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Jenn Again


After the initial episode with Jenn I was going crazy trying to figure out how to make it all happen again. I felt strongly that if I could steer things right I could make love to her the next time around.

Not wanting to seem like I was just interested in one thing -- which, at this point I think I wanted more than just sex -- I wanted to deal cautiously with her.

We saw each other every day at work and it was definitly awkward at first. That Monday after we hooked up we barely spoke to each other. Fortunately our desks were located in such a way as it was easy to avoid each other and to feign business if the other happened to pass by.

Eventually, though, things returned to "normal" between us -- we interacted as we had previously and I could flirt with her without feeling akward and no one seemed to notice anything between us. I did wonder, however, if she had shared our adventures with her one close friend at the office, Catherine.

Once things between Jenn and I were comfortable again I was able to keep my ears open for developments in her relationship with her husband. I learned that they had started going to couples counseling and it seemed like they both wanted to try to save their relationship.

I started to believe that what had happened between us had been just a one time "fling", but part of me hoped it could be more. I realized that I cared about Jenn and wanted to be supportive and, if nothing else, really become her friend beyond work.

My opportunity arose one Tuesday morning when I happened about Jenn and Catherine near the coffee maker. As I approached they must not have heard me and I was able to overhear their conversation. Jenn stated that the last few therapy sessions with she and her husband had not gone well and she was beginning to think it was time to move on and avoid any more pain and frustration.

Once I heard those words I "announced" myself by coughing; partly because I didn't want Jenn to think I was eavesdropping, but also because I wanted to be able to talk to Jenn about what I had heard.

Tuesday afternoon I had a chance encounter with Jenn near the copy machine. I decided this was the time to try to talk to her and so I went for it.

"Hey.." I began, cautiously, "I overheard you and Catherine talking this morning."

"I figured.." was her reply.

"If you ever want to talk - about your husband, or.. anything - I'm here. And, hey, I might even have some insight into the male pysche." I laughed as I delivered the last part of this, trying to lighten it up a little.

"Thanks." She smiled. "I'll keep that in mind."

With that she walked away, leaving my heart racing.

I made my copies and returned to my desk, a little dejected. I wasn't sure if she had taken me seriously and if she meant she really would keep it in mind.

Fortunately, I got my answer just the next day.

I was at home on Wednesday evening watching some TV when my cell phone rang. As always, I checked the caller ID and, although I didn't recognize the number, it was a local call and so I answered it.

"Hello?" "Hi.." a soft female voice responded, "It's Jenn." My heart raced, my head spun. "Hey!" I responded, trying to mask my excitment. "Whats up?"

There was a pause that felt like forever.

"I decided to take you up on that offer."

I senses she was upset, perhaps crying, or close to it.

"Are you ok?" I asked.

"Can we get together and talk?" She replied. "I'm in town."

It started to come together in my head -- Wednesday nights are the night she has therapy with her husband. Things must not have gone well at their most recently session and she was still in town after the appointment.

"Do you want to come here? Or should I meet you?"

"I'll come there.." and with that she hung up the phone.

I had no idea how long it would take her to arrive, or really if she would come at all. I was afraid she would change her mind and call me back to tell me so. I ran around and cleaned up my place in a hurry -- fortunately it wasn't that big and so it was easy to pull together pretty quickly. I even ran into the bedroom and made the bed, just in case. And when I exited the bedroom and walked back into the living room I saw car lights outside.

I took a few deep breaths and waited for what seemed an eternity for the doorbell to ring. Finally.. "DING DONG"

I tried to walk to the door at a "normal" pace but I'm sure I rushed over.

"Hi" I said to Jenn as I opened the door. She smiled back at me.

"Come in.."


I was so nervous.

"Can I get you anything? Something to drink? Wine? Soda? Iced tea?"

"Wine actually.. would be great.." she replied.

"Great!" I said. "Sit down.. make yourself comfortable"

I went into my kitchen which was not much of a kitchen at all and was open so that you could see into the living room.

"Red or white?"

"Red.. I guess" Jenn replied.

"Coming up!" I was happy she went with red because I didn't have any white chilled.

I poured two large glasses of red wine and took them into the living room.

"Here you go." I handed Jenn her glass. She was sitting on the couch. I wanted to sit next to her but wasn't sure how she'd feel about that so I took the chair opposite her.

"You can sit next to me. I don't bite." We both laughed at this remark. I could tell Jenn was nervous too. "That's ok, I might like it." I smiled back at her as I sat down on the couch. She smiled at me. "Maybe later" she said with a rye grin.

"So.." I sighed.

"So." she replied. "I think he wants a divorce."

"Jenn.. I'm so sorry. Why? I mean.. why do you think that? And.. well why does he want a divorce?"

"He just.. " I could tell she was close to tears "I don't think he loves me any more"

With that she broke down and started crying.

I put my wine glass down and put my arm around her.

"I'm sorry" she said through her tears.

"You don't have to apologize" I said. Without thinking I brought her close to me and kissed her head.

"Do you think.. I mean" I wasn't sure what Jenn was trying to get out. "I'm not a bad person."

"Of course not." I replied "You are a wonderful, smart, incredible, sexy woman"

She looked up at me "Really?"

"Yes!" I said.

"Thank you"

"You're welcome" I leaned in and kissed her on the lips. She kissed me back softly. And then, after a moment she kissed me again. We began to kiss passionately.

"I need you tonight" she whispered.

I was so conflicted. I wanted her so badly but didn't want to feel that I was taking advantage of her. "I'm here for you" was all I could manage to say in response.

She pulled me close and held me, her head pressing into my chest. I kissed her head softly again and held her for a moment. Then, she broke our embrace, took a sip from her wine glass and got up. I waited for her to speak, but instead she took my hand and lead me into my bedroom.

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