Jeff and Paige


Paige excused herself and went out the front door to retrieve a newspaper. We then made breakfast, read the paper and drank our coffee. After a while I asked Paige, "So, how are you feeling?" Paige smiled, stretched languorously and said, "I feel wonderful! My backside is a bit sore but other than that I feel great! How do you feel?"

I laughed and said that I felt naked! Paige said, "But you wear it so well!" She then came over to me and kissed me. I just couldn't get enough of her kisses! The warmth of her mouth and the feel of her body pulled up against mine were intoxicating. After a few minutes of kissing I suggested that we should take a shower and clean up. Paige agreed and off we went to the master bath. I asked if there was a toothbrush I could use to which Paige said I could use hers. I brushed my teeth and then popped into the shower with my lovely Paige. Our shower was a little more straightforward than the day before but there was still a lot of fondling and kissing. I thought to myself that there couldn't be a better way to get clean than this!

After the shower my seemingly insatiable penis began raising his baldhead again. Paige was quick to notice. After we dried off she pulled me towards the bed, sat down and then took the head of my cock into her mouth! This brought out a moan from me as she swirled her tongue around my growing cockhead. At this moment I was struck by a thought and said, "Wait, I have a little thing I would like to do, if you are willing."

Paige took me from her mouth, smiled and said, "What would that be?" with a twinkle in her eye. I said, "I would like to, in crass terms, have a 69 with you." Paige's smile widened and said, "Oh yes please!" I laughed, crawled onto the bed and lay down on my back. Paige giggled and said, "Ooooh, I get to be on top!" and with that she crawled over and stretched out on top of me with her legs around my head! I pulled a pillow under my head and began licking Paige's vaginal slit for all I was worth. I licked deep into her cleft smelling her aroma and lapping at her vaginal dew. I licked up to her clit and sucked on it for a few seconds and then brought my tongue all the way to her perineum...this brought a guttural moan from Paige.

While I was enjoying Paige she was licking and sucking my cock with vigor. She would encase the head of my penis within her mouth and then swirl her tongue around the head while sucking on it. It felt wonderful. After a few minutes of that Paige began trying to get as much of me down her throat as she could! She arched her back and pulled my penis back towards her face and then dove in trying to get it all of the way in. After a few attempts she succeeded getting me all of the way in her mouth. I could feel her nose and her hot breath on my scrotum. The feeling was out of this world. This was one time when I wasn't too upset with not having a big penis!

As Paige had her back arched trying to take me deep this brought her lovely ass close to my face. I reached up with both hands and pulled her ass cheeks apart. I then lifted my head and began licking her perineum and then up to her beautiful anal opening! This brought a moan from Paige's throat, which, in turn, vibrated, on my cock, which was buried in Paige's, mouth! The feeling was exquisite! This caused me to moan as I redoubled my effort on Paige's pussy and ass!

After several minutes of intense oral sex I could feel the tell tale signs of my impending orgasm. I backed my mouth off of Paige's rectum and cried that I was cumming! With that Paige began to fuck my cock with her face, bringing my penis out until the cockhead was all that was in her mouth and then plunging down with my dick stuffed down her throat! I couldn't take anymore so buried my face into Paige's pussy, stuffed a middle finger into her ass and pushed my cock into her mouth letting loose my ejaculate!

As I was pumping my jism into Paige's stomach she began to cum too, releasing her ejaculate into my mouth. I licked and swallowed as if my life depended on it! It was wonderful! I again felt like I had pumped gallons of sperm into Paige. I had no clue how much it really was but I was shocked that my body could produce such prodigious amounts in such short time spans!

After our orgasms abated Paige rolled off me and then lay in my arms. She smiled, looked into my eyes and said, "Well, that was fun!" I laughed and agreed that it was, indeed, fun! She then kissed me, her tongue swirling around my tongue. I could taste myself on her tongue and I'm sure she could taste herself, too.

We laid in bed making out for a while and then we decided we should probably get up. Paige decided that we should go out by the pool and lie in the sun. Paige was pretty well tanned all over but I was not. I hadn't laid out in the sun since I was in my 20's and because of this sported the classic farmers tan...two thirds of my arms were brown and the rest of me was butt white! Paige said not to worry, that I could lie out under an umbrella.

We both sauntered downstairs and out to the patio both still naked. I moved a couple of chaise lounges together and then moved a large umbrella so it shaded one of the chairs. While I did this Paige brought out a large bowl filled with beer bottles and ice! I applauded her brilliance, opened two beers handing her one and then laid down on the chaise in the shade.

I took a pull from my beer bottle and then looked over at Paige. She had a bottle of tanning oil and was now spreading it all over the front of her body. It was one of the loveliest things I had ever watched. The oil made her skin glisten in the sunshine. As she sat on the chaise she reach down and oiled her legs moving up towards her pubic area. She rubbed a fair amount around her pubis rubbing it onto her vaginal lips! It was quite erotic watching spread the oil on her body but my penis remained flaccid since it was still recovering from its last escapade! Finally, Paige finished by rubbing the oil on her torso, arms and breasts and then laid back onto the chaise. I couldn't believe the sight lying next to me! Her skin shimmered in the sunlight. It made her look like a goddess!

The heat of the day felt great and the cold beers were going down nicely. We laid there and talked about all sorts of things laughing and joking for quite a while. Paige sat up and lowered the back of her chaise to make a flat bed and then turned to lie on her stomach. She then asked me to rub oil on her backside. After several beers and laying there staring at Paige's beautiful body, I was quite willing to oblige her. I got up grabbed the bottle of oil and straddled the chaise. With my knees on either side of Paige's legs I bent forward and poured the oil onto Paige's back and began spreading it around. I started up by her neck, trying not to get the oil on her hair, and then worked my way down and along her sides. Her breasts were pressed down into the chaise and were squeezed out to the side a bit. I made sure to get plenty of oil there as Paige let out a soft moan. I worked my way down to Paige's ass, spread some oil on both globes of her ass and then stood to work the oil onto her legs. I started at her feet and then worked my way up to her thighs.

I was beginning to get aroused as I worked the oiled up the inner thigh of one leg and then the other. As I rubbed the oil in Paige moaned and then spread her legs apart. I knelt between her knees and continued rubbing the oil up her thighs to her vagina. I put some more oil into one of my hands and the rubbed it into her pubic area rubbing between the lips of her vagina. Despite the oil I could feel Paige getting very wet as I continued rubbing her lips. After a minute Paige arched her back lifting pubic area off the chaise, turned her head to me, with lust in her eyes, "Oh...please... fuck me!"

I knelt up taller and put my cock to her opening and gently slid into her honeypot! She was very slick from the oil and her own felt heavenly. I began sawing in and out of her doggy style, relishing the feeling, as her vaginal walls seemed to grip my cock! After a while I grabbed the oil bottle and poured some more oil into the crack of Paige's ass. I set down the bottle, never losing my tempo as I ploughed into Paige's wonderful pussy, and began rubbing the oil along Paige's ass crack, paying particular attention to her little pucker.

This got Paige moaning and groaning while we fucked. After a while I rubbed my thumb around Paige's anus and then began to press it in! Paige howled, "Oh fuck! That feels wonderful!" As I worked my dick in and out of Paige's pussy I began to work my thumb in and out of her asshole, alternating between the two. Paige began rocking back and forth with my tempo making sure I got maximum penetration into her pussy!

I felt that I would probably last a good long time and was savoring the feelings of my cock in Paige's pussy and my thumb being squeezes by her ass! After a while I could feel Paige's finger start to work on her clitoris! She started chanting, "So good, so good, so good!" with each stroke. After another little while Paige started having a series of orgasms! I could feel her squirting her juice on my balls as I continued pumping in and out of her pussy. After what seemed 30 minutes Paige turned her head to me and said, "Fuck my ass! Please, fuck my ass!" I pulled my cock out of her pussy, grabbed the oil, poured some on my erection and poured some more into the gape of Paige's ass. I then placed the head of my cock at Paige's ass and pushed forward.

I slipped in a little easier this time but she was still very tight. I stopped pushing for a moment to give Paige a chance to adjust. Paige, however, kept pushing back against me as she said, "Don't stop! I want all of you in my ass now!" Very quickly I was totally embedded, once again, in her beautiful ass! The feeling was exquisite but I had no time to savor it because Paige was chanting, "FUCK MY ASS! FUCK ME HARD! FUCK MY ASS! I began sawing in and out of Paige as she rocked back and forth into me. We continued for several minutes and then Paige screamed out, "OOHH GGOOODD...III'MMM CUMMMIINNNGGG! I could feel her ass grip me but I kept on sawing in and out her ass as I felt my own orgasm starting to raise its head.

I continued pounding away at Paige's ass and she continued her massive orgasm. Finally I felt my own orgasm begin and with a mighty groan let my sperm fly! I was, again, astonished at how my body kept producing large amounts of ejaculate. I felt like I was shooting into Paige's ass for several minutes. The feeling was so incredible that my eyes rolled up into my head and I just kept groaning.

After the spasms stopped Paige turned around, bent over and sucked my still hard penis into her throat! She sawed it in and out of her mouth licking and sucking on every bit of it licking me clean. After a couple of minutes I pulled her up to me and kissed her. We held each other in our arms while kneeling on the flat chaise kissing deeply. After a few minutes I picked Paige up into my arms, turned and ran jumping into the pool!

We were in the shallow end of the pool so I was able to stand up right away. The water felt very refreshing on my hot sweaty skin. Paige emerged from the water a second later with her eyes wide and laughing. We splashed water at one another for a couple of minutes and then walked toward each other to kiss and hug once again. "You are wonderful! I can't begin to tell you how much I love you"! Paige said as we broke our kiss. "I have never felt so good in my life!" And then she kissed me again. A few seconds later we broke our kiss and I said, "I love you too! I never thought that I would find love again and I never in my wildest dreams expected to find love with a young, vibrantly beautiful woman like you!"

Tears began rolling out of Paige's eyes as she beamed at me and asked, "Do you really love me? Really?" I grabbed her, pulled her tight and kissed her with all of the passion I had. After a couple of minutes I again broke the kiss and said, "Yes! I love you with all of my heart!" and kissed her again. After a while we made our way out of the pool and I said, "Work is going to be really interesting now! What do think our co-workers are going to say?" Paige laughed and said, "Who cares!"

We spent the rest of the day lying out on the patio reading and talking and enjoying the warmth of the day with an occasional foray into the pool to cool off. As the afternoon wore on I suggested that we should go out to dinner and give our genitals a breather. Paige laughed at that and agreed. "Where should we go? What kind of food do you want?" Paige asked.

I told her about a great Lebanese place that I knew about. Paige indicated she loved Lebanese. I told her, "I should probably go home really quick, get a change of clothes and some toiletries since you aren't letting me go until late Monday." Paige responded, "Well, if you have to...but I would prefer to keep you naked!"

It took a while to locate the clothing I had arrived in the previous day. My boxers were still damp and messy so I drove home commando style! I took a quick shower, got dressed and threw another change of clothes and some toiletries into a small duffle. I drove back to Paige's and picked her up for our dinner date. She had showered too and was wearing some gauzy white pants and a similar blouse. As she walked I could tell she didn't have a bra or panties on by the way her breasts and ass swayed as she walked. I could feel my loins stir as I watched her. We got into my car and we drove to the restaurant.

Our meal was great with grilled chicken kebabs, tabouli, rice, pita and hummus. After dinner we strolled together hand in hand through the downtown area and window-shopped for a while. We then returned to my car and headed back to Paige's place. When we arrived Paige asked if I would like a brandy or something. I told her some more of the wine we had last night would be great. Paige fetched a bottle and some glasses and we wandered into the living room. We turned on some soft music sat down and drank our wine.

After a while and several of glasses of wine Paige stood up, held her hands out to me and said, "Dance with me!" I took her hands, kicked my shoes off and told Paige, "I'm not a very good dancer so I apologize in advance for any damage I do to you feet!" Paige laughed and took me into her arms and we began swaying to the music. As we danced I rubbed her back and kissed her neck. I could feel her breasts push into my chest as I pulled her close to me. We swayed together for a while and then Paige lifted her head up, looked into my eyes and smiled...she was so beautiful at that moment. I moved my head down and kissed her.

We swayed and kissed like that for quite a while. I was in heaven enjoying the music, a slight buzz from the wine and the feel of Paige's body next to mine. After a bit more time I started to feel that tell tale tingle in my groin as my penis began waking from its slumber. At the same time Paige suggested that we should go upstairs for the night. I readily agreed, took her hand and led the way to the bedroom.

We took turns in the bathroom relieving ourselves and brushing our teeth. I went first and then Paige followed me. I was down to my boxers when Paige emerged from the bathroom. She walked over to hug and kiss me. I began sporting an erection in earnest now, which caused Paige to giggle.

She then stepped back a couple of feet and began unbuttoning her blouse very slowly and sexily. When she got to the bottom button she stood straight up and smiled at me. Her tanned skin contrasted beautifully with the white of her blouse. I could see the inward halves of her breast as they swayed slightly with each breath she took. She then shrugged the blouse from her shoulders and allowed it to drop to the floor. She then reached down and pulled on the drawstring to her pants and loosened it around her waist. Still staring and smiling at me she let her pants drop to a heap around her feet and stood there naked.

I couldn't help but let out a small gasp as I admired her beautiful body. She then stepped out of the pants that were puddled around her feet and took me in her arms to kiss me deeply once again. After a couple of minutes we fell onto the bed as we kissed our arms and legs intertwined. My hands kneaded Paige's back for a while and then worked down to her lovely rump. Paige rubbed my ass and back as well and then reached between us and grabbed my erection. She pumped my penis gently for a few minutes and then pushed me onto my back and quickly straddled me.

With her hand still holding my penis she worked her way over it and slowly sank her pussy down upon my erection. She sank very slowly until she, finally, had me buried completely into her pussy. The feeling was exquisite as she just sat there for a couple of moments. We both let out simultaneous sighs. Paige then lifted herself up slowly until my cock was barely inside her and then slowly lowered her self all the way down again. When she bottomed out she gave a little wiggle as if she was trying to work herself lower onto me. She then rose up again as before, very slowly, and then lowered herself again in the same way with the same wiggle when she bottomed out. She just stared into my eyes and smiled the whole time. It was the most erotic sex I had ever had.

Paige continued this same slow tempo as we both savored the wonderful feelings it generated. After a bit Paige leaned down so that her breasts were in my face. She twisted slowly from side to side brushing her nipples across my face. I snagged one nipple in my lips and gave it a soft love bite. This got a low guttural moan out of Paige. I then snagged the other nipple and sucked on it for a moment until she pulled it away from my mouth. I then reached up and grabbed each of the breasts and kneaded them in the same, slow, sexy way that Paige was fucking me.

I took each nipple in my hands and gently rolled them between my thumbs and index fingers making her nipples even harder. Again, Paige moaned loudly as I did this and then she whispered, "Pinch them harder!" with a sigh. I pinched her nipples a little harder and she moaned again. After a few moments Paige again whispered, "Harder!" I again added more pressure to her nipples. As I did this, her tempo began increasing as she slid up and down on my erection.

As the tempo of our fucking increased I began bucking up to meet Paige as she descended on me. I dropped her nipples and grabbed her waist to help pump into Paige harder and harder. It wasn't long until I felt my balls start to signal my impending orgasm. I cried out to Paige that I was about to cum and then released a torrent of sperm into her womb. Paige continued moving up and down on my still erect cock for a couple of more minutes until she announced her own orgasm. I felt her squirt onto my genitals as she cried out and trembled on me.

Finally, Paige collapsed into my arms panting heavily and announcing that, "That was wonderful!" After her breathing normalized Paige looked up and kissed me hard and long. She then exclaimed, "I love you so much!" I kissed her and told her that, "I love you too!" After a while Paige rolled off me and then we spooned as we fell asleep...sated once again.

Sunday, July 4th dawned brightly but not too early for the two of us. I was the first to rise this morning. After relieving myself I threw on some boxers and dashed outside to fetch the newspaper. I then combed the kitchen to find everything to make coffee. After a while Paige came downstairs wearing an oversized t-shirt with her University name across the front. She came over to me and reached up to kiss and hug me. I could tell she had no bra on by the way her breasts swayed as she walked...a sight I would never get tired of. As I hugged her I reached down and felt her ass to discover that she didn't have panties on either. My penis twitched in my shorts!

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