tagLoving WivesJelena Meets Bruce Again

Jelena Meets Bruce Again

byvery erotic©

It's been almost to years since I've watched my beautiful wife fuck a total stranger with the biggest cock I have ever seen. Last night while we were laying in bed making love I told Jelena to talk dirty to me. She got embarrassed and asked what I wanted her to say? I told her to tell me about the swinging experience that she has enjoyed the most. She thought for a minute and said that would have had to have been the time with Bruce. I asked her what she liked about Bruce and she was quite for a moment. I said it was his big cock wasn't it? She was still quite and I told her to tell me, it wouldn't hurt my feeling to hear that she had enjoyed his fat cock. I told her to tell me about it. What was it that she enjoyed most? She slid slowly up and down my cock as she went about telling me how she liked sucking his fat cock. How big it felt in her hand. How she had never seen an uncircumcised cock before.

We we're both getting very excited as she replayed that evenings evens to me as she fucked me. I started to ask her questions like, did he fuck you good? Did you like his thickness? She was still afraid that she would hurt my feelings by saying he was bigger than me. And she even asked I don't think he was that big, do you? I told her I was sitting 3 feet away from her when she was riding his cock. I told he had the biggest cock I had ever seen and she giggled and said he did have a big cock huh? I rolled her over and started talking dirty to her. I said that big cock stretched your tight little pussy didn't it? That big cock made you cum didn't it? He was a lot bigger than me wasn't he?

I could tell that replaying the night with Bruce was making her hotter than hell. I said admit that you loved his big cock. And she whispered in my ear, yes. Tell me his cock filled you tight little pussy better than my cock does. Tell me. Again she whispered yes. Tell me you want Bruce to fuck you again. At that moment she was having an earth shattering orgasm and she screamed YES, YES I want to fuck him again. I drove my cock into her as far as it would go and emptied my balls in her tight little pussy. As we laid there in the after glow of our love making I asked her if she'd like to have Bruce again. She said would you like to see me with him again. I replied that it was up to her but I sure did love watching her little pussy stretch around his fat rod. She grinned and said well lets do it then.

I had kept in touch with Bruce thru instant messages and e-mail and on several occasions he had told me how much he had loved fucking my wife and he'd be more than happy to help us out if we ever needed another cock! I sent him an e-mail and asked if he'd be interested in meeting Friday morning for a little afternoon delight? The kids were in school till 3 so I figured that gave Jelena plenty of time to enjoy his cock. He sent an e-mail back the he was more than ready to fill my wife up again. He said he would get a room in the same motel as last time and we could meet him right at the room. Friday came and we meet Bruce at the motel at 11am.

We knocked on the door to room 314, and Bruce let us in. He kissed Jelena as she walked thru the door. He shook my hand as I entered and offered us a glass of wine. We sat on the bed and drank the wine and made small talk. Bruce looked at Jelena and told her how hot she looked. She was wearing a conservative business suit. She did look stunning in the black outfit. Bruce asked Jelena what she wanted. A 3some or did she want me to watch like last time. She said she would like me to watch for a while and then join in like last time. Bruce excused him self and went to the bathroom. We we're both very surprised when a few minutes later he came out completely nude.

Jelena took a deep breath as she seen him exit the bath room. She was sitting on the edge of the bed and he walked up to her and looked down at his cock. I have something for you baby he said with a smile. She reached out and stroked it. His cock started to grow in her hand as she slowly stroked his thick cock to life. He looked over to me and said what would you like to see? I said I'd like to see my wife get on her knees and suck your dick!

On queue Jelena got on her knees and looked up at Bruce and smiled. She licked the under side of his cock slowly. Licking her way up to the tip and flicking her tongue over the head like a snake. He grabbed a hand full of her hair and she took him into her mouth. My cock was rock hard as I watched my wife struggle to get as much of his enormous cock in her mouth.

She sucked him till he was rock hard and then he walked over to the bed and lay down. He slowly stroked his cock as he told her to take off her cloths. She slowly pealed off her blouse and dropped it to the floor. Bruce smiled and said oh baby look how hard your nipples are! Her nipples were as hard as cherries and her areoles were deeply wrinkled around them. She pealed off her slacks and panties and stood in front of him naked. Bruce asked her if her pussy was wet. She shook her head yes. He then asked me if I'd mind checking to see if her pussy was wet. I got up and walked up behind Jelena. I reached down between her legs and place my middle finger between her sweet pussy lips. She was so wet and my fingers actually shinned as I pulled them away from her vagina and held them up for Bruce to see.

Bruce asked her if she'd like to have his cock in her pussy and she shook her head yes. I took off my cloths and sat down in the easy chair beside the bed. She slowly walked over to the bed and laid down beside him she kissed him slowly and very passionately as she stroked his cock. He broke away from the kiss and told her to grab his cock and put it in her pussy. She straddled him and held his cock as she got up high on her knees and aimed his swollen cock at her sweet little pussy lips. She pushed down on his cock and he disappeared inside her. I must admit I'm amazed to watch this huge cock slid into my tight little wife.

She took him all the way into her pussy. And by the time he was all the way inside her she was already having her first orgasm. She started to grind her slit on his rod. Not an up and down motion but sorta a front to back motion. She did this for about 45 seconds and squealed out in her second orgasm of the night. I slowly stroked my rock hard cock as I watch Bruce provide my wife with the kind of pleasure that only a big dick can. He was doing a great job tonight, he had been fucking her for 2 minutes and she has already come twice. Bruce rolled Jelena over onto her back and guided his cock back into her. He reached both of his arms under her thighs and spread her legs as wide as he could get them. He would pull his cock all the way out of her, and then slam it back into her as hard as he could. Again and again he slammed his cock into her. I don't know how her pore little pussy took such a vicious pounding but she loved every stroke. He went from long very hard strokes to short quick strokes. I could tell by the way his balls we drawing up he was getting ready to cum. He jammed his cock into her one last time and moaned im cumming! I get so fucking horny thinking of another guy shooting there load in my sexy wife. He slowly stroked his cock in and out of her as his seed filled her up. It ran out of her hot little pussy and around his cock. When they were thru, Bruce asked Jelena to join him in the shower. They left me sitting in the easy chair and the got in the shower together. I tiptoed to the bath room door and cracked it open.

The shower curtain was closed but I could see thru its translucent mass. They kissed and made small talk as the warm water ran over their bodies. He would rub her fat bottom and suck her tit's and she would slowly stroke his soapy cock. I heard him ask her if she had got off and she replied, about 7 times. She told him she loved his big cock and told him that it was the biggest she had ever had! He asked her if he was the best she ever had and I was pleased to hear her say he was second best behind me! He said but he's so much smaller and Jelena replied that there has to be more than cock involved to make sex great.

They turned off the water and I quickly ran back to my easy chair. When they came out of the bath room his cock was rock hard again and she looked like she was ready for more. She walked over to me and pulled me up from the chair. She got to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. Bruce dropped his towel and walked up next to me. She stroked his cock as she sucked my cock. She held both of our cocks together and tried to put both of the heads in her mouth. I thought to myself she could barely get his head in her mouth he was so big let alone both but she tried and actually got us both in her mouth. With our cocks touching at the heads I could not help but notice the size difference. He was truly twice as thick as I was and about an inch and a half longer than me.

We went to the bed and Jelena laid down on her back as I ate her pussy and Bruce sucked her tits. Her pussy tasted salty and it dawned on me that another man had cum in my wife's pussy about 20 minutes ago. It was strange but I wasn't really turned off by it. I'm not bi and never have had thoughts about men but it didn't bother me. I licked her pussy for all I was worth and brought her to another intense orgasm. She rolled me onto my back and straddled my cock. She was so wet that she took my cock easily. I noticed that she felt just a little loose from Bruce's fat cock. Bruce got up behind her and rubbed his cock against her ass. I thought he was going to guide his cock into her ass but was very surprised to find his cock nudging against mine trying to get into her pussy.

With a hard push I felt his cock join me inside Jelena's tight little pussy. Jelena muttered MY GOD! As she felt his cock enter her. We we're now both buried in her. We took up an in and out motion that she seamed to love. He would thrust in as I was pulling out. The friction was unbelievable. Jelena was in heaven. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she had the most amazing squirting orgasm I have ever seen! Me and Bruce were both saturated from her orgasm and this drove us both over the edge as we both thrust into her sweet hole at the same time and blew our nuts in her. I could actually feel his cock shoot its load into my wife and he was throbbing like a python that had swallowed a vibrator. We laid there and savored the wild seen and then Jelena made a joke about watching the guys together. We both looked at each other and said maybe next time. NOT! And we all laughed. I couldn't wait to get Jelena home so we could fuck and she could tell me every little detail from her perspective. I'm so friggin perverted but I love it!

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