tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJenn and Sabine 01

Jenn and Sabine 01


It was the next day, after the embarrassing but oh so rewarding paces that Jennifer had put me through.

As much as I really didn't want to go where she wanted me, deep inside I really did want it. All those years ago when Melanie had me in her thrall seemed so much fun and exciting viewed from my perspective of 16 years later. And Jennifer was a woman, so it wasn't like I was doing something in front of men. But Jennifer had "made" me do things in front of two men last night.

I had sat in front of her hairdresser, wearing just an overcoat, opened wide, the entire front of my body exposed, while he trimmed and shaved my pubic hair and then later I stood naked, completely naked, in front of a pizza guy. And I didn't complain very much about either thing. And I got turned on by both of them.

It was even a turn on to hear Jennifer refer to my vagina as a cunt. A totally disgusting word for a woman.

And now, actually from yesterday to be truthful, I couldn't wear underwear or pantyhose. I could, but she had told me that I wasn't to wear any. And the following of her orders, well that was a turn on for me also.

I hadn't realized for those 16 years how much I missed doing what someone else told me, no matter how embarrassing, shaming or degrading those things were.

So that was how I arrived at work, at the legal firm's offices, as Jennifer's assistant, without bra or panties, wearing thigh high stockings and a business suit. I had made sure to wear an opaque blouse. It didn't make a large difference because my big nipples were hard as stone and tenting out the blouse's fabric. If I removed my suit jacket it would look like I had pencil erasers fastened to my breasts. At least my business skirts were of a sensible length so there wasn't much danger of anyone finding out that I had no panties on.

I busied myself with the early morning duties of an assistant until Jennifer buzzed me and asked me to come into her office.

I walked in, already feeling nervous, wondering what she would tell me to do. I was trying to steel myself to refuse her orders. It wasn't right for her to expect me to humiliate myself, just because she wanted it.

I was going to sit, but....

"Just stand there please, Sabine."

She looked me up and down, a little smile on her lips.

"Did you follow my orders from yesterday, Sabine?"

"Um, what orders?"

"You know exactly what orders. I told you that you would no longer wear a bra or panties. Well?"

I felt my face heat up a bit. God I hated that I blushed so easily and that I did what she told me, but damn it, it was a turn on. Obeying her just made me feel good, damn it anyway.


"Yes what?"

"Yes, I followed your orders Jennifer."

"So that means that what I see is all you have on, right?"

She could see my suit jacket, blouse, skirt and stockings, so yes, she was right.

"Yes Jennifer."

"Prove it."

She now had a smirk on her face, and I was sure mine was red.

I unbuttoned my suit jacket and then my blouse, fingers shaking. Then I pulled both open, showing her my bare breasts, no bra in sight. God my face was burning, but deep inside I was tingling in arousal. My nipples were like bullets!

"Keep going please."

I took a breath and reached down to the hem of my skirt, grasped it and slowly pulled it up. Pulled it up until my shaved vaginal lips and the strip of hair was showing. My face got hotter, if that was possible, I didn't think it was, but it did.

"Take off the jacket and roll the skirt up, please."

So I did that, folding my suit jacket and setting it down carefully on one of her guest chairs, then lowering my skirt and slowly rolling it until it was perhaps a 3 inch wide strip of fabric. My blouse was still open and my nipples were throbbing. My breasts and pussy were on display to my boss, just because she wanted them to be.

"Turn and face away from me please."

I did as she told me.

"You have a decent ass on you Sabine, a little cellulite but not much, a good crack and fairly nice shape to it. It doesn't sag too much either. Turn back."

It was humiliating to have my body talked about in such a way by her, but also arousing. But mostly because I was for all intents and purposes naked in her office again. At least the woman parts that men wanted to see were showing.

Jennifer just looked at my breasts, pussy and had me turn to see my bare ass again, a tiny amused smile on her face. Inside I felt like a dumb cow, standing with everything showing, just because Jennifer had told me to do it. And God, did my nipples and pussy tingle because of it!

"So, how does it feel standing like that, Sabine?"

"Nasty, dirty..."

"But do you like it?"

"Yes, yes I do."

"Well, we won't be doing this very much, here, Sabine. Not that I think anyone is going to barge in here, in my private office, but why take unnecessary chances. I just like the power that I have over you, Sabine. I like knowing that you are going to do whatever I tell you. Do you like that?"

"Ah, yes, I think I do, Jennifer."

"Do you get aroused, Sabine, hot and bothered?"

"Yes, I do."

"If I had a man here, would you do what I told you with him?"

"Ah, what you told me..."

"All right, I am guessing that you wouldn't like it if I had a man here and told you to suck or fuck, right?" "No, I don't think that I would like that, Jennifer,"

"But If I told you to strip naked in front of a man, you'd do it, wouldn't you?"

"Yes, as long as there was no sex involved."

"What are you enjoying the most right now, Sabine?"

"Several things, actually. Showing myself while you are dressed, being told what to do, no underwear at work, you telling me that you might make me get naked in front of a man, thinking about what else you might do to me, Jennifer."

So is it the doing or being told that does the most for you, Sabine?"

"I, uh, I think it is both, actually."

"Tell me more please."

"Well, when you tell me to strip, to show myself, it arouses me and I like that. The exposure itself, I mean. But just being told, like I don't have a choice in the matter, that I have to expose myself, well that is a turn on also, Jennifer,"

She still had that little knowing smile on her face. That made me tingle also, like she knew things about me that maybe I didn't know myself, if that was possible.

"So, Sabine, how far do you want me to take this?"

"Ah, I really don't know Jennifer. I mean, I don't want to be doing these things, consciously, but I do in the back of mind. I don't actually want to admit to myself that I am enjoying this, standing here with my breasts and pussy showing to you. Knowing that you will probably want me to do more, will tell me to do more. I don't really feel totally comfortable, but if I really think about it all, I am not going to say no, other than I don't want to have sex because you want me to, like last night when you told me to suck the hairdresser's penis and to swallow his stuff, I don't want to do that."

"That's fine, I just was testing you really, but I do want you to use the words I told you, Sabine. Tits, not breasts. Cunt, not pussy or vagina. Can you do that, Sabine?"

"Yes, I can, Jennifer."

I cupped my breasts in my hands, lifting and pointing them at her.

"These are my tits, Jennifer."

Then I spread my legs slightly, put my hands down by my pussy, framing it.

"This is my cunt, Jennifer."

God, my face got even hotter than it was before. Cunt is such a degrading word for a woman!

"Now, remembering what you told me after way too much wine last week, you enjoying Melanie fucking you. Would you like me to fuck you too, Sabine?"

God, I had to turn even redder!

"Yes, Jennifer, that would be nice. If you want to, that is."

"Would you like to be able to lick me, you know where..."

"Yes, Jennifer, that I would like a lot."

"So, later today, after work we have to do a little shopping, Sabine. Can you guess what for?" "Ah, maybe a dildo?"

"Good girl. Yes, a dildo and a butt plug and a strap on dildo. The first so I can watch you fucking yourself. The second so I can see you stick it up your ass. And the third so I can fuck you."

Her smile was not so little now and it was somewhat predatory. It made me a little more nervous, more wary around her. Being told straight out what she wanted was being very blunt. Good to know, but a very nervous feeling.

"Now go back to work please and fix your clothes. I won't make you sit at your desk like this."

I fixed my clothes, put my jacket back on and returned to my desk, my mind whirling, just like when Melanie and I had started our college journey so many years ago. I was scared and excited both. Just like I had been then.

Work stayed normal, a normal part of my day, but I couldn't thinking of how much the rest of my life might, was probably going to change. I was dreading it and couldn't wait for everything to happen. I found myself daydreaming of situations that I could be put in by her, so much that I was completely aroused all day long, my mind drifting, picturing myself and Jennifer.

She called me into her office again at 5PM. She was behind her large desk as usual. I shut the door and walked to the front of the desk and stopped. She motioned me over so I walked around the desk and stopped next to her. She turned so we were facing each other. Then she reached up and unbuttoned my jacket.

"Take that off and lay it on the desk, please."

I did as I was told. She smirked and reached up, undoing the buttons of my blouse. She pulled the blouse out of my skirt and pulled it open, baring my breasts. "Christ, your nipples are hard already, Sabine! Why is that?"

"Uh, they rub on my blouse and then when you exposed them, they just do that."

"Are you aroused?"

I could have lied, but....

"Uh, yes, I am."

She undid the cuffs of the blouse and pushed it off my shoulders. It slid down my arms to my elbows. The she reached behind me and undid and lowered the zipper of my skirt. She looked up at me, smirking again.

"Do you want me to let loose of your skirt, Sabine?"

"If you want to Jennifer."

"No, do you want me to let go of it?"

"Uh, yes, yes I do."

Jennifer let go of my skirt and it slid down a bit. Still smirking she grasped the hem and tugged it. I could feel the fabric sliding across my bare skin, then becoming really loose on me. She let go of the hem and my skirt slowly slid down my legs and puddled around my ankles.

I was standing in Jennifer's office again, this time naked from the waist down, my blouse undone and opened, my tits and cunt on display.

God, I was turned on! It never ceased to amaze me how much being exposed was a turn on for me.

Jennifer reached up and gently touched my tits, rubbing her thumbs over my erect nipples. I gasped, struggling to stay still, to just let her do what she wanted to me. She chuckled softly.

"Damn, your nipples are so hard!"

Then her hands moved to my sides, slid down my bare skin to the top of my ass and then behind me to cup and squeeze my ass cheeks.

"Your ass is nice and rounded, Sabine, soft and jiggly. Take off the blouse and walk away from me, please.

I removed my blouse, now totally naked except for stockings and my sensible heels, stepped out of my skirt and turned, walking away from her. She chuckled again.

"Do you know that your ass rolls and jiggles as you walk Sabine? I think I now understand why men like to look at women's asses. Come back over here."

I walked back to her side, shivering inside, naked, seeing her completely dressed, something that I felt was going to happen to me a lot from here on out.

"Move your feet apart, please."

I did and her hand slid between my legs, one finger easing right up inside me. I gasped again, louder.

"Damn are you ever wet, Sabine! Aroused, are you?"

"Uh, yes I am Jennifer."

"All right, go to my closet, there is a coat for you and a small bag for your clothes. Put the coat on and put your clothes in the bag and we can go."

I again did as I was told, shivering, but oh so turned on once more, wondering what was going to happen...

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