tagGroup SexJen & Me Ch. 2: Descent into Narcissism

Jen & Me Ch. 2: Descent into Narcissism

byTx Tall Tales©

It's true. Jen has converted me into a total gym rat.

It's been four months since my original conquest of my hot little sister-in-law. Through various bets and incentives, we've made love five more times. She is really playful in bed, and we have a great time. After ten years, I'm finally getting to know her. It's only since she lost the bike race that we've really talked a lot.

On the other hand, we're spending less and less gym time together. I'm really working at building up some mass. I've never liked my sloped shoulders, so I've gone to spot training the delts once a week - mostly dumbbell overhead presses, and upright rows, with some flys thrown in.

Forty has come and gone, and I've just had to renew my gym membership. My bench hit 300 lbs, and my arms are over 19 inches. I'm feeling great, and I've really transformed myself. Some of the heavier lifters are working with me now. I'm learning about exercises that shape the muscles. I've only been bulking up until now. My time in the gym is closing on two hours a day, five days a week.

I think Cheryl is occasionally bothered by the time I spend in the gym. But I've cut work back to eight hours a day, so I'm spending almost as much time at home anyway, and since I got down to 220 lbs., and she hit 135 again (even lighter than when I first met her) our sex has been great. She's even become more adventurous, and has wanted to play some light bondage, fantasy games. She's even hinted at swinging (!) a little with a couple of friends.

I'm happy, and feeling great, Cheryl seems happy. Unfortunately Jenny is not as happy as she should be.

"I don't get it," she was telling me, during our latest 'exchange' day (when we exchange 2 hours in the gym for a couple of hours in her bed.) "You have completely redesigned yourself. You have a sexy as shit 6-pack, gorgeous arms and back, and are really hot. In the same 11 months I haven't changed at all."

"I would call a 35 C a bit of a change." I replied. I was getting hard again, and was trying to maneuver so as to get back inside her. She allowed me to lift her leg nearest mine, trap her other leg between my two, and slip inside her. She was on her back, looking at the ceiling. I was laying on my side, at a right angle to her, and had really good penetration.

"You know what I mean. I work out hard, but nothing changes." She continued, "I sometimes feel like giving it up."

"Jen, what do you want to change? You look great - what's your worry."

"I don't know, I just want to be hot. I want guys to gawk at me."

"Ok, let's think about this." I told her, still plying away at her hot pussy. "You already have a great body. I think a makeover may do the job for you."

"You really think so?" She sounded a bit incredulous. "What's wrong with the way I look now? What's gonna make that much difference. What do you think we should do?"

"For now, I'm gonna finish screwing you, then I think we should do some research at the local bookstore, then go on a small shopping spree." With this said, I was clasping her leg tightly, and starting to really fuck her hard. This position certainly did give me deep access to her. It felt great.

"Oh, that's nice," she moaned as the pace picked up. "God, that's it, fuck the shit out of my tight pussy. Do you like how my tits bounce? God they feel so good - fuck me, Steve, fuck me."

Not one to deny a beautiful woman anything, I fucked her hard for another couple of minutes until I could hold back no longer.

"Take it, that's it take it all, fuck.... FUCK." I pulled out, and sprayed cum up her stomach, leaving long white paths from her ribs down to her closely shaved pussy.

"Do you want to help me with Marisa?" she was still half in a trance.

"What?" I asked, thrown off by this new direction in our conversation.

"You know, Marisa." She answered softly. "Her marriage is on the rocks and she's in a 'hate-all-men' mood. I thought it would be nice if you and I showed her the nice side of men. She just needs a good fuck. I was thinking you and me and her, if you wouldn't mind."

"Geez," she said a few moments later, "Are you hard again?"

"Well what did you expect after throwing an offer like that out on the table. On your knees, please, sort of how you and Marisa might be in your 69, while I work on your pussy."

She giggled but obliged and teased me mercilessly, pretending to be Marisa, telling me how much better I was then her husband, AKA Needle-dick Bug-fucker.

"You know," Jen added, just after I had finished, "Marisa loves anal sex. Of course your schlong may be too much for her, but I bet she'll be willing to give it a try. I'd love to see that. I don't have the courage for it, but maybe seeing Marisa will be the incentive I need. Sometimes I do fantasize about taking you back there. With Marisa's tongue in my pussy, well, who knows..."

My cock, like the phoenix, rose from the ashes, and Jen of course had to pay the price for resurrecting him yet again.

* * * *

Marisa has been a friend of Jen's since they were kids. I first met Jen when she was about 16; she and Marisa were best of friends even then.

One of the few times I had really been social with Jen was when she was a senior in high school. Cheryl and I were newly married, and we were over at her parents' house around thanksgiving time. I don't recall the exact circumstances, but I was in the house with Jen, Marisa, and another friend of theirs, Linda. The parents were out of town, and Cheryl had gone on some kind of last minute mission of mercy to a friend's house.

If this were a penthouse forum letter, of course I'd soon be fucking each of the three in every room of the house.

What we did do was drink. They were underage, but no one was going to be around, and we were trying an assortment of shots and drinks. We were talking about experiences, and as the old 'wizened' one, I told them about some spring-break experiences (R-rated) and some drinking games and more.

It was probably the most fun and longest talk I had with Jenny until this year. I tried to be a gentleman for the most part, although we did get into some pretty risqué story telling.

Well, enough rambling. The point was Linda passed out and I put her to bed. The game was splitting up and we retired from the kitchen to the living room for a last drink then hit the beds. The girls went to Jen's room upstairs, and I retired to the living room to watch a little TV before sleeping.

About 15 minutes later Marisa came down the stairs, wearing a sleep t-shirt that did nothing to hide her incredible tits. At 18 she had tits that stuck out like torpedoes. She had an unusual figure - huge breasts- at least a 36D, on a 5'2 frame, with tiny waist and hips. I don't think she weighed over 100 lbs.

She was very drunk. She came over and sat down next to me.

"I just wanted to thank you for not treating us like little girls. And for not being an asshole," she explained. She threw her arms around my neck and gave me a big wet kiss on the cheek. That kiss lead into an extended kiss, some groping, and her coming on my hand before going back to bed.

Nothing had ever happened between us again. We never even acknowledged that 15-minute interlude. But I had fantasized about her a lot shortly after that, and still would like to explore that petite, big-breasted little girl.

* * * *

I had called work and blew off the day. Jenny and I went to the new mall and stopped in at Borders to do some 'comparison shopping' in the fashion magazines. We spent a good hour or more looking through a variety of magazines to find a look we thought might work for Jenny. I was pushing her hard towards the skin-tight short dresses, open waist, and tight shirt looks. She tended more towards baggy everything. She was afraid she didn't have enough butt to carry off the look, but I finally got her to agree to at least try it.

Jen in her own devious little way insisted on inviting Marisa along for the shopping. Marisa has always had an exquisite fashion sense, and when she met us at the mall we let her drive a lot of the decisions in terms of where to shop.

We had a blast. They both modeled for me, and we picked out bikinis, shorts, shirts, sundresses, and even some nice evening dresses. I even bought the girls full-length leather coats. It was kind of fun, playing sugar daddy. The money was not a problem. I had cleared a little more than 400K off options when my company went public and I had about 70K in online trading that I played on the market. We dropped over $4k; it was worth every penny.

While we were at it we bought several new outfits for me, mostly new shirts designed to best showoff my new bulkier chest and arms.

We ended up at the day-spa where we all got massages, manicures, pedicures, and new hair fashions. In Jenny's case, this included going from a natural brunette to a deep copper redhead. With my pretty long natural curly hair, they trimmed the sides short and left it long in the back, down over my collar. I even trimmed off my short beard and mustache.

Jenny was outfitted in the shortest, tightest sundress we had bought. Marisa was wearing a short metallic skirt, with exposed mid-riff, and a tight matching top that left most of the sides open. It was early December and about 60 degrees outside. Most everyone was dressed in jeans, sweatshirts, and sweaters.

I was carrying the ladies coats, and walked between them, as we sauntered through the building.

"Are these the kind of looks you were looking for?" I asked Jen.

"I feel like my clothes are invisible, most of these guys are just staring at my ass and tits."

"Yeah, isn't it great!" chimed in Marisa.

We laughed, and I suggested we head back to Jenny's to evaluate the days progress, and decide on the next step to making Jenny 'hot'.

* * * *

Jenny didn't know it, but I had scored a couple of Viagra pills from the guys in the gym in the event that somehow, the Marisa thing worked out. Rumor had it that 25mg, 1/4 a pill, could keep a guy hard for hours. I took half a pill when we stopped for drinks at the mall on the way out. I wasn't sure I would need it, but if I was going to satisfy two girls tonight, I wanted to be prepared.

* * * *

Back at Jen's I had the girls try on the outfits again, and they performed a mini-fashion show for me. As you might imagine, my cock was hard enough to drive nails.

Once the show had progressed to the bikini stage, I had Jenny pose for us, while Marisa and I discussed what else we could do.

"I think some electrolysis, and a good deep tan would pretty much complete the look." Marisa finally stated after completing her appraisal.

"She needs a belly-button ring." I added.

Jen already had a small butterfly tattoo on her right hipbone. It was tiny and very cute.

"Oh, you're RIGHT!" exclaimed Marisa, rubbing her hand across Jenny's flat belly.

"What I need is a nose job." Jenny said, after reviewing her profile in the mirror.

Her nose was pretty big, a Roman nose, not the pert little buttons that are so popular today. I didn't know what to say. Truth be told, it was her worst feature. Her face was otherwise quite pretty - with a perfect mouth and beautiful green eyes.

"What kind would you like?" Marisa asked.

"I don't know, I guess just smaller, and not the big bump at the top."

Marisa looked at me. "What do we need to do for you?" she asked, eyeing me appraisingly.

At their insistence, I stripped down to my boxers, with a little embarrassment, the shorts doing little to hide my excitement.

"Get all that hair off his chest, arms and legs, and get him a tan." Jenny yelled.

"These little bumps have to go, too." Marisa commented, pointing out a few skin tags I had on my side and near my neck.

Marisa was standing behind me, running her hands from my shoulders down my back, and over my ass. "Not much to change back here. I'd have to say you look pretty yummy."

I almost jumped as I felt a warm tongue start at the small of my back and work it's way up to my side.

Jenny had moved in front of me, and was holding my face in her hands, turning my head from side to side, examining the newly shaven me, with new and improved hair style.

"I like it. I like it a lot." She finally admitted. "You need a nice diamond stud in one ear. You get the stud, and I'll get the belly-button ring."

"I'd like to get the stud..." Marisa intoned while continuing a manual and oral examination of my back.

"Marisa," Jen reached behind me and pulled Marisa around by the wrist, "What do you think of this?" With that said, she dropped to her knees and pulled my boxers down, releasing my cock, which stood at attention for the two gorgeous bikini, clad ladies.

"Oh, all that hair has got to go. I don't want to get any hairs in my mouth when I'm sucking his balls." Marisa answered, tentatively reaching out and grasping it at the root.

The girls lead me to the bathroom, where a shower was started. I was starting to get a little worried at the idea of these girls approaching me with razors. They were fiends, shaving my arms, legs, chest, stomach, and finally trimming all the hair away from my cock, except a little patch just above it. I was really sweating it when they shaved my balls, but they were attentive and careful, and finally I was smooth all over.

Jen retrieved some skin lotion, and with Marisa's aid, applied it liberally all over. When the two girls reached my privates, they gently massaged the lotion all around, up my ass crack, around my balls, and even up and down my shaft. You can imagine the effect it had on me, my cocking standing up like a soldier on parade.

"You look so much better now, a good tan and you'll look like one of those muscle guy models," Marisa informed me as she continued massaging my newly shorn balls, long after all the lotion had been absorbed. Jenny was staring at my cock, as she rubbed up and down the shaft. Marisa scooted around to help Jenny, placing one of her hands at the root of my shaft.

Jen leaned over and took it in her mouth, while Marisa held it. After bobbing up and down, she looked over to Marisa, and pulled her mouth off to lick the base. Marisa, being the generous girl she was, reached her tongue out and softly licked the underside of the head. Shortly she was kissing the head and shaft, and finally she took the whole head in her mouth, making wonderfully sexy 'mmmmm' noises, as she swallowed half my cock.

My legs were getting weak, and I broke the moment. "Ladies, could we please take this into Jen's room?"

"And why do you want to go in there?" Jen asked me teasingly, from her knees, holding my smooth balls in her hand.

"Yeah, what do you think, you're going to get laid, just 'cause you bought us some nice things?" Marisa countered, her pretty little face next to Jenny's, both of their mouths inches from my cock.

"No, I'm hoping that the three of us can go in there, and have one of the defining moments in our lives, as I watch you two make love, and I contribute where I can." I answered, reaching down to their chins, and turning their faces towards each other.

Jenny blushed deeply, looking into Marisa's eyes. Marisa smiled, leaned forward, and placed a tender kiss on Jen's lips. She looked up at me, took my cock into her mouth while looking into my eyes, and after 3 long deliberate strokes with her mouth, she pulled it out and placed it in Jenny's mouth. While Jenny obediently sucked away, Marisa's tongue darted out and licked the corner of Jenny's mouth where it met my cock. She looked back to me.

"I can see why she loves you so much." Marisa said, and Jenny, if possible, blushed even deeper, keeping her eyes down-turned. "You, sir, have just hit the jackpot." Marisa then pulled my cock out of Jenny's mouth and kissed her fervently, locking her hand behind her head, and tangling tongues deeply.

"Take her to the room." Marisa directed me.

I had no idea Marisa could be so forceful. Any ideas Jen had about seducing Marisa were clearly out the window now. On Marisa's command, I scooped Jen up in my arms, I held her there for a moment after Marisa had stood up, so I could bend over and steal a kiss from Marisa, while Jen watched us probe each others mouths directly above her. I carried Jen to the bedroom; on the way, Marisa pulled the strings tying Jen's bikini top and lifted the top away to expose her boobs. I placed Jen on the bed, and reached down to remove her bikini bottoms. She was now as naked as I. As I lay down next to her, I saw that Marisa was as naked as the two of us. Her breasts were fabulous, large and natural, and her dark little patch of hair between her legs was trimmed into a small diamond shape, which seemed to point directly to her clit. Her hair was a dark brown, almost black, which matched the hair on her head.

"Isn't she beautiful?" I asked Marisa, as we both fondled and kissed Jenny’s prone body between ours.

"I think you both are. I'm so happy you called me today." Marisa answered, between kisses to Jen's nipple.

"Marisa, I have fantasized about you since you were 16 years old. You are so very pretty. I can't believe you are here, now." I admitted.

"Well, I've often thought of that night when I should have let you jump my bones. I think it's time we made up for that night."

"What night?" Jen asked, suddenly paying attention.

"The night we drank at your house, with Linda. I came downstairs and tried to throw myself at Steve. We ended up kissing, and he helped me come with two fingers up my horny 18 year old pussy, but he was too much a gentleman to take it any farther." Marisa explained.

"Shit. I never knew that! I would have liked to have seen it." Jenny added, again reclining to submit to our ministrations.

I leaned forward to kiss Jenny, and soon found my tongue competing with Marisa’s for Jenny's mouth. The competition soon turned to teamwork, as we kissed each other deeply and Jenny kissed our faces directly above hers. Jenny squirmed out from underneath us, and soon Marisa was in the middle. Our mouths never separated, as Jenny coaxed her into position.

I had wanted to spend a long time exploring Marisa's body, but found myself under her, still kissing, with Jenny guiding my cock into Marisa's hot little pussy. As I entered her, she finally pulled her mouth off mine, and her eyes rolled back in her head as she moaned out deeply and loud. As she was lowered onto the full length of my shaft, I could feel Jenny's mouth all over my cock and balls, but for long periods she would be gone and I could tell from the moans Marisa made that she had not stopped her licking, just repositioned it.

I held Marisa close to my chest, her face pressed into my shoulder, and I spoke to her gently. "You are everything I imagined. You are sooo tight, and your cute little body fits my big hands so well." I was stroking her deeply, and could still feel Jens mouth at the junction where cock met cunt. I screwed her like this for several minutes.

Marisa raised herself up so she was sitting more upright. I could see her delicious breasts as she rocked back and forth on my cock. Jen moved in and started sucking one of Marisa's nipples while I played with the other. Soon enough, Jen was crying out as she came for the first time, with Marisa’s mouth glued to Jens clean-shaven pussy, while Jen stood over me. Marisa was not far behind and was squealing into Jen's pussy as she came hard on my cock. I, on the other hand, felt like I had a steel rod between my legs.

Jen lay beside us, and kissed us both while I slowly screwed her friend. She finally kissed me hard, then looking into my eyes she spoke. "Fuck her, Steve. Show her what a big dick can do. Fuck the shit out of her."

Marisa agreed. "Yes, Uuuunnngh, FUCK, God you fill me so tight. I want to come on your big, thick cock again. Gaaawwwwd, damn you feel good."

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