tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJen Gets Pulled Over Ch, 02

Jen Gets Pulled Over Ch, 02


Turning you around I look in your eyes and tell you to clean me before I take the cuffs off you.

You smile and lean against me, letting your tits drag down my body as you slide down to your knees in front of me. You look up and open your mouth as you try to catch my bouncing cock with your mouth alone. After grazing my cock a couple times you are getting frustrated.

"You know, you could help here Ken. Hold it so I can catch it."

"Sorry Jen, I want to see how much you want it. You'll have to do it all on your own. I will promise not to move, but my cock has a mind of it's own."

"It would not be moving so much if it only knew the pleasure I intend to give it."

Then you smile and stick your tongue out licking at my bobbing cock. Before you raise up on your knees and capture it in your mouth. My cock sliding all the way in to the back of your mouth. You gag just a little but then you start sucking me. Your tongue teasing the underside, especially right under the head. Flicking up and down the shaft, and washing all over the head.

"Oh yeah Jen. That's it baby. You have an incredible mouth. Just like that slow and deep."

You redouble your efforts, taking me all the way in and sucking really deep and soooooo slow. My knees buckle as you're doing things that I have only dreamed of for the past two years.

You feel my cock begin to swell in your mouth and you know a torrent of cum is going to fill your mouth any minute now. My hips jerk as I let loose with the first spurt. It's velocity catches you by surprise as it hit's the back of your throat, before sliding down. You manage to catch the next several spurts in your mouth as your cheeks fill up before you swallow, and you get ready for the rest of it, and I don't disappoint as I manage to almost fill your mouth again as you finish sucking the last few drops out of me.

With a loud pop you come off my cock and lean back looking up at me. You grin and open your mouth showing me a mouthful of my cum. Your tongue playing with it. Then you make sure I'm watching as you make a big show of swallowing every drop. You open your mouth to show me that it's all gone.

"How's that Ken? Do you think you can take these cuffs off me now?"


I just lean against the car and slide down to the ground with you.

"You are one wild girl. I guess I pulled over the right car."

Reaching behind you I use the key to remove your cuffs.

Rubbing your wrists you do your best to get the blood flowing. Then you put your hands on my chest and push me down to the ground.

"You haven't seen anything yet."

With that you pull your shirt off and toss it to the side, and then follow suit with your skirt.

"Now it's time to strip you Ken."

Looking up, you're even sexier than I thought. Your tits standing out with no sag what so ever. Each one topped with rock hard, little brown nipples. Then looking down I see how sweet your pussy truly looks. It looks freshly shaved, the lips engorged, and full. Our juices running down your thighs.

Reaching down you unbuckle my belt and start to pull my pants and underwear down. Once they are out of the way you kneel down over me and unbutton my shirt, and help me take it off. This entire time my cock has been trapped under your pussy. Every movement causing your lips to slide along my head. Your juices coating my cock and bringing it back to life.

Leaning back you look down at my body and are equally pleased. The strong pec muscles, and muscular arms that were the result of constant weight lifting while I waiting for the perfect time to run.

"MMMM, Now get ready for the ride of your life Ken. I' going to fuck you like no woman ever has."

Reaching between your legs yo take my cock in your hand and hold it as you slide back and forth across it. The head sliding between your lips. Using it to tease your clit you make sure to rub it on your little button. At first kind of slow, but then you start to grind on it. Driving your clit on my cock head.

I reach up to play with your swaying tits, but you push my hands away.

"No touching Ken. I told you. I'M GOING TO FUCK YOU. You just lay there and let me ride."

Rising up on your knees you position me at your entrance and sink all the way down in one motion. My cock buried to the hilt so fast I can't believe it. Placing your hands on my chest you pull back until the only thing left in you is my head, and you drive yourself back down. You continue this onslaught for several minutes. Your body slamming down on me, and then just as fast raising up off me. Almost taking my breath away at times.

"Damn girl, which one of us has been in prison the past two years?" I finally said.

"I told you Ken. I was going to give you the fuck of your life and I always keep my word."

You start rocking your hips back and forth. My cock wrapped in the warm lips of your pussy. Your juices flowing like someone turned on a faucet. Leaning forward you bend over and take one of my nipples in your mouth. Sucking and biting down on it. Your tongue sliding across it, and then moving over to the other one. Your hips keeping their rhythm as you slide up and down my shaft.

You start speeding up your efforts as your hips start moving faster. My cock sliding almost all the way out again as you muscles start to really tighten down on me. It almost feels like a hand job except you're using your pussy walls to bring me off.

"Oh shit Jen. I'm getting really close baby. I can't hold back much longer."

"Just a little longer Ken. I'm almost there!!"

With that your hips take on a life of their own. I thought before was fast, but now they are a blur as you ride me as hard as any woman ever has.

I feel my balls starting to draw up and know I'm about ready to explode.

"OHHHHH FUCK!! HERE IT COMES JEN!! I groan as I feel my cock swelling up.

"GIVE IT TO ME KEN!!" You shout out

As my first spurt of cum shoots into you I feel your pussy walls contracting around me. Each contraction sucking more of my cum into your pussy.

"Yeah Ken. That's it. Keep pumping me full of your cum. Oh shit that feels so good." You pant.

You collapse on top of me as we both struggle to catch our breath.

"After several minutes I finally manage to say. "You were true to your word Jen. That was the most incredible fuck I have ever had."

Giggling, you say, "I just hope we get the chance to top it."

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