tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJenna's Night Out Ch. 02

Jenna's Night Out Ch. 02


So now there I am onstage and I really had to work to calm myself because I knew just what was going to happen. As I stood there Jenna was looking a bit nervous, aware I'm sure that I had plans for her a bit later. I tried to get her to join me onstage but she wouldn't get off her chair. I told Ed to go ahead back down and join Jenna at the table and that he should be sure and order her another drink.

I know that the combination of the alcohol would help loosen her up. While Ed worked on getting Jenna some more alcohol I waited for the DJ to get things going. He finally made the announcement that he was going to start bidding for the clothing I was wearing and that each article would have to go for more than the previous one.

Jenna looked stunned but I could also see a slight smile on her face. In order to get things going the DJ asked for someone to bid on my shoes. There was obvious disappointment from the sound of the crowd. Just a few bids and my shoes were sold for $50. Which was more than I had paid for them. My blouse was the next and after the first bid I undid one button and continued to undo buttons after each bid.

Now it was only held together by where I tied it at the bottom. After the winning bid of $100 the blouse came off leaving me in my barely there bra, my skirt and g string. I asked for another drink and made sure that Jenna got one also. Now they were bidding on my skirt. I undid the buttons starting from the bottom after each bid. I was showing more leg, teasing the crowd until there was just one button left. The last bid was for $150 and once I heard the DJ say "SOLD" I undid the last button and let the skirt fall to the floor.

Now there I was in just my bra and g string as the DJ announced that there was going to be a short intermission. Bidding would start up again in about 30 minutes so I could. get a break to freshen up a little before I lost the last of my clothing. I left the stage and joined Jenna and Ed at the table to relax and have a few sips of my drink and a little chat about how much fun I was having up there.

I asked Jenna to join me for a trip to the ladies room before I needed to get back up on stage. There were a few other women in the ladies room and most were very interested in how I could do such a thing and not die of embarrassment. I have come to find that more often than not the women who ask are the ones who secretly wish it was them up on stage.

After a few minutes Jenna and I were the only ones left in the ladies room and she confided that she had been sitting there watching me and really wanted to join me but just couldn't bring herself to do it. I told her that I was so turned on and I still had a bra and g string to auction off. I could see Jenna was beginning to show crack in her armor and just maybe I could get her to join in with me once the auction started up again.

On the way back to the table the DJ was playing a song I love " Basket Case" by Green Day and I grabbed Jenna by the hand and pulled her onto the small dance floor. It is a rather fast song and soon Jenna was showing off a bit as her skirt was flying up at times.

The crowd was showing their approval and I made sure to spin Jenna around a bit more to the delight of everyone including Jenna. Once the song ended we went back to the table to sit and enjoy our drinks. I kept prodding Jenna to join me onstage and after some fast talking by both Ed and I she finally said that she would give it a try but would not commit to losing all of her clothes.

I told her that was fine and she could stop anytime she wanted. I was of course pretty sure that she was more like me than she was willing to admit and once the crowd began egging her on the excitement she felt would be enough to push her beyond her boundaries. Soon the DJ was back on stage and motioned for me to join him.

I told Jenna to stay put for a minute. Once onstage I told Tony the DJ that my friend Jenna wanted to join in the fun but was not sure how far she would go. Tony announced that there was an addition to the auction as he asked Jenna to join us on the stage. She was a little apprehensive but once she stood up and heard the approval of the crowd she stepped up next to me.

Tony made the announcement that since Jenna was so overdressed that they were going to auction off a few of her items first. Soon the bidding began and soon Jenna had to give up her shoes but that got another $50 for the Katrina victims. The bidding then started for her blouse and after each bid I unbuttoned one of her buttons until her blouse was completely unbuttoned showing her ample cleavage and her lacey bra.

The next bid and I stood behind her and eased her blouse off her shoulders and down her arms tossing it to an older man who had spent just over $100 for it. Once the blouse was gone the crowd got louder shouting for the bidding to start on her skirt.

I asked Jenna if she was doing alright and she said she needed a drink. I motioned to Ed and in minutes we both had a fresh drink. Tony then began taking bids for the skirt Jenna was wearing and since there was no protest from her I began opening one button from bottom to top. Just as I had done for myself after each bid.

Just four buttons and Jenna was standing on stage in her bra and a thong. It was obvious that she was excited by the way her nipples were poking through the thin material of her bra. Tony looked at me and I stepped forward to the cheers of the crowd as they knew soon I would be there wearing only my tiny g string. There was no way I could hide my excitement from the crowd. My nipples were so hard and I am sure that the dampness in my barely there g string could be seen by many. I thought even if they can't see that then those close enough could surely smell the juices from my pussy.

Isn't it odd how the items made of the least material bring in the most money. After a few bids Jenna unhooked my bra, a few more bids and it was in off and in the hands of a middle aged man for about $200. There I stood in just my g string with Jenna next to me in her thong and bra.

Tony turned to talk to us and Jenna was shaking her head no as he asked if she was ready to step forward again. I decided to let her think about it and so the bidding began for my g string. I had fun grabbing the barely there strings on the sides and teasing the crowd as I pulled it down just a little. I was so excited knowing that in a minute or two I would be there totally naked on stage with all eyes on me. Moments later I was sliding the ting g string down my legs and tossing it toy a very happy older gentleman who was seemed very happy with his $300 purchase.

It was obvious that I had nothing else to auction off so Tony and I both looked at Jenna. She was visibly nervous but also excited and with just a little coaxing her bra went on the auction block. I was so excited by that point I am not even sure how much the winning bid was but soon she stood there in just her thong. The crowd certainly played a big part in Jenna letting her thong go up for sale. She was obviously so turned on by the attention and all of the catcalls and whistles as she stood there. Another winning bid and there we stood both totally naked in a crowded club.

I looked at Jenna and it was easy to see she was just about as excited as I was. It appeared as though that was the end and Jenna asked if we should get dressed now. I told her that we should stay naked for a little while and go sit with Ed. We would get dressed a little later after we let the crowd take it all in and after I felt I had squeezed every bit of excitement I could out of this adventure. I of course knew that those people who had the winning bids were aware that the clothes would be returned at the end of the night.

To be continued

Happy New Year

Love Nikki

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