mandrake.

"Fuck me.... Please..." the request made her skin crawl but she put her best begging into it. Mandrake looked at her curiously and Sareeni strained, her hand a hair breadth from her sabre.

"You know.... That's a good idea but I'd rather do... This!" Mandrake absently gestured behind him and the light sabre leapt up, dodging out of Sareeni's grasp and sailed through the air, circling the blonde noble woman and plunging into her pale furred cunt of it's own volition. She shuddered and tried to reach behind her but Mandrake seized her by her blond tresses.

"Not so fast my dear. Thought you were going to use your light sabre on me? Better use my light sabre on you." He tugged Sareeni closer to his groin and with his free hand worked his zipper open. In a single deft motion, he was stepping out of his pants, his muscular, reddish body naked from the waist down.

The two girls gasped involuntarily at what was unveiled. At 10 inches, Jalai had been intimidating. This demonic looking dark jedi sprouted a huge, 14 inch cock s thick around as her arm. She knew how much that enormous member would hurt but she involuntarily found herself remembering the pleasure being completely filled had brought. Sareeni's eyes just goggled, her experience having been mostly with women.

Sarenni panted raggedly in time with the thrusts of the telekinetically animated light sabre but her panting turned to a shocked choke as with a sudden yank of her hair, Mandrakes enormous cock was crammed half-way down her throat. He looked down darkly at her.

"Remember, the switch on a light sabre is telekinetically controlled." His smile was one of warning. Ruby could see outraged moisture welling up in her friend's eyes. A hand firmly on the back of her head guided her as she was forced to give the a blow job to the largest cock either girl had ever seen. Each bob of her head forced the monster deeper down Sareeni's throat. Finally, making choking noises, Sareeni was forced to swallow the entire massive member, her eyes bugging out.

Mandrake relented slightly but increased the rate and in another few minutes was ready to blow. He withdrew from Sareeni's mouth, held her head stationary using her long blond hair and shot an enormous load of creamy cum into the startled woman's face. With a contemptuous shove he forced her away from him. Released, Sareeni collapsed stunned and coated in cum against the side of her bed.

Abruptly, the sheet relaxed it's hold around the light fixture and Ruby was dropped to the floor, hand still bound. Mandrake dragged her to her feet and took her chin in one massive hand.

"I see from the room that you're a very neat person. I like that." Mandrake took this pause in the action as opportunity to finish undressing and stood before he, menacing, muscular, and frighteningly erotic. "But you room mate seems a bit of a slob. Perhaps you can help her clean up?" A strong hand grabbed her by the back of the neck and drew her toward her semi-conscious room mate.

"What the hell are you talking about you bastard?"

"Lick her clean. Get it all off of her." Ruby stared at him, shocked by the depths of perversion this monster was capable of.

"Fuck you as...." She started but felt a sudden pressure behind her as something cold and metallic slid into her pussy, stretching her painfully.

"There's your light sabre my dear. I suggest you get to work before I trip the switch." The light sabre, a smooth metal cylinder of her own construction began plunging in and out of her. She took a shaky step toward her room mate and started to kneel down. Mandrake stopped her, yanking her back to her feet. The pace of the light sabre increased and she could feel her knees getting weak as the pleasure spread out from her pussy to her abdomen.

"Bend at the waist hon." Mandrake increased pressure on the back of her neck, and bending at the waist, she leaned toward a bleary eyed, uncomprehending Sareeni. Hesitantly she leaned in and extended her tongue toward one string of semen stretched across her friends face. Slowly, she licked the warm goo from the blonde's marble smooth skin. It was rapidly cooling and salty but not entirely unpleasant. Ruby was ashamed to admit to herself that, if she'd entered this scenario voluntarily, she'd probably be enjoying it.

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