tagIncest/TabooJenna's Education

Jenna's Education


My fingers slid under the elastic band of my panties searching for my moist pussy below. My hand pushed down on my lips as it slid over my pussy. The pressure felt so good. I let my fingers slid lightly over my folds. I continued this for several minutes, enjoying the sensation, before I slid a finger into my pussy. A moan escaped my lips as I pushed my finger inside myself. There was the sound of movement from next to me on the bed. I froze were I was my finger still inside me. I shifted my head slowly to the side, and saw that my cousin Jenna was still sleeping peacefully.

I was up in Maine at my Aunt's house for the summer. It was a small place on a lake, which made it ideal for a summer vacation. Mom and Dad were taking a month long trip to Europe, and for some reason did not want Jim and I to stay home alone the whole time, so we were there dumped on our Aunt Jill for the month. Jim being the only guy in the house got his own room, and I ended up having to share a bed with my cousin Jenna. Jenna was Jim's age, entering college in the fall.

I started to slowly slide my fingers in and out of my entrance again. I watched as Jenna's breasts slowly heaved with the rhythm of her breathing. The blanket had fallen back and allowed my eyes to roam over the supple curves of her bosom. I could see her nipples as they pushed at the thin fabric of the tank top that she slept in. I wanted to reach over and cup one of her luscious breasts, pull back her night shirt and suck her hard nipple into my mouth, but I refrained unsure of how she would react if she were to wake up. Instead I raised my hand to my own breast squeezing and massaging it as I continued to pump my fingers into my pussy.

My hands felt so good as they played across my body. My eye's continued to roam over Jenna. She was a little taller then I, even though she was a year younger, with shoulder length brown hair and big smile that came easily to her face. She had long legs that looked wonderful clad in denim, along with her nice tight ass. Of course they also looked very good once the denim had been pealed away. My eye's traced the lines of her legs beneath the covers and wished that they were more exposed. She was lying on her back, making her beautiful tight ass impossible to see, so I let my eyes move back to the swell of her breasts, which were thankfully within my sight. I grabbed at my left breast, squeezing my flesh through the T-shirt I wore. My fingers were continuing to slide into my moist depths. I was starting to get close to my orgasm, and though I wanted the sensations to last, I needed the release; I needed to cum. I ran my thumb over my clit, massaging the tiny nub under its hood. I closed my eyes thinking about Jenna, and how wonderful it would be if her fingers were massaging my pussy and how her tongue would snake around my pussy, her mouth sucking on my labia. I wondered how her pussy would taste and what it would be like to suck on her breasts until her nipples became hard in my mouth.

The effect of my imagination was almost as good as the real thing. My pussy started to contract, pulling my fingers deeper inside it. My hips bucked off the bed as my entire body tensed the familiar feeling of pleasure washing over me as I came on my fingers.

"Ohh, Fuuuuck Jenna." I moaned softly to myself as I melted into the pillows recovering from my orgasm. I slide my fingers from inside me and rubbed at my entrance, spreading my cum over my pussy lips. I was enjoying the feeling of my pussy between my fingers as I came down from my climax, when I felt a stirring on the bed beside me.

Opening my eyes, as I pulled my hand out from my panties, I found Jenna looking right back at me. I started wondering what she had heard, and what she had seen. "Good morning," I said trying to cover both my surprise and movements as I straightened my clothing under the sheets.

"Good morning," Jenna replied, "But it's not exactly morning yet. It's only about 3:00."

"I'm sorry if I woke you I was having trouble sleeping," I offered.

"Oh that's okay. I actually thought that I might have woken you up, I've been having trouble sleeping too."

Though I was only a year older then Jenna I still felt the need to be the protector of a sort. "Oh, what's the matter?"

"It's nothing," Jenna said, her tone telling me that it wasn't 'nothing', but that there was in fact something that was bothering her.

"Are you sure? It sounds like something is troubling you."

"Just forget it."

"Ok," I said, "If you're sure." With that I rolled onto my side turning away from my cousin, thinking that if she did not want to talk about what ever was bothering her that at least I might be able to get some more sleep tonight. "If you change your mind, I'll be right here."

All was quite except for the trees rustling in the wind. I could feel the bed shifting as Jenna tossed and turned on her side, trying to find a comfortable position.

"Lisa, are you still awake," I heard her whisper.

"Yes," I replied turning around so that now I was facing her on the bed. Her big doe eyes were looking back at me.

"Have you ever been with a boy?"

"You mean sexually I assume? Yes, I've had sex with boys. That's one of the best parts of going to college."

"That's what I'm afraid of. I going to be going away to college in only about a month and there are going to be all these parties and people are going to expect me to be doing stuff, and I'm not going to know what I'm doing."

"You mean you've never fooled around with a guy?" I asked trying not to sound too bewildered, in the 'what kind of freak are you' way. I didn't want Jenna to feel bad about it. "I thought that you had a boy friend?"

"Well we've made out. You know kissed and stuff. I even touched his thing once, but we never, you know . . . did it."

"Well it sounds to me like you just need a little practice." My pussy was starting to moisten thinking about the possibilities of having to help Jenna 'practice' having sex. The only problem was that I didn't have a cock, and that seemed to be what she was looking for help with. Teaching her how to eat pussy, even though I'm sure that would help her just as much, was not exactly what she wanted right now. Going down on a girlfriend at a frat party is a guaranteed way to get all the cock you can handle.

"Why don't you just call you boyfriend up tomorrow and tell him that . . ." I trailed off as Jenna's eyes began to water.

"We're not together anymore," I could here the anger that was just beneath the surface. "He met some slut at school last year. Said that she was willing to put out. Asshole."

"I'm so sorry." With out really thinking I reached out and pulled Jenna to me, consoling her. "You have nothing to worry about. Most of the guys there will blow there loads before they even get inside you. They won't have that much more experience then you do."

Jenna laughed. Her movement in my arms quickly made me aware of her breasts as they pushed against mine. They felt so good, so firm, yet with the suppleness that only comes with natural boobs. I wanted to grab a handful so badly, but knew that this was not the right time.

"I just don't want to loose another guy because I didn't go down on him, or didn't know how to please him. I know now that my old boyfriend was an asshole, but I still don't want to screw up a good relationship by not knowing what I'm doing. And just because I know how to please a guy doesn't mean that I'm going to become a cheep slut.

"No," I responded laughing, "Make the bastards pay top dollar."

Jenna laughed along with me. Her tears had completely dried up now and she was back to her normal cheerful self. Her body felt so good in my arms. If only I had a cock, I'd give her a lesson right now. Just then suddenly and wonderful and wicked idea came to me.

"I think I know exactly how to solve your problem."

"What, how?"

I jumped out of bed, and grabbing Jenna by the hand I started to pull her after me. "Wait, where are we going?" she cried.

I lead Jenna into the bathroom that joined her room to the guest room. Once I had pulled here through the door so that we stood at the foot of the queen size bed that my brother was sleeping she understood my plan.

"No, you're not saying I should have sex with your brother?" Jenna exclaimed in an excited whisper, her eyes widening in shock.

"No, just practice," I replied. "And besides he's sound asleep, listen to that soft snoring, he'll never know, and I won't tell anyone."

"But he's my cousin," said Jenna firmly, as if this was something that I had not realized or something that would matter to me. But of course she did not know about my closeness with my brother.

I walked up to the foot of the bed and grabbed the bottom of the covers. I pulled them down in one quick motion revealing my brother's nude body beneath. Since we had starting sleeping together back home Jim had taken up sleeping nude. As best we could figure it was about half way between an invitation and a convenience. But right now his well toned eighteen year old body was having the desired effect on Jenna. I watched her eye's run the length of his body pausing to take in the size of his cock. A slight gasp escaped her lips. Jim was not hard, but had been having a pretty good dream from the look of things and his cock seemed to maintained its thickness pretty well when soft.

While Jenna was still somewhere between frozen in shock and delight, I decided to see if I could not move things along a little bit. I walked around the bed so that I was on the opposite side from Jenna. That way she would have a better view of what I was doing. I crawled onto the bed, careful not disturb Jim too much. I did not want him to wake up too soon. I took hold of his limp cock, and allowed my hand to lightly slide over his shaft. Almost immediately his cock started to respond. One of the great things about cocks is that they are always ready to go regardless of what the body that they are attached to thinks. They seem to have only the most limited connection to brain.

I lowered my head to Jim's lap, taking his semi-rigid cock into my mouth. I sucked gently on his member, swirling my tongue around his head as I did so. My brother's cock grew quickly in my mouth. I absolutely love the feeling of a cock hardening in my mouth. My pussy was quickly getting wet in anticipation. After all anytime that I've had my brother's cock in my mouth it has ended up in my pussy. I hoped that today would not be any different, but for now I had to take things one step at a time.

"Lisa that's your brother!" Jenna exclaimed in a harsh whisper.

"Yes, well it's the only cock we've got right now," I replied. "And besides he's fast asleep, and won't know a thing." I paused for a second continuing to stroke Jim the whole time. "Plus look and how gorgeous his cock is. And it tastes really good to," I said lowering my head back down to my brothers wonderful cock.

After only a few moments of oral attention Jim's cock was standing at full staff. He could still get a little harder, and would grow in girth slightly when he was fully excited; particularly when he was ready to cum. I could always tell when Jim was about to cum, by the way that his cock thickened just before he shot his load. But I wanted to leave something for Jenna to discover for herself.

"See," I said lifting my head off Jim's cock. "He's a sound sleeper; you have nothing to worry about."

I noticed that Jenna had moved closer as I was sucking my brother. She now stood at the side of the bed her eyes staring at Jim's cock in my hand. They would occasionally flick up to Jim's face, making sure that he was still asleep. The light snoring testified to this fact.

I reached out and took Jenna's hand placing it on Jim's cock. Her hand started to lightly stroke his shaft almost of its own accord. "I can't believe this," she said almost to herself, "He's my cousin."

I released Jim's cock, letting Jenna take over as she continued to stroke him. I moved back around the bed so that I was behind Jenna. I thought that I would be able to give her better encouragement form this side. "This is just for practice," I reminded her, cooing softly. "Think of it as thick hard toy, this is just one that reacts to your touch just like a real cock would." Jenna murmured something in response. "Doesn't it feel good in your hand? Don't you like the supple softness around that inner hardness?"

"Yes, it does feel good," Jenna replied dreamily.

"Now just wrap your lips around it and suck on it ever so gently," I prompted. She seemed to hesitate so I put my hand on her back and pushed ever so softly. Jenna lowered her head until her lips brushed the end of her cousin's cock. The tip of her tongue slipped from between her lips and tentatively nudged its head. She started to ever so lightly lick the end of the erect member in her hand. The strokes of her tongue became longer and firmer as she grew more comfortable or aroused, I'm not sure which, probably both. Her hand was now sliding along Jim's shaft at a steady pace while her tongue continued to swirl around his head.

I ran my hand over her back, caressing her has she lowered her head onto Jim's cock taking the head of his member fully into her mouth. I grabbed some stray strands of hair keeping them out of her way as she sucked on my brother's cock. If I had been thinking I would have grabbed something to help keep her hair tied back while she was experimenting with Jim's cock. But I was now glad that I hadn't as it had given me an excuse to touch her. I enjoyed the feel of the soft skin of her shoulders, and whished that I could peel the thin green camisole completely from her. A movement at her waist caught the corner of my eye and I noticed that she was firmly rubbing her pussy through her panties as she continued to lap at Jim's cock.

She was a natural, varying her technique as she went, I was pretty certain that she would be able to satisfy any cock that came her way. I'm not sure what she was so worried about. Maybe Jim being asleep was removing her inhibitions. I don't know what it was, but she seemed to me to be well on her way to being a real man eater.

Jenna was really starting to get into her cock sucking and I was pretty sure that Jim was not going to be able to sleep through much more of this. I had not really figured out what I was going to do when he woke up. For her part, Jenna was sucking hard on my brother's cock, her cheeks caving in with the suction she was applying to his member. Noises of pleasure were escaping her lips, and her beautiful tight ass was swaying in the air, grinding her pussy onto her probing fingers. I could see that her fingers were clearly trying to get under the clinging material, saturated with her juices, but they seemed to be confounded by the barrier.

"Let me help you with that," I cooed softly while running my hand over her back. I shifted to the foot of the bed and taking hold of the waistline of her panties, form either side of her hips, and slid the flimsy garment down her thighs. I watched as the saturated material pealed back from her pussy. The pink flesh staring back at me was as beautiful as I had imagined. Her lips were swollen with pleasure, and parting slightly to show off the delicate folds inside. Her fingers wasted no time diving into her opening; rubbing and caressing and prodding at her gorgeous folds.

Before I even realized what I was doing I had leaned in very close to her pussy, watching her fingers dart around it touching all the most sensitive places; increasing her desire for the cock that was between her lips. Now with full access to her pussy, Jenna's legs spread wider and her middle finger pushed into her depths, sliding in and out of her audibly juicy pussy. I could now easily smell her excitement and it was intoxicating. I continued to lean forward until I was only inches form her pussy. The closer I got the more beautiful it looked as the complexity of her petals was revealed.

I inhaled deeply of her natural fragrance. Almost of its own accord my tongue snaked forward and began to slowly probe at Jenna's pussy; assisting her fingers as well as reaping the benefits of their work. Her pussy was very wet, her juices oozing around her finger. I pressed my tongue to her middle finger savoring the taste of her juices as her pistoning finger brought them out to me.

Jim started to stir. "Damn, Lisa, I love waking up to you sucking my dick," Jim said dreamily, still not yet fully awake.

Realizing that Jim was waking up Jenna started to pull away, his cock slipping from her mouth. Jim's hand went to the top of her head, pushing her lips back down onto him. "No, don't stop, that feels so good, sis."

Jim had not yet opened his eyes and seemed to still think that it was me sucking his cock. For her part Jenna was not correcting the misconception and continuing to suck Jim's rigid member. Jim's hand fell to Jenna's shoulder and then made its way down to her right breast, cupping it in his hand and squeezing the supple orb. Jenna made no move to stop him as he continued to massage her tit though her thin top. In fact I think that she was enjoying his touch.

"Jenna?" Jim exclaimed, his voice conveying his total surprise. "I . . . I thought. . ."

"You thought that I was your sister," said Jenna smiling over Jim's cock. "But I'm not, I'm your cousin." Jenna pushed his cock back into her mouth, sucking it strongly, her cheeks caving in around it before she popped it back out of her mouth with a satisfying sound. "That doesn't bother you does it?" She sounded almost like a different person, so confident and a little naughty. It seemed that lust had now overtaken her, which had been my hope by the time Jim awoke.

"Not in the least," Jim replied a wicked grin plastered on his face. "Now come on up here, and let me taste that wonderful pussy of yours."

Though I wanted to continue to lap at Jenna's pussy I thought that it was more important for purpose at hand to let Jim eat her out. I moved away from Jenna's beautiful sodden snatch and gently pushed her hips up toward Jim. As Jenna started to move up the bed, I grabbed hold of the panties that were still around her knees and freed her legs from their entanglement. She waited for me to finish pulling the garment from her, before positioning her bare pussy over her cousin's face. Jim lifted his hands to Jenna's firm ass, spreading her cheeks and pussy before him. His tongue moved from his mouth and started to trace her folds, moving slowly around the new pussy that was being offered to him.

Jenna moaned as Jim's tongue slid across her folds. Jenna lowered her face back to Jim's cock, taking his member into her mouth once again. Her checks hollowed as she sucked on his shaft. Jim continued to savor her pussy, darting his tongue around it. Then he started to suck on her pussy lips, slowly pulling them into his mouth. One of Jim's hands slid down Jenna's body, under her shirt to grab hold of one of her firm, ripe tits. I could see his hand as it massaged her breast, pulling at her nipple, while rolling it between his fingers.

Watching my brother and cousin sixty-nine was making me incredibly horny. My pussy was sopping wet. My hands had moved to both my pussy and breasts without my having to even think about it. I gasped as my fingers flew across my clit, my other hand massaging my tits, moving from one to the other under my shirt. I was finding my clothes to be far too confining and started to pull them off with no consideration to the other's cares. Though had I thought of it I'm sure that I would have decided that they were far too wrapped up in their own pleasures, to care much what I was doing.

Now completely naked, I positioned myself on a chair across the room with a perfect view of the action on the bed. I spread my legs wide and let my hand slide over my steaming cunt. Watching Jenna's head bob over my brother's cock made me really want some cock for myself. Since all the cock in the room seemed to be otherwise occupied, I made due with two fingers. I pushed them easily inside my sodden pussy. I quickly increased the pace to the fastest that my hand could move. I pressed my fingers deep into my cunt thankful for the feel of something filling me.

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