tagMind ControlJekyll and Hyde

Jekyll and Hyde


KATHLEEN was a hypnotist. Yes, she hypnotised people that was her job. It came as part of her counselling work. She enjoyed her job but it could be stressful dealing with other people's deep routed problems. When she got home at the end of her day she faced making a meal for herself and her husband. James was a typical male. She loved him passionately; he did his best around the house and would do any chores she asked him to do. He didn't do housework on his own initiative; if she didn't ask him to do things he didn't.

They had no children, but one thing Kathleen could not criticise was their love-life. James was a naturally caring, sensitive man. He made love to Kathleen with the kind of deep-loving passion most women would die for. He treated her with complete respect and always had done from the first day they had met, and that respect had stretched to the bedroom.

There was, however, a difference between their love life and their sex life.

Let's not get this wrong, sex with her husband was exciting, he knew his way around her body. He could bring her to the most exquisite multiple orgasms. He experimented in every way; he was unpredictable in the bedroom. She never knew where the sex would start or how it would end. She always felt deeply loved during sex, she could feel the love, the deep love, he had for her.

So what was wrong? What was missing?

Well it was simple really. She wanted, just occasionally, to be treated with a little less respect; she would have liked him to be more aggressively sexual. In a nutshell she wanted a bit of rough from time-to-time.

She fantasised often about being taken forcibly. She wanted some hard fuck and to hell with the deep love element.. She wanted a man who was determined to have his evil way with her. Occasionally, she wanted an animal in bed with her, a man who could fuck like a beast.

James was always up early to go to work and before getting up herself; knowing she was alone in the house, it wouldn't be long before thoughts, wicked thoughts, of the kind of sex she often wished James would give her, drifted exotically into her mind and, although she had tried to subtly indicate to James what she would like, it just was not his nature.

She wanted to be loved, appreciated, and treated with respect. She wanted to feel the deep- love she and James had for each other during sex and it was always there, but a bit of rampant lust would be nice occasionally, just for a change.

Did she ever think about other men and whether sex of a different kind might be more exciting? Well she wasn't prepared to admit as much to herself and, in any case, James was very attractive and good-looking. No, she could never cheat on her husband but that didn't stop her vivid imagination causing her hand to slip beneath the bedsheets and gather up her nightie and, with her legs open, let her fingers drift between her thighs.

Her imagination would run riot as she imagined her thighs being forced open while she pretended to resist.

The covers would be thrown off, her knees spread out as her fingers sank into her swollen wetness. Rapidly her fingertips flicked across her erect clitoris. In her mind she was being taken, taken in the aggressive way she often wanted James to take her. The things her fantasy lover did, and said, as she was fucked relentlessly became wilder and more exotic each time she resorted to satisfying this carnal need.

It wouldn't take long for her to come and the orgasms were always sensational. The truth of the matter was that she wanted to be loved but sometimes she just wanted to be fucked. She wanted the best of all worlds. She thought she deserved the best of all worlds but could one man satisfy all the needs of woman?

It wasn't until James was going through a particularly stressful time at work that she got her chance.

At first she never thought about it. She was just helping her husband with a little hypnotherapy to assist him to cope with the difficult decisions he had to make at work. She saw an improvement in him, he was definitely benefiting from the gentle suggestions she made and the deep relaxation he received during each session. The problems he faced at work became easier to solve.

Kathleen suddenly realised that if she induced a deeper hypnotic state she could make suggestions that might get her what she wanted and fulfil her sexual needs. Could Dr. Jekyll be transformed into Mr. Hyde for a while?

During one of their sessions she took James into a deeper hypnotic trance. She could tell him what she wanted him to be when he came out of the hypnotic trance. She applied an anchor by clicking her fingers to immediately place him back into trance and return him to her lovely James again. Another click of the fingers and James immediately fell into a deep hypnotic state where she could create the lover that would fulfil her unfulfilled desires. She called her new lover Jim.

The first time she brought Jim to life the transformation was amazing. He sat in the chair, his wild eyes undressing her bit by bit. She couldn't fail to read the lecherous look in his smouldering, brown-eyes. The look on his face was a hungry look. She felt wanted in a different way. She was uncomfortable at first - nervous. She had never felt such crude, sexual intensity emanate from her husband - if her husband it was. It was frightening but at the same time kind of exciting. She felt sure she could handle it.

She walked into the kitchen to collect her thoughts, leaving Jim in the living-room sat in his armchair. She had control, she assured herself, half afraid and half excited at what she had created. Before she could start to wash a few dishes Jim was behind her, his arms wrapped around her slender waist. It was as if she could taste and smell his sensuous masculinity. His mouth nestled into her neck and his rampant manhood pressed into her back.

Spinning her round roughly he took two handfuls of her long, dark-hair and pulled her onto a kiss. Did he feel stronger, more virile, or was it just her imagination?

With one hand he unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out, then still with his other hand gripping her hair he pulled her head down to his rampantly hard cock.

"Come on you horny slut suck my fucking cock. You know you love to suck a hard dick you cock-sucking bitch."

The full length of his cock was right inside her mouth. She had never heard James talk like this. She was struck with fear, his personality had completely changed. This wasn't her James at all. It crossed her mind to flick her fingers and stop it but another side of her actually wanted to do this.

Kathleen felt Jim use both hands to grab two chunks of her hair and rive her head backwards and forwards along his cock.

"Come on dirty slut get your stomach ready for some thick spunk."

She was sucking frantically, his cock banging the back of her throat and swelling in her mouth. She looked up at his face, he looked aggressive, grimacing with his teeth almost snarling at her and his hands pulled her hair even more forcible causing her to yelp with the pain then she felt his thick slimy mess burst into her the back of her throat.

"Come on swallow the fucking stuff. I want you to drink every drop of my fucking sludge."

Kathleen had given James head before but had never known him cum like this, never with such a massive quantity of sperm.

Withdrawing his slack cock from her mouth, he looked down at and gave it a shake on her face before shoving it towards her mouth again.

"Clean the fucking thing, come on clean it."

Kathleen licked all the remaining sticky mess from Jim's cock and as she did so it was already getting hard again.

"Shall we go upstairs Jim?" Kathleen said breathlessly, but he ignored her ramming her against the kitchen units before lifting her onto the worktops. His hands groped urgently up the outside of her thighs under her loose fitting dress. Manly hands tore at her panties, ripping at them, pulling them off and spreading her knees as she was pulled to the edge of the units, where she was sat, opening the way to her pussy. His urgency was frantic. Gone was the subtle build-up to sensitive lovemaking, it was replaced by an urgent, masculine desire to get inside her body.

His hips were between her thighs, his hand desperately searched for his cock again.

Was the cock that thrust into her bigger, harder and more forceful? Was it thicker swelling inside her? Her imagination was in overdrive.

Her arms were around his neck hanging on to him as he thumped his cock deeper and deeper. Sweat ran down his neck onto his soaked t-shirt. His hands lifted her knees. He was grunting like an animal that had just hunted down its prey. He was devouring her. This was what she had needed so badly.

Kathleen was shouting "Fuck me, fuck me." As powerful contractions gripped her body, rising and falling as she approached a crescendo of ecstasy.

"You just love rough cock up your cunt don't you Kathleen? You need to feel full and fucked don't you? You just need hard cock inside your body and your clit banged. Say it, say yes, say it.

"Yes, yes, yes." She screamed as the feelings around her clitoris intensified, his pubic-bone smashed against her clit with every inward thrust and she spilled her orgasm onto the balls crashing against the cheeks of her arse. Her juices flooded from her, soaking the cock causing her such animal pleasure.

Ignoring her orgasm he kept thrusting, lifting and dropping her with each thrust. This was not James but who was it? What kind of beast had she brought to life? The cock inside her felt massive, hard like a throbbing chunk of solid muscle. Her head was pounding in time with her heart beat and the stabling thrusts of the cock assailing her pussy. She could hear herself howling in a voice that did not seem at all like hers and her pussy just exploded into another massive orgasm.

Simultaneously, he growled his own pleasure and, deep inside her, she felt the heat of being filled with the hot flush of his own orgasm.

Jim withdrew his cock and contemptuously wiped it clean with the t/towel that had been stretched on a nearby radiator; leaving Kathleen sat where he had just screwed her ruthlessly. He coiled his slack cock back into his trousers and almost mockingly pulled his zip up.

"Now Kathleen I have filled your stomach and cunt with of just what you needed. Now for god's sake clean your cunt up and get some new knickers on. You are dripping my mess all over the kitchen worktops." He snarled tossing the t/towel at her.

Clicking her fingers she regained control of him, telling him to sit down which he did like a zombie. She gathered her panties up from where they had landed, they were torn to shreds. She noticed the gusset had been ripped right out of them.

Before James returned to full consciousness she told him he would not remember what had taken place and that he would be unaware of his soft seeping cock. Counting from one to five, she brought James fully awake again. She kissed him gently and told him how much she loved him. Her pussy was dripping wet with a mixture of seeping semen and her own juices.

The sex with Jim had been crushingly exotic and had gone beyond her wildest fantasies. But all through the next day Kathleen felt like she had cheated on her husband with another man, with the difference between Jim and James being so stark. The wild, unrestrained sex in the kitchen was not with James, it was not the same man she was married to. Even his personality was different. And all those foul mouthed obscenities. She hated the feeling that she had somehow cheated on the man she loved, betrayed him, but she wanted more of Jim. He was everything she had craved in her fantasies and much more. Yes, Jim had scared her. She had been taken just as she needed to be taken once in a while. But she wanted James as well. She wanted them both.

In bed at night she had the loving tenderness of James. Sometimes he just played exotically with her womanly lips, caressing them, fondling them and bringing her to exquisite orgasms that built up slowly before rippling through her body. Over and over he told her he loved her, kissing her everywhere. James worshiped her body and made her feel like a goddess. By the time he entered her she was ready for him, ready for him in a way completely different to Jim. James prepared her for sex, his touch was gentle loving tenderness and his words were of love. When his cock was inside her it seemed to transmit the love he had for her. He was a master at what he did and how he did it.

She decided that James was for her, no more Jim. She resisted thoughts of Jim for the best part of two weeks but she needed him, craved him like some addiction she could not control. She did not want to become addicted to Jim but she knew how easily that could happen and with each passing day she was weakening. She had to have him just one more time.

As Jim and Kathleen fucked again, this time in the bedroom she was getting everything she wanted. She could have James when she was in the mood for him and Jim when she craved him.

Jim was ramming her like his hips were driven by a pneumatic-drill, his cock like a piston rod. When he had her facing down with her knees under her, his cock was like a jackhammer, shafting her from behind. The fucking became more and more aggressive and forceful each time. On each new occasion he got more dominant and there was no doubt in her mind that his muscles seemed better defined than was the case with James. His chest became more hairy and his cock was definitely, larger in both length and thickness, and his tight, sexy arse became firmer. She wanted macho and she was getting it.

The period between each time she needed a fix from Jim got shorter and shorter.

He made her strip-tease for him, dance naked and withheld sex if she didn't do as she was told. Sometimes, when he withheld sex because she hadn't pleased him, she became depressed. He was aware of her craving for him, that it had become like a drug, an obsession, the power of which meant she needed a more regular fix.

He insisted on having her lie on the bed with her legs submissively wide-apart while he strutted around the room arrogantly or sat in a chair laughing at her with his eyes focused on her exposed nakedness ridiculing her. If she closed her legs he would get very angry and hurl abuse at her. His power had to be absolute. He had what she wanted and he knew.

"Don't you dare close your thighs unless I tell you to. Now spread them out, I want to see your split-arse, bitch. Come on, show me your fucking crack and keep your legs open. Now don't close them until I give you permission." He would growl at her. His controlling of her physically and sexually became manic. He knew she needed him, she was addicted to him, and she wanted him to fuck her relentlessly. She needed his cock, his body and his forcefulness.

Kathleen realised that Jim was increasingly controlling her. If he refused her sex she was devastated, depressed, while he laughed mockingly, forcing her to kneel in front of him and suck his cock while he watched football on television or any other program he wanted to watch and while he drank a can of beer. Even when he ate his evening meal he would occasionally have her crawl under the table and suck his dick while he was eating. He treated her with no respect at all. She was just a fuck to him, whenever it pleased him. Increasingly he took over from James. But she was obsessed with him, obsessed to the point where James was secondary.

She sucked his cock nearly every day on demand. "Listen bitch; if you want a fuck you will fucking swallow jism for it." He would shout at her, pulling her head forcibly onto his shaft. She wanted a fuck and she swallowed and swallowed. There was so much more of his creamy mess to deal with than with James. Jim was testosterone packed in every part of his body.

Kathleen reached a point where she needed him constantly, only allowing James to return so he could go to work or if they went out together or had company, even then she needed permission from Jim or he would refuse her the aggressive fuck she more and more pined for. Increasingly she felt like it was her that was hypnotised.

Kathleen's pussy was no longer "sweet and cute and deliciously beautiful" her clitoris was not "delightful" or "perfect". Her most sacred place, the part of her that defined her sex, her femininity, was just a "cunt" or a "twat" for Jim to shag or humiliate or degrade but she loved it.

He made her bend down, touching her toes, with her legs apart and do it twenty times while he sat in a chair behind her smugly grinning and sniggering at her exposed slit each time she touched her toes. Then she had to hold that humiliating position until he stood up, pulled his cock out, and punched a fuck up her.

She was no longer Kathleen; no longer did she have endearing words whispered in her ear to encourage her to reach orgasm. She was constantly called 'bitch' or "Slut" or even worse.

Sometimes when he denied her sex he would do so in the most humiliating way.

"Fuck off you bitchy slut; you can keep your cunt in your knickers. I will fuck it for you if I want to and not until."

Kathleen gradually became a sex slave. Jim became more and more aggressive, smacking her arse-cheeks during sex until they were glowing red. He became increasingly more aroused with the level of pain he inflicted. Gripping her hair in both hands, really hurting her, as he fucked her viciously from behind, riding her like a horse, smacking her arse painfully, biting her breasts and leaving bite marks all over her vulva. Nothing was taboo.

After a session of sex with Jim, Kathleen felt exhausted, battered and bruised. She was making excuses for not going to work and her appearance started to suffer as she neglected the normal daily care of herself. Under hypnosis she stopped James noticing any of this.

Jim complained about her appearance and called her sluthenly and only good for one thing. He became even more aggressive and on one occasion, while she protested, he pinned her against the living-room wall, forcing his hand right up her skirt, ripping the gusset out of her panties before forcibly entering her.

This wasn't love, this wasn't respect, and it wasn't even lust. This was wonton violence. Kathleen was losing her identity as a woman. Her self-respect and dignity had been taken from her by the brute she had created, but she was trapped by her addiction to him.

When she complained Jim was oblivious to her pleas. "You wanted this bitch, you have begged for it. You are a cock-loving bitch. So just take my cock and stop fucking whining." He would snarl as he pounded it into her.

Jim became only interested in his own gratification and one evening, after she had subdued James and was a bit late bringing Jim into existence, he just sneered at her contemptuously, "Get yourself upstairs you fucking whore, I need to empty my bollocks. Where have you been?"

Is that all she was, a receptacle for the contents of his balls? Why did she keep bringing Jim into existence? Because she found him sexually dangerous and the danger excited her. He was bad but excitingly so. He was unpredictable, she never knew what to expect. Didn't many women fall for types like Jim?

She had sex with Jim first thing in the morning, before switching James back on so he could go to work. When James got home in the evening she brought Jim to life again.

The shock came one evening, after she had another vicious fucking session in the bedroom with Jim and he told her he would punish her severely if she ever had sex with James again. Kathleen felt a shiver run down her spine. She snapped her fingers in a mad panic, nothing happened. Jim was still there glaring at her and laughing as he lunged for her again. Naked, she escaped from his grip and ran down stairs but he caught her again as she entered the living room. She clicked her fingers but nothing happened, three more frantic clicks but Jim was still there.

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