tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJenna Gets Taken

Jenna Gets Taken


I walk into my apartment after a long night at work and go to rest my feet on the couch. I turn on the television, Late Night with Letterman is on.

"Ugh, I hate that guy," I mutter under my breath as I flick it off, annoyed. I walk into my bathroom and start to undress myself, pulling my work shirt up over my head and throwing it onto the floor. I sigh as I unbuckle my jeans and they slide to the floor. I step out of them and throw them into my dirty clothes hamper when I hear a knock on my door.

Living in LA, I'm used to noises in the night. I pause and cock my head, listening, as another knock sounds on my door. I nervously put on a loose fitting robe and walk to my entry area. I grab a baseball bat I always have and I peer through the peephole. Outside in my hallway is my neighbor, Josh.

I open the door. "Hey Josh, what's up?" I let out my relief and set the baseball bat by my shoes on the mat.

"I'm going to a party, wanna come along?" Josh was cute, I even had a thing for him a few months back when I first moved in, and I was tempted to say yes, but I was far too exhausted.

"I think I'm going to pass on this one." I shrug up at him, taking in his disappointed expression. "I just got home from work. Raincheck?"

His puppy frown turns into a smile as he shakes his head yes. "I'll hold that to you!" He walks away and I shut the door, making sure to lock it.

I get myself a glass of water from my kitchen and a few minutes later I hear a knock on my door again. I walk back to the door and unlock it before throwing it open.

"What do you want Jo-" A huge hand muffles my mouth as a man shoves me back into the room, his hand still muffling my scream as I almost trip.

The man is wearing all black, is almost 6'1 and strong as an ox. I kick at the man, trying to reach my baseball bat I placed by the door, but the man leers down and starts to laugh. He looks over at the bat that I am desperately struggling to reach and extends his arm to knock it far out of my reach.

"You won't be needing that tonight, babe." I look up at him, taking in my situation as I start to sob. "Shut up you slut" The man violently drags me along in his strong arms as he walks to my bedroom. I drag my feet and fling my hands, desperately trying to grab onto something that would help me.

We finally get to my bedroom and he turns on the light before throwing me onto my bed. The man shuts and locks the door as I sit up and try to arrange myself in a defensive position. The result makes the man laugh as he walks menacingly towards me, grabs my arms, and twists them. I scream in pain.

"Why are you doing this?" Tears stream down my face from the pain and fear.

"Because you're home" The man smiles, I notice his perfect teeth beneath his jeering grin. I take in his physique. He is quite fit, although large. I can see the muscles rippling underneath his tshirt, and I make out his package beneath his jeans. I shudder and look away, stifling my tears.

I had never had many boyfriends in high school, and I moved out to LA after graduation to achieve my dreams. The only thing I ever got was a run-down apartment and a waitressing job that paid way too little.

"We can do this the easy or the hard way" The man holds my tiny wrists in just one of his huge hands as he uses his other hand to stroke my face. I look directly into his eyes as I glare up at him, kicking out with one of my feet at the same time. I make contact with his knee and he grimaces. "I was hoping that was your answer." He jeers again, causing fear to rise up in my throat.

The man takes something out of his back pocket while I kick and scream. "Please let me go, you can have whatever you want!" He shows me a pair of handcuffs and then slaps my face hard. The slap sends me flying back down onto the bed, muffling my scream. Dizzy, I try to stop him as he takes my hands and handcuffs them to the top of my bed.

"The only thing I want is right here," he says. I start to regain my thinking, still dizzy from the slap as he starts to take off my robe.

I struggle, but it's hard because of my hands. The man keeps laughing as he unties the string to my robe and it slips away. All that I'm wearing is my bra and underwear. The man leans back and takes in the sight of me. I wasn't a model, but the boys I had been with called me beautiful. I was a natural blonde, green eyes, 5'4, fit, shaved, with 34C breasts. I tried to workout at least three times a week to keep in shape, and it showed.

The man slowly reaches under my back and undoes my bra strap. I shudder as he takes it off, exposing my nipples and breasts. The man sighs and starts to massage them. "Please.. please don't. I don't want this" I try to shimmy away, but he holds my body down as his tongue flicks on my left tit and I whimper.

The man works his way up my neck and whispers into my ear. "If you didn't want this then why didn't you scream?" His breath is hot on my ear and I start to become turned on.

I ignore his question. "The neighbors will hear," I threaten him. The man sits up, annoyed and talks down at me.

"Your neighbors are out for the evening, Jenna. No one will be home for at least another hour." As I react he brings his hand down and takes off my underwear. I become violent, trying to kick him as his finger starts to probe me. "If you stop struggling it will be over with quicker." He pins my legs down but I keep kicking, harder, as I start to scream. Irritated, the man lets go of my legs and shoves my underwear into my mouth before tying his belt around my face to secure it in place. "Fucking bitch," he mutters under his breath as he jams a huge finger inside of my pussy.

I had only been with a few men, like I mentioned, and none of them were really into foreplay. Just a few high school boyfriends who lasted 5 minutes before cumming, not caring whether or not they pleased me in the process.

This man, this stranger, was trying to make me cum. The way his fingers worked, ramming into me roughly, but in a way that made me the wettest I had ever been before in my entire life. Before long he added another finger and started pressing with his tongue. I lost control of my legs, bucking my hips, aching for his fingers and tongue inside of me. His hands start to massage my body as he laps at my pussy with his face. He places his fingers on my clit and starts to pinch. Almost immediately, I start to cum. Bucking my hips as he holds me down and spreads my legs even further, pushing his fingers inside of me and finding my g-spot.

If I could scream, I would from pleasure. My first orgasm rocks me to the core. Sure, I had pleasured myself, but no man had ever made me cum before and I loved the feeling.

I try to catch my breath as the man quickly takes off his jeans. Before I know it, he is straddling my legs and tapping his cock on my pussy entrance. I look down and see the biggest cock I have ever seen. It is more than 8 inches and thick. New-found panic spreads within me and I start to struggle. I can't look at him, I'm disgusted with myself and with him.

"What, so you can cum but I can't?" The man spreads my legs and presses inside of me gently, just about half an inch. It feels so good inside of me, but it's huge. I can tell he is restraining himself, but for what, I don't know.

"Look at me bitch." I ignore his demand as he takes one of my nipples in between his fingers and pinches it hard, not letting go as my body writhes in pain. His hips drive another half inch inside of my pussy before stopping as he lets go of my nipple and grabs my head in between his two hands. "I said look at me."

He forces my head to look up at him. I take in his body, notice the beads of frustration running down his temple as I make eye contact. He takes his hands off of my face and places them on my hips.

I squeeze my legs half-heartedly, making one last attempt to stop him as he looks deep into my eyes, pulls on my hips and slams in his huge cock deep inside of my pussy.

His cock is not only long, but thick. It rips at my pussy and stretches it as he pushes in as far as he can. He takes his cock almost all of the way out before slamming in again, rocking my hips as he grunts. He repeats the process a few times before he starts fucking me at a faster pace.

His hips rock into mine, thrusting deep inside of me. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast, but every thrust makes me take and feel all of his cock inside of me.

"God, Jenna." He slams meaningfully inside, reaching my cervix as he makes me take all 8 inches inside of me. "Never had a bitch this tight before." I whimper into my underwear, my pussy is on fire. After a few minutes the man becomes bored with my responses and starts humping me faster.

He grunts as sweat trickles down his back as he fucks me faster. Soon, I can feel his rhythm increase even faster as I feel him start to climax. He thrusts all the way in with every stroke as his balls slap and he fucks me like an animal.

My eyes widen and I shake my head, begging him with my eyes. I buck my hips, struggling, but the only result is that he drives in deeper inside of me. He looks down at me deep into my eyes and smiles as he shoves in one last time, groaning and grunting as I feel his hard cock erupt deep inside of me. His hot cum fills me up entirely as he thrusts some more, milking his cock in my tight pussy. He groans, exhausted as he falls on top of me, restraining me even more to the bed.

After a few minutes he gets up off of me and puts on his clothes. He leans down and unbuckles his belt, takes my underwear out from my mouth, and plants a huge kiss on my lips.

I smile up at him, "That was hot." The man smiles down at me and massages me slowly, brushing his fingers along my body sensually.

"I told you I could help you with your rape fantasy, baby."

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