Jeffrey's Game


We got off on Scott's floor and he walked a short distance down the hall to his door. I stopped in the middle of the hallway.

"Look, Scott. This has been very, um, exciting and everything but I cannot go any further." I told him. "I am not going to sleep with you."

Scott walked back to me and grasped my hands. "I know" he said quietly. "I gave your husband the second card to my room. He's going to come up here in just a few minutes."

"Then what are we doing?" I asked him.

"I took your husband's game to the next level." Scott said. "He started with flirting and I've shown you how to take him to teasing. Now just trust me for the last step."

It was risky. I didn't know Scott really, and letting him get me alone in a hotel room was a bad idea. Also, I still was not sure what kind of game he was playing at. I have no idea why I let him pull me forward to the door. He stuck the keycard in and opened the room. Then I walked inside with him.

Chapter 3 -- Jeff

I watched Nicole for a while in the bar without really knowing what to do. She was sitting next to a guy that might have been a little older than us. As I studied him I realized that he was a pretty good looking guy. The two of them sat close like, well..., like a couple of lovers whispering in the dark bar. I decided to relax and sip my beer for a while to see what would happen.

I actually let my mind wander to the TV over the bar for a minute and when I looked back I was shocked to see my wife holding the guy tight and nuzzling her head up against his neck. Looking down I could see his big hand firmly gripping her thigh near the hip. At first it seemed like nothing too intense, but as it went forward I started to feel like things were heating up between them.

I can't understand it really, I should have been pissed but I wasn't. What I was instead was insanely turned on. My cock was so hard it was literally throbbing in my pants. I felt a cold sweat break out on the backs of my hands as I watched Nicole cuddling with this stranger. I should have gotten up and gone over there, but I did nothing. I just continued to sit and watch, my eyes drinking in every detail.

They broke their embrace after a few minutes and resumed talking. The guy broke out a pen, wrote something and handed it to Nicole. 'Finally' I thought. 'He's giving her his phone number and we can leave.' Nicole slid from the booth and headed back to the restrooms. I pulled out a few bucks to cover my beer and prepared to head home. I couldn't wait to get Nikki into our bed. I don't think I'd ever been more aroused.

Nicole emerged from the restroom and headed straight towards me. I stood to meet her. At the last second I noticed she had a funny look on her face. She suddenly grasped my hand and gave me something before she walked off to rejoin her new friend. What the hell?

She and the stranger left the bar together hand in hand. I looked to see what Nicole had put into my hand and I was startled to find her thin black panties. As I turned them in my hand I could feel that they were almost soggy with wetness. I glanced around the room to make sure nobody was watching me and then I brought them to my face. The rich scent of Nicole's aroused pussy filled my nostrils.

I hurried over to the door of the bar to see where she had gone. Peering out I was just in time to see Nicole entering the hotel convenience store. I watched her buying something. As the clerk went to put her purchase in a paper bag, I was nearly certain that what I saw was a pack of condoms.

My wife had handed me her sodden panties and then left with a strange man to buy some condoms. The message was blindingly obvious, but so unexpected that I was struggling to grasp it. My game of harmless flirting had been totally upended. Nicole was going to go up to this guy's room and fuck him.

I realized that there was more in my hand than just the soaked panties. I found the key card that she had also handed me and when I pulled it from the paper envelope a scrap of a note fluttered to the ground. I retrieved the note and read the graceful handwriting scratched upon the paper.

Nicole would like to come up to my room with me. Wait ten minutes and follow along as she wants you to watch. -Scott

Nicole and Scott, as I now knew him, were no longer in view. They must have gone up in the elevators. Images of my wife laid back on a bed and being relentlessly fucked by the handsome man from the bar flashed through my head. I started to feel panicky. What on earth was she thinking? We'd never even discussed doing something like this before. She wouldn't really go up there and fuck him, would she? It was too crazy.

I looked at my watch. Five minutes had passed since they had disappeared. I left the bar and paced the hotel lobby nervously for a few minutes. I was undecided as to what I should do. Finally I reached my limit. I had to get up there and I had to see what was going on. I walked straight to the elevators.

The key card envelope said '907' so I pressed for the ninth floor. It seemed to take forever to get there. I exited the elevator and walked to the door of the room. I stopped to listen, but I could hear no sounds from within. With my heart pounding in my chest I reached out and stuck the card in the slot. The door beeped green and I opened it.

Chapter 4 - Nicole

Scott removed his coat and hung it up. He pulled off his necktie and opened the collar of his shirt. He pulled me over to the side of the king size bed in the room and took the brown paper bag from my hand. He pulled out the box of condoms and placed it on the nightstand before sitting on the bed.

"Come here." He told me while motioning for me to climb onto the bed with him.

"I told you, I'm not going to sleep with you." I told him with some irritation.

"I'm still dressed. Just trust me."

I'd found Scott to be funny and charming as well as handsome and sexy in the bar, but now he was making me feel upset and a little scared. I wanted to leave, and I think I would have except for what I had seen on Jeff's face earlier. When Scott had talked me into kissing him I had been certain that Jeff would get mad. Instead, as Scott had predicted, Jeff had been even more turned on. Perhaps he was also right that when Jeff found us here in the hotel room he'd be even more excited. Scott seemed to know more about this game than either Jeff or I did.

This was crazy. I can only blame my arousal and my continuing, bizarre sense of obligation to my agreement with Scott on allowing him to pull me closer. Once Jeff arrived at the room this was over I resolved to myself. I would get up and leave with my husband. Scott lay back on the bed and I slowly crawled onto the bed to kneel over him. My naked pussy was hovering a few inches over his hips.

"This is a bad idea" I whispered.

"Just trust me" Scott replied.

I was a little uncomfortable hovering over Scott and so I slowly lowered myself down until I was resting on him. His pants were going to be stained with my juices I thought. Then he shifted a little and I felt his thick hardness through his pants as it rubbed against my pussy. Scott was rock hard and seemed to be very large. I almost moaned with the friction of his encased cock rubbing my lips. This was insane. I was getting desperate to be fucked. I wanted to leave and go home to have sex with Jeff.

By squatting lower, my tight dress had ridden up my hips. If Scott looked down he could doubtless see my naked pussy in the shadows under the hem. If someone were to come in the door behind me they would certainly be able to see my naked ass.

"Jeff might kill us both when he walks in." I told Scott.

Just then I heard the door lock beep and the handle turn behind me.

Chapter 5 -- Jeff

I opened the door to the hotel room and took in the whole scene in an instant. Scott had removed his jacket and tie and was lying back on the bed. Nicole was straddling him with her hands resting on his chest. Her dress had ridden up from having her legs spread and I could clearly see the globes of her naked ass resting on him. I realized that her pussy was bare, spread open and pressed against Scott's groin. The box of condoms sat ready on the nightstand, an easy reach for when they were ready to consummate their tryst.

Shock overcame my initiative to do anything. Clearly Nicole had decided to take my game one giant step further. Numbly, I walked across the room and sat / collapsed onto the chair in the corner. My mind was churning with a lot of intense emotions. I felt lightheaded from fear and jealousy, but I also could not deny that I was burning with lust and arousal.

I looked into Nicole's eyes. She was studying me. I could not read her expression as I waited to see what she would do next.

Chapter 6 -- Nicole

Jeff entered the room and studied the scene for an eternity of ten seconds. I expected almost any reaction from him ranging from anger to disbelief. What I got was...nothing. Jeff crossed the room and simply sat in a chair as though he was a spectator. Just like that he accepted the situation. I was dumbfounded.

I stared at him. What was he doing? The conclusion seemed obvious, but I struggled to accept it. Jeff wanted to watch me going further with Scott. This left me with a dilemma of my own.

I'd already told Scott that I was not going to sleep with him, and this was the absolute truth. But now that I was here straddling his body and being urged on by my husband, just how far would I go? It was a question I did not know the answer to. I didn't see any harm in rubbing on Scott a little, and hopefully that would be enough.

I gently rocked my hips forward and back. The friction of Scott's cock against my pussy through his pants felt good for a little while but soon became too much. It was too rough and too dry against my naked lips.

I continued to look at Jeff. His stare was intense and his expression told me he was out of his mind with lust. Did I dare do as Jeff wanted and handle Scott's cock? As I watched him I slowly unbuckled Scott's belt, opened his pants and pulled out his cock. I'd decided that I would just rub on him a little but that was it.

Once freed from his pants, I had a chance to examine Scott's penis. He felt smooth and warm against my palm. He was very thick and long, and the shaft was rock hard. I slid my hand lightly over his length, noting the heavy shape of the passage running along the underside from the base up to the shiny glans at the tip. I let go of him and slid my hips back over top of him.

I felt his smooth hardness part my pussy lips, and I slid my hips forward and back sliding my vulva along his length. I was soaking wet and spread my juices all over his shaft. It felt delicious. I think I may have moaned involuntarily.

As I continued to slide my pussy against the underside of his shaft, my arousal was burning all out of control. I wanted to be penetrated so bad that denying my need was almost painful. With each thrust of my hips forward I went a little further, and the tip of Scott's cock got a little closer to the opening of my vagina. I knew that if I just went another half inch and tipped my hips just so, he would pop into me. I had to be careful.

Chapter 7 -- Jeff

Nicole watched me for a long time, but I noticed that she was also lightly grinding herself against Scott as he lay beneath her on the bed. I could not believe that she was this randy and wanton. After a while I saw her unbuckle his belt and open his trousers. She pulled his cock out.

Scott's cock was very large and it looked even bigger when gripped by Nicole's small hand. I felt a moment of increased fear and inadequacy when I saw my wife holding his thick penis. She moved back over him, this time sliding her dress all the way up over her hips and out of her way. I could see his shaft lying between her lightly furred pussy lips like a sausage in a bun as she pressed herself against him.

She rocked herself forwards and back on top of him, sliding her thoroughly wet pussy along his length. After a while she started to sigh and moan softly. I have no sense of how long this went on, but over time I could see her strokes becoming longer and longer. The tip of his cock began to disappear between her lips at the end of each forward movement, hunting for her opening.

Finally, one time she reversed herself to slide backwards and his cock did not reappear. Nicole suddenly moaned loudly as she slowly pressed herself back. I was gripped by an intense mixture of panic and ecstasy as I realized that Scott's thick cock was sliding into my wife's vagina while I watched. My wife was being fucked before my eyes and all I could do was sit there and feel my heart pounding like a trip-hammer in my chest.

Nicole finally bottomed out with her cunt pressed against his pubic bone. His cock was fully buried inside of her. She closed her eyes and shook her head slowly, whether denying the reality of what she was doing or simply trying to adjust to his massive prick I don't know.

After pausing for a while Nicole started to ride him. First she slid her hips up and down, raising herself almost up and off him before sliding back down and filling her pussy again. After a few minutes of this her motion changed to one I was used to when she rode me.

She pressed herself down against his hips and simply rocked herself forward and back. Scott's cock was churning forward and back deep inside her body while she rubbed her clit and lips continuously against his pubic bone. My wife started to orgasm on her lover's cock.

Nicole looked beautiful as she came over and over. With each climax her hips would twitch and jerk while she groaned with her release. Between orgasms she knelt limply, panting as she recovered from the exertion while still impaled on the thick penis that was giving her so much pleasure. I saw a light sheen of sweat forming on her chest from her exertion.

After a long time and uncounted orgasms, I think Scott could sense she was tiring. He gripped her body in his hands and rolled her over onto her back. He stood off the edge of the bed and pulled her to him. As he did, he dropped his trousers and stepped out of them. He grasped his cock and inserted it back into my wife. Then he unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off.

Scott stood between my wife's legs and fucked her steadily for an eternity. I actually got out of my chair and walked around at an angle behind him so that I could see better. Nicole's lips were spread wide in an 'O' around his fat shaft where it disappeared into her. I watched him alternately press her lips into her as he thrust forward and then drag them back as they gripped his shaft. Nicole came a few more times from the deep thrusting and I started to marvel at his endurance.

Scott pulled out of her once again. I could briefly see her entire cunt after he withdrew. Her lips were completely engorged with arousal and her juices were smeared all over her vulva and inner thighs. Her vagina gaped open from being pounded by Scott's thick cock.

He urged her over to stand at the edge of the bed. She bent forward and rested on her elbows, offering her cute ass to him. Her pussy was just visible to me, a dark patch between her legs. The dimly glimpsed line of her opening between her darkly furred lips filled me with an incredible yearning to enter her.

Scott stepped behind her while gripping his cock once again. He placed the head against her opening and slid his entire length back into her willing cunt. He started to thrust hard into her. I watched his hands firmly gripping my wife's hips to pull her body back onto his cock over and over. His heavy balls slapped against her body over and over as he started to pant. He was getting close to the end.

Scott abruptly gave a loud groan and pulled her to him roughly. He held still then as his orgasm hit. I suddenly thought of the unopened condom box on the nightstand as I contemplated Scott's cock buried deep inside my wife, but it was too late for that. He continued to groan and shook a little as he exploded inside her. Nicole moaned again as she felt his cock throbbing urgently in her pussy. I imagined him pumping his thick cum deep into her, inseminating my wife with his seed while I looked on.

Finally, spent, he pulled out of my wife and staggered back. His cock was partially deflated and a little semen drooled from the tip of it. Nicole crawled forward onto the bed and rolled onto her side. She looked at me for the first time since Scott had first penetrated her and I could see that she was afraid.

I was on fire with lust and I had no time to reassure her with words. I quickly opened my pants and dropped them to my ankles as I pulled Nicole to me at the edge of the bed. I entered her with a single thrust. Nicole stared into my eyes as I fucked her steadily.

She was beyond wet with both her own lubrication and his load. As I fucked her thick cum ran from her pussy down her ass and pooled on the bedspread. I could smell the heady mixed scent of female arousal and semen. It was driving me crazy with lust.

I only lasted a couple minutes before my orgasm literally slammed into me. I had the most intense climax of my entire life at that moment. My cock throbbed so intensely and I ejaculated so hard that the tip of my cock almost hurt with the force of it. I drained the absolute biggest load of my life into my wife's sloppy pussy.

Finally, sated, I bent down to kiss her. My softening cock slipped from her wet hole and dangled between us. After we kissed we both felt very awkward. Scott was sitting on the chair I had vacated, watching us with an unreadable expression. I pulled my pants back on, and without any discussion Nicole and I let ourselves out.

We rode to the lobby and walked to the car in silence. Once there I opened her door and then grabbed her for a quick embrace and kiss. After a few moments Nicole broke it off and asked me to grab the tissue box from the center console for her.

I dropped into her seat while she stood next to the car, but instead of doing as she asked I placed my hands on her thighs at the hem of her dress. I slid her dress up, exposing her pussy to my view and her ass to the deserted parking lot.

My feeling that I'd never ejaculated so much before had been correct, and my huge load of cum was running out of my wife's vagina and down her leg. The sight of it was completely erotic to me and I stared at her for several seconds.

"I can't believe you wanted me to do that!" she finally exclaimed.

"Me? I was just along for the ride. It was your play." I responded.

Nicole pulled her dress back down and we stared at each other. Both of us were thinking hard. I think we both came to the same conclusion within seconds of each other. Scott had managed to fool us both utterly. Nicole smiled at me. I stood up to give her a kiss.

"Let's go home." I told her. "It's getting pretty late for a weeknight."

I still don't know what to think of Scott. I don't know if we were his unwitting dupes or fortunate apprentices. He certainly proved himself to be the master of the game.

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by Anonymous

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by 26thNC03/06/19


Why does he want to make her a whore?

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by Anonymous01/14/19

Very Hot and Erotic,But...

As a work of fantasy this certainly qualifies as a great story for choking one's chicken. However,it is necessary for the reader to forget reality if this behavior is to be believed. First,what's moremore...

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by widowedidiot07/30/18


I liked this story, I think it was well written and the interchanging between the husband and wife each telling their part was very good. What killed it for me was the wife's lack of sense, I know it'smore...

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by th1480407/23/18

@Anonymous 6/14/18: It's to get her mind at ease because she was adamant about not having sex as well as to demonstrate that in the heat of the moment and passion, barriers can be broken down.

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by Anonymous06/14/18


What was the point purchasing the condoms when Scot it appears didn't wear one and deposited his seed well up in her ? according to the writer.
Another willing cuckold rumbled.

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