tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersJeff and Marlenes Adventure

Jeff and Marlenes Adventure


I have a lot of male friends. Of course that's not too unusual for a girl like me. If you're a regular reader of my stories you know I'm a transvestite. And any good looking transvestite has her pick of men. Some of them are simply friends and some are lovers and some are a combination of the two.

There's this one guy named Jeff that I have a real thing for. He's 24 (ok so I like younger guys__I'm a ripe old 29). He's about 5'9" and maybe 150 or so. Pretty brown hair and green gray eyes. He has lovely skin____really smooth and tans great. He's not buff but has a nice build. I mean he looks good. We met at a club a few months ago when he thought I was a "real" girl. I let him know all about me by letting his hand go under my skirt and touch my big fat 7 inch clit. He wasn't interested but we ended up talking for awhile. I gave him my number and over a little time we became friends. When I become friends with a guy they always end up telling me about their sex life and Jeff was no exception.

After awhile he confided that he had always looked at guys when he was in school particularly in the showers at gym class. He said he wasn't really interested in guys but was fascinated by their cocks. He and some buddy used to jack off together and he said he couldn't take his eyes off the other guy's cock when he came and that he always wanted to touch the cum____maybe even taste it.

One afternoon we were at my place drinking a few margueritas and smoking some dope while we tried to play video games. I decided I wanted to fuck him and made a point of seducing him. I was dressed real casual in shorts and a white blouse with nothing under either of them. I shifted around on the couch and surreptitiously adjusted my cock clit so that the head was kind of peeking out the bottom of my shorts. I caught him looking at it a few times and that got me kind of hot and I started to grow until the whole head was sticking out. I made believe that I had just noticed it the next time I saw him looking.

"Oh shit. I'm sorry Jeff. Damn thing keeps poking out." I said as I tucked it back in. He was looking at my hand and my cock as I more or less fixed myself.

"That's OK Marlene. It isn't like I haven't seen one before." He said.

I figured that was as good a cue as any so I stood up, unbuttoned and unzipped the shorts and let them fall to the floor. I took my semi hard cock clit in my hand and pointed it at him. "But I bet you haven't seen one as pretty as this." He was staring at the reddish head of my cock while my hand slowly stroked the shaft. "Isn't it pretty Jeff? Look at how fat the head is." I said as I moved closer to him and pulled up on it so he could see the bottom of the head and shaft. "I've had guys look at this and tell me it's the most suckable cock they've ever seen. What do you think Jeff? Is it really all that suckable?"

He licked his lips and stared with his mouth partly open. He didn't say a word as I moved close enough to him so that the tip of it was inches from his lips. "Stick your tongue out Jeff. Lick it. You know you want to. Just lick it a little bit. See how much you love it." He stuck his tongue out and touched the tip and moaned as he did it. "Oh yeah baby. Isn't that nice?. Now put it in your mouth and suck on just the head." He did it and without my telling him he started swirling his tongue around the head and sucking on it while he softly moaned in his throat. "Oh yeah Jeff. You're a natural at this baby." I held his head and started pushing in and out of his mouth letting him get used to the idea of a cock fucking his face. He put his hands around me and had my ass in his hands as he pulled me closer to him. He really was a good cocksucker. I let him do me for a couple of minutes and then pushed him away. I got on my knees and undid his pants and saw his cock for the first time. It was a lot bigger than I had expected on a guy his size. It was an easy 7 ½ inches and thick. He didn't have a lot of hair on his balls or over his dick. I looked up at him and said "You're pretty good for a first timer sweetie. Let me show you how it's really done though. I let my head fall onto his cock and let it go all the way into my throat. His slight pubic hair was in my nose as I swallowed the head of his cock and let my throat massage it. I kept it there for a couple of minutes swallowing him while my fingernails trailed over his balls. He groaned as I ate him. My head started bobbing up and down on him as I squeezed his jewels. I lifted his hips and slid his pants and underwear down to his ankles as I sucked his balls and then let my tongue go to his ass. I had his ass off the front of the couch and was sucking his hole, his balls and his cock making him cry out several times. I was blowing him and jerking myself at the same time. I put one then two fingers up inside of him and fingered his asshole like it was a cunt.

I pulled my mouth off his cock and told him I wanted to fuck. "Wanna stick that inside of me Jeff? Wanna fuck me?"

"Oh fuck yes!" He said as I took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom. He almost broke his neck getting out of his pants on the way. I laid on my back on the bed and spread my legs for him. I reached up and grabbed my ankles and spread myself as wide as I could so he could see my asspussy and my cock and balls.

"Come on baby. Stick it in me. Fuck me." I said breathlessly. He stuck the head of his cock into my wide open cunt and let it sink in to the hilt. He felt so fucking good. I wrapped my legs around him and we started fucking. He was so hot he was pounding into me while he stared at my eyes. My cock clit was against my belly and it was leaking pre cum onto me. I was jerking myself off as he fucked me. "Take it out and rub em both together." He pulled out and we were fucking eachother's cocks like they were stick cunts. In no time we both shot off while we were kissing. We did it twice more that afternoon with each of us cumming in the other's mouth.

After that we fucked constantly. He was hooked on my cock clit and my ass. He loved my little tits and would suck and bite my nipples til I cried out. A few weeks ago we were at a club together and we met a hot guy and brought him home. He fucked us both and we fucked him. Jeff sucked him off and held his cum in his mouth so we could kiss and share it. I had him hooked on stick pussy.

A friend of mine has a big house out in east county. He has sex parties every weekend. Guys and girls, girls and girls, guys and guys and everything in between. I suggested to Jeff that we should go together and see what happens there. He tried to act put off by the idea but I could tell that he was all for it. So I cajoled and begged and finally got him to say yes as I sucked his cock.

That Saturday night we went and from the time we opened the door Jeff was like a kid in a candy store. His eyes were everywhere. We had a couple of drinks and before I knew it he was sucking tongue with a girl while her girlfriend played with his ass. The one he was kissing had her hands all over his big cock and he was getting hot. "Play all you want lover but don't you dare give that cum to anyone but me." I whispered to him. "I have plans for you and they're plans you'll love."

He played a few minutes more and then broke away.

"What kind of plans Marlene?" He asked as we walked downstairs to the basement.

"You'll see baby. Fun plans." I said as we entered a large room with ten or so people in it. Most were guys. There was another transvestite and a genetic girl too. The guys were in various stages of sex. Some doing 69. A couple of guys were on their knees sucking away while another couple were busy fucking like crazy. Jeff took it all in as I asked him "How'd you like to have em all? How'd you like to do everyone in the room. You just be the suck and fuck slut you always wanted to be." He looked at me kind of blankly. "You know you'll love it baby. And I'll love seeing you be a real cunt" He nodded and I led him to the center of the room where there was a coffee table. I got Jeff on his hands and knees on it and turned to the room. "Hey! My baby here wants to fuck you all. And he's a great little cocksucker and loves to have cum shots blow all over his face. So who's interested in some fresh young meat?"

Everyone kind of stopped what they were doing and moved over to Jeff. A big guy with a big cock got in front of him and stuck his meat into Jeff's waiting mouth pussy. I picked up a tube of KY and smeared it all over Jeff's ass pussy, balls and cock. The genetic girl stuck her fingers into his ass and before I knew it she had most of her hand up inside of him. I was jerking his cock while she finger/fisted him. Another guy pushed her away and stuck the head of his long slender cock into Jeff's cunt. He was plugged from both ends and was moaning and trying to suck the big cock in his mouth while his pussy was getting a nice fucking. I was on my knees fluffing other guys. Sucking their cocks hard so they'd be ready to fuck Jeff when his current lovers were finished. All of a sudden the guy in his mouth pulled out and gave his big dick a couple of jerks and shot ropes of hot cum allover Jeff's face. He was sputtering as the guy stuck his cock back into his mouth and gave it a couple of rough fucks before pulling out and moving away, Another cock took his place immediately. I had sucked the guy to a point where he was close to cumming. He lasted only a minute or two before he grabbed Jeff's head and shoved his cock into the mouth cunt as far as he could. Jeff was gagging and choking as the guy shot off in his mouth. His cum leaked out of the corners of Jeff's mouth. Just then the guy in his ass cried out and gave a big shove into Jeff's ass. He came and held himself there for a few seconds before pulling out. Jeff shuddered as his ass muscles gripped empty space looking for something to squeeze. Another guy got behind him. It was a black guy with this really big fat cock. He shoved it into Jeff's cum lubed ass and started pounding away. Another guy was in his mouth fucking his face.

I was so fucking hot watching this. The other trans came over and kneeled next to me. She was kind of cute. Not totally passable but in my state she was Marilyn. We started kissing and she was groping my cock clit while I was watching Jeff get it from both ends. She started in on my cock and was doing a credible job slurping and sucking. People started coming in and watching the action: men and women both. I motioned a guy over and started sucking his semi hard dick. I was doing a fluff job on him__getting him hard so that when the guys currently fucking Jeff's mouth and ass were done this guy could take one of their places. With my mouth on his cock he was hard really fast. The black guy pulled out of Jeff's pussy and shot ropes of cum all over his ass and back. There was so much that people actually applauded. I pushed the guy I was doing away and told him to stick it into Jeff's ass. My little TV honey was sucking my balls and taint (that's that area between my balls and asspussy) and working her way to my asscunt while I took on another guy____just in the spirit of getting him ready for Jeff.

All of a sudden the guy fucking Jeff's mouth gave a shout and it was obvious he was cumming in his mouth. It must have been a whopper because there was hot white cum drooling out the corners of his mouth. My now very fluffed guy took his place and started ravaging my occasional lover's mouth. This slender redheaded girl (I'd say somewhere around 30) was sprawled in a chair watching and pistoning her pussy with a big thick zucchini. Her mouth was half open and her hands were jamming the big green dick in and out of her. I could see her pussy juices flowing around the monster. She looked over at me and I smiled at her and motioned for her to come over. She left the big vegetable cock in her cunt and staggered over to me. I pulled her down and kissed her and told her to suck off the "girl" who was sucking me. She got on her knees behind the TV and pulled her cock back so she could suck it. She got back there on her knees and with her ass in the air she pulled the girl's rock hard cock back and started sucking her as she was sucking me. I pulled myself away from the little TV's mouth and moved over to where Jeff was so I could get under him.

I was on my back underneath him with my legs inside of his sucking on his dangling hard dick. There was a steady stream of pre_cum leaking out of him probably caused by cocks in his ass rubbing against his prostate. I could hear him moaning around the cock in his mouth while I sucked him off. Someone started sucking me and I was soooo close to cumming. The guy that was fucking Jeff's ass pulled out and started shooting cum ropes everywhere just as the guy in his face pulled out and shot into his nose and eyes. That and my vacuuming his cock sent him over the edge and he unloaded the biggest cum hose he'd ever given me. I was choking and gagging as he shoved his dick into me and threatened to drown me in his load. I had no idea who was sucking me and didn't care as I shot off in his/her mouth. I was shooting and gasping around Jeff's cock. He pulled out of my mouth as my mystery sucker left me. Jeff kissed me and we both kind of rolled out of the was to catch our breaths. I saw the little redheaded TV smiling at me as she wiped cum off her lips.

Jeff's a fun guy!

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