tagInterracial LoveJeff Tait Ch. 03

Jeff Tait Ch. 03


*Author's note: Any persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.


"I have no daughter named Eve," Jimmy Simon sanctimoniously declared when Jeff Tait called him to let him know that his daughter was alive and well, and unceremoniously hung up.

The forty three year old lawyer again thought his position against capital punishment. He did not tell the eighteen-year-old girl about contacting her father. It would have only served to hurt her; she'd already been through enough.


"Got a box for you," Jeff called out as he brought in a box that had been leaning up against the front door.

"What is it?" Eve asked as she waddled into the living room.

At nearly eight months of pregnancy, waddling was her only mode of walking.

"Don't know, it's address to 'Eve Simon,' not 'Eve Simon or whoever feels like opening it,'" Jeff said and handed it to her, grabbing the opportunity to steal a few kisses from her in the process.

"Daddy's silly," Katherine giggled and reached up to her father for a few kisses of her own.

Eve read the return address on the box and smiled and blushed. She did not tell Jeff anything, simply turned and brought the box to their bedroom.

When she first came to live with him, Jeff had installed her in his guest room. She assumed the duties of maid, cleaning his house from top to dottom and doing all the laundry for him and his daughter.

One night (he was so sure it had been a wet dream) she snuck into his bedroom and took his manhood into her mouth. When she had swallowed all of his delicious seed, she whispered in the darkness that she loved him, and then had fallen asleep, smelling his clean, masculine scent, comforted and secure.

The next morning, he found her still in his bed, and they became lovers.

He fixed their dinner and then bathed Katherine and got her ready for bed. A couple of games of 'Chutes and Ladders,' and it was bedtime for Katherine.

"Aw, holy shit," Jeff said when he walked into his bedroom.

Eve sat in the middle of the bed, wearing an ivory white baby doll nightie. Her swollen belly was prominently visible as the top was held on by one ribbon that joined the front just over the belly. Her crotchless white panties were also visible to his gaze and while he watched, she pulled the opening apart to display her freshly shaved pussy.

"Hey, 'Daddy,'" she cooed. "Do you like what you see?"

"Love it," he admitted and quickly stripped out of his clothes.

He tried to ease her onto her back, but with giggles and squeals, she 'fought back,' and managed to take his rock-hard cock into her mouth. Two strokes later, he was spurting down her throat. When she'd drained his seed from him, she lavished attention to his heavy balls and stroked his manhood until it was hard again.

"Now," she sighed. "Now you can have your way with me, Mr. Tait."

She stretched out and he eased his cock into her, careful not to put any weight onto her distended belly. She grunted in orgasm; her 'trigger' was nearly as fast as his. As he'd just finished coming in her hot sucking mouth, he was able to resist coming right away in her tightly gripping pussy.

He tugged at the bow of her top and greedily took one of her swollen nipples into his mouth and hungrily sucked at it.

"Oh, God, Baby, baby, Baby," she grunted and sighed as she kept coming.

"Yeessss!" she cried out as his teeth nipped at her overly sensitive nipple.

He couldn't hold out any longer and pumped long streams of his semen into her tight sheath.

"So, why'd you shave it?" he asked as they cuddled in their afterglow.

"Thought you might like it," she said sleepily. "Obviously I was right."


A month later, Eve put the now stained garment away in a drawer; the stains were not coming out in the gentle cycle, or by hand. She shrugged her shoulders and laughed. Those stains were badges of honor to her, signs that her man still found her sexy and desirable, even at eight and a half months pregnant.

But sex was now very uncomfortable so she put it away. Even oral sex was a bit hard for her; the heartburn and indigestion was at the intolerable mark.


Something was wrong. There were a thousand knives jabbing her in the belly. In the darkness Eve reached out and grabbed onto the man she loved with all her heart, the man that made her feel safe and secure.

The bedside lamp went on and Jeff could see the fear in Eve's deep brown eyes.

His smile made her feel better immediately. She let him dress her and help her waddle down the hall to the new minivan he'd bought for them.

Once she was buckled up and kissed a few times, he went back inside and got a cranky and crabby Katherine.

"But I don't want the baby right now," she whined. "You tell it to come back later, Eve!"

Jeff called his parents and woke them up, then called Dr. Roger Pelieur.

"Wow, that's the same thing Katherine said," Jeff laughed and hung up.

"Dr. Pelieur said to tell the baby to wait until a decent hour," he told Eve, who was having a contraction at that moment and didn't find that comment all that funny.

Katherine was asleep by the time Jeff pulled up in front of his parents' home; his mother stood outside in her robe and slippers. She smiled warmly and kissed Eve tenderly.

"It'll be okay," she assured the girl. "I had three of them and survived."

"Thanks, Mrs. Tait," Eve tried to smile.

"Be a good girl," Jeff warned Katherine.

"She always is," his father said and took the sleeping child in his arms and carried her to the house.

A smiling Roger and Jocelyn met them at the hospital and Eve burst into tears of gratitude.

She again cried when Jeff, now dressed in surgical garb, joined them in the delivery room.

Faith Ann Tait was born at ten forty that March morning; an exhausted Eve smiled weakly at Jeff.

"Um, not that I mind, but why'd you name her that?" he asked her and kissed her again.

"Because, even when I was sleeping behind those dumpsters, I never ever lost faith," she said.

"No, no, not 'Faith,'" he smiled. "No, I meant the 'Tait.'"

"What else would she name the baby?" Jocelyn snapped. "I swear, men are so stupid."

"You're not mad, are you?" Eve asked, her bottom lip beginning to quiver.

"No, no, not at all," Jeff hastened to assure her. "Quite the opposite; I'm thrilled to death to have another daughter."

"I love you," Eve said as they wheeled her away to her own private room.

"So, do you go to all of Roger's deliveries?" Jeff asked Jocelyn.

"Just the ones I care about," Jocelyn admitted. "And I really care about this one. That poor girl's been through so much; and not having a mother..."


"Tait?" Jeff's father said. "But, Jeffy, it's not..."

"Shush!" his mother said sharply. "It most certainly is! What would you have her name the child? Simon? Or whatever that no-good little bastard's name is? Tait's the right name for that baby."

She pulled Jeff into the kitchen by his ear, to the delight of Katherine, and the amusement of both Jeff and his father.

"And Eve needs to be a Tait too, Jeffy" his mother hissed sharply. "If you're going to treat her as your wife, you need to make her your wife. It's a sin and you know it, taking advantage of that young girl like that."

He kissed his mother and made her squeal by picking her up off of the ground.

"You're absolutely right, Mom," he said.

"Put me down, you barbarian!" his mother called out which brought in a giggling Katherine.

"Come on, let's go see your sister," Jeff told the child.

"And Eve?" Katherine asked.

"Yes, and Eve," Jeff agreed.

A nurse's aide was showing Eve how to change diapers when Katherine and Jeff came into the room. He couldn't help but marvel and just how beautiful the young mother was as she smiled and listened to Katherine's excited babble.

"She's very excited about having a baby sister," Jeff told her and kissed her in greeting.

"How about you?" Eve asked him worriedly.

"I love her, love her with all my heart, and love you even more," he said to her and kissed her again.

The law firm kept his client load light while he divided his time between work and home. His mother was a constant visitor, showing the young girl how to care for the baby.


"You going?" Eve asked Jeff as he read the announcement of his twenty fifth high school reunion.

"Guess so," he shrugged. "I mean, other than Roger and Jocelyn, I really didn't have any friends in high school. It is kind of fun, though, to see who's lost the most hair since the last time we saw each other."

"Is that all y'all do?" she smiled.

"No, there's dancing, and eating, and usually there's a free bar, so a lot of them try to see how much free booze they can drink," he said.

"Well, that doesn't sound like much fun," Eve shrugged.

"Terribly boring," he agreed, then grabbed her which made her squeal) and pulled her onto his lap. "But I'd love it if you'd be my date for it."

His mother and Jocelyn helped the girl pick out the perfect little black dress for the occasion; in the five weeks since given birth to Faith, she still maintained a bit of a paunch and her breasts were still quite swollen as she was breast-feeding, but they managed to find the perfect dress. Or at least that's what they told Jeff.

Seeing the happy excited look on Eve's face made him smile as well.

"Okay, so I'll pick you up tomorrow and we'll have our hair done and..." Jocelyn was prattling.

"Aw, holy shit!" Jeff interrupted her. "You're not going to be there too, are you?"

"Well, yeah," Jocelyn said, a confused frown on her face.

"Aw, well, screw it," Jeff said. "I definitely don't feel up to it now."

"Hey, Jeff, do me a huge favor?" Jocelyn said. "Think you could go fuck yourself?"

"How nice to see that neither one of you have grown up at all," Jeff's mother chided the two friends.

His father was quick to point out how Faith had the Tait nose, forgetting that Jeff wasn't actually the father of the little girl.

Jeff's sister and brother were very quick to give him a bunch of crap about Eve's youth, but it was done with love.

"Trying to recapture your youth, by sleeping with one?" his sister said.

"Mid-life crisis, you're supposed to get a little sports car, not a little hottie," his brother teased.

Jocelyn, his mother, and Eve were right; it was the perfect little black dress. Her creamy shoulders and arms were bare, and quite a bit of creamy tanned cleavage were visible. The hemline ended a few inches above her knee, showing a pair of shapely legs sheathed in fine hose and her small feet were in black sandals that sported four-inch heels.

Her long black hair had been done into one thick French braid, which had been pinned up. Her nails were a deep scarlet red.

"Damn, that is, you really look great," Jeff, said as he admired her.

She twirled around for his approval.

"Wow," his father said as he and Jeff's mother came in from Jeff's kitchen.

Katherine was sitting and eating her dinner. She had thrown a major fit when she found out she wasn't going with Daddy and Eve. She had just been allowed out of 'time out' to finish her dinner.

"I can think of only one thing that would make that outfit look even better," Jeff said as he took the small box from his coat pocket.

"Is that what I think it is?" his mother interrupted as Eve stared at the ring with open-mouthed shock.

"You make my world complete," Jeff said simply. "I want it to be forever."

"Congratulations," Mrs. Tait said sincerely as she hugged the still speechless girl.

"She hasn't said 'yes,' getting nervous there, Jeffy?" his father said and nudged Jeff in the ribs.

"Are you serious?" Eve finally managed to ask.

"Of course I am," Jeff smiled.

"I would have lived like this forever," she whispered as they drove to the reunion. "You didn't have to..."

"I know that," he said. "But I didn't want to. I want you to be my wife, not just my lover."

At the Hilton & Towers' Grand Ball room, Eve waggled her hand at Jocelyn, and then she and Jocelyn screeched their excitement at each other, while Roger pumped Jeff's hand in congratulations. Jeff stepped behind Roger when Jocelyn ran up to hug him.

"Get away from me, strange woman!" Jeff yelled. "Security! Security! This woman's touching me inappropriately!"

"I ought to beat your ass inappropriately," Jocelyn laughed. "But give me a hug, you stupid son of a bitch!"

Many of his male classmates congratulated him; many also expressed jealousy. Quite a few of the women, however, were less than accepting and warm; some were outright hostile to Eve.

Despite her sweet and docile nature, a few months on the streets had also given Eve a bit of an edge.

"I'm sorry," she very sweetly said to one woman. "Jeff didn't tell me what class you'd taught when he was a student?"

"Aw, didn't they have that in your size?" she asked another woman that was wearing a gown that was far too revealing for her forty-two years of age.

"Well, Jeff," one woman smiled sweetly as he and Eve made their way off of the dance floor. "How sweet of you to bring your daughter."

"Oh, no, unlike you, I didn't start having children right after graduation," Jeff smiled. "This is my lover and the mother of my daughter, Faith. She was born five weeks ago, and is just as beautiful as her mother."

The band took a break while the dinner was being served and Jeff and Eve joined Roger and Jocelyn and two other couples. One of the women, a classmate, sneered at Eve.

"Well, Jeff, I do remember that, in high school, you only liked the skinniest of girls," she cooed nastily. "So you now like them with a little 'meat on their bones,' do you?"

"That must give someone like yourself some real hope," Eve smiled sweetly.

"You asked for it," Bennie, her husband said and shrugged.

The other woman contented herself with the occasional glare in Eve's direction, but did not dare open her mouth. Her husband, a classmate of Jeff's, contented himself with the occasional stare, obviously trying to see if he could peer down Eve's cleavage.

"Hey, Timmy, mind putting your eyes anywhere else but down my fiancé's dress?" Jeff finally said.

Eve giddily hugged his arm tightly at the word 'fiancé,' and she and Jocelyn shared a smile of genuine happiness. Both of the women picked up on the smile and softened considerably.

Eve didn't win everyone's approval by the time she and Jeff left the ballroom, but many had ceased their hateful glares.

On the ride home, Eve twisted slightly in the seat of the Mustang and at a red light, got Jeff's attention. He'd already had an erection from the kisses he and Eve had shared as they waited on the valet to bring the car around. The sight of her little black dress bunched up around her waist, smoothly shaved pussy on full display caused him to lurch, and shoot a full load down the leg of his tuxedo slacks.

She laughed heartily and pulled the dress back down.

Once they'd arrived home, his mother and father were sleeping soundly in the guest bedroom; Faith in her crib and Katherine bundled in the bed between the two grandparents.

"Before we went and had our hair done," Eve whispered to Jeff, as she was pulling his tie off. "Jocelyn took me to see Roger and he gave me the 'all clear' to have sex."

"Gee, I don't know, Honey," he feigned exhaustion. "I'm kind of tired."

"That's fine," she said. "You can go to sleep. Just leave the cock out where I can get to it."

Despite losing a full load down his trousers, he was spurting again as she sucked him into her mouth.

She smiled at him, showed him the full load in her mouth, and then swallowed noisily. She then dropped her dress to the floor and made her way to the bed, dressed in her garter belt, hose, and four inch heels.

"Come on, sleepy head," she cooed. Come lay down. Mama'll do ALL the work."

She didn't have to do all of the work. He participated as he put her on her knees and pounded into her pussy from behind. He didn't like the condom, but agreed with her that it was the best alternative until she could get onto birth control pills.

Her breasts freely dribbled their milk as he gripped her tits in his hands and jammed as deeply as he could.

"Oh, yyeess!" she hissed as he probed a finger into her spasming anus.

She clamped her rectum tightly clenched, though when he pressed the head of his cock against it.

"That's for our wedding night," she promised and guided him back into her pussy.

"That's blackmail," he whispered.

"Call it what you will, Mr. Tait," she smiled over shoulder. "But I don't until I hear 'I do.'"

He laughed and rolled her over. They came together to enjoy a position that had previously been unavailable to them. Face to face, belly to belly, his weight fully on her.

"Oh, my God," she hissed in his ear. "I love you so much, Baby."

"Love you too," he whispered.


Eve was still asleep when he slipped out of bed and dressed in tee shirt and jeans. He remembered that the sanctimonious, pretentious Jimmy could often be seen outside in the early mornings, smoking a couple of cigarettes in the parking lot of the apartment complex. He was, of course, quick to condemn anyone else who smoked.

Sure enough, Jeff could see the small puff of smoke as Jimmy paced the parking lot behind the apartment building.

""Hello, Jimmy," he said as he approached.

"Um, oh, um," Jimmy struggled to remember Jeff's name.

"Jeff. Jeff Tait," Jeff said and held out his hand.

"Oh, yeah! Used to live a couple of doors down, right?" Jimmy said, still wary.

"Right, right," Jeff said and let his ignored hand drop to his side.

"So, um, how's it going?" Jimmy asked.

"Going great," Jeff said and smiled a smile he did not feel. "Just got engaged last night in fact."

"Oh, well, congratulations," Jimmy said and smiled a little. "Who's the lucky girl?"

"Eve, Eve Simon," Jeff said.

"Oh, I don't know any Eve," Jimmy said and lighted another cigarette.

"Look, prick," personally, I don't give a flying fuck," Jeff said, smile gone. "But it would mean a lot to a very sweet girl if her Daddy would walk her down the aisle."

"Hey, doesn't the Bible say anything about 'Let ye who is without sin cast the first stone,' or did they leave that out of your Bible?" Jeff said as he opened the door to his mustang.

"What did you do?" a wide-eyed Eve asked when he walked into his living room.

"Went for a drive," he shrugged.

"You are the sweetest, most wonderful man in the whole world," she whispered and dragged him back to their bedroom. Come on, your Mom and Dad have the kids out at the park."

"How many of these condoms did Roger give you?" he laughed as she rolled one onto his rapidly expanding cock.

"Only twelve," she said. "But I go back on Tuesday; I'll pick up some more."

He found out, in the laziness of post-coital bliss, that Jimmy had called and spoken with his daughter. Sara had given him the phone number. While it wasn't the warmest phone call she'd ever received, it was a stepping-stone.

"So, when would you like to get married?" she asked him and kissed him before he could answer.

"As soon as you can find a wedding dress," he admitted when she finally released his lips.

The End of Jeff Tait 03.

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