tagIncest/TabooJen-Hewitt's Lover Ch. 02

Jen-Hewitt's Lover Ch. 02


The following is a follow-up to 'Jen-Hewitt's Lover'. I'd suggest reading that first installment, but if you'd rather not or you did and are fuzzy on the details, here's a recap: Angie knows her husband, Carl, is cheating and preparing to divorce her. She has decided to take the first strike by using her new friendship with Jennifer Love-Hewitt to set him up for some damaging video evidence. Jen told Angie she was going to sleep with a secret lover she'd recently met, Vinny, and would be waiting for him in bed in a hotel room with handcuffs and a blindfold on. Angie was supposed to give this Vinny the keycard to the room, but instead she gave it to her husband Carl, while also setting him up to think Jennifer wanted to sleep with him. The plan was to get Carl naked in bed with a clueless, blindfolded Jennifer recorded on a video camera that Angie snuck in the room, and then blackmail him for it to win any divorce settlement. But unknown to Angie, things went much further--Jennifer didn't find out she was having sex with the wrong guy until she'd been overcome by how great it was.


This is the story of what Angie did to keep Vinny at bay while her husband fucked Jennifer Love-Hewitt...

I had just left Jennifer's room putting the finishing touches on my plan to frame and blackmail my husband. Fortunately Jen had been so overcome by the effects of the alcohol from earlier that she wasn't aware of me as I set up the video camera and fit the collar around her neck. But after I did those things she did begin to stir, so I had to abandon my plan to leave the other bondage toys lying around in order to get out of there without being noticed.

I took the suitcase with what was left of the toys with me and headed off toward the hotel room further down the hall that I had booked earlier that night. Jen had tasked me with giving her room key to Vinny. She gave me an address that turned out to be an old abandoned house, so I wasn't even sure he would get the key I left him. I felt the address she gave me had to have been the wrong address, and hoped it was because then I wouldn't have to answer to any questions after what was going to happen tonight. But just in case it was the right place, I needed my bases covered.

The key I left this Vinny was the key to the room I had booked--not Jen's room. My plan was to lock myself in the bathroom, and when Vinny came in, I'd talk to him through the door, pretending to be Jennifer and saying that I didn't feel well and wanted to meet him later tomorrow. Fortunately I could tweak my voice to do a more than passable Jennifer Love-Hewitt impression, and the ill story would explain if "she" didn't sound exactly like herself. Tomorrow, when Jen would undoubtedly wonder why Vinny didn't show up and he explained what happened, she would have to think she'd been too drunk to remember him.

I went into the room, threw the suitcase of toys on the floor, then messed up the bed to look like it had been slept in. I also undressed down to my underwear and threw what I'd been wearing on the floor at the foot of the bed to make the room look more lived in and convincing. I was just heading to the bathroom when there was a click at the room door--someone had unlocked it with the keycard, and the door was opening!

If I would have tried to get in the bathroom, I would've been caught, so all I could do was jump back to the bed, turn the lamp off, and bury myself under the covers.

"Hello?" came the man's voice. Vinny's voice. I recognized it immediately, and was instantly confused and terrified. I heard the door shut behind him, as if sealing me in the horror. "Is somebody in here ready to be a little naughty?" The voice was unmistakable. I was too scared to even breathe.

I felt the bed beside me move as he sat on the edge of it and put a hand on the covers over my hip. I was so glad he hadn't turned the lights on, and I prayed that my luck would continue. "I heard a clump", and recognized it as the suitcase being bumped and falling over. Vinny made a noise of curiosity, and the bed shifted as he leaned down to inspect. I heard the latches snap open and the contents tumble out.

I knew exactly what was in there. They were the props I had hoped to leave in Jen's room to get my husband in even more trouble than he could have gotten into by himself. I had managed to implement the leash and collar in Jen's room, but still in the small suitcase had been a pair of fuzzy handcuffs and a ball gag.

As I listened to him checking out what had been in the suitcase, I realized he'd never leave if I didn't play my part to get him out. Even under the covers I could still play sick and send him away. I did my best Jennifer Love-Hewitt voice.

"Vinny," I began, but was too scared to remember what I wanted to say next.

"You weren't kidding when you said you wanted to try something new tonight," he said. Evidentially he had identified the cuffs, the gag, or both in the dark.

There was no way I could have known, and I wouldn't find out until much later, but something had happened between Vinny and Jennifer while I was setting up my plan that I never could have anticipated. Vinny had called her on her room phone. I had purposely shut off and hid her cell phone so she couldn't receive any calls, but apparently Vinny knew her room number and they had talked about what they were going to do tonight. After much pleading, Vinny had finally gotten Jennifer to agree to play a submissive role, and just in case things went too far, Jen had been given each a safe word to call out that would put an end to everything.

Of course, I did not know about this arrangement, and therefore had no idea what the safe word was.

Even without that information I was scared stiff. I silently cursed myself for having changed my hair color from blonde to brunette. I had done it as one last attempt to catch my cheating husband's attention since the girl he'd been fucking behind my back had long, dark hair. But it didn't work with him, and now, in the dark, I looked even more like Jennifer Love-Hewitt, and our body shapes were already close enough. If I was going to get out of this, I would have to show my face and surrender. I tried one last time to see if I could get Vinny out of there to save myself.

I opened my mouth to speak, but before I could utter a word, the ball gag was pushed into my mouth and secured to me.

"I've been waiting so long for this...Thank you."

I felt the covers thrown off me, revealing my body, and then I was rolled roughly from on my side to on my stomach. My wrists were seized, handcuffed to the headboard, and then there were two big hands on my ass, the fingers slipping underneath the white panties. I wanted to call off this charade, even if it meant jail time for me, but all I could do was moan into the gag, sounds which seemed to drive this man wild. And the man was the very problem, because while Jennifer knew him as Vinny, others knew him as Vince, but I knew him as "daddy".

I struggled mightily, and for a moment I wondered why this wouldn't make him hesitate, to at least consider maybe he was with the wrong woman in the wrong room. But then I remembered that I had said his name, so from his point of view, I could only be Jennifer.

I kicked my legs and squirmed and screamed into the ball gag. My dad caught one of my legs, held me by the ankle, and began to lick the bottom of my foot. While still sickened and frightened, this I could at least handle. It wasn't terribly traumatic yet, and it gave me time to think of another way out of this. Besides, though it was difficult to accept it, his tongue did feel good on my foot. Things could have been worse.

"I thought you said you were going to put up a fight," my dad said slyly.

I wondered what it meant, and feared the worst. While I still didn't know about the phone call that had fleshed things out, I did know Jen and "Vinny" had talked about being more adventurous in bed. Maybe that included Jennifer acting as if she wanted to escape. If that were the case, then my resistance would only further convince my dad that he was with the right person. And yet I couldn't make myself just give in, either. That wasn't likely to give him warning anyway. In short, if my suspicions were correct, I was fucked.

I felt a hand back on my ass, sliding under my panties. My dad squeezed my ass cheek, slipping his fingers deep into my crack and gently touching my tight asshole. I clenched my cheeks and tried to grind my hips deep into the mattress, away from him, but it was futile. The next thing I knew, my dad had a hold of my panties and he was tugging them down my thighs. When I tried fighting again, he just sat on one leg and held the other down, then slowly worked the panties off. I could feel my face turn red when I realized that, at 30 years old and in a rocky marriage, I was about to have an unwilling affair with my 55 year old father, who was no doubt salivating over my big, tight, round, naked ass.

I felt my dad climb off me and the bed, then heard him undressing. I stopped trying to talk through the ball-gag, not only because it was impossible, but because now things had gone too far. If I revealed myself now, I didn't know how to handle it. I hoped I would come up with something, some way to get past this, if only I could first put a stop to it. But I wasn't confident that I could do either.

I must have really let my mind wander, because all of the sudden I was aware of my dad already on the bed behind me, his hands on my hips, lifting my ass up and positioning himself between my legs.

"God, I've wanted to do this to you for so long. I get hard watching you on TV, Jennifer. And this is exactly what I'm fantasizing about."

I felt my father's penis press gently between my ass cheeks and tease my anus. Then I heard the sound of a bottle being squeezed, sucking in air, and I knew my dad must've brought lubricant and was pouring some onto himself. His penis moved away from me for an instant, and then it was back. No, not it--something smaller and wet--a finger, and it probed my asshole, lubing me up. My father had his finger in my ass. My whole body was shaking and tingling. I shook my head and tried screaming through the ball gag again. I couldn't let this happen.

But after heavily lubing my asshole and his dick, my dad was not about to be dissuaded from achieving his goal. He fought against me, swearing and moaning as if my resistance only made things better. I'm not exactly a tiny girl, but my dad is a pretty big guy, and in great shape for his age. I had no hope in fighting him off, especially with my hands still cuffed to the headboard. With his hands firmly grasping me on my waist, my dad pulled me against him and pushed himself into me.

I'd never had anal sex before, so I was surprised, even with all the lube that he slid in so much so quickly without it really causing me much discomfort. I was also surprised that, though I still wanted nothing more than to be away from this situation, that body was responding in kind to this invasion. My spine tingled not so much with fear anymore, but an intense excitement, and my pussy was instantly soaked with what could only be pleasure. I tried to block my mind from noticing this, tried to tell myself that I wasn't enjoying this physically any more than I was mentally, but when my dad drew his cock back, presumably to begin stroking into me, I instinctively pushed my ass back against him.

Not yet having seen my father's cock, I wasn't sure if he was very big, if I was very tight, or if it was a combination of the two, but the sensations of his insertion spread throughout my entire body as he spread me and slowly drilled deeper into me. While the lube had helped at first, the deeper he went the wider my ass spread, and the more discomfort I initially felt. I whimpered into the gag, and I was aware of tears streaming down my cheeks, though I knew them to be more emotional than from physical pain. But I knew from his initial drive into me that I would grow accustomed to him, so I didn't fight to make things worse. I kept as still as possible, wanting no sudden movements to cause me pain, and my dad seemed to be on the same track as me, because he, too, was careful. Apparently he knew, or at least suspected, that this was Jen's first anal experience.

Though I couldn't deny how my body was responding, I still felt awful. How was I going to face my father after this, even if he left without ever knowing it was me? I loved him so much, but I knew I could never be comfortable around him again. And how could I speak to my mother and keep it to myself that she was being cheated on, and that her husband had done it with, of all people, his very own daughter? Just at the worst possible time, when I was about to lose my husband to a messy divorce, I was also losing my best support system. My tears kept coming, going down my face and mixing with the saliva that ran down my chin from under the ball gag.

I was near the edge of a total breakdown. I was ready to start sobbing, and had I considered the effect that might have made on my dad, I might have tried harder to actually do it. But when my father pushed as deep into me as ever and then started to actually fuck me, his daughter, in the ass, an explosion of pleasure overtook me. I know knew, as tight as I felt, that my dad must've been huge, and his cock made me feel so full and satisfied, yet I wanted only more of him, and for him never to stop. I wished it wasn't him. Even as he fucked me, I thought of dozens of other specific men I'd rather have do this to me, but it all came back to me that, whether I approved or not, this was my father, and it was quite possible no one else could fill me so perfectly.

The sobbing stopped before it even began, replaced by a whole new sound as I grunted from my father's thrusts. I was still breathing rapidly from fear and arousal through my nose, unsure of how I should be handling this, but at least, I thought, it wasn't all bad. I was already climaxing from my first round of anal sex.

I shook and shivered and drove my ass against my dad, moaning into the ball gag as he pulled back and shrieking into it each time he slammed back into me. I gripped the dowel of the head board that I was handcuffed to and braced myself against it as I received his pounding, and my skin popped with goose bumps when at last he began to slap my ass hard every few seconds. I was so overwhelmed that I had even more trouble breathing than I already had with the ball gag, and apparently hearing this, my dad took it off of me. I sucked in air, and while I was telling myself to scream out "Dad! Stop! Please!" the words that actually came out were much different.

"God! Fuck! Yes!" I cried.

My mind knew it was betraying me, because now I was sobbing again. I knew why. I was devastated that I had succumbed. My dad, though he was cheating, was innocent in this. He had no idea he was doing this to his own flesh and blood. No one could blame him for enjoying himself. But I did know, and it was my responsibility to stop it. But whore that I was, all I could do was beg for more. I even reminded myself to change my voice so that I would still sound like the sexy celebrity my dad had thought he was fucking.

I had so many smaller orgasms as my dad fucked me that I had lost count by the time he pried himself loose from me and crawled off the bed. I slumped onto the mattress, my ass now sorer than it had ever been during the assault, and yet now my pussy throbbed for its own turn. My nipples burned, and I swallowed hard, hungry and desperate. I heard my father at the sink, apparently cleaning himself off.

"Get ready to suck me," he said. "Cause I'm going to cum down that sweet throat of yours."

I couldn't let it happen. If I sucked him, even in this darkness he'd see my face wasn't that of Jennifer Love-Hewitt, but of Angie, his little girl all grown up. My only hope at this point was to make sure he never found out who I was. Maybe I couldn't live with myself afterward, but it wasn't right to ruin his life, too.

"No, please!" I said. I begged him not to make me suck him. I offered my ass to him again, begged for him to fuck my pussy from behind, but he would have none of it. I even tried to convince him to do a 69 with me, so his face would be buried in my pussy, which was shaven bare of the blonde curls that would've given me away.

I remember thinking that, if he really thought I was Jennifer, why didn't he listen? But then of course I knew this had to be the adventure of it. And I still didn't know the safe word, or even that there was a safe word, so all my dad could assume was that I was just playing my part.

And then I knew that was exactly how I was going to survive this. If he wanted his cock sucked, there was only one way I could do it without revealing my face.

My dad unlocked one of the handcuffs, then had me turn around so I was sitting on my pillow with my back to the headboard. He never saw my face because he was peering through the darkness at the cuffs behind me so he could again fasten them, this time above and behind my head. He might have saw me when he started to get in position on his knees before me, but I took my opportunity and lunged forward, catching the tip of his half-erect cock between tight lips and gentle teeth. I guided him back so I had a better position, working his growing dick deeper into my mouth until I felt his cock head tickle the back of my throat. But rather than pull away, I ducked my head forward and engulfed him, taking as much of him down my throat as possible, swallowing his flesh and, in the process, bringing my face too close to his groin for him to see any details.

I had little experience deep throating, but I knew enough about how to do it that it didn't take long for me to really start fucking my dad with my face. My dad, in turn, began thrusting into my throat, and between my gasping and coughing and controlled choking, I worked him so deep that I had his whole huge cock disappear between my lips. In any other situation, not only would I not have believed I could've swallowed a dick as big and fat as my father's but I know I wouldn't have been able to do it. But I was driven by more than normal factors here, and for this blow-job session, my nose sent more time pressed just under my dad's belly than it did over the top side of his erection. I bobbed on him, holding my mouth open and stroking my dad with the lining of my throat. Occasionally I even stuck out my tongue to fondle his heavy balls. Above me, I heard my dad moaning with such passion that he couldn't form words. He found control only just before he started cumming.

"On your face, Jennifer. I'm going to cum on your beautiful face," he said, abandoning his initial promise to shoot down my (or her) throat.

And of course, I preferred he stick to that promise, because if he was going to watch his cum spill onto my face, he'd recognize me. I clenched my throat and moved my head forward, trying to trap him until it was too late, but my dad was faster, and he yanked his cock out from my face, took it in his hand and looked down just as he was about to jerk off on me. In the speed and confusion and fear of it all, I caught him eye to eye, and I saw his whole world shatter into a million bewildering pieces when he recognized me.

For a second, I know, he must have thought my face was just an unexpected mental image. But then I saw the reality striking him, and I knew he was going to lose it. Frozen, he could only stare, a million thoughts going through his mind, but only one going through mine. His cock was still pulsing just inches from my face, and with a little luck, his stream of cum had passed the point of no return and was milliseconds away from spewing. And even though the gig was up, I found that I wanted nothing more at that moment to than to feel and taste my father's potent sperm.

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