tagLesbian SexJenn and Sabine 03

Jenn and Sabine 03


As I sat in the passenger seat, Jennifer smirked at me. She backed out and turned, driving until she got on the highway, then...

"Turn towards me, loosen your seatbelt, open your legs and play with yourself."

I did as I was told, Jennifer glancing at me, smirking again...

"But don't orgasm."

I moaned softly, God I was so aroused! I wanted to cum so bad it almost hurt. I had to be so careful about where and how I touched myself. Melanie had never let me play with myself, just use a dildo in front of her, but she also would tell me not to cum too.

My nipples were so hard they almost hurt, my pussy was wet as it could get. If I touched my clit I gasped. My ass was moving as I carefully stroked my pussy lips. I knew that if I touched my clit too much I would explode in orgasm. She would giggle from time to time, knowing that I was oh so close to cumming.

"Your cunt lips are really wet, Sabine, you have to be close, aren't you?"


"Don't orgasm, you little slut."

The drive to Jennifer's house was torture. But being naked in front of her, touching myself, God it was hot. I couldn't believe how much all of this turned me on. Or how much I wanted to do whatever she told me. Right now, if she had a man with us, she could tell me to suck and fuck him and I would have, no objections, no complaints.

Finally we got to her house. She pulled into the garage, left the garage door up, had me get out and walk around the back of her SUV, so I was in plain view of the street. I actually did not care anymore if I was seen, I was so turned on by now. She lowered the garage door when I got to the door for the house.

Once inside...

"Get the rest off, Sabine. I want you bare ass naked."

I hurriedly kicked off my heels and quickly stripped off the thigh high stockings. Now I was bare ass naked. Jennifer giggled at how fast I stripped off the last of my clothes, not that they were clothes at all.

She got a pair of scissors, handed me the dildo and took me into the living room. It was tastefully decorated and in the center of the room was a large, low round coffee table. Handing me the scissors she said...

"Open the dildo, use the suction cup to fasten it to the table, and get it up your cunt. Don't cum. I'll be back in few minutes."

I watched her walk away with the other toys and the anal lube. I didn't want to but I opened the dildo package anyway, licked the suction cup, fastened it to the coffee table and just looked at it for a few moments. It was flesh colored, thick, long. The head looked huge to me. I was not a virgin, but not that experienced either. It was bigger than the toys that Melanie had gotten for the two of us to use.

I climbed up on the table, grasped the dildo and lowered myself. The tip touched my hole and I held it steady and slowly went further down. I gasped audibly as I felt it spreading my lips open, sliding into me. I was surprised at how easily it went in me. I had never had a cock or a toy as big as this one. I lowered myself until I could feel the half balls touching my skin, my legs splayed open. I had unconsciously pointed my body to where Jennifer had left the room, so if she came back through the same doorway, she would see me, naked and impaled, right up to the root of the dildo.

And that is what happened, Jennifer came back, through the same doorway, stopped and looked at me, a small dirty smile on her face. She could see the entire front of me, my naked front, my pussy lips splayed open, my hole filled with a dildo.

She now had on a tank top, leggings and she was wearing the strap on dildo. Of course I wasn't to be allowed to see her nude, I was the slut, the play toy. God, I wondered if the strap on was bigger than the one that was already in me. It looked huge against her slim, toned body.

She sat down to my side on the couch.

"Turn to face me, Sabine."

I did that my legs still splayed open, my filled pussy displayed prominently. My breasts sagging, my nipples erect, my small bush on display.

"Now, pump your ass up and down for me please."

"I-I m-m-might cum..."


I began to work my ass up and down for her, eyes closed, feeling that huge cock inside me. I could feel the cock as I slid up and down on it. It was stretching my pussy open, but I was so wet it wasn't a strain to take it. Jennifer just leaned back, the strap on dildo kind of pointing up, stiff and looking very thick and long to me, she smirked as she watched me pumping my ass on the other dildo. I was now slowly panting, close to cumming, but I usually did not orgasm just from penetration, my clit had to be toyed or played with, but this might be an exception to the normal rule for me.

She giggled.

"Do you know how blatantly filthy you look? You really look like a dirty fucking slut, Sabine. And you know what...your cunt is making noise, it's so wet."

That made me blush. I should be used to that sort of thing, the comments made to humiliate and embarrass me, but I don't think I will ever get used to hearing stuff like that. I could even feel my face heating up. It didn't happen until she spoke to me, told me how dirty, how nasty I looked. And I could understand that. She had me totally naked with a cock up my hole, just because she wanted me like that. And I was dumb enough, turned on enough, to do it.

"Play with your nipples, slut. They look hard enough."

If my face could have gotten hotter it would have, but I was already as red as I could get. I lifted both hands to my breasts and rubbed thumbs over my stiff, erect nipples. That sent a shot of heat down my body into my pussy.

"Pinch them, pull them out."

I did that too, sucking in a breath, it hurt slightly but if anything I think my nipples got even more hard. I kept pumping my ass up and down, slowly, feeling my pussy empty and then fill. Jennifer sat and watched me, smirking, then an evil smile.


"All right, you can get off it, but see the mirror.."

She pointed to a full length mirror on the wall to my left.


"On your hands and knees in front of it, look into it, let your tits hang down."

I got up and walked to where she wanted me, got down on my hands and knees and just waited. I knew what was going to happen, I thought. Jennifer knelt behind me, moving my knees farther apart and then I felt the tip of her strap on cock prod at my pussy and then it slid in, right up inside me. I gasped and che chuckled.

"Now we'll see if I can fuck you, slut."

And she did. She fucked me. I held myself still and let her pump her hips, sliding her cock in and out, gasping and moaning softly as she did, listening to her chuckling as she heard me.

"Do you like me fucking you, Sabine, you little slut?"

"Y-y-yes, oh yesss."

"I like watching your asshole wink at me, slut. Did you know that it winks when I push in and out?"


"Well, it does, slut. It's like it's trying to open up. You've had it up the ass, right?"


Then I felt something drip on my asshole and I jerked.

"NO, please, no!"

"Aww, does the little slut not want her tight little asshole stretched?"

"Please Jennifer, please don't..."

"You can beg and whine, slut, but if I want your ass, I will take your ass. Your begging is going to get me going, you know that, don't you..."

I felt her thumb rubbing the lube across my asshole and I whimpered, softly. She pointed her thumb at it and pushed and I whimpered as I felt my ring give a bit and the tip of her thumb penetrated my hole.


More lube dripped on my ring and around her thumb and it slid in deeper, past her knuckle. She was still fucking my pussy and I could feel her thumb and cock rubbing together inside me. She rotated her thumb, opening me up, just like Melanie used to do to me. As much as I hated anal sex, and I did not like one bit, it also was turning me on more, the fucking, the thumb up my ass.

Jennifer worked her thumb more, more rotation, moving it back and forth, more lube, until it was hard to feel her thumb in my ass hole, then she pulled her cock out of my pussy.

"Now, don't move, you can whine and beg, though.."

I felt the tip of her cock at my asshole, gritted my teeth and felt her push. My ring began to spread open and suddenly the head of her cock popped right through my ring.

"Ahhhh Godddd..."

"Sabine you dirty cunt, I'm up your ass. Brace yourself, slut.."

And she pushed harder and I felt more and more of the cock slide up inside me. She pulled back and it felt like my asshole was pulling inside out. More lube on the cock and my tight ring and she slid back inside my rectum. She grasped my naked hips and began to fuck my ass.

"Look in the mirror, slut, look at the look on your face, look at your tits swaying and jiggling."

I stared straight ahead, seeing my mournful face right in front of me, unhappy. Jennifer smiling above my head, focused on fucking me, my tits bouncing, swaying, jiggling, erect nipples pointing down.

"Now, I'm going to make you happy, slut, trust me."

And she reached under me, felt, found my clit and began to rub it, fucking me still. It was like an electric jolt to my abdomen and without realizing it, my ass began to pump back on her, no longer caring that she was up my ass. She rubbed my clit steadily and my lower belly began to feel heavy, tingling and before long my insides clenched hard and I orgasmed. My ass pumped harder and faster, burying that cock right up my rectum, as far as it would go.

"Ah, Godd, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

And she did, all the way through my orgasm until the last spasm hit and my arms gave way. My face went down to the carpet. I was still impaled on her cock but she stopped fucking me, just holding it inside me. And then she slowly pulled back. I could feel every inch of that cock as it slid out of me with an almost audible pop. Jennifer giggled.

"God Sabine, your asshole is gaping open, I can see right inside you."

Fuck, I was so embarrassed, I knew what it looked like, Melanie had used a mirror to show me how my asshole gaped after she had fucked me there. It was disgusting. Eventually my ring would close but for a short while after it would stay open, slowly shrinking the open hole until it was just red and puffy.

"Get up and follow me."

I stood on shaky legs and followed her. She led me to the master bedroom and then the bath, handing me the strap on cock and harness.

"Clean this and then come in the bedroom."

I washed the cock and set it on the counter with the harness and walked back into the master bedroom. The lights were off, it was black as a starless night.

"Come this way, Sabine."

I walked in the darkness, bumping the foot of the bed.

"Up on the bed. I think you know what to do, don't you.."

And I did. I felt my way up, finding the top of the covers, pulling them up and down. I felt until I found Jennifer, still in tank top and leggings. I knelt between her legs and found the waist of the leggings and slowly pulled them down her long muscular legs. They came off and I ran my hands up her legs until I fould her hips, then I settled down between them and began to kiss and lick my way up her thighs.

"You don't get to see my pussy yet, Sabine, but you can kiss and lick it as much as you want."

I did. I found her pussy, damp, her pubic hair slightly matted, her clit erect and lowered my mouth onto her. I was rewarded with an intake of breath. And I kissed her right on her lips then worked my tongue between her lips and began to lap at her clit and hole. I felt Jennifer reach down, grasp my head with both hands. Her hips rose up, rotated up, giving me good access to her pussy and I happily licked and kissed her pussy. I wasn't long before Jennifer came, her thighs clamping onto my head, hands lifting me away from her pussy, and I could feel the spasms of her orgasm. In a few minutes she calmed. Her thighs relaxed, her hands relaxed.

"You can do that again if you wish, Sabine."

My face, my mouth and lips lowered until I found her pussy again and I began to kiss and lick once more. I think I spent most of that first night together between her legs. I do know that I woke the next morning, my head on her chest, nude still, she still had her tank top on. But no bra so I could feel her naked breast under my face, even if there was thin fabric between me and it.

When she woke she made me get up and go shower so I couldn't see her naked from the waist down. She said to me...

"Submissives don't always get to see their mistresses pussy, Sabine, just taste it."

When I was through in the shower, she went in, modestly covered by a robe. And then I was sent downstairs while she dressed.

She made sure on the drive to get business clothes for me at my apartment, to go through a Starbuck's drive through with me bare ass naked in the passenger seat. Embarrassing, since the girl working the drive through saw me, and giggled. At least it was only my tits and nipples.

I got dressed, she let me wear the coat to my apartment, and we drove together to work, at least this time I had clothes on, she hadn't made me just get them and come back to her SUV and stay naked on the drive to work. And so began another work day, but a very different situation for me and probably Jennifer also...one that I was going to relish, even if it became humiliating and embarrassing for me.

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