It was roughly 2 AM the day after my daughter Jemma's 19th birthday when I heard her come in the front door. I'd been asleep on the couch that had been my bed for the last two years. Jemma's mother and I were married in name only, and it had been that way for years. Both of us unwilling to part with my money, we discussed divorce and decided against it years ago. Marla sleeps with whomever she wants, whenever she wants, I sleep alone on the sofa or she takes me for all I'm worth. It stung in the beginning; I was still in love with my wife for the first few years, but now I don't care about the men. I'm just lonely at this point. And horny.

Jemma loudly stumbled through the front door, obviously intoxicated.

"Dad!" she loudly whispered. "Dad! Are you asleep?"

"Not anymore." I growled.

I'd tried my hardest to bring up a nice young lady, but she had too much of her mother in her. She was a good person, just... adventurous, let's say. Too adventurous for a father to be comfortable with. I was tired of it. She came home drunk more often than not, ignored my no boys in the bedroom rule, and thought it was hilarious to share her sexual exploits with me in detail. It made me furious. And horny.

Jemma had her mother's figure, but without needing me to buy it for her as her mother had. A nice round ass, full, curving hips, and a rack to die for. What can I say? She'd traipsed around the pool nude. I'd noticed.

"Daddy, wake up!" she slurred. "Daddy. Marcus turned me down tonight. On my birthday! He said I'm too slutty. He said he doesn't want his friend's sloppy seconds. I didn't get laid on my birthday! That's so rude!" She stumbled and her skirt flipped up. She wasn't wearing panties. Her 19 year old pussy was shaved clean.

"Well," I said, "Maybe he has a point. You told me you'd slept with all of his friends. You told me you were trying to make him jealous. Sounds like your plan backfired."

"Daddy!" she spat. "You're supposed to be on my side!" She drunkenly sat, landing squarely in my lap. Her juicy ass rubbed my crotch, stirring my cock, which had gone untouched for too long.

"I am, sweetheart" I said, maneuvering her off my lap. "I am. I just mean that maybe you should be a little more selective on who you sleep with. Maybe wait until you have feelings for the guy."

"Bullshit!" She weakly hit me. " Feelings are for little bitches. I'll fuck whoever I want. Anyone I want! And fuck you for judging me!" She struck out at me again and I caught her arm. "Fuck you, daddy! You're just jealous because you can't get laid!"

"Hey. Be nice." I said. "Maybe you should go to bed now."

"No!" She was raising her voice now. "No! You're just jealous because me and mom can get dick whenever we want but no one wants to fuck you. You couldn't get your dick wet on a rainy day!"

Her mother had said those exact words to me countless times. She'd inherited her mother's ability to push my buttons. She knew exactly what to say to me to really upset me.

"I'll bet you haven't seen tits in years!" she said, bending over, putting her cleavage on display. "I'll bet it's been even longer since you touched one." She never smiled, just made faces, She bit her lower lip and made a show of caressing one breast. It was melodramatic, but was still working. My daughter was making me angry and turning me on. It had been years since I'd felt the curve of a woman's breast in my hand, years since I'd used my fingers to excite a nipple. My cock hardened slightly.

"You need to go to bed now." I said in no uncertain terms. Apparently my "dad voice" still worked, even on drunk teenagers because, though still yelling insults my direction, she headed upstairs.

I shouldn't let a 19 year old's drunken ramblings affect me, but I did. Her words stung and I was angry. I stomped to the kitchen and opened the bottle of cheap whiskey she'd gotten me for my birthday a few months prior. I took a shot. Then another.

"Can't get my dick wet," I grumbled to myself. After my fourth shot of whiskey I was still pissed. How dare that little slut insult me. All I do is provide for her and her mother while they both fuck whoever they want and I remain alone and celibate. I took another shot. "I'll show that fucking slut how I wet I get my dick."

I'd been drinking heavily for half an hour before I made my way up the stairs. I opened Jemma's bedroom door and she was sprawled, nude, on her bed. My cock stood at attention, despite my drunkenness.

I stood at the side of her bed and took my cock out of my pajama pants. I stood there with it in my right hand while I stared down at my daughter, passed out, her milky D sized tits and little shaved pussy on display. She'd flirted with me plenty of times, changed with the door open plenty of times, loudly masturbated or fucked a guy in the next room plenty of times, but I've never considered violating my own daughter until tonight.

With my hard cock in my right hand I reached down with my left and caressed her breast. It was soft and firm and her nipple stood at attention at my touch. My shaft was so hard it ached. I rubbed her erect nipple with my thumb and kneaded her velvety breast with the rest of my hand. She was so drunk, so unconscious, that she didn't stir. I pinched her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and she continued to sleep. I began to stoke my cock.

Jemma adjusted slightly in her bed. She lifted her hips and turned, shifting her position subtly. Her body was fully on display for me. Her soft skin, the slope of her hips, all young and firm and delicious. I pinched her nipple hard and a moan escaped her lips. The sound took me by surprise and I retreated a step, cock still in hand. The fear of discovery making me even more excited. I was still angry, and drunk. And horny.

I inched closer again when she didn't wake. Her lips had parted when she moaned and remained apart, inviting my aching member to seek relief between their embrace. I pinched her nipple again, harder this time. Her silence emboldened me and I gently traced her lips with the tip of my cock. Her lips parted further, as if a reflex, and I pushed the throbbing head of my cock into her open mouth.

It was like fireworks inside my head. It had been so long since I'd been with anyone at all, and now I had my dick in my slut daughter's mouth while she was passed out drunk. Fuck, it was hot. She'd teased me and flirted with me so often, I knew now she wanted it. Whether or not she'd consciously admitted it, she wanted to fuck me. And I'd wanted to fuck her too. With that, I thrust the length of my cock into her mouth. My balls slapped against her chin. She was so drunk she still didn't so much as stir. Her mouth was warm, and soft, and wet. I was worried I wouldn't last long and I needed this heaven to last. I really wanted to enjoy this. I thought again of her spitting "you couldn't get your dick wet in a rainstorm" at me and it reignited my anger. With that I hate fucked my unconscious daughter's face.

She coughed once and I withdrew my dick. Cock in one hand, her milky breast in my other, I thought of all the times she had stumbled home drunk, wearing less than she'd left in. It just made me angrier. She moaned again in her sleep and I came hard onto her face. My jizz hit one closed eye and dribbled across her cheek. I involuntarily let out a moan.

She stirred and her eyes fluttered a little. "Jemma?" I asked. She didn't answer. She was clearly still asleep. And I was still hard. With one finger, I wiped a little of my cum off her cheek and smeared it between her lips, where it belonged. After everything she and her mother had put me through, I deserved to have this spoiled little bitch taste me.

I reached down to her shaved pussy lips and parted them with a finger. She was soaking wet. My finger glistened with her in the moonlight. I put my finger in my mouth. She tasted as sweet as honeydew. I had to have it. I knelt down beside her bed and lowered my mouth to her vagina. I kissed my sweet baby's pussy gently, then parted her lips with my tongue.

I explored her warm flesh with my mouth and tongue and she moaned. Even in her sleep she loved being licked. What a slut. I hated and loved her then. She was not the person I wanted to raise. But she was now the person I desperately wanted to violate. To teach a lesson. I lapped at her, I relished every wet drop of her.

My cock throbbed painfully. I decided then I had to fuck her. I needed to fuck her. I stood and pulled down my pants. I decided not to remove them in case I needed to make a quick retreat from the room. I gently spread her legs a little further apart and climbed on top of her. She didn't move or make a sound. I wondered how much she'd had to drink that night. With my hand I positioned my rock hard cock in front of her and with gentle pressure inserted myself into her pussy.

Words cannot describe how it felt. I had a flash of shame, I shouldn't be doing this to my daughter; this was wrong. But that thought fled as soon as I remembered the venomous words she'd spat at me earlier that night, legs spread, no panties on, her sex on full display. This dirty fucking slut deserved this. Her young pussy embraced my cock as I moved in and out of her. She was wet and warm and it was wonderful. I moved slowly at first so as not to wake her, but the more I thought, the more resentment and I anger I felt, and the more the warm lick of whiskey swirled in my brain, the harder and faster my rhythm grew.

I lost control for a moment, pounding my slut daughter's pussy so hard my thighs audibly slapped against hers, and I let out a low, growling "fuuuuuuck." I didn't notice when Jemma began to wake.

"Daddy?" she slurred. "Daddy? What's happening? What are you- NO! DADDY NO!"

I slapped my hand over her mouth before she could wake up her mother. I buried my face in her hair and growled "shut the fuck up you little slut!" She slammed her eyes closed and shook her head no.

Still pumping away at her pussy, even harder now, I told her "Didn't think I could get my dick wet, huh? Well, it's absolutely dripping now."

She got her face away from my hand and said "I'm sorry! I'm sorry I said that. Please stop!"

I looked her in the eyes and told her "You wanted this. I know you did. You've been showing me your tits and teasing me with your words for so long. You tell me all about the countless boys you fuck because you wanted me to be jealous so I would fuck you."

With her eyes still closed, and my cock still pounding away at her, she said "Why are you doing this?"

"You're a dirty little whore who wanted to fuck her own father and I'm punishing you for it. Now say it!"

"Say what, Daddy? I don't know what you want me to say!"

"Say you wanted it."


"Say you wanted fuck your daddy. Say you're a fucking slut who wanted to fuck her own daddy. Be a good girl for once and do as daddy says."

Through her drying tears she squeaked "I want to fuck my daddy."


"Because I'm a fucking slut."

"Yes you are." I said through my uncontrollable smile. "Does the slut want to get fucked from behind?"

"No, Daddy, please."

I moved my hand to her throat and applied gentle pressure there. "I'll ask again. Does the slut want to get fucked from behind?"

"Yes Daddy."

"I thought she did."

I took my cock out of my daughter's wet slit and turned her over. She readied herself on her hands and knees for me. She'd stopped crying and was now compliant. With my hands on her hips I pulled her toward me and my cock entered her young pussy again. It was magic. Most of the anger had left me and I was filled with devious joy and new found power. For the first time in her life, my daughter listened to everything I said.

I thrust my hips back and forth and rammed my sweet little girl's pussy. And amid the wet slaps of my body crashing into hers, I heard a moan. It was the unmistakable moan of pleasure. My rebellious, disrespectful teenager loved getting fucked and dominated by her own father.

"You like my cock, don't you, you dirty girl?"


"Answer me! Tell me the truth. You love the feeling of your father's cock in your pussy, don't you?"

"Yes, Daddy!"

"I knew you would, you drunk fucking whore. My daughter the whore, loves her daddy's dick."

"I do, Daddy! I love it! I'm a whore, punish me!"

I drew back my hand and spanked her ass as hard as I could. The resulting slap was so loud the dog barked downstairs. When my hand connected with her ass she flinched and her pussy contracted around my dick. I very nearly came right then.

"Oh!" she moaned "Oh fuck. Oh my god, Daddy."

"Daddy loves you, and that's why he needs to punish you, little girl."

"Yes, Daddy. I've been a very bad girl!"

She rocked her hips in rhythm with mine, her young body hungrily begging me to fuck her harder.

"Daddy, I'm getting close," she panted, "I think I'm going to cum soon!"

"You don't cum until I say you can cum, you spoiled little brat!" I yelled.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy and turned her over once again. She lay on her back and spread her legs for me, ready and willing to take my cock, like the slut she was.

The head of my dick dripped with her juices as I readied it to enter my daughter again. One hard thrust and I filled her pussy with the length of my rock hard member.

"Oh, fuck, Daddy!" she moaned. "Oh, fuck, we shouldn't be doing this. I'm your daughter, we shouldn't be doing this. But it feels so good!"

"We're going to be doing this when I say. I'm your father and you will obey me, from now on."

"Yes, Daddy. I will."

She continued to pant and moan as I pounded her tight little twat. Her moans began to grow in volume and I knew she was getting close. I was getting close myself.

"Do you need to come, slut?"

"Yes. Please. Daddy." Jemma said. Each word was its own sentence, separated by her gasps of pleasure.

"You can come, when I tell you this secret." I grabbed her face with my hand and turned her head so I could speak easily into her ear. She wrapped her legs around my waist. "I fucked your face when you were unconscious, and you are such a little slut that you loved it even then. I came on your face and smeared it into your mouth, you fucking whore."

At that she threw her arms around me and grasped and clutched at my back. I felt the muscles in her sex contract around my cock as she spasmed in orgasm.

I withdrew myself from her and stroked my cock as I climaxed, sending a stream of my cum across her pussy lips and belly. I took a moment to catch my breath and recover, then rose from the bed and put my pajama pants back on. I crossed the room and as I approached the bedroom door, I turned to see Jemma still sprawled on the bed. "Go clean yourself up, whore."

She was smiling when I left the room.

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Daddy should have came deep in her slutty pussy.I love when Daddy fucks their slutty daughters.

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Super hot

Super hot. Would love to see Jemma be forced to take daddys cock, the little slut and NOT enjoy it.

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Little slut...

needs to keep getting rammed, and then turn on mom, to get her out of the house & divorced... Daddy can whoop her ass into shape in no time!

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