tagRomanceJelly Bean and Her Bail Bondsman Ch. 01

Jelly Bean and Her Bail Bondsman Ch. 01


It was exactly 5:00 AM when she finished her daily aerobic and stretching exercises. Anita wiped her face with a towel and picked up a water bottle. Anita sipped from it as she walked into the bathroom to admire her black leotard clad figure in the mirror.

At five-five and weighing 125 lbs, Anita is a small petite woman with an incredibly strong compact dancers' figure. That wasn't always the case.

Overweight as a teenager Anita never had a boyfriend or even kissed a man except for her father and uncles... until she met him.

Ten years before and immediately after graduating college, Anita sent her resume to fifty school districts and/or places of higher education.

Few called for an interview; those who did never called her a second time with a job offer. Not even as a substitute teacher after one year of her best efforts. As a result and much to the concern of her mother and father, Anita ballooned out to 170 lbs.

Anita's mother, Mary, had Anita late in life when she was forty and her husband Marvin was fifty. They tried for years to have a child before almost giving up. To them their daughter was a precious gift from God.

Danny hired Anita a week later with a non disclosure clause in the contract for her to sign and a mandate of a 20% raise if she met the terms of her job probation. Anita gratefully signed and didn't bother to read it for reasons that you shall soon see.

Anita undressed and ran her hands over her firm perky breasts feeling her nipples harden at her touch. She thought about "her Danny."

Anita then caressed her plump little pussy waiting for Danny to finish his workout in the basement so that they could shower together, their ritual on the weekend.

There are only two people in the world now who are allowed to call him Danny; Anita and her Mother.

Anita's Mother thinks the world of him as did her father before he passed away. Danny was the son-in-law and son Marvin always wanted.

Danny is always very strict with Anita much to her parent's approval and Anita loves Danny more than all the stars in the sky.

Anita took the hairpins out of her generous bun letting her thick auburn brown hair tumble to her trim waist. A magnificent brown waterfall of 10 years growth of healthy pampered virgin hair. Nobody but Danny is allowed to touch her hair and Anita wouldn't have it any other way.

Anita gets naked when Danny does it. He cuts it precisely straight and blunt across the bottom as is his preference....waist length. Danny doesn't like bangs or layers or any type of perm in Anita's hair.

It is her crowning glory and Danny's love reins when she sucks on his cock or when he fucks her.

During Anita's interview Danny saw something in his little jelly bean's eyes; when Anita was nervously clumsy, overweight and somewhat unsure of herself. Danny saw a timid young woman who was obviously very intelligent with great potential. The transcripts from her college included in Anita's resume spoke of a perfect grade point average.

Anita grew up in a nurturing two parent middle class home. Daniel grew up in foster care moving from foster-home to foster-home. He wasn't so much abused as he was ignored and pretty much left to his own devices.

Anita entered college at fifteen, (her mother drove her to and from) and graduated at nineteen with honors earning a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics, a teaching certificate and minors in science and literature.

Daniel enrolled in the school of hard knocks at sixteen after he was suspended from High School for being disruptive and incorrigible.

He never bothered to return. Daniel could easily do the work but found school boring and without challenge; a total waste of time.

Being a lawyer in his business is a great advantage and fulfilled an unspoken promise.

At twenty-five Daniel took the test and passed to receive his high school equivalency diploma. John Anderson, a friend and mentor pulled some strings for Danny to get into an accredited law school.

An older man in his seventies, John was a former law professor. He retired to practice law part-time in his home town. John doesn't need the money and does it keep his mind sharp. Many of his cases are pro bono and he is selective for those. John will not take slackers, only solid working class people, the common man (person); and of those most in need.

Being a Constitutional Scholar and staunch constructionist, John was sick of the liberal politics so prevalent in academia today.

Danny attended the mandatory one year of formal studies that New York State required in an accredited ABA law school. He hated it but stuck it out. He found the liberal professors pompous and anal retentive, so unlike his friend John.

Danny and the old scholar cut a deal for Danny to work under a clerkship. Danny could leave when necessary to attend to his business. They fudged things a bit and John allowed Danny to do his clerkship in his own way.

Danny seldom worked in John's Law Office during good weather. Instead the classroom was at the end of the breakwater at Point Breeze arguing law when they went fishing in the late afternoon until dark. Sometimes it was over games of chess in John's home when the weather was bad.

But getting back to his love, Anita.

Anita Jones prattled on during her interview trying to cover all the bases by offering personal information about her and her family life that Danny wouldn't have thought to ask.

In essence Anita oversold herself but Danny found her innocent enthusiasm refreshing and her mannerisms precious.

Daniel decided on the spot that Anita would be his project.

Much like Eliza Doolittle was to Henry Higgins the likable pompous ass in George Bernard Shaw's Musical, "My Fair Lady", minus the pompous ass part. Anita was far better educated then Daniel was, but Daniel was better disciplined.

Daniel Skinner can be a hard man in his business dealings; hard and tough as iron. Sometimes the nature of his business dictates hard and ruthless. As far as he is concerned people have free will and can make choices; good as well as bad.

Anita's hugs and sweet kisses stole his heart, while Danny's gentle strictness pushed Anita to excel. She gained a new understanding of herself as did he. Danny would give his life for her.

A bail bondsman isn't respected by many but is necessary to those who need them. It gave Danny a chance to put down roots. While a bounty hunters life is fraught with risks. Daniel started out as bounty hunter at seventeen, lying about his age to become a member of a crew.

He first sought out and worked with the meanest and toughest bounty hunters in the business chasing down fugitives for established bail bondsman.

Danny took his beatings and learned from them; hit first and hit hard. Those bounty hunters were tough and sometimes mean with the jumpers. Many were hard drinkers and wanting to fit in Danny took to those lessons well.

He then found a steady partner and found a better way. Forget the reality shows about bounty hunters on television, it isn't like that at all.

You blend in with your surroundings and act like the average Joe.

Paid snitches were the mainstay for information. They will often locate your man and save you much trouble.

The money was good and Daniel banked most of it. He never had much of anything growing up and really didn't need much working out of a suitcase. Being a Bounty Hunter was a dangerous life and Daniel has the scars to prove it.

Personal responsibility and accepting the risks and consequences is the cornerstone of his philosophy.

He is respected by those in his profession and most of his clients, both criminal and straight. As a lawyer Daniel adheres strictly to the laws of the states in which he does business....well perhaps he bends the law a little.

As a bounty hunter Daniel adhered to the federal statues but does what it takes to get his man and these days his woman?

He has told many a client to save their money and let the friend or family member rot in jail. In those cases that was good advice.

Daniel is an angel when he posts bond for people when other bail bondsman won't give them the time of day.

On the other hand, Daniel Skinner is a ruthless cold hearted son-of-a-bitch when those same people don't listen and their dear misunderstood innocent friends and/or family member skip bail.

The audacity of Daniel to demand his bond be satisfied and especially when he seizes their collateral because they can't pay up!

To his friends and acquaintances he is Mr. Skinner, Daniel or Dan.


I was impressed with Anita's resume when I received it in the mail. She graduated with impressive credentials. On paper Anita is almost overqualified for the job.

My ad with job development was posted for a month. I turned down all of the applicants. Their idea of the job duties of a personal secretary was obviously different then mine.

It was beneath their dignity to bring me a lousy cup of coffee; they were professionals they said not waitresses. I was willing to pay damn good money for that cup of coffee.

Personal secretaries yes.... romantic partners no; I never mix business with pleasure. There are too many other women available out there for that and I had my little black book.

I changed the wording in the ad, upped the wages and reposted it as, "Personal Secretary wanted with experience in accounting and brewing coffee."

Even at that point I didn't plan on romantic involvement.....and then mush. Anita walked into my life and turned my whole world upside down.

I work out of my home. The building is an old National Guard Armory that was decommissioned in 1948.

It was an unsuccessful indoor flea market and co-op when I seized it to satisfy a debt owed to me. The owner left the state and disappeared into the woodwork when her daughter jumped bail.

The three story red sandstone structure was built to last and despite the graffiti and general cosmetic disrepair the building was still a grand old lady.

I am not particularly skilled with my hands except to fight and break heads and those days are mostly behind me now.

One of the perks of my profession is being acquainted with people on the fringes of society who owe me favors and it was time to cash them in.

I am familiar with many disreputable but nonetheless skilled contactors and tradesmen. Free labor was no problem and when applicable I paid for the best materials at their cost. They know better than to cut corners and cheat me.

The perimeter of the foundation was dug up along with the basement floor and then crushed stone and drain tiles installed before we poured a new concrete one.

The sandstone was sandblasted and cleaned inside and out. Next the slate roof was completely redone. The original copper gutters were replaced with the same and the clay tile pipes that the gutters drained into were dug up and replaced with larger diameter PVC pipes to carry the water to the storm sewers.

The bars and plywood were removed from the basement casements and I had block glass windows installed in their place.

I found a reputable and honest blacksmith to remove the bars from the remaining windows and he refurbished them. He also made new shutters with working hinges if I ever felt the need to close them and then installed them.

The old windows were replaced with highly efficient triple paned ones. Once they were in place the blacksmith returned and reinstalled the bars with the addition of a clever locking latch of his design along with heavy hardened steel hinges. The bars could now be opened and closed when not locked in place.

The locksmith was expensive but worth every penny. Impressed with his work, I called him back and had him remove and rebuild the iron gates behind the two heavy four inch thick oak wood entry doors. He repaired and refinished these mentioned oak doors as well.

I had the building completely rewired to exceed industrial codes and added a backup flex-fuel generator; go big or stay home. I had the plumbing redone the same. I went so far as to have a pump installed in the original well in the basement as a backup, just in case.

I replaced the old boiler system with a modern efficient model but unfortunately that precluded central air. I settled for portable air conditioners on wheels that could be vented out the window and put away when not in use.

Now for the inside and as I said she is a grand old lady. The floors were stripped and sanded down to the original wood and refinished as was the remaining original woodwork. The damaged or missing woodwork was replaced to the original design.

I started on the first floor, room by room trying to restore it as original as possible. There were some exceptions in my living quarters on the second floor. I removed walls for a large modern kitchen and bathroom sparing no expense in materials since they were mostly on the contractor's dime. The rooms on the third floor were done last but remain empty.

I replaced what was left of the rusted and decrepit fence. That was a project in itself; four acres of twelve foot high chain link fence minus the barbed wire.

This was a minor problem because I would need a variance for one acre in the city but not the town; the tax map for the city included one acre of my property on the north side. The rest of the property was in the township as was the building. The zoning officer for the city refused my first building permit.

I put up the fence on the North side one section at a time keeping the old posts in place under the guise of repair and maintenance. I took plenty of photographs before removing the old posts and then won at the subsequent hearing when I produced the original survey and abstract to show the fence was always there.

I spent the following spring, summer and fall landscaping the property with the help of inmates from the county jail or on work release for community service. The Sheriff agreed because there was nowhere for his charges to go and they could be locked inside. I worked alongside them to help supervise and I fed them well.

Having a fence such as this gave me a secure area to store seized property such as expensive boats, trucks, cars, motor vehicles until they could be disposed of.

We planted creeping English Ivy along both sides the fence line, cleared the overgrown brush and planted trees and bushes giving the old armory grounds a park like setting.


My Mom woke me up the day of my interview one hour past when I should have been up. I set the alarm time on the digital alarm clock but forgot to slide the button over to actually set the snooze.

I rushed around the house getting ready while trying to remember everything. I left the house with just enough time to spare until I got to my car. I had a flat tire. I hated to ask my Mom but what else could I do.


Anita was almost one hour late for her interview. Annoyed, I walked out to the gate and saw a green Honda Camry with two women in it parked in the street. One of them was trying to call someone on a cell phone.

I walked out and flagged them down assuming one of them was Anita Jones and I was right. The other woman was her mother. It is said that you can tell what a young woman will look like when she gets older by looking at her mother....at sixty Anita's mother was still a looker, slim and trim with the same brown eyes and brown hair although it was much longer and pulled up in a French twist. There was no doubt that they were mother and daughter.


"I'm sorry I'm late!" I exclaimed jumping out of the car, "I had a flat tire and then I had to ask my Mom for a ride and in rushing I forgot the directions. We weren't sure it was the right address and I tried to call you on the phone but nobody answered and my alarm didn't go off and...."

"It is all right, Ms. Jones," he said interrupting and extending his hand for me to shake, "I'm Daniel Skinner," and he looked at Mom who was getting out of the car, "and this lovely lady must be your Mother," he added while shaking my hand and smiling.

'My God,' I thought, 'he is gorgeous. I assumed I was going to be working for a much older man, damn Monique. I really need this job.

I don't want to live at home all of my life. Why did I have to be late?'

As he was shaking my Mom's hand I could tell she impressed by him and I was still thinking.

'He has such blue eyes and a scar by his right eye. I wonder how he got that. It looks like his nose was broken once but wasn't set properly. That just gives Danny's face a rugged character. I wonder if he is married,' but Mom beat me to it.

"A pleasure, Mr. Skinner," Mom said, shaking his hand, "Are you married?"

'Why no lovely lady, are you looking for a husband? I might be available"

'Don't say it Mom. This is so embarrassing. It's bad enough that Mom had to drive me here like I was a child, don't say it.... damn too late'

"Not me I'm much too old for you," Mom said smiling and now thoroughly charmed by him, "But I know a very smart young lady who is looking for one....I'm only kidding. Did you know that my daughter is a Mensa member?"


I picked up Anita's soft leather briefcase and then took her arm in mine. We walked to my office together. I could tell she was embarrassed and a little flustered but I pretended not to notice.

As we walked I was thinking, 'Anita doesn't look like anything I expected. Anita is a plump little thing and blushes so nicely. She has a wholesome innocence about her that is so refreshing.

I can tell that Anita and her mother are very close. I never knew my real mother or my father and I envy her that.

Anita has the softest brown eyes that I have ever seen. I am drawn to them and she has such kissable lips. I wonder if she has ever been kissed by a man?

Somehow I doubt that by the way Anita blushed when her mother was talking about her....'


As we walked to his office I was thinking, 'Danny is so handsome.

I would almost work for free. I hope I get this job. He can't be much more than thirty. Black hair and blue eyes... he is just yummy.'

"This building used to be an armory, Ms. Jones. The first floor is for my bail bond and law practice as you can see. I live on the second floor and the third floor rooms are empty."

I was just listened mesmerized as he spoke. Danny pulled a chair out for me to sit down and I sat, "I going to make a pot of coffee before the interview starts. Would you like a cup?

"Yes, milk and one sugar for me please."

He went into the next room and while Danny was gone I looked around his office. It was very austere and simply furnished. There was barrister bookcase full of law books. The two bottom shelves were completely full but the top shelf only contained a beat up copy Black's Legal Dictionary.

His desk was uncluttered and organized with just an old fashion silver filigree fountain pen and common yellow cedar pencil adjacent to the white 8" x 11" tablet by his telephone. There was also a lead glass crystal candy dish full the little jelly beans.

Danny returned with two large brown mugs of coffee and handed me one while placing two napkins in front of me on the desk.

"I also take mine with milk and one sugar, Ms. Jones. Would you be offended if I asked you to bring me a cup of coffee?"

"No, of course not," I answered and wondering why he ask such a question. I always brought coffee to my Dad.

"Very good, now tell me about you, Anita."


I listened and asked a few questions but mostly listened. I approved of the way she was dressed; proper and conservative in a navy blue skirt and jacket; black shoes, a white frilly blouse and taupe stocking; very business-like. Anita's brown hair was styled in a short layered pixie haircut that didn't seem right for her.

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