Jeffrey's Wedding Day


Candice squealed with delight as she felt her son-in-law's hot wet tongue lapping at the quivering flesh of her juicy, open slit. Encouraged by her lusty cries, Jeff rammed his tongue all the way inside his wife's mother's tasty cunt, stopping only when his nose pressed tightly against her clit. In response, Candice pushed her cunt-mound up hard against her new son's mouth, moving her slim mature hips in time with the young man's jabbing, flicking tongue.

When her son-in-law sucked the stem of her throbbing little love button deep into the back his mouth, Candice almost screamed with pleasure. She held onto him by the ears with both hands now and pressed his face against her squirming cunt. In turn, Jeff twisted his juice-drenched mouth from side to side, trying to burrow his delving tongue ever more deeply into her sweet, gaping cunt-hole. Jeff loved the flavor of his mother-in-law's tasty pussy. He could have happily eaten her eager snatch all through his honeymoon.

"Such a good son-in-law. Doing exactly as his mommy tells him. Suck my cunt! Ohhh gawd! You're gonna make me cum, Jeffrey. Make me cum! Make your dirty mother-in-law cum! Yes, yes, yessss! YESSSSSSSS! FUCK YES! FUCKING MAKE ME CUM! AHHHHHH! UGGHHHHH!" she screamed out in ecstasy while spilling her juices onto her daughter's husband's face. Candice knew she would enjoy this. She lifted his face up to her and licked her juices off of him, before shoving her tongue into his mouth. Jeff readily accepted Candice's tongue and swapped his spit and her juices back and forth with her for a few minutes.

Candice finally broke the kiss, "Now I think it's time I get a taste of my son-in-law's cock, a privilege that all mother-in-laws should have, especially the ones who are hotter and better lovers than their daughters. Now sit back on your seat."

Jeffrey did as he was told. He was through trying to resist. His mother-in-law could do whatever she wanted to him. He was her sex-slave now. Candice finally took off part of her outfit, her hat. Her long hair flowed freely now, half of it over the front part of her right shoulder. Before she sucked her son-in-law's prick though, she wanted to lay out the ground rules for him and let him know of her plans.

"Tell me, Jeffrey, do you love my pussy more than my Stephanie?" she asked.

"No. Though it is very tasty." He replied honestly.

"Your feelings will change very soon. You will love your mother-in-law's pussy ten times more than my daughter."

Jeff cringed at the thought because he realized that it may be true.

"You want me to possess you, Jeffrey. Take complete control of your life. And I intend to do just that. I've already begun by having you as a lover before my daughter on your wedding day. But I'm going to do much more than that. I'm going to fuck you at the reception too. I'm going to fuck you on your honeymoon as well, more than my daughter. Don't worry, arrangements have been made. My daughter and husband are too naïve and obedient to notice anything going on. I want your cum inside me at all times. You are going to fuck me and fill me at least every other day. My daughter is not going to have much of your cum if she gets any at all... She wants babies too, but she won't get them... I'll get them." She gave Jeff an evil smile.

His jaw dropped. The whole speech was hard to believe and stomach but the last part, instead of wanting to throw-up, Jeff had never wanted to fuck and fill someone with cum more in his life than he wanted to with his mother-in-law right at that moment.

"That's right. I'm going to have your babies. Your mother-in-law's belly is going to swell with your children, on multiple occasions. I'll trick my husband into thinking they're all his. And when he finally croaks, which will be in a few years, I will move in with you and my daughter. And we will raise the children together as husband and wife behind my daughter's back." Candice spoke with a malicious tone. She was evil, but Jeffrey had been turned into her puppet.

"Now sit back, my son. Momma wants to suck your cock." She slithered over to her son-in-law and took hold of his cock with her gloved fingers. "Mmmmm, I know I'm gonna love this."

While looking into Jeff's eyes, she took him into her mouth. Sucking with wild abandon, Candice bobbed her head up and down. She emanated slurping sounds as she slobbered all over her son-in-law's prick. Her tongue moved up and down the sides of his cock whenever she briefly disengaged. She massaged the crown of his dick when she put him inside her lips.

"You like that don't you baby boy. You love having your sexy mother-in-law sucking your cock. Don't you?" then she resumed.

"Yessss! You're so good, Mommy! Keep sucking me, please."

"Better than my daughter? Am I better than your wife?"

"Yes! You're amazing. Your tongue has a mind of its own. You're a much better cock-sucker than Stephanie. Please don't stop. I'm so close." He begged her.

"Ugh, ugh." She squeezed the base of his cock to prevent his explosion. "We need to save all your cum for my pussy. You can't knock me up by cumming in my mouth. But since you're so close, we might as well fuck right now." Candice stood hunched over in the moving limo as she turned around. Her back now to her son-in-law, she grabbed the back part of her split dress and raised it over her waist.

Candice's pussy was now exposed for her daughter's husband again, and it was dripping wet. She steadily lowered her pussy to Jeffrey's cock. Jeff's mother-in-law grabbed his fuck-stick and aimed it up towards her gaping hole.

"Please, I can't do this." Jeff's conscience made one last plea. But it only came from his voice as his hands reached up to Candice's ass and squeezed.

"Yes you can." And she impaled herself on her daughter's husband's cock in less than a second. "Ohhhh fuck! God dammit, you're HUGE!!" Candice took a few more seconds to get used to the feel of her son-in-law's big dick inside of her pussy. "Now.... FUCK MY CUNT, YOU MOTHERFUCKER! YA, FUCK ME HARDER THAN YOU EVER FUCKED YOUR WIFE! That's a good boy! YEESSSSSSS!" she hissed as Jeffrey began to piston himself up into her.

"My God!?! You're so damn tight!?!" Jeff muttered. He was near tears it felt so good.

"That's because Mommy knows how to work her cunt. Feel that? And because my husband's cock ain't nothing compared to yours, my dear son-in-law. You're SO FUCKING HUGE, JEFF! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK MEEEEE! OHHH, I'M GONNA CUM ON YOUR FUCKING COCK! YESSSS, FEEL MY JUICES MIX WITH YOURS, OH MY SON!" she was really getting off on this mother-son thing as she covered Jeff's penis with her feminine fluids. But their session was far from over.

Fucking in the limo wasn't easy. Candice leaned fully back against her son-in-law, slowing down the action. Jeff's cock bent back to accommodate the position shift. Candice pulled up the front part of her dress split and felt Jeff's cock inside her pussy with her gloves.

"Oooooooo, its perfection. We were meant to copulate. My cunt and your cock were meant for each other. And your sperm and my eggs are meant for each other as well. But tell me... what do you love more? Your wife and my daughter, or my cunt?" she squeezed her pussy walls around his cock for good measure.

"Ohhh shit! Ohhhh God, IT FEELS SOOOO GOOD." He said as Candice wasn't even looking him in the eyes.

"That's right. Give into me. Surrender your body and soul. Love is more than wanting, it needs, and you need my cunt more than you need Stephanie now. Don't you?"

"Yes! I need your cunt more than your daughter. I love your cunt more than I love my wife." Jeff cringed at his words, but they were true, and his mother-in-law wouldn't let him escape them as she let out a triumphant, evil laugh.

"You belong to me now, Son. You will fill me full of your potent seed ten times more than you fill my daughter from now on. NOW FUCK ME HARD! YESSSS!"

Jeff obliged her order and drove up into his mother-in-law as she leaned forward once more. But Candice's dirty mouth was far from done.


Her bouncing slowed and Jeff responded by slowing his pace with her. His mother-in-law's cunt still held him tighter than his wife's. He truly loved it more than Stephanie.

"Now the time has come. Time for you to solidify our special relationship. It's time for my son-in-law to cum inside his mother-in-law's cunt and knock... her... up! DO IT NOW, YOU SON OF BITCH! INJECT ME WITH YOUR BABY-MAKING JUICE!" Candice froze right on top of Jeff's cock. Her pussy completely enveloping his penis to the base. She squeezed her cunt tight around his dick, bringing him unimagined pleasure and helping him build his release.

"OH MY GAWD! I'M GONNA CUM IN MY MOTHER-IN-LAW'S CUNT! AHHHHH..." Jeff bellowed and Candice relaxed her cunt lips grip. A torrent of sperm shot up straight into the depths of his mother-in-law's womb. It was the hardest that Jeff had ever cum in his life. It felt as if gallons were pouring out of him and into Candice's pussy.

"YESSSSSSS! I CAN FEEL IT. YOU REALLY MUST LOVE MY CUNT TO BE GIVING IT SO MUCH SPERM. COME ON, KEEP PUMPING YOUR LOAD INTO ME! THAT'S A GOOD BOY! SUCH A GOOD SON-IN-LAW!" Candice's pussy seemed to be sucking his cum from out of his cock. It began to overflow down around his prick base and balls.

When Jeff finally finished cumming inside Candice's snatch, he leaned back. He was exhausted. His mother-in-law fucked the energy out of him before his wedding reception. The limo stopped right at that moment.

"Perfect timing. Just like I planned." Candice purred. She lifted her vagina off of Jeff's member and adjusted her dress down over her bare pussy which was beginning to gush her son-in-law's sperm down her inner thighs. "My, my, we've made quite a mess. Listen to me carefully, Jeffrey. Do no feel guilty about what we've just done. You couldn't possibly resist me. Not only because of my sexy body, but because of my profession. You see, baby, I'm a master hypnotist."

"What?! You hypnotized me?!" Jeff asked bewildered.

"No, I couldn't hypnotize you. I knew that was impossible the moment we met. You're mind is too strong to let me in. But your weakness is obviously your sex drive. I knew that my body would be all I needed to claim you as mine. No one else will ever have you but me from now on, as I have just decided. Your cock is too good. And I'm a jealous woman." Candice stared into his eyes.

"Uh, excuse me that would be impossible. I have to have sex with Stephanie, my wife, once in a while if I want the marriage to work. And I do want it to work." Jeff replied. He may have needed his mother-in-law's pussy to survive now, but Stephanie gave him an emotional bond that he needed as well. But Candice gave him a wicked smile at his last statement.

"Don't worry about my daughter. While you have a strong mind, she used to have a strong mind."

"What do you mean?" Jeff was beginning to feel angry.

"Well, living with a master hypnotist who has to control everything and everyone around them to feel comfortable for the majority of her life, it was only a matter of time before I broke her. I wore her down and took control of her mind when she turned eighteen."

"How could you do that to your own daughter?"

"I do it to everybody. A mind like yours is very rare."

"You've been controlling her all this time." Jeff was beginning to turn red.

"No, you misunderstand. She fell in love with you all on her own. I didn't influence her at all in her relationships... Once I break someone, whether it takes ten years or ten seconds, like I did with most of the people before the ceremony, I only control their subconscious. I create a word for my voice and only my voice to use when I want to enter their subconscious and give them a command. It could be a simple one, like enjoy the wedding. I can instill an emotion in them or a desire. I could even make them kill themselves, but don't worry, I'm not that evil."

"You hypnotized my family?! You were controlling them during the wedding?!" Jeff was red now. But Candice wasn't worried about him yet. She felt that she had found her equal, one that she could control, and yet still present a challenge every time.

"I am still controlling them."


"I instilled a command into each and every one of them and my family, 'have a good time today, and watch me. Do not interfere, but watch me and what I do.'"

Realizing that the command wasn't that bad, Jeff's anger stopped increasing. "And why would you tell them to do that?"

"Because I can't have them stopping my actions today. I am going to live out my fantasy. And I get off on the idea that none of them will remember what they see me do, including my daughter, except in her dreams. Her dreams will haunt her for the rest of her life, but she'll ignore them and never tell you. I'll fuck you right in front of her and have her watch my pussy suck up your cum everyday and I'll give her thoughts and visions that it was her who got fucked by her husband and got your cum Oh I love it... it sounds deliciously wicked."

"You're crazy." Jeff said with wide eyes, but a quickly hardening cock.

"Oooooo, you seem to like my plans. And I'm not crazy, just power crazed. I love seeing how far my power over peoples' minds goes. Taking away someone's free will makes me feel like a god or goddess." She smiled with evil content.

"You are not a god. And you can't control my will." Jeff began to rise, he wasn't going to let her get away with this.

"Calm down lover. I can't control you, at least not your will. But I still have my powers of persuasion. And drastic times call for drastic measures." Candice quickly stretched the hole in her dress showing her cleavage all the way around the sides or her breasts. Her tits were now exposed for her son-in-law to gaze upon. And he was gazing.

"Oh my God!" he mouthed.

"What do you think of my most powerful assets, Son? Would you like to hold your mommy's tits?" Candice cupped her left breast and pinched her right nipple as she manipulated her son-in-law to the point of insanity.

His cock had never been harder in his life. "YES MOMMY, PLEEEEASE! LET ME TOUCH THEM! THEY'RE MAGNIFICANT!" Jeff begged.

Candice smiled, this was why she loved to control people. She could melt them into her mindless worshipping slaves. Jeff's mother-in-law was an evil villain.

"Later, my pet, we've arrived at the reception." She pulled her dress back over her tits, much to Jeff's disdain, but he knew it had to be done. He grunted his displeasure and without any ease, stuck his hard cock back into his tux.

He then realized the mess that had been left on his pants. His own juices and most of Candice's covered his crotch and thighs. He then noticed that Candice was leaking his sperm out of her pussy at an alarming rate.

The limo stopped and he saw Stephanie coming straight towards the limo. What were they going to do? He thought.

"Don't worry, Baby. Mommy is here. All I have to do is say one word." She dipped her fingers into her pussy and scooped up a fat glob of semen onto her gloved fingers. Candice smiled at Jeff and motioned for him to open the door for her. He did and he stepped out ahead of her. Jeff ignored his wife and gave her mother his hand as she stepped out of the limo.

"What was that about, Honey?" Stephanie asked about why he just ignored her as if he wasn't happy to see her.

"I'll explain honey... You see, Jeff doesn't love you anymore. Your husband loves me. He loves every part of my body more than you now. Cause your mother just fucked his brains out on the way here. And here's the proof, his cum and my juices that I extracted from my full cunt." Candice smiled malevolently at her daughter as she shoved her cum-covered gloved fingers up in front of Stephanie's face.

Jeff's jaw dropped, this wasn't what Candice said she would do. She was lying to him all this time in the limo, she wasn't a master hypnotist. His mother-in-law just wanted to destroy their marriage. He could see the anger and disbelief building in his wife. He was in for it now.

Candice leaned into her daughter and whispered into her ear, "Pussy!" all of a sudden; Stephanie's face lost all emotion. She stood there motionless, with her eyes staring straight ahead of her, but without focus. "Sorry Jeff, I had to see how she would react to that. And she will react that way if I do tell her. And I will tell her if you ever disobey me in a big way, like telling someone about my powers. But for now, watch me." She turned back towards her brainless daughter. Jeff gave a sigh of relief but was amazed at how powerful his mother-in-law seemed to be.

"Oh my dear Stephanie, you poor thing, completely powerless to your own mother. I want you to know this before we walk in there. You will forget what you just saw and heard. You will stay in your zombie state until I break you out of it. I want your eyes never to leave your husband. You will watch him all through the reception, and all through the moment he takes me out on the dance floor instead of you and fucks me standing, well, we'll probably end up on the ground. I will accompany you on your honeymoon. You will watch every second of my honeymoon with your husband, witness me fucking him senseless on your nuptial bed. But every time we fuck you will remember it as though you made love with him instead. However, in reality, you will never touch your husband's cock again. It belongs to me now! Here, my fingers are covered in my juices mixed with your husband's cum. Suck on them for me, dear." Candice smiled knowingly that her daughter would obey.

Jeff watched in astonishment as his wife took her mother's fingers into her mouth and sucked the cum off of them without any feeling on her face or in her eyes. They were locked on Jeff however, obeying her mother's earlier command to watch him. "Honey? Can you here me? Are you in there?" he wondered. But she ignored, she couldn't hear him, she could only listen to her mother in her subconscious. Stephanie continued sucking her mom's fingers until they were clean.

"She only hears my voice in her trance." Candice said to her son-in-law, then turned back to her daughter. "Swallow all the juices, Darling." After Steph finished gulping down her mother's and husband's cum, Candice spoke yet again, "Now follow us inside."

Candice took Jeff's hand in her now clean gloved hand and led him in tow inside the reception hall. Steph followed closely behind. Jeff looked back at her. His wife's eyes were blank but looking into his own. "What did she ever do to you to deserve this?" he asked his mother-in-law as they walked.

"Nothing, I control all those around me. I have to. It's my spite. And if I have the opportunity to get off on it then I will make that happen. And I knew that you would get me off." She looked back and smiled.

They entered the large room and all the people looked at the bride and groom with smiles. Jeff looked around as they made their way to the dance floor. Most of the people had stupid grins on their faces with blank stares. He couldn't believe he didn't notice it earlier. But he did observe that there were a few people with confused looks on their mugs. They were probably wondering why he was holding his mother-in-law's hand instead of his wife's.

Once they were on the dance floor, Candice spoke to Jeff, "Alright, Sweetie, I have to go mingle for a few minutes, make sure that everyone enjoys the show. Mmmmm. Stay here, Baby. Remember, Mommy loves your cock." She gave his dick a squeeze through his pants. Some of the people still watching that were conscious were appalled. Jeff watched his mother-in-law make the rounds. He sat down and watched as she went to each person or groups of people and hypnotized them into her power and will. It took her only five minutes to have everyone smiling and all eyes on her, the groom and the bride.

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