tagErotic CouplingsJenn Again -- In the Bedroom

Jenn Again -- In the Bedroom


I was instantly erect as I followed Jenn into my bedroom. We walked in and stood beside my bed at which point I immediately pulled her close and kissed her passionately. She responded by darting her tongue in and out of my mouth. Our hands roamed each other's bodies. I caressed her ass with my right hand while using my left to stroke her cheek and neck.

I moved my lips from her mouth to the soft skin of her neck and kissed my way around to her ear. I nibbled gently on her ear lobe and turned her around so her back was facing me. I used both hands to stroke her body as I kissed the back of her neck and her ears.

She returned the favor, running her hands along my sides and then inward, resting on the erection begging to be released from my pants. She unzipped my pants and I began to remove her shirt.

She turned around and faced me so I could more easily remove her shirt. I lifted it over her head and put it on the floor. Her beautiful breasts were resting in a shapely bra with lace accents and a bow in the middle. I couldn't help but smile as I admired her beautiful chest.

I kissed my way down from her breast to her belly button and then unzipped her pants and slowly pulled them down. She helped me get them off and I saw her panties matched her bra. They had lace accents and a bow in the center just below her belly button. It was as if my present was gift wrapped.

She removed my pants and shirt and we fell into my bed.

We kissed passionately as our almost naked bodies entwined, our warm flesh becoming one.

I unhooked her bra and removed it and then played with her nipples. I took one into my mouth and licked it slowly and then flicked it with my tongue before biting it gently. She seemed to enjoy this as I heard her moan with pleasure. I moved my mouth to her second nipple as I moved my hand down her belly and to her warm pussy. I held my hand over her sweet box, just feeling the sweetness from the outside of her panties.

She was moaning as I kissed and licked her body all over, moving slowly down toward the nectar that awaited me.

I got to her panties and took the bow in my mouth and pulled them down. The aroma of her sex got me so excited. I pulled her panties off and dropped my tongue between her legs at which point she let out a big moan and placed her hands on my head.

Not that I needed any encouragement but having Jenn push my head into her sweet crotch drove me crazy. I dipped my tongue inside her sweet pussy and tasted her love juices. I then nibbled on her clit while I fingered her. She seemed to be pushing herself towards me, wanting my fingers deeper insider her and so I knew it was time to put something bigger and longer insider her.

I slowly removed my fingers and worked my way back up her body as it flicked her clit with my thumb. When my mouth reached hers I darted my tongue inside of her mouth. She sucked on it ravenously. I then used my hand to guide my hard cock to her entrance. I teased her a bit by rubbing the head of my cock up and down her pussy before slowly pushing myself inside her.

The feeling of pleasure that radiated through my body was unbelievable. She felt so amazing that I just held my cock insider her for a moment.

She smiled at me as I looked at her, holding myself inside her.

"You feel so good," I said

"So do you she replied."

I slowly moved my cock in and out of her. I wanted this to last forever but I knew it wouldn't -- she felt so good and I had waited so long to make love to her.

She grabbed my ass and pulled me inside her.

"Go faster" she said and I was more than happy to oblige. I picked up my pace and began to feel my orgasm building inside me. I slowed a little hoping to make this last longer but to no avail. As the urge built up strong I went faster and faster. Jenn could tell I was close as she wrapped her legs around me and urged me deeper and deeper inside her with each thrust.

"Fill me up..." she said, sensing I was at the edge and with that I lost control and began to buck wildly, my hot milk rushing out of me like a burst pipe.

As I collapsed on top of Jenn she pulled my face to hers and we kissed deeply.

"I'm sorry I didn't last longer," I said with a smile.

"That's ok - you'll have more opportunities too."

I smiled at hearing that and kissed her again.

We made love through the night and I brought her to orgasm multiple times.

When we awoke the next morning she slipped out quietly, leaving me alone. As I thought about the amazing night we had spent together I couldn't help but wonder what our next interaction at work would be like.

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